Spa Day


As part of my wife's Christmas present this year I gave her an early gift for a massage and spa treatment. Knowing how stressful it is around our house at Christmas time she figured that it would be worthwhile to take the opportunity before Christmas so that she would be ready for the rush around Christmas time.

The day after I gave it to her she called the spa and they scheduled her in for December 23rd. She was quite excited to tell me what she had booked. She told me that when she got there she would be having a manicure, pedicure, some sort of body wrap done and then they would give her a mud bath followed by a special type of shower and then her massage. I teased her a little bit about the treatments and asked if it would be a man or woman performing the treatments. She smirked and just said that it was a large well known spa and she was sure that everyone that worked there were women and were very professional with their jobs.

December 23rd came around and I kissed Cari before leaving for work and told her to have fun, but not too much fun at her spa day. She was like a kid in a toy store as she kissed me and told me how much she loved me and appreciated this gift. She was going to drop the kids off at her parent's house and then go to her appointment.

After I left for work I didn't think too much about Cari's spa day until my boss told me that I could leave a little early as it was slow. I thought that was great as I could get home and find out from Cari how her day went before her parents dropped the kids back off.

When I opened the door to our house I noticed that Cari was home as her shoes and jacket were by the entrance. I looked around the house and didn't see her so I went upstairs to see if she was there. As I was coming up the stairs I could hear the very unique sounds that my wife makes when she was close to orgasm.

When I reached the top of the stairs I noticed that I could hear her so clearly because she had left our bedroom door open since the kids were not home. Before I even reached the door I quietly got undressed before I peaked around the corner of our room. What I saw is one of the most beautiful things any husband can watch his wife do. There was my beautiful wife lying on our bed with her legs spread as far as they could go. She was using her left hand to squeeze her right nipple which was incredibly hard and in her right hand she held her large rabbit vibrator and was moving it very rapidly in and out of her very wet pussy.

I have to say that Cari and I are not shy about masturbating in front of each other but it is not something that we do on a regular basis.

Just seeing my wife like this gave me an incredible erection very quickly and I stood at the doorway stroking myself as I watched her please herself. She had her eyes closed tightly and she seemed to have multiple mini orgasms that came and went like waves.

It was only a few minutes later when I could tell that she was about to have a major orgasm so I moved closer to her beside the bed as I continued to stroke my erection. She must have sensed my presence and she opened her eyes and smiled at me but continued on pleasing herself with the vibrator.

She watched me stroke myself and then said that she was about to cum. I couldn't hold out any longer and started to cum. My cum splattered on her stomach and then down lower near her pussy lips. It was at that moment that I realized that she did not have any pubic hair left. It was all gone.

Before I could say anything Cari's orgasm began to rack her body. I watched in awe as her body shook with the orgasm until she eventually slowly pulled the very large and now very wet vibrator out of her pussy. It was amazing how much more of her lips I could see now without her hair in the way.

I lay down beside her and snuggled up with her. I placed my hand on her hip and then moved it a little lower until I was rubbing just outside of her swelled pussy lips. She asked if I liked her surprise and I told her that I thought it looked beautiful and then asked what made her decide to do that.

Cari sat up and looked at the clock and then said that she had time to tell me a story that she knew I would love about her day at the spa.

Cari said that after she arrived at the spa a female employee came in and brought her to a room where she asked Cari to undress and gave her a robe and slippers to wear. Cari had never been to a spa before but figured that she was supposed to take off all of her clothes including her underwear. After she had put the robe on, the girl came back into the room and brought her to another room where she did my wife's manicure and pedicure. Cari said that she was already starting to feel relaxed about the day at that point. While my wife was having her pedicure done she said that she shifted a little bit in the chair and her robe had come open slightly. The lady just happened to look up at that point and noticed the amount of pubic hair that my wife had. She mentioned to Cari that they also did Brazilian bikini waxing there and would be happy to do it for Cari as well. The lady explained some of the benefits of that type of waxing and finally convinced Cari that the pain would be worth it.

Cari explained to me how weird and painful it was after her manicure and pedicure were done to be sitting in a chair with her robe open from the waist down while this lady waxed her bare around her lips. She then said though that the feeling that she got when the lady was done was nothing short of erotic.

After the waxing the lady brought Cari to another room where they had her undress completely and wrapped her in a seaweed body wrap and left her for a while. She said that she fell asleep and only woke up when two women came into the room to get her ready for the mud bath. She said that it felt strange to feel 4 hands on her rubbing mud all over her body but it was still incredibly relaxing. She said that she lay naked in front of these two women for the better part of an hour by the time they had done the bath and then washed the mud off of her.

Cari mentioned that by the time that she was done the bath she was beginning to get very horny. Not because of the women but just the fact of being naked and so relaxed for an extended period of time. She was still really looking forward to the massage. One of the women brought Cari into the massage room and helped her remove her robe again and then helped her to lay face first down on the table while placing a sheet over her back. The lady then told Cari that she had a choice today. They usually had 2 massage therapists working, one male and one female. The lady had called in sick today. If Cari did not feel comfortable having a male massage her then she would do it but she warned Cari that she was not registered and did not have the strength to give a deep tissue massage if that was what Cari was looking for.

