tagIllustratedSouth of Eden, North of Hell

South of Eden, North of Hell


Writer's Note:

My x-boyfriend (got promoted to husband) sketched the outline for our Literotica summer contest entry; I supplied all the graphic details.

It starts in summer for when else can you so easily get folks to take off their cloths. Perhaps a bit dark, but the struggle between good and evil takes no season off. The good news is we begin in paradise and end in paradise. Between the two is a messy account of this epic struggle, where the difference between the two is often difficult to parse, as the 'good guys' often look pretty bad. This is the track we followed.

Here is my x-rated retelling as it unfolds in the seemly always summer of beautiful Florida.

P.S. Thanks to my editor and spell checker, Mr. Husband. He also did the sketches. He thinks they make the story come to life. You'll be the judge. Happy reading!


"It's half past kissing time, time to kiss again," the DJ's voice sang out over the radio. It had been a hot week for this early in the year, but today was just perfect for sunbathing, with a nice breeze, and big fluffy clouds breaking up the sun's rays. Last year Eve came home from the hydroplane races, looking like a cooked lobster. Besides feeling horrible, her pealing skin and vain pride insured she would not be showing off her feminine curves, leaving her high and dry as her husband Adam and friends enjoyed their neighbor's pool. She was determined not to make that painful mistake again, by soaking up a few rays each day in preparation for this year's races and a summer of bare skin.

"The 'suntan turnover time' is 2:45," the DJ called out. Eve rolled over and eyed the billowing cloud hovering overhead. She enjoyed the whispered kisses they were blowing her way. The neighborhood was quiet on this Tuesday afternoon. Certain she was alone; she hadn't bothered to cover her breast, wanting to avoid a tan line across her back. She thought about her summer dresses, none of which would tolerate a tan line, front or back.

Reflections from the pool next door danced against the neighbor's house. It was an upper middle class Florida neighborhood, and they were lucky to live in it, but that neighbor's house was two cuts above everyone else's. Sam had exercise equipment by the pool that he used religiously before taking a swim. He a burly man, probably 6'3" with hairy chest and legs, just the sort of guy you would envision a successful private investigator to be. His wife, or girlfriend, for he used the terms interchangeably, often joined him. He called her 'Di" except on those formal occasions, then it was Delilah. Di was fifteen years older than Eve, though you would be hard pressed to tell it by looking at her body. Her engaging personality and winning smile made it easy to be around her, something borne out by the large number of friends who would come to her backyard parties.

Just a low hedge separated the two backyards with a convenient opening providing easy access. Standing up, Eve could see the inviting pool, and with an open invitation to use it anytime, she decided to get wet. After swimming a few laps, the covering clouds had moved on and the sun was beaming down brightly again, signaling it was time for Eve to head for cover. Climbing out of the pool, she was startled to see Sam, sitting in the sunroom, smoking a cigar as he watched her. Smiling as he waved, Eve gave a nervous little wave back as she instinctively attempted to cover her breast. Back in her yard, she snatched up her bikini top and hurried into her house.


Wednesday evening a few weeks later, Eve and Adam were enjoying a midweek barbeque with John and Carol Godfery. Though retired, Carol was still active at the elementary school, tutoring several times a week. Her husband John was semi-retired from the police department, doing occasional detective work. They were nice people and though the age difference between the two couples was considerable, Adam and Eve really enjoyed having them as next door neighbors.

Eve was pleased when Carol commented on her pretty summer dress and how nice her suntan was looking. With a gregarious, extroverted personality, Eve loved the bright colors that said, 'look at me.' And when you did look, she was not shy about giving you plenty to see. While John and Carol were, 'old school' they accepted Eve's exhibitions as youthful expression for her love of life. Being a 'pleaser' and a 'romantic,' Eve gained great satisfaction at the attention Adam gave her in public. Using these occasions to carry out subtle seducing rituals, she guaranteed them wonderful passion when they got 'behind closed doors.'

