South of the Border


The two extra chairs disappeared almost immediately to other tables, but Maria didn't move away. I slid back into my chair, and as I settled in next to Maria her hand slid over onto my knee. I hadn't come to the bar with the explicit idea of hooking up with anyone, but I was more than beginning to get the idea that Maria had. I spread my legs slightly, coming in contact with Maria's, and her hand slipped over my knee to the inside of my leg. I had my hands on the table and kept them that way, playing with my new glass of wine instead.

I'm not sure what it was about Maria. Perhaps it was that she appeared to be more mature; it could have been that she'd obviously given signs of interest in me; but yet, I wasn't looking to hook up for a one night fling either. I recognized that I was attracted, just her putting her hand on my leg had helped my cock to swell a bit, and the thoughts in my mind began to move into evaluating the possibilities for the evening. She was definitely giving all the signs of interest. Abruptly, I asked her if she wanted to dance. When she looked puzzled, I stood up and held out my hand as Carmen translated.

Something passed between them in Spanish. Maria was eventually satisfied and stood. Taking my hand, I led her down to the floor.

There was very little actual dancing happening on the floor. Before, the place had been crowded, now it was insane. "Dancing" was just bumping and grinding, both with partners and anyone else that was within touching range, which was multiple people of either sex. Whether we wanted to or not, we had a lot of body contact.

Standing well above Maria, every time I looked down I found myself peering into the cavern of her cleavage, enhanced by her breasts pressing against my stomach and chest. We were pressed together by lack of space. All I could hope was that she didn't find the bump from my semi-swollen penis offensive. She made no indication as to whether she had noticed or not, but I knew as she pressed against me, my cock was between us and she had to have felt me just as I was feeling her breasts mashed against me.

We gave it up after three or four songs. I pointed back upstairs, and taking her hand began inching us toward the stairs. Once at the table, we were back to asking and answering questions, Carmen unsatisfactorily being the translator due to the volume of the music. When we were about out of drinks, I suggested that we should go down and I would have my guys buy us drinks this time. I told them I'd bought three rounds so far, and with having hooked them up with two pretty girls, they definitely owed me. I said I really could care less about them buying drinks, but after they had been giving me a hard time all week about not coming out to the bars with them at night, I wanted to make sure they knew that I had hooked them up with girls in an hour when they'd been coming here for a week without doing it. Carmen explained to her mother what I had said, and after everyone got done laughing, Maria and I headed down to their table while Carmen and her boyfriend stayed to make sure we kept our table.

When we got down to the dance floor, I realized what they had meant when they said it was insane. It was idiotic to even think about it. By now it was so crowded it would have taken an hour just to pick our way from the bar to the table and back. Instead, I just bought another round for ourselves, and we headed back to the balcony. By the time we got back, I'd had my fill of the club.

Conversation, which before had been difficult at best, was now virtually impossible. Carmen was trying to say something, so I leaned forward against the table to hear, and in so doing partially blocked her view of her mother, Maria. Whether or not she knew her mother had put her hand on my leg, I'm certain that when Maria slid her hand back a bit further, resting it on my cock, Carmen did not see that. As I sat back, her hand again slid forward onto my leg. I looked at Maria, she gave me a pleasant little smile, but her eyes were smoldering, asking me, "Did you get the message?"

I nodded my head toward the door and raised my eyebrows in the universal "you wanna get out of here?" signal. I hadn't meant it for anyone but Maria, but Carmen, the protective daughter, caught it. Her eyes narrowed, with what I presume meant "You're not leaving with him are you?" spilling from her lips in Spanish.

And so began a low key conversation between mother and daughter, at least as low key as is possible in a crowded nightclub where normal voice levels can't even be heard, and in a language that I couldn't follow. Maria assured her that she was ready to leave, that I was ready to leave, and that we were going together. Carmen argued that she didn't really know me. We'd had fun for the last hour or so, but this was going too far. Maria argued back, and with a final "Mama!" from Carmen that I'm sure meant "I can't believe you're really going to do this," she stood up. Capitulating, Carmen shouted to me, "How are you getting her home? She came with us."