I asked Cari what she chose. Cari said that she was really looking forward to a proper massage and since she was so relaxed already she didn't really care if it was a man or a woman that massaged her so she told the lady that she would like the man to massage her.

The lady left my wife covered on the table as she left the room. Cari said that after she left she closed her eyes for a few minutes and ended up falling asleep until she felt some very strong hands begin to massage her back. She looked to the side and saw the man in the mirror who was massaging her. She said that he was a well built man in his early thirties and she smiled to herself when she thought that I would have loved to have been there to see this man massage her.

She said that he was very professional in his massage. His name was Joe and he made sure that she stayed covered where he wasn't massaging and he also kept a very relaxing conversation going. Cari said that there were a few times that as he massaged her sides his fingers would guide over the swells of her breasts that were pushed into the table but nothing else happened.

After Joe was done massaging for 30 minutes he mentioned to my wife that the full body massage usually means that the back and front get massaged but if she felt uncomfortable with the front being massaged he would work another 30 minutes on her back. Once again, because of how relaxed she already was Cari said that she chose to turn over and have her front done as well.

Cari said that Joe held up the sheet to give her privacy as she turned over and then laid it out on her again as he began at her head and face. She said that from her face he moved to her neck and upper chest and then a little lower. I asked her how much lower and then she smiled at me and said that he lowered the sheet to her stomach and began to massage between her breasts down to her belly button and back up again. He then moved his hands over and massaged first her right breast and then her left breast but never once touched her nipples. She said that at that point her nipples were on fire and all she wanted was to have me there sucking on them. She then asked me if I was okay with the story so far. I smiled at her and then lightly brought one of her nipples to my mouth and gave it a small suck and asked her to continue.

Cari moaned slightly and then said that from her breasts he continued to massage down her stomach before moving to the bottom of the table to her feet. Joe massaged her feet for a few minutes and slowly made his way up her legs. She said that he spent quite a bit of time on her quadriceps muscles which were incredibly tight from her recent workouts. Joe then moved the sheet up her legs to mid thigh as he worked on her legs and hips. She said that he would massage up her quad to her hip and then back down again. Each time he moved closer to her inner thigh. It was at that moment that she remembered that she had just been waxed and a buzz went through her body when she felt his fingers massage over her pubic region where hair had been only a few hours before. She said that he never massaged over her lips but he did come close.

Cari told me that she was so wet thinking about us having sex at that point that she was dripping on to the massage table. She was slightly relieved when Joe moved the blanket back down her legs and then told her that her time was up and she was to get dressed in the change room when she felt like she could get up.

Cari got up after Joe left and lightly ran her fingers through her wet lips and shivered with the feeling that came over her. She said that she really wanted to cum there but decided against it and got dressed quickly and came home to wait for me.

When she got home she looked at the clock and knew that she could not wait another 3 hours to cum and that was why she was masturbating when I came home early. She then asked me if I liked her story. I told her that I loved it. She said that was good because she had to fuck me right away.

She sat up on the bed and kneeled over me. We both groaned as my erection slid into her very wet pussy. Because of her story that she told it did not take either of us long to cum again. As she came Cari screamed that she loved me. I was not far behind as I came what felt like a bucket of cum in her.

We snuggled for a while after cumming and I told Cari that I appreciated her being honest with me about her day and that I loved hearing every minute of it.

The next morning was Saturday and we usually snuggle in bed for a while before getting up to do things with the kids or work on our housework. That morning I snuggled into Cari spooning her from behind. I always sleep naked and she usually just sleeps with only her underwear on. On Saturdays I will usually stroke different parts of her body while we talk. Sometimes it is her hips or side. Sometimes it is her breasts or stomach. As I spooned with her I reached around her and slowly stroked her breasts. I could still feel the greasiness of the massage oil on them from the day before and I began to get hard thinking that the oil was there because another man had his hands on my wife's breasts.

Cari felt my cock begin to harden and she pushed back into me a little asking me why I was getting hard. I told her what I was thinking about and she said that she had been thinking about the day before all night. I moved my hand down her stomach and inside her panties. It was strange not to feel any hair but also extremely erotic. I very quickly reached her pussy lips that were unbelievably wet. Cari moaned when my fingers came in contact with her sensitive skin and she slightly spread her legs for me as I placed first one finger and then two fingers inside of her. As I did this I also began to suck on her right nipple. She reached down and quickly took her panties off now spreading her legs completely for my 4 fingers that were now inside of her.

I asked Cari if she would like to have Joe massage her again. She moaned that she would. I asked her if she would like him to touch her nipples this time. She moaned again that she would. I asked her if she would like him to touch her pussy this time. She moaned even louder and said yes. I then asked if she would like it if he made her cum next time. When I said that she couldn't take it any longer and she bucked her hips hard down on to my fingers and buried her face into her pillow as she came.

