tagSci-Fi & FantasySnow White: The True Story

Snow White: The True Story

bykayce 69©

I hope you are old enough for fairy storie’s?

Hello, I am, more by luck than anything else, a Princess. You may remember me by my maiden name, Snow White. I do want to put the facts of my story right so I should start just after my father died and I was left with my stepmother. You know her as the Wicked Queen but what you don't know is that she had two sons before she meet dad and subsequently drove him to his grave.

My story starts when I was young teenage girl. The two boys were always fighting with me. They loved to overpower me and tie me up, leaving me to try to escape. There was no point in me telling on them as they always were the ones to be believed and I would only be sent to my room for lying. Anyway, as time went on things started to take a turn for the worse then my ordeals really began.

I had just come of age when one night I had been sent to my room early, there was always some pretence to get rid of me, so I was just laying on top of my bed, reading, when Richard and Tom slipped into the room. Before I could do anything to stop them, my hands were tied behind me, my knees were bound with a large strap and they were sitting ether side of me with evil grins on their faces.

"You've tied me to tight, please let me go," I said as I struggled to get free.

"That's the idea Sis, so shut the fuck up," Tom answered to my shock.

I tried to say "Now you just let me go, do you hear me?" but "MMMRRPPPHH" was all I could get out before a rag was shoved into my mouth and something wrapped around to be kept in place.

"I said shut the fuck up," Tom spat with anger in his voice, "It's time to teach you a lesson as to who is and will be your master here."

With that a slap across my face made me jump and more hard slaps rained down on me stinging my body, I twisted and turned, trying to move from the pain.

"Tie her to the bed, stop her moving, let's have some real fun with her," said Richard, as a rope was tied around my neck and to the head of the bed. My ankles were then tied to the foot of the bed, stretching me. "Lay into her," Tom shouted and slaps came thick and fast "Turn her over, use your belt." I had no time to think as a slap from a belt stung me and I was nearly sick into the gag. "This is great," said Tom "Lets pull her night-shirt up and do it on her bare ass, come get her night shirt off. It's protecting her,” he was going wild I screamed into the gag but to no avail as I felt my nightgown being pulled up my legs.

People used to say I looked older than I was, you've probably seen pictures and looking back I suppose they were right. I had very large breasts but I would keep my blouse pulled tight to hide them and my long skirts were enough to keep my legs away from prying eyes. But here I was tied hand and foot to my bed, lying face down and gagged with my two stepbrothers about to see my naked bottom and there was nothing I could do about it.

I was brought back to my senses with Richard giggling "Wow, what a great ass you got there sis, and cute little panties too.” "Go on then, lets get her ass redder," Tom crowed as more and more smacks from both belts sent me lurching in my binds. "Hang on," Tom said, "Let's pull her panties up her crack." This they did, squeezing my bottom, sore as it was, and pinching the stinging marks.

"Your panties don't seem to be saving you much are they sis?" Richard laughed, "No point in having them on, is there?" said Tom and with a swift pull my panties went down to the leather strap around my knees.

"Now that's better," Richard said "Tom, undo her legs from the bottom rail, lets get that ass of hers up in the air, get some cushions under her." I now found my poor naked bottom on full view. "Lets use our hands on her. It's not every day you get a nice naked ass to play with, come here sis, give us a feel."

Tom was at his worst and his hand started to fondle my bottom. "Looks nice all red" said Richard as his head came down beside me "Want us to sting you some more?" I shook my head but I could still feel Toms hand on my bottom. "Then you be a good girl and maybe we won't hurt you, if you don't do as we say then I'll sting you till you bleed.” I still nodded. "Hey Tom she don't mind what we do, get her turned over. Lets have a look see at the other bits.” I squealed and made stupid noises but the two of them turned me over.

I was still on the cushions and it made my hips push up. "Lets play with some cunt.” Those words filled me with fear, I moaned into the gag as fingers dug into my pussy and started to pull the lips apart. "She ain't even wet," said Tom. "Then tickle her some more, mum like's to be tickled there, it makes her wet, see if sis gets wet" said Richard "I'm going to see me some tits.”