I pulled out a business card for the Crowne Plaza where I was staying, wrote my name and cell phone number on the back and handed it to her. "My Cell Phone," I shouted back, pulling the phone out of my pocket and showing it to her at the same time to be sure that she knew what I was saying. Turning, I took Maria's hand and she stood up. Glancing back, Carmen was still standing, the business card in hand, a disapproving frown on her face. I smiled, nodded, and mouthed, "It's okay." I've got no idea whether she understood me or not.

Maria slid only to the middle of the taxi's back seat. Sliding in beside her, her hand immediately went onto my thigh, sliding well up toward my crotch. Her hand wrapped around the inside of my leg, the back of her arm pressed against my rapidly engorging erection which was extending down the opposite pant leg. Maria saved me from explaining our destination to the taxi driver. Besides everything else she said that I didn't understand, I did understand "Crowne Plaza". Leaning towards Maria, intending to kiss her, I instead found myself flung backward against the seat as the driver -- who apparently only knew two speeds, stop and go -- stepped on it. Whipping the wheel to the left he accelerated much harder than he needed to onto the nearly deserted street. Another roller coaster ride from hell, and 15 minutes later we were back to my hotel.

Although I knew my room was where we were really headed, taking Maria's hand we first went into the bar. I told the bartender we wanted a bottle and then realizing that I was presuming, I asked Maria; "Vino Rojo or Vino Blanco?" Her immediate answer of "Rojo" said that I should have just gone with my gut and ordered. I asked the bartender for a suggestion. He ran through his selection, I stopped him when he reached a Zinfandel that I recognized.

We didn't stay in the bar long; we both knew we really hadn't come back to the hotel to drink wine. A couple of sips, and when I picked up my glass and the bottle, and indicated toward the hotel rooms with my eyes, Maria just smiled and picked up her own glass. With Maria's hand on my arm, we wandered through the hotel, across the central courtyard to my ground-floor room.

I topped Maria's glass from the few swallows the she had actually taken, and then did the same with mine before stepping forward to put the bottle on the table. As I did, Maria stepped forward, taking my now free hand in hers and set her glass on the table beside the bottle. Reaching for my other hand, I brought it forward and she took my glass from me, setting it on the table beside hers.

Her hand reached up to my face, I bent slightly to meet her touch. Her fingers slid along my cheek, behind my ear, to the back of my neck. The gentle pressure of her hand pulled my head down further, her face tilting up to me. Her eyes closed, our lips met and her body melted against me, her warm lips pressing against mine. I closed my eyes, and savored her mouth, the flavor of Zinfandel greeting me. I slid my hand down her back onto her hip and then back up her side, insinuating it between us, finding her breast, squeezing it gently through her clothes. I realized there was no need for a gentle seduction; she was already breathing heavily, almost panting with desire. Her hands came between us, fumbling at the buttons on my shirt.

Suddenly, the gentle kiss was gone. Our mouths fought to stay together as our hands ripped at each other's clothes. I got the lacy over-blouse unbuttoned and onto her shoulders and she pulled it from there as my hands moved to finish unbuttoning my own shirt. Catching my shoes with one toe, I stepped out of them, dropping my shirt on top. Reaching over I took the blue spaghetti strap blouse, pulling it from her pants, as her hands reached back to me and began fumbling with my belt buckle. I got the blouse loose and began to lift, while she raised her arms allowing me to pull it over her head.

The black lacy bra she wore was intended for support, not to hide. The large dark brown, almost black, circles of her nipples and areola were visible through the thin lace of the material. I reached for her pants, but she withdrew her hands from my belt and took over, getting them loose, shinnying them off her hips and down her legs in a fraction of the time that I could. Likewise I had my pants undone, stepping out of them before hers hit the floor. She reached behind her back for her bra strap. I stopped her, my hands gripping her arms. "No, let me."

Whether she understood the words, she understood the meaning and the lustful look in my eyes. I looked her in the face and, sliding my hands over her shoulders, I hugged her to me. My hands traced the spaghetti straps down her back to the wider strip at the bottom, followed that to the middle where, for once, my hands were actually in sync with the bra clasp. Coming undone with surprising ease, I pulled it back towards the front of her body, over her arms. Stepping back as I did so, the cups fell away from her breasts. I dropped the bra where we stood, an arm's length between us, my eyes devouring her mammoth girls now exposed to my gaze.

