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Special Delivery


Phil had been admiring Jasmine for over a year now. The 22-year old postal employee turned him on every time he saw her. Standing 5'5" with a slender 34-b, 24, 34 body, Jasmine had long brown hair, usually worn back in a high ponytail. She had a tan complexion with large almond eyes and a very exotic face. Best of all, Phil loved the way her small, shapely ass looked in her tight blue postal employee pants.

Phil was 34-years old and divorced. He was an average looking man just a hair shy of six-foot with short brown hair and just a hint of a beer gut. Not what would be considered a very handsome man, but not homely either. He had the kind of face that one just didn't notice in a crowd.

Phil had first seen Jasmine when he stopped in the Post Office on the other side of town. He had just become separated from his wife and was feeling lonely and the pretty postal employee had waited on him with a smile and a warm greeting. He had noticed one of her buttons undone while she waited on him and when she leaned forward with his change he caught just the briefest view of her areola sticking out over her low-cut bra. It was enough to send him out of the post office with a hardon.

Phil had stopped by that post office several times during the last year, always enjoying the sight of the pretty girl when he saw her. But he usually voyeured her from afar when he was there. He often thought about asking her out, but had learned from another clerk that she had a steady boyfriend and wouldn't be interested in him because of his age anyway.

Phil was concerned when he failed to see Jasmine the last three times he stopped by the post office. He finally got up the nerve to ask someone about her and learned that she had volunteered to take a turn at delivering mail on a regular route while a friend was on maternity leave. Phil was surprised when he recognized the neighborhood she was now working as one that he had lived in before meeting his ex-wife.

On a whim, Phil drove home through that neighborhood after leaving the post office. He remembered one of the streets as being pretty run down. He drove down the road and saw several unoccupied houses and an evil plan began forming in his mind.

Phil took the next day off from work and drove back to that neighborhood. Parking at the corner he sat patiently waiting to see if this indeed was Jasmine's new route. After waiting about an hour he saw a postal jeep pull up and park. To his relief he watched as Jasmine climbed out of the jeep, hoisted a mailbag over her shoulder, and begin walking down the street. Phil couldn't resist unzipping his pants and jacking off while watching her tight ass shift as she walked down the street away from him.

Now that he was sure of Jasmine's route he decided to put his plan into action. He got out and walked down the street paying particular attention to the abandoned houses. He saw one that he thought would do quite well. A little two-level building with the windows intact that sat with another abandoned house on the left and woods on the right. There was a large hedge in front that partially blocked the view of the door from the street. Phil memorized the house number and returned to his car. When he got home he addressed an empty envelope to a Mr. J. Smith at that address and put the letter into the mail. The next day he addressed two more letters to the same J. Smith, using different envelopes and attempting to change the handwriting, and mailed them. He also stopped by a pay phone and called an 800-catalog number and requested a catalog for J. Smith.

A couple days later he parked down the street and walked by the house. Being sure that nobody was looking he went to the door and checked the mailbox. Sure enough, there were two of the letters. He grabbed them and left, feeling certain that sweet Jasmine would notice them gone and now believe that someone is occupying this house.

Phil's next step was to stop by an office supply store and purchase a large packing envelope. He stuffed the envelope with torn newspaper and then addressed it. Phil then drove thirty miles away to another post office and filled out a special delivery certified mail slip for the package. After dropping it off in the mail he made arrangements to take the next couple days off work.

Late the next day Phil drove to the house. It was pretty dark since there were no streetlights. He pulled into the driveway of the house and pulled around back so his car would be hidden from the street. Phil then got out of his car and jimmied that back door open and went inside. He brought with him a suitcase containing rope and other items he would need. He checked the mail out front and was satisfied to find the third and final letter, along with the catalog he had ordered.

The next morning Phil rose from his makeshift bed on the floor in a rear room, ate a small breakfast consisting of a few items he brought with him. And sat waiting. Shortly after 10:30 he saw Jasmine walking up the driveway carrying the brown package. His heart was beating rapidly as he pondered his next step. He could simply refuse to answer the door and forget this whole thing. Or he could go through with his plans.

He heard Jasmine at the door and knew that she must have pushed the doorbell. With no electricity in the house there was no sound inside. Phil quickly opened the door as if he had heard it ring.