I shook my head but my nightshirt got pushed up higher until it was bunched up under my neck and fingers were pulling at my nipples. "You've got some great tits, sis," sniggered Richard and the both of them spent the next ten minutes pushing into my pussy and pulling and squeezing my breasts and nipple’s as I lay there helpless to stop them.

"Shall we fuck her?" said Tom "I reckon we could work on her, you know wanking her up till she was wet enough to stick it in.”

"Mum would kill us if we knocked her up," Richard quickly answered, "We couldn't lie our way out of that unless we get sis to ask us to fuck her. Do you want us to fuck you?" he grinned at me and I shook my head.

"I've got to get rid of this hard on, maybe there's another way or do you want to be raped?" I still shook my head. "I saw mum doing this to some of her boyfriends when your dad was on his death bed," Richard continued, "So it's time we had some. I'm going to take the gag out. You don't say a word.” He took the gag off. I went to say something and all I got was a slap on my face. "I said you stay quiet. Now here's the deal.”

Richard held my jaw, “It's fuck or suck and if you don't understand what I'm saying it means me and Tom are going to stick our cocks in your mouth and you are going to suck us till we feed you a mouth full of cum.”

I couldn't think of doing it but they untied my neck, pulled me to the edge of the bed and took their cocks out. "Come on little sis open that tight little mouth of yours and make it like a cunt that needs to start sucking. And you better do it good bitch,” Richard smiled as he drew his hand back.

After another slap on the face I opened my mouth. "That's it bitch, get this down your throat.” and Richard pushed his cock into my mouth. I wanted to be sick but all he said was "Breath through your nose, you will need too as I'm going all the way in.” He pulled my hair and started shoving.

"Come on Rick,” said Tom," Lets get some," Richard turned and growled at Tom, "You hang on, this is great, beats a hand job, you play with her tits or give her cunt a good feel, I'm sure she would like a nice pussy tickle from someone's fingers, do you play with yourself sister dear, don't worry I don't think I'll be long this time,” all these words were terrifying me as I fought to breath, I must have almost pasted out, as I was a about chocked on Richards cum filling my throat, and Tom shouting," Me next," and it wasn't long before my poor mouth was invaded again.

Tom was much worse than his brother he took extra pleasure pushing in and holding it till I licked the end or chocked, he made me kiss it all over before spurting into my mouth and then I had to clean it off.

They untied me and told me they were already looking forward to there next fun time and not to worry about looking out for them as they had taken the key, over the next two weeks they got me seven times, each time I was tied up somewhere in the palace and forced to suck them while they kept me in various forms of undress, but it was the eighth time that things took there next turn, I was tied and on my bed, I had just had to 69 with Richard and I was sucking off Tom, they were talking to each other.

"Mothers in a foul mood, ya something to do with her mirror, something about her not being the best fuck anymore, I hope she don't get rid of this one, would miss my face fuck.” Richard said, "Ya me too and with what we got planned as well,” I didn't know what they were saying but I didn't like the sound of it, but it was only two days later that, unfortunately, I found out what it was.

They caught me in the barn, stripped me naked and tied my hands above my head to a beam, "If this don't get her hot and asking for a fuck I don't know what will,” said Richard. "Lets warm her ass some before the main event" grinned Tom, and he took off his belt, took two paces back and whipped it across my naked bottom, MMMRRRPPHH, is all that could be heard, as I screamed into another gag. Richard joined in and for the next five minutes I was beaten for their enjoyment, "Go get him, I can't wait any longer" Richard said, and Tom left the barn only to return with one of our unicorns.

Richard put his fingers into my pussy and pushed them around, he had learnt a lot from wanking me and how to get some juice in my pussy, then he put them into the unicorns nose. The unicorn head moved towards me and to my horror down, the boys pulled my legs apart, Tom said, "Make a wish Rick" and the unicorn muzzled into my pussy and started licking, I went wild, it's rasping tongue ran over my pussy, touching places I didn't understand, oh how my body shook and the more it shook the wetter my pussy became the more the unicorn licked only the pain in my arms took my mind of the pleasure.