Her eyes looked into my face, and her lower lip went between her teeth. I sensed a sudden shyness, as her arms almost rose to cover herself. "Está bien? she asked. I wasn't sure quite what she meant, but understood that "bien" meant "good."

"Oh my God, Maria, you are more than good. You're gorgeous, you're beautiful. Muy, muy, bien. Muy bonita." Reaching for her shoulders I pulled her to me, my hands sliding onto her now bare breasts, underneath, lifting and supporting, my thumbs rubbing across her partially erect nipples.

Truthfully her breasts were massive, too large to really lift one-handed. As I lifted, they would roll off to one side, I satisfied myself with just fondling and playing with her nipples. Her eyes closed, the tip of her tongue was visible between her lips, a ragged breath escaping through her nose. I stroked her nipples with my thumbs, rolling them in circles, feeling them enlarging as I did so. Pulling her closer with gentle pressure from my hands underneath her breasts, she stepped forward and I put my arms around her. Crushing her against my chest, our mouths once again mashed together in a passionate kiss.

Her hands went behind me, sliding into my boxers and onto my bare ass. One cheek in each hand, she pulled me against her as hard as I'd been holding her against me. My cock trapped between us, she rubbed back and forth, obviously feeling my erection. Easily picking her up in my arms, her legs wrapped behind me as I carried her to the bed. I sat her down. Realizing I still had socks on, I rose up one leg and then the other to flip them off. Reaching for my boxers she said, "No! Yo quiero."

I didn't have a clue what that meant except for the word "no," which is recognized almost everywhere in the world for what it is. I stopped. Her hands came behind my ass once more, pulling me forward until my legs were against the bed. Her hands moved back to the side, and she began to slide my shorts down my legs. She slid a hand to the front pulling my shorts away from my body and over the top of my upward pointing cock and then continued sliding them down my legs. Once she got them over my thighs they fell quite easily, and I stepped out. Standing in front of her naked, my cock in her face, she just looked at it and then up at me and smiled.

She reached out with her right hand and touched my stomach with the back of her hand. Her fingers stroked all around my erection, across my legs and belly, moving closer and closer to my cock which twitched involuntarily when she first touched it. She ran her fingertips from the head to base before she wrapped her cool fingers around me and began slowly stroking. When she leaned forward I thought she was going to suck me into her mouth, but instead she began touching it to her face, stroking it with my cock. Her eyes closed. I wasn't sure whether she was stroking my cock with her face or stroking her face with my cock. Probably a bit of both.

I reached down to her breasts once again, kneading, squeezing and fondling her mammoth girls. Her breasts were the largest, natural or artificial, that I'd ever seen or touched in person. Her nipples -- already nearly as large in diameter as a dime -- expanded to my touch even as her previously smooth areola crinkled around them. Now as big as berries, they were large enough to play with on their own and I began rolling them in my fingers.

She continued softly rubbing my cock against her face, putting the head against her eyelids, rubbing the shaft against her cheeks and nose. Her free hand slid down underneath to fondle my balls, finally opening her mouth, and pressing her lips against the base. Her tongue slipped between her lips, she stroked up the shaft wetly with her lips and tongue. She knew her way around a cock; she stopped at the sweet spot, sucked the loose skin there between her lips. She opened her mouth slightly, sliding her head just a bit higher, finally taking the tip into her mouth, her lips wrapped just over the ridge.

"Oh my God, Maria," I groaned.

She continued sucking me, her tongue caressing the head, her right hand wrapped around it and slowly stroking while her left hand was fondling my package below. The exquisite sensation was almost too much to take.

She had started with just the head, but I realized as she was moving on my cock, she was slowly working more of my erection into her mouth. Each time she applied suction she would slide another fraction of an inch down; her lips no longer just over the ridge. When she got just that fraction of an inch further than where she'd been before, she'd back off, wet her lips with saliva and slowly suck her way back down again, going just another fraction further.