The Godfery's passion was gardening, and being the perfections they were, their back yard was like a well manicured park, a little Garden of Eden, with towering trees that gave welcome shade. Its winding paths through its fragrant, colorful, flowers gardens, and the chirping birds, made for an ideal place to hangout, something Adam and Eve had an open invitation to do anytime. A portion of the lot was adjutant to a canal, which made for an enjoyable canoe ride in what seemed like a tropical jungle paradise.

John overheard Eve telling Carol about her 'embarrassing moment' at Sam's pool. "Be careful," John warned. "I don't trust that guy. I don't think he is who he says he is."

"Oh John," Carol protested, "Can't you trust anybody?"

John repeated his warning; this time making sure Adam got the message as well. "I did some investigating into Sam and you know what I found -- nothing. No Sam, no bank accounts, even the house and cars are held in a trust and I could not locate the trustee either! Delilah was married to his best friend, according to Mrs. Higgins. Then there was the last couple who lived in your house. They moved out abruptly just as we were moving in. That's why your Uncle was able to get the house for you, at such a bargain price. Old man Higgins said it was because Sam was fooling around with his wife."

"John," Carol chided, "that's just gossip and we shouldn't be saying things like that."

John was undeterred. "I'm just saying, be careful."


Adam and Eve said they would be careful. As time passed, the only hint of a problem was some noisy parties; then there was the hot tub. Eve didn't mean to spy on her neighbors but the tub was located close to her house and easily looked down upon from an upper bedroom. Not that it was a big deal, but when they used their hot tub they were naked.

Eve first noticed them one evening when she was upstairs straightening up the guest bedroom. She happened to glance out the window in time to see Sam strolling toward the hot tub. From her vantage point she could easily see his scrotum and cock swaying noticeably with each step, like a big old bull she had seen years ago while on a field trip with her class. Di followed, carrying two drinks. They carried on like you would expect any couple too, in the privacy of their own back yard; talking, drinking, massages, kisses, fondling. Eve never thought of herself as a voyeur, but found herself peeking in on her neighbors more times then she would admit.

On one of those peeks, she saw another couple with them. Other times there would be several other couples. Everyone seemed quite at ease with nudity. Eve had introduced Adam to her discovery, and he wondered why they were never invited. Adam may have thought this a joke but Eve tucked the thought away.

Adam was away on a business trip the first time Di invited Eve to join them. Di was persuasive, with Eve feeling Di would be greatly hurt if she turned her down.

With months of spying, Eve knew the custom. Watching the other guest enter the large tub, she debated with herself before wrapping a large beach towel around her naked body and went to join them. She was quite nervous but Di came to her rescue, introducing her to everyone and making her feel at ease.

Dangling her feet in the tub, as she let the rest of her body cool down, she was delighted with the many compliments she received from the men as well as the women. Warming up to the idea of being venerable, she found it to be quite liberating. She could hardly wait to tell Adam.

Eve became a regular hot tub guest and convinced Adam to join her. Sam was quite a flirt, with Eve getting more than her share of attention. When Di first whispered to her, that Sam was particularly enchanted by her womanly charms, finding her very desirable, Eve was initially taken back, but flattered. With every visit, Di reinforced this message one way or another, assuring her that attracting male homage was a good thing.

With coy moves, Eve responded, enjoying the seductive game being played. Under the cover of bubbly water, she managed to fondle Sam's bull sized manhood while under the guise of a massage he explored her whole body.

Meanwhile, Di went out of her way to make Adam feel comfortable, assuring him that staring at the naked women was not only perfectly acceptable but something they took as a complement.

"Think of us as flowers," she told Adam. Under Di's tutorage, he came to view these women as a bouquet; pretty, with different colors, shapes and sizes, a delight to see, smell and even touch. And touch they did; crowed together, sharing laps and fondling breast, Di making sure everyone got to know everyone, with little games like 'musical laps' and 'who kissed me'. Everyone agreed Eve was a lovely addition to the collection. It wasn't just her pretty face and comely curves, as gorgeous women was the norm, but her young, sparkling personality, that attracted men to her and gave Adam pride in knowing this winsome person belonged to him.

It was at a hot tub party that they met Sandra and Brian. They were close to the same age so gravitated toward each other. Di had met them at a Tri-Sum gathering were they were instructors and Di was now a student of theirs.