"Hello." Phil greeted, holding the door only slightly ajar.

"Special delivery for Mr. J. Smith." Jasmine said to him in a sweet, innocent voice. Phil could feel his lust rising just by looking into her eyes. He knew that he had to continue.

"That's me, I'll take it." He said, reaching for the package.

"Sorry, but you have to sign for it first." She explained, showing him the form affixed to the top of the package.

"No problem." He said. "Do you have a pen?"

Jasmine withdrew a pen and handed out to him with her right hand while holding out the package with her left. She was not expecting it when Phil grabbed both of her wrists and jerked her forward as he pulled the door open.

"Wh-what the hell…" Jasmine cried out as she found herself yanked into the empty room. She tried to pull free but Phil held a firm grip on her wrists. He kicked the door closed just as she started to scream. Phil shoved her to the floor then jumped on the struggling girl. The first thing he did was force a washcloth into her mouth o silence her. Jasmine continued to fight but she was no match for the stronger man atop her. Phil rolled her over and managed to tie her hands behind her back. He then lifted her and carried her into the back room so that nobody could see anything should they look into the windows.

Once in the empty bedroom Phil dropped Jasmine to the floor. She continued struggling as he sat on her waist and began unbuttoning her uniform blouse. Jasmine screamed against the gag as her shirt was pulled apart revealing her small but shapely breast clad now only in a sexy cut bra. Phil pulled out a knife and cut the straps free then tossed the bra aside. Now Jasmine blushed as her perky nipples were exposed to her attacker. Phil took one of her tits in each hand and began fondling them. Then he lowered himself so he could begin sucking her now rock hard nipples.

After a few minutes of this Phil began undoing Jasmine's pants. She began struggling again but he was successful in sliding them down her tan, sexy legs, then pulled them off along with her shoes. Jasmine wanted to cry as she was held down wearing only a pair of powder blue thong panties. Phil began rubbing her mound through the thin fabric until he could wait no longer and jerked the panties free.

Now Jasmine's pussy was in full view. He was pleased to see that she had only a tuft of hair above her pussy and the rest of her pussy was shaved. He rubbed her pussy then slowly inserted his index finger into her tight box.

"I'll give you a choice, babe," Phil instructed her. "You can suck my cock or else get fucked. Which will it be?"

Jasmine didn't know what to do. She couldn't escape this man and now he wanted her to decide how he was to rape her.

"If you can't make up your mind then I guess it's my choice." He said.

Jasmine yelled against the gag. Phil pulled it out of her mouth and asked, "So, have you made a decision?"

Jasmine didn't want to do anything. But she knew that she had no choice in the matter. She was going to get raped and had no way of escape. She weighed her options and decided that she would rather suck him off than let him fuck her. So she quietly told him so.

Phil stood and removed his jeans and boxer shorts. Jasmine could see his 8-inch cock standing fully erect. She was no stranger to sex, but had only had men 5 or 6 inches before. And it had been almost three months since her last sexual encounter after her boyfriend had been transferred overseas with the Marines.

Phil helped Jasmine to her knees then stood before her, his cock only inches from her face. "Well…" He said.

Jasmine closed her eyes but was reprimanded by her attacker who wanted her watch everything she was doing. Jasmine opened her mouth and allowed Phil's dick to have access. Once inside she began to suck his cock. Phil stood there in complete satisfaction looking down at Jasmine's beautiful face sucking on his manhood. Phil had not had sex since his wife left him. And he had longed for Jasmine for so long now that he couldn't believe this was finally happening.

Jasmine continued working her mouth back and forth along Phil's pecker, doing her best to get him off and end this ordeal so she could get out of there and call the cops. She knew that she was making him feel even better by her actions but was willing to do her best to finish this.

Phil stood there, holding Jasmine's head in his hands helping to guide her as she continued sucking him. "Oh god, this feels so fucking great." He said as he felt his balls tightening. Jasmine felt his cock swell even larger in her mouth. Then she heard him exhale sharply and felt the first trickle of his semen fall onto her tongue. It was quickly followed by a full blast of warm, sticky cum that launched into her throat. Jasmine wanted to pull her head away but his hands held her tight. She felt more and more cum filling her mouth and had no choice but to swallow it. Jasmine gulped down his cum, fighting back the desire to gag as she did so. Phil continued pumping her mouth until he was fully spent and his cock began to go soft. Only then did he pull away from her.