By the time that she was done her juices had soaked my hand and the bed sheets under her ass. She looked at me slightly embarrassed and apologized for her answers to my questions. I took her hand and brought it to my erection and asked her if it felt like I was mad at her at all. She laughed and said I guess not and she began to stroke me. It didn't take me long after watching her cum for me to cum as well. I came all over Cari's neck and breasts and we had to take off the bed sheets so that we could get her cleaned up as well.

Over the next week we enjoyed a number of great lovemaking sessions but I didn't bring up the idea about Joe again during the sessions. What Cari did not know was that I had spoken to Joe and I had asked him if he ever went any further than just massages with his clients. He told me that it was very rare but he had on occasion brought a client to orgasm during the massage. I asked him if he would be willing to do this with my wife. He said yes, but it could not be done at the clinic or he could lose his license. I arranged with him to come to our house 3 weeks later on a night when I knew that our kids would be away at their grandparent's house.

After dropping our kids off at my wife's parent's house, Cari and I went out for dinner. Over dinner Cari mentioned that she was very sore from her workout earlier that day and was looking forward to a hot bath when she got home followed by a little playtime with me. I smiled and told her that I would like to reward her with a nice massage after her bath if she was up for it. She thought that it was a great idea. Little did she know that it would not be me giving her the massage.

After a wonderful dinner and a few drinks we got back to our house at around 8:00. Joe wasn't there yet as I told him to come over at 8:30. When we got home I ran the bathwater for my wife and lit some candles around the room. Cari gave me a kiss as she saw what the bathroom looked like. I watched in awe as she took off her bathrobe that she had changed into a few minutes earlier. Even after 17 years of marriage and 4 children her body is absolutely beautiful. She smiled when she saw me admiring her and then she slowly sat down in the warm bathwater. I put on some music for her and then gave her a glass of wine to help her relax for her massage.

After leaving her to relax in the bathtub I went downstairs and let Joe in. He had brought his massage table and oil with him as well. I brought him to our living room where I had the fireplace on already and asked him to set up everything there. I would bring Cari in after she was done her bath.

Cari's eyes were closed and she looked very relaxed when I came back into the bathroom. She heard me come in and said that she was ready for her massage. I helped her out of the bath and dried her off. She wrapped the towel around her body and we held hands as we walked towards the living room.

When we entered the room we were both surprised to see candles lit around the room along with slow music playing. Joe had done a great job setting everything up. Cari gave me another kiss and told me that she was really looking forward to her massage. I told her that I was glad but I was not going to be the one massaging her. She looked confused at first until I told her that I had asked Joe over to give her the massage. Cari was obviously surprised but she gave me a hug and thanked me for the surprise. She then asked if I was sure that I wanted Joe to massage her. I told her that I was fine with whatever happened and that I loved her. I then brought her over to the table and watched as she removed her towel before lying down on her stomach. I then placed the towel across her and told Joe that he could come in now.

Joe came in and greeted Cari as I sat down on the couch in the corner of the living room. He was wearing a tight fitting shirt and a pair of Dockers pants. I watched as Joe pulled the towel down Cari's body until it reached her ass. He then poured the warm oil into his hands and began to massage it into her back. Cari moaned her appreciation and told him that it felt great. As Joe was massaging her back he started at her shoulders and made his way down to the base of her spine just under the towel. Every few strokes down her back I saw his hands briefly touch the sides of her breasts that were pushed out as she lay down.

After spending 15 minutes on her back Joe began to work on her legs. He started at her feet, spending a few minutes on each foot before moving up her legs. First her calves and then behind her knees. His hands then moved to her hamstring area on the left leg. Soon his hands had moved under the towel and were massaging her inner thigh. After a minute of this Joe moved to her right leg and began the process all over again. I had a feeling that Joe may have touched her pussy lips a little bit the first time because as he made his way up her right leg I noticed her legs slowly parting. This time I knew that when Joe began to massage her inner thigh that he did touch her lips by the sigh that came out of her mouth.

Joe pulled his hands away and looked over at me. I smiled so that he knew that I was okay with what had just happened. Joe then moved the towel down my wife's legs so that her ass was now completely uncovered. He then began to massage her hips and buttocks. He started with her left cheek and moved from top to bottom and then did the same thing with the right cheek. When Joe pulled Cari's cheek to the side I could plainly see her pussy lips that were now beginning to glisten with wetness. I am not sure if Joe realized how wet she was though until his hand had moved to her inner thighs and he brushed past her lips. When he did this Cari let out another moan and spread her legs a little more. The next time that Joe's hand was on her inner thigh he moved two of his fingers through her pussy lips. Because of how wet she was I actually saw his fingers slightly move in between her folds. Cari raised her hips a little as well when he did this to give him some more access but Joe didn't bite just yet.

He adjusted the towel again back over her entire body and then asked her if she would like him to massage her front or if she was not comfortable he would continue to massage her back. Cari looked at me with a questioning look. I whispered that I was okay if she was. Cari then told Joe that she would like her front massaged and slowly began to turn over as Joe held up the towel for her privacy.

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