tagNon-EroticSoulStar Pt. 01

SoulStar Pt. 01


Something was coming, she could feel it. Ariel Starr stood up, scared yet ready to confront whatever it was waiting outside for her. The loud bang at the door made her heart jump. She had no idea what was going on outside and the yelling she had heard downstairs had her nearly paralyzed with anxiety. J-Mac, her new boss and famous rap sensation had simply put the gun on the magnificent CEO desk, then told her to use it if necessary, before locking her inside the state of the art studio.


Her strikingly elemental voice called out. There was no answer. Only ominous silence. Suddenly the banging noise upon the door was repeated- only this time it was more like a small explosion. Ariel's voice froze in her throat and her panic choked her. She heard the bolt slide back and the doors shuddered open to reveal her Ex-Fiancée standing on the landing. His broad, muscular chest was heaving and he was bleeding from a jagged cut on his arm.

Where he was usually well-put together and elegant, he looked wild and crazy. He was almost disturbingly handsome, in contrast to her simply gorgeous, classic features. Ariel found her voice again and she gasped loudly, tightening her slender, finely boned fingers around the .32 caliber Beretta. She had no idea how to use a gun and her heart was threatening to leap out of her chest. The deep love and sorrow she had for losing Eric coursed through her. But if this man had caused several explosions and fearful shouts down below, she might be forced to preserve herself.

"Really? J-Mac? Fuck him."

Dark sandy hair fell into Eric's deep, evergreen eyes, which were already softening at the sight of his lost love. Eric was only 6"2, but he appeared larger than life...and armed. Ariel's eyes fell upon the wicked blade that was covered in blood. Fear welled up in her.

"Stay back, Eric!"

Her voice rang through the studio like a warning shot. There was a pause and they locked eyes. Even despite the situation, Ariel looked like a goddess. Classically draped in a crystal embellished, bronze, iridescent fabric, Eric could see every angle of her show stopping curves. Her seriously long, dark legs were in plain sight. Eric experienced a flashback of her wrapping those legs around him, breathlessly saying his name over and over again.

Without warning, Eric charged forward. Ariel aimed, purposefully angling the gun downwards. It clicked as her ex-man made contact with her soft body. She let out a partially muffled shout as Eric bodily lifted and brought her down. He gathered his knees beneath him, bending them rapidly as they descended together, down onto the thick, blood-red carpeting. Eric's eyes had changed color to a silvery-gray hue and his gaze penetrated Ariel's defiant brown ones. Eric's voice sounded harsh and jarring to her ears.

"So you were gonna shoot me?"

Ariel struggled and Eric lowered his body over hers, squeezing the air out of her lungs, slightly. Her struggling ended for the moment.


Eric's hands easily cupped Ariel's shoulders and he gave her a shake. She was just as mad as he was and she chose her words carefully.

"I spent time in the hood, so don't you ever underestimate me."

Eric's eyes flashed and Ariel could see anger and pain rippling back and forth between them.

"Takes one to know one. I paid more dues in the projects than you'll ever know."

Drawing in a deep, sudden breath, Ariel slipped her hand out from underneath Eric's big frame and slapped him across the face, hard as she could. Her nails had jabbed him slightly, scratching up his face. His head turned slightly in the wake of the blow. Ariel could tell how mad he was before he did himself.

"It's over Eric, you already know! You only cheat once!"

Her voice had risen a few octaves in pitch, sounding legitimately afraid. Eric's eyes met hers again and this time she wasn't sure what she saw there. What she did know is that they were speaking volumes. They said; "It's not over...by a long shot".

The long lost but never forgotten part of Eric kicked in, the cold part of him meeting the hot intensity that had been building between himself and Ariel. He wanted to take her. Take her back right then and there. The storm was upon them.


Ariel's soft, slightly raspy voice was tinged with regret. She had no idea what was going down next.

Eric seized Ariel's tapered waist tightly, swinging her up and over his shoulder as he stood. Her voice called out to him as she clawed air.

"Eric what are you doing? This isn't you!"

Eric used his other arm like a giant restraint, wrapping it tightly around Ariel's kicking legs. She was spazzing out, having realized her mistake too late. Her ex-fiancée sounded foreign and guttural to her as he commanded her to shut up, something he had never done before.

Eric kicked the door open and made a sharp turn into the hallway. Ariel was losing steam as she tried to flop out of his arms. He was almost like a human straightjacket. Whatever he had in mind, it was going to happen. He kicked open another door. Ariel had never been this far back into the mansion, but she knew it was a bedroom of some sort. She filled up with even more panic and...lust? If she could, she would have slapped herself. Only God knew what was about to take place and she was getting turned on!

"Eric, baby..."

Ariel gasped sharply, her sentence cleaved in two as she was suddenly air bound. Eric had tossed her onto the bed as if she were a kitten.

"Didn't I tell you to shut the fuck up?"

It was dark in here but the moonlight had broken through the clouds and illuminated Eric. He looked good, but he looked bad. Crazy, sexy, bad. The blood was starting to clot on his arm wound and his shirt had ripped halfway open from all the commotion. He looked like a Greek God of war that was not at all happy to have crash-landed on earth. On his normally smooth face, Ariel could see where she'd left three scratches and tiny droplets of blood. "What have I done?" she thought, shaking her head.

A ripple moved through him and Ariel braced herself, but she heard him backtrack. A number of bolts slid home, resounding with the clash of metal on metal. "Oh my God", Ariel thought. He was going to take her, keep her prisoner... against her will. He turned around so fast it was alarming. Ariel braced herself again.

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