tagAnalSomalian Women are Goddesses

Somalian Women are Goddesses


Folks, I think I am an addict. Simply put, I am addicted to Somali booty. I think Somali women have the best butts in the world. Right now, I'm thrusting my long and thick, uncircumcised Black dick into the asshole of a sexy Somali chick named Farah Ahmed and I'm having the time of my life. The name is Devlin Saint-Augustin. A big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent hailing from the City of Boston, way down in the State of Massachusetts. Somali women in Canada are so sultry, seductive and horny, folks. I hate the stale, bigoted and boring town of Ottawa but kind of like the local Black women.

I recently moved to Ottawa, in case you didn't know. And so far I don't like it. Ottawa has one thing going on for it, though. Next to Toronto it's the City with the largest number of Somali chicks in all of Canada. I'm supposed to be focusing on my classes at Carleton University but chasing Somali booty isn't a distant second on my list of priorities. If you saw a Somali goddess like Farah Ahmed you'd definitely understand. That forty-something Somali chick has a heart-shaped ass that was made for butt fucking. Trust me on that one. Her booty bounces nicely under the force of my thrusts.

I've got Farah Ahmed on all fours, face down and ass up in her apartment in Nepean, a suburb of Ottawa. The big-bottomed, light brown-skinned Somali mama is squealing in delight as I fill her asshole with my dick. Man, I thought all of these Somali women would be conservative since they're wearing the Muslim veil thing all the time. Yet apparently I was mistaken about them. If Farah Ahmed is any indication of what Somali women are really like, then they're really passionate. And I really like that about them.

Farah Ahmed is screaming obscenities as I slam my dick into her asshole and spank her big brown butt. I simply love spanking a Black woman's uniquely sexy ass. And Farah is definitely down with my kind of action. She urges me to fuck her harder, and I must say that I am happy to oblige. Farah's asshole feels phenomenally warm and tight around my asshole. It grips my dick tightly and I can't get enough of it. I just love fucking mature Black women in the ass, and when it comes to mature Black booty, Farah has one of the best.

I met this gorgeous Somali chick while visiting the public library in Nepean, not far from the bus station. I went into the library mostly to escape the summer heat and the constant noise of the construction crews near the bus station. As I sat at a computer terminal, I noticed this smoking hot Black woman walking in. She was around five-foot-eight, chubby but sexy, with light brown skin, long black hair and pale gray eyes. I admired her big breasts, wide hips and ample, heart-shaped ass. And I wordlessly decided I wanted some of that. When our eyes met, the hot-looking Somali chick gazed at me lustfully. And that's all it took.

Black women in Ottawa are a freaky bunch, folks. Most of the Black guys in town don't seem to like Black women. They seem programmed to chase fat White chicks. You'll never see a Black Canadian male with a pretty White woman. Pretty White women don't seem to want them. Only fat White chicks do. Hot damn. I'm a proud Black man from America, not one of those Black Canadian male sell-outs. I exclusively like Black women. White chicks have no power over me whatsoever, folks. Why is that? Simply because the Black woman is my standard of beauty. And I say this proudly.

The Black women of Ottawa can sense that about me. That's why wherever I go, you can hear the panties drop. Just ask my friend Farah Ahmed here. Oops, you'll have to ask her later. She's kind of busy screaming as her big brown butt receives the ass fucking of the century, courtesy of yours truly. I flip Farah Ahmed on her back because I want to look into her eyes while fucking her in the ass. Farah didn't mind the change in position. I laid her on the thick oak table and raised her big sexy legs in the air. I gently ease my dick back into her asshole. Farah Ahmed sighs in pleasure and groans as I resume fucking her in the ass. Earlier she told me that she went without sex for about a year, and not by choice. When I wondered why, she told me that Ottawa's Black men didn't appreciate the beauty and sensuality of the Black woman. And now that she was with someone like me, she wanted to make up for lost time.

I fucked Farah's tight asshole and sucked on her tits while fingering her pussy. She moaned in delight as I continued slamming my dick up her ass. I can't get enough of this woman, folks. Somali women are simply awesome. I continued fucking Farah's ass until I came, flooding her asshole with my manly seed. Farah screamed as my insanely hot cum flooded her asshole. If there is one thing I love more than fucking a sexy mature Black woman in the ass, it's to cum deep inside a sexy mature Black woman's asshole. Afterwards, Farah and I took a shower together. We became regular fuck buddies from that day forward.

I kind of feel bad for all the beautiful, educated and friendly Black women I see around the City of Ottawa. They're always single! Canadian culture has done a fine job of brainwashing Black Canadian men to adhere to the White female standards of beauty. Folks, I find Black women hotter and sexier than all other women. The Black women I see in America don't like Black men. They're always angry and they're quite rude. You can't really blame a Black American male for dating outside his race because america's Black women are mean as hell. But Black Canadian women are so different. For starters, many Black Canadian women are actually nice. It doesn't make sense for Black Canadian men to abandon them. No sense at all. The only reason Black guys in America date outside their race is because Black chicks in America have two settings, mad and madder. Black Canadian women are so sweet, friendly, sensual and so damn smart. We need to send these nice Black Canadian ladies to America so good-looking, educated brothers can get at them. In the meantime, I'm having the time of my life.

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