Tom said, "Get her down on her back tie her to that bottom rail, I want to watch and I bet you she will keep her legs open" and to my shame, I did. They left the unicorn for another five minutes until my eyes were rolling then Richard said, "Get the thing out, she's ready," and Tom took the unicorn out while Richard carried on rubbing me and playing my pussy, he'd learnt so much in the last few weeks, Tom came back and said" O.K. sis you got one hot cunt you want us to fuck it better? Tell me you want to fuck some,” with all my strength I said," Nooooo never with you."

It muffled through the gag," O,K, if you won't give us one we will take the other, get her over that saddle bench,” I was dragged over my hands tied in front and my legs tied to each leg, "You won't take it up the cunt than I'll have to fuck your ass, and I'll use your cunt juice to fit it up there." I felt fingers pulling my checks apart and his cock running round my pussy nub till it started to push into my bottom, Tom said," After I stick it up, take the gag out and use her mouth," and in two minutes there I was bound over a bench with my two stepbrother fucking me at both ends, and for how long I don’t know as they changed ends, played with my tits and made crude comments till they were drained.

"Did you enjoy that? You fucking bitch, we are going to fuck you one day and that's a promise, you can't escape, we are going to make you are sex slave for as long as we like, your cunt, ass and mouth are ours for the taking.”

I could see the look of hate and lust in their eyes and I knew I would have to keep out of their way. I spent most of my time in the stables I didn't know if the unicorn remembered me but he was very happy, every time I went to see him, one of the grooms noticed me there and must have told the Queen, she sent for me and told me it was time I learnt to ride, so in the morning two of her grooms were going to take me out for the day, so I better be up early.

By eight in the morning we were ridding out from the palace, the two grooms didn't talk to me much but I did hear bits of their talk, things like, "She had better be in a better mood after this and its her and that bloody mirror.” I didn't understand but I was far from the two boys and that was great.

We had been out for two hours when we came to a wood, "Can we go in?” I asked. "No we don't go in there, we haven't since the Queen turned a gang of men to trees for laughing at her,” that made me laugh.

"There no such thing as a enchanted wood,” I said but I did want to stop to go for a pee, we camped up on the edge and I went behind a tree, they got some food out for me and plenty of drink for them, as I was eating I heard them say, "Now is as good a time as any, lets get it over with and have the rest of the day to ourselves," with that they suddenly grabbed me and pulled me over to the tree, taking some rope they tied me to it. I shouted, " What are you doing? The Queen will hear of this."

They laughed in my face," It's the Queen that wants it done, you little miss proper, you have pissed her off and she wants you gone, as in dead." "No, no" I cried.

"Now do you want to watch while we cut your heart out, so we can take it back as proof of you demise," and he came towards me with a knife he held it to my throat as his other hand undid the buttons on my blouse, as he did, more and more of my large breasts were released and when the last button was undone he let out a long whistle, "Fuck me how old are you, they never had tit's like that when I was young and chasing teenage girls and wow nipples like that, where have you been hiding them?” the other said, "I have got to get me a hand full of them.”

The two of them stood ether side of me playing with my young firm breasts, pulling and pinching them all over, they put their mouths down onto my nipples and I could feel my skirt being pulled up my leg and hands on my leg's then going up my thighs, they took time off my nipples to make crude comments like, "Want some young cunt, don't mind if we have some fun with your cunt little girl, your cunt feels really nice through your pants, think we should have them down, don’t you?"

One said, "She ain't going nowhere, lets tie her up nice and tight and have some real fun, I could do with a good blow and I bet she fucks up well and her ass feels full and firm and ready for the taking.” "Please no, no you can’t," I sobbed. "Where your going girlie it won't matter how many times you've been fucked, so lets get you naked.”

I was untied from the tree and my blouse was pulled off, my arms were bent up my back and tied tight, one of them laughed in my ear, "That's to keep them out of the way of your ass for when I'm ready to use that,” then they tied another rope onto my arms threw the rope over a branch and pulled till I was bent over on my tip toes, I heard," A good position to swat her ass while we fuck her mouth, lets have that skirt off and them pants down.” The tears were running down my face as rough hand started to pull at my skirt, as it slid down I heard, "That's some ass for a kid, sure looks nice with these pants pulled over it,” I could feel them touching me and patting my bottom, a hand slid down inside the pants feeling around my bottom, trying to push between my legs, as I was stood on my tip toes it was easy for one of them to left my leg and make it easy for the invading hand to explore at it's will, their crude remarks never stopped.