I hadn't even really thought of sex in the last two weeks while I'd been in Mexico. With the constant long hours at work, there hadn't been time to think of anything else. Whether it was Maria's technique, the several weeks since I'd had sex, or the unexpectedness of our tryst, she had me ready to blow as quickly as any blow job I've ever had. The sensation was exquisite, but I wasn't ready to, or rather I didn't want to, cum yet. I lifted my hands to Maria's shoulders and began to gently press backwards. She looked up at me, questioningly.

"No, no, it's very good." I said and then realizing I was speaking English said again, "Bien! Muy, muy Bien". She smiled, released her hold on me and lay back onto the bed.

I leaned over her and kissed her lips. Rolling beside her, her mouth against mine, her hand went behind my head to hold me. Her other hand stroked down my chest, across my hair, finding my nipple, tweaking it, then traversing across to my other nipple, playing with it. My upper hand was once again fondling and caressing her breasts and nipples, exploring her body. I sensed her breathing was becoming less than controlled; every touch from my hand, whether just on her belly or something more sensitive, elicited another quiver in her breathing, another shudder in her body.

Always moving lower, my hand had reached her panties; black lacy see-through nothings that matched her bra. Sliding my hand over them, I could feel her warmth, the fullness of her mound and the wetness; her panties were damp with her arousal. She moaned, lifting her crotch into my hand, and I pressed in. The cloth prevented me from actually penetrating but I spread her lips enough that I could feel the hard little nub of her clitoris, which elicited a gasp from Maria when I touched it. Rubbing back and forth, I felt it slip from one side to the other under my finger, moans of pleasure escaping from her mouth into mine.

Sliding my hand back, I easily slipped my fingers under the elastic edge and down, finding her pubic hair that had been visible through her lacy underwear. This time, my finger easily slipped inside her, her legs spreading wider, her body twitching to the pleasure of my touch. Slipping a second finger inside, I finger fucked her for a few moments, the cloth of her panties trapping my hand from being as effective as I knew it could be in pleasuring her. I did not think it would really make that much difference, as hot and aroused as Maria was, but I didn't like her panties trapping my hand. Sliding my hand back out, I caught the edge of the material and began to insinuate it over her hips. I slipped one side down an inch or so, then moving over to the other side I began to slide it down, expecting her to raise her bottom off the bed to help. Instead, quite suddenly, her hand gripped mine.

"Puedo quedar embarazada, necesitamos algo," she said with an almost embarrassed, pleading, look on her face. I didn't recognize anything she said except for "embarrassed," but I eased my assault on her last piece of clothing.

"Shhh," I soothed, raising my hand up to her face and stroking her cheek. "It's okay. You're a beautiful, sexy, woman. You don't have a thing to be embarrassed about." Mindful of what I understood was her embarrassment, I slowed my pace, returning to suckle her near nipple while my hand rolled her other nipple at the same time. She relaxed somewhat; I heard a moan of pleasure as her fingers stroked the back of my head. I didn't know whether she understood a thing I said, but I'm sure she understood the feeling of my voice and words.

Releasing her nipple from my mouth, I slid back off the bed, standing on the floor and I pushed her legs together before I climbed back up, straddling her body. Pressing my cock and balls against her belly I slithered and squirmed against her, gradually moving higher. She recognized almost immediately what I was doing; as my cock slipped between her breasts she pushed them together creating a valley for me to fuck. A smile went over her face. Somehow I knew I was not the first man to have a cock between her gorgeous breasts. Her eyes watched as my cock appeared and disappeared between them as I slowly fucked her tits. When her tongue came out, reaching for my cock head as I reached the top of my stroke, I pushed just that little bit further and stopped momentarily, allowing her to tongue me.

She'd obviously done this before, she knew exactly how to suckle my cock, her lips caressing, her tongue swirling and teasing exquisitely. The sensation reminded me that she had almost sucked me off just minutes before. "My God Maria, you know how to use your tongue!" I knew she didn't have a clue what I said, but she knew intimately my meaning, as on the very next stroke she raised her head and did her best to engulf my cock into her warm inviting mouth once again. Seeing the strain of her holding her head up, I reached to help as her tongue and lips caressed me.

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