Watching their husbands leave the hot tub and head to the pool for a cooling off plunge, Eve couldn't help but comment about how sexy they looked with their low hanging scrotums, swing well below their dangling elongated penises.

"Would you be interested in seeing Tri-Sum work," Sandra asked, seemly out of the blue. "We were talking about it on our way over here. You seem to have the sort of open spirit that would allow you to experience nirvana."

"Wow, nirvana, I don't know, isn't that a fairy tale" Eve said. "I haven't given any thought to how that might be since I was a school girl."

"Di is having a session this evening, please come. You can be part of our circle with me and watch," Sandra said. "Just being there will bring you peace and it may even be life-changing."

Di had chosen the 'Shimmering Star' ritual for that evening. In a quiet room, apart from the noise of the party, five of Di's women friends gathered around her as she laid spread out on a mat, a cushion raising her hips. Her head rested in Sandra's lap, while Sandra hands cupped her cheeks. Eve sat next to Di, holding her right hand. The other women sat by her other hand and feet, touching them. Brian sat in a meditating pose between Di's outstretched legs. Sandra, with a slow, hypnotizing voice, called on everyone to listen to their breathing, to feel the stillness, to sense the connection everyone in the room had, as they touched each other through Di's body.

Everyone had their eyes closed, except Eve who would look around once in a while. She hoped she wasn't breaking the spell by doing so, but Sandra had said she could watch. Eve was mildly surprised at Brian, surrounded by these naked women, one of whom laid before him, her vulva on full display, yet his penis was as limp as a rag doll. Sandra hadn't mentioned full nudity as a requirement to participate, but then there were a lot of things Sandra hadn't told her.

There were long periods of silence between Sandra's utterances. When she spoke of bathing warmth, Eve's body did feel a flush of warmth. Harmony; peace; acceptance; desire; the words came slowly, one by one, separated by silence. Beauty; passion; longing; swelling; Eve felt a little jolt at that last word, opening her eyes in time to see Brian's penis expand until it stood at attention. Di genitals too, had mushroomed, as a full sexual flush blossomed, painting a blotchy rosy tint across her body. The next word was, filling, and Brian move so his penis could nestle into Di's vagina. This was the first time she had seen another copulating couple in person and watched with intense interest as their bodies merged.

More time passed, everyone remained motionless until felt Di's hand begin to squeeze hers. Looking around, everyone continued to meditate, while little gasps came from Di. This continued until Eve could see little tremors contracting around Brian's cock. He remained still but her spasms increased as she squirmed, seeking to swallow more of his penis. Her breaths were increasing, with each exhale now being an uninhibited moan of passion. Copious amounts of lubricating cream gushed out around Brian's shaft. What normally is over in a minute had continued for many minutes and it wasn't over yet. Di clutched Eve's hand like she was holding on for dear life, as waves of pleasure continued to rock her body. As strange as it was, Eve could start to feel it too, as the tingles of sexual delight caressed her genitals. The other women were feeling it also, perhaps more so, as the intense look on Di's face could now be seen spreading around the circle. It was as though through Di's body, Brian was penetrating them all. Brian too, though motionless, had his head tilted back, his jaw dropped, while sustained groans of pleasure emanated; obviously relishing the feel every man has when he is in a woman and they are experiencing the sexual physical and emotional delights of raw passion.

Eyes fixed on Brian now, Di seemed to be begging him to give her the cumulating satisfaction of receiving his sperm. But it was not until Sandra uttered the words, 'let them be united,' that he exploded with bursts of orgasmic gusto. His ejaculating fits continued as though he was giving each woman her full share as well. Finally Di's orgasmic onslaught subsided with Brian's. Her face beamed with satisfaction, having received his offering.

Though euphoric, both Di and Brian were physically exhausted. Sandra asked the women to share, so Eve would know, what it was like to experiencing Brian's cock vicariously. Most had felt the satisfaction that comes when penetrated, with several having mild orgasms, though Eve didn't get much more than a tingly warm feeling. "For you first time," Sandra told Eve, "to feel anything is significant."