"I can see your hand, it's heading for the happy hole,” they seemed to like the idea of tracing the outline of their hand on my most private parts while in my pants. "How many have been in your pants, little girl?" one asked. "I've let no-one, I'd rather die so why don't you just kill me" I said, "Gee she could be cherry, no point in despatching her with out braking her in, would be a waste of a fine young cunt so lets have a look, get them down.”

"No, no, no,” I sobbed, but it was no good, my pants where pulled down to my knees and fingers pushed, pinched and explored me. "Fucking hell she is cherry," he yelled,” Tell you what we'll do, we can first fuck her mouth and get rid of our first load down her throat, then we can whip her up so she's nice and hot then we will draw for who busts her cherry, we will have a great afternoon then we will do her or maybe just fuck her to death which ever cums first, bring the drink over here and let the party begin.”

They spoke as though I was not there as a person I was to become their sex toy until they were done with me. My hours of torment were relentless, these two men could not get enough of me, after I had sucked them both off, they got their ridding crops and stung me all over till I begged them to stop, with their faces grinning they said "If we stop what else can we do?" and they kept whipping me until in the end I gave in and begged them to fuck me, I don't know which one won the draw as my poor pussy was violated for the first time.

The other one was pounding my mouth, holding my head he just pushed it so far down I thought I would choke to my death, all the time my hanging tits were abused, pulled and pinched viscously to make wiggle my bottom to make it better for them, they kept saying" Come on girlie do the dance push your ass on to my cock, make me fuck you, you know you love it, you know your cunt can't get enough," as they took turns fucking my poor bruised pussy.

They stopped to take a break and have more drink also forcing drink down my throat, saying they couldn't have my throat going dry on them. After the rest they changed my position so I could sit on one while the other fucked my mouth, I felt sick as they promised me that before they were finished with me they would do me, both in one hole, but there was time for another drink, they tied my hands in front of me laid back and watched me wank myself for their enjoyment, telling me what to do to myself, where to put my fingers and what to play with, they made me push my fingers in and scoop out their cum and then lick it off. I got them hard again, by making me sit between them and toss them off, one in each hand.

"Hey look at that,” one said,” Your unicorn has got a hard on, do you think he can smell her?” "Hey come on lets find out," was the answer and they dragged me over to the unicorn and shoved me under it, I was screaming but they took no notice, "Get your mouth on Flash little girl" he snapped and they forced me on to it, shoving my head forward, I put my hand up to stop them but they grabbed my hands and told me to keep wanking them as they knelt ether side of the unicorn.

It tasted foul but I could do nothing to stop this perverted act, "Come on you little cock-sucker do him good or we will let him fuck you to death,” I kept sucking, this went on for ages, until my mouth was suddenly filled with this foul tasting cream I tried to pull away but they held my head firm and I choked myself into breathing, "Hey that was great I've got a raging hard on again," said one. "Me to,” said the other, "As good a time as any to double fuck her, I don't want her mouth no more," and they took me back to the tree laid me on my side and put a rope over a branch, tied one leg to it and hoisted my leg up, one laid in front of me feeling my tits the other behind pinching my bottom as they both pushed their cocks into my swollen pussy, I begged them to stop but they told me the longer I fucked the longer I lived so they pleasured themselves once again, until they were spent and rolled away for more drink.

I laid there for a moment before I realized I could get my ankle loose and my clothes were close by, they had left my shoes and socks on, they said it made it sexier, so I took my chance and before they knew it was running in to the wood, and I ran and ran till I had to rest.

I remembered I was surrounded by trees I thought it was strange but the looked as if their branches were moving towards me but I was still on the run and that is what I did for another hour, I ran till I saw a small house. I went to the door and called but no reply I went in, still calling but still no-one, I looked about, I saw a old cracked mirror, looked at myself, my face and hair was covered in sticky semen, I washed in a filthy sink, found a comb and made myself look presentable before going upstairs to keep looking for the owner, I saw a lot of beds and suddenly I just collapsed on to one and fell into a horrid dream filled sleep.

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