Di and Brian spoke of 'aurora' which was new and strange to Eve. It was where the man could feel the woman's sexual pleasures and the woman could feel the man's. Like the Northern Lights, it weaved and flowed, first waves then columns then mixing together, with changing colors and shapes, dim then bright, the energy moved between their bodies. The male and female euphoric pleasures, being wonderfully similarly yet gloriously different, were something you want again and again once you experienced it.

Back outside by the pool, Sandra told Eve, she was a natural for Tri-Sum. There are six level of attainment and by the end of level one, a person could transcend the world of things and reach the spiritual world beyond; sharing her divine experience with those she touched, just as Di had demonstrated.

"I saw and felt it," Eve confessed, "but I don't understand it."

"It cannot be understood," Sandra said. "All that is, is one. To know is to pass beyond distinctions and realize the oneness of all, being one with all. There is no right or wrong but only being, a unique progression of enlightenment moving you through life. We can tap into that power and experience it, as Di and Brian showed us tonight. Tri-Sum uses the powerful physical and emotional attraction between a man and women, as a conduit for exploring their spiritual diminutions. Each pairing brings new discoveries; each union prepares the way for the next one."

With mixed emotions of excitement and apprehension, Eve thought she would like to explore this more. "One of the first lessons to grasp," Sandra told her, "was that we belong to everyone and everyone belongs to us. Think of something you prize then envision yourself sharing it."

"Are you talking about things," Eve asked.

"Things are where most people start," Sandra said, "but it must move beyond things to relationships, then onto the supernatural powers you will receive and must pass on."

"I prize my marriage," Eve said. "Are you saying I must give that up?"

"You don't give it away, you open it up. Your husband is married to you and every woman. You are every man's wife. The Cosmos will guide you, and where it leads you must follow, uniting your body and soul with who it destines. The more you give the more you will receive."

"I was mesmerized watching Brian with his bulging cock in Di. I couldn't help but wish it was me. But why would I want that when I'm happily married," Eve asked?

"That's normal," Sandra laughed. "Already your world is expanding. Embrace it, and it will take you places you never dreamed possible. The wealthiest know of this power and money flows to them. Politicians who put into practice these principles, are the most powerful."

It was Eve's turn to laugh. "Is that why our Presidents have a hard time keeping their penis in their pants?"

"Successful people make the rules. They influence outcomes. They attract power. They attract money. They attract the opposite sex because they want too. They don't have to live by other people's rules, they make their own."


When Sam offered Eve a currier job, she happily accepted.

Several times a week, Eve was given a locked satchel that she would deliver or she was sent out to make a pick up. It was easy money, money Sam insisted she not report on her tax return. He even provided her the car to get around in. The only drawback was, when Sam wanted something done, he wanted it done NOW! So, Eve because a regular fixture around Sam's pool, as she waited for her next run; then slipping on a pair of shorts and a tank top on over her bikini, she would hurry off to make a delivery or pick something up.

Several time a month, Sam had Eve deliver a car to the long term airport parking lot, where she would pick up another car to drive back. It was the same two cars, over and over again. It seemed odd, but then again, a lot of things seemed odd, at least at first, like the time Sam told her that Di would sleep with his friends and he was OK with that. But remembering Di was a Tri-Sum practitioner, it did make sense. Then there were those aphrodisiac that came in the mail once a month. Strange concoctions from around the world, sent to him by an aphrodisiac club in Guadalajara. Not that Sam needed any help in that area but he did give Eve something called 'Sugar Leaf' to put in her tea; a sweet tasting something that came from a Brazilian forest. "Give it time," he told her, "and she would like what happens."

Eve couldn't tell it made any difference when she made love with Adam. The only thing that really happened was it was addictive and there was a growing mysterious openness to suggestive suggestions.

"Seeing male genitals like that give me a little tingle," Di said when she saw Eve's eyes following Sam, "I'm sure it does that for you too." Eve agreed. Then Di then confided that she had not turned a man down since she had started studying Tri-Sum. "Enjoy your sexuality while you're young," Di advised. "Sam has really fallen for you," she added. "I think the love gods are bringing you two together. I've told this to Sam and he hopes so too."

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