Jasmine squatted on the floor. "Can I go now?" She pleaded.

Phil stepped back a couple feet looking her over. He could see a little trace of his sperm dripping out of the corners of her mouth and his cock began to grow again.

"Sorry, babe. But we aren't finished yet."

Jasmine began screaming and tried to stand but Phil shoved her back onto the floor and got down over her. "Scream all you want, darling. But nobody will hear you."

Jasmine shut up, afraid of what would happen to her if she didn't. "Please let me go." She begged.

"Don't worry," Phil tried to reassure her. "I'm not going to hurt you. In fact, before we're through you're going to feel real good."

Phil grabbed Jasmine's legs and yanked them apart, lowering himself between them. Jasmine tried to kick free but he wrapped his strong arms around them and held her pinned as he put his face between her legs. "Oh, what a sweet pussy." He said as he kissed her twat. Jasmine strained but was unable to stop him as he began licking her pussy. Once he reached the folds of her cunt her clit sprang into view. Jasmine was horrified when his tongue began flicking her clitoris after realizing that it had become aroused. Her juices began flowing against her will, causing her to struggle even more. Phil was enjoying every moment of eating her out. Slowly he worked his way up and down her pussy lips, always returning to focus on her swollen clit. Jasmine ceased struggling and now only concentrated on trying not to give in to what was happening to her. But she could feel her insides growing warmer with every flick of his tongue. Jasmine rolled her eyes and jerked her head back and forth, crying for him to stop but knowing that her body wanted him to continue. "Oh god," she called out. "Yes," she let slip then consciously said, "no." so as not to reveal how she was really feeling. Then it happened. Jasmine climaxed under the oral assault of her attacker. Phil felt her juices flowing freely on his face as he licked her to orgasm. But he wasn't finished yet. Phil continued eating her pussy. Driving Jasmine crazy as he brought her to a second, and then a third orgasm. She begged him to stop for she didn't think she could handle any more. But Phil continued licking her. Jasmine roared with delight as her fourth climax struck her. Only then did Phil stop.

Jasmine lay there panting, trying to catch her breath. She could feel her pussy dripping wet after having four intense orgasms. She did not realize at first that Phil was climbing on top of her. When he began kissing her she responded, not comprehending what was happening. Then she felt the head of his cock press between her soaked pussy lips.

"No, don't!" She cried out.

But it was too late. Phil's cock slide into her pussy. Once he had all eight inches inside her Phil lay still, enjoying the sensation of finally entering his long sought goal.

Jasmine trembled as Phil began pumping her pussy. She did not want this to be happening but was unable to stop him from fucking her. Jasmine feared that she would end up pregnant if he didn't stop. But Phil ignored her pleas. Worse, Jasmine could feel her pussy responding yet again. She had never been filled so much in her life and after the expert licking she had just received she was in no position to resist what was happening to her. A couple minutes later Jasmine was crying out with another orgasm. Phil tingled with excitement as he felt Jasmine's pussy quivering around his cock. He was pumping her deep and hard, enjoying her tight pussy more than he had every enjoyed a woman in his life. Jasmine climaxed two more times in the next fifteen minutes before Phil unleashed his load deep inside her pussy. Jasmine pleaded with him to stop when she felt him about to cum but Phil refused to stop. He had gone too far to not allow himself the ultimate satisfaction of emptying his balls in her hot pussy.

Jasmine lay exhausted when Phil got off of her. She had been with several sex partners in her life. And had enjoyed a very active sex life with her boyfriend. But never had she had so many orgasms in once encounter. Her legs were shaking so much that she feared she would be unable to walk if her attacker let her go.

But Phil was not finished yet. He took two fingers and inserted them into Jasmine's cunt. Then added two more. Now he was finger fucking her with four fingers while sucking her right nipple while using his left hand to massage her left nipple. Jasmine bucked and shivered as Phil continued. She was moaning loudly and Phil's hand was drenched as she climaxed again.

Phil got on his knees; Jasmine was surprised to see that his cock was hard once more. He grabbed the exhausted girl and rolled her over. Forcing her onto her knees so that her ass was in the air. He then slipped his cock into her sopping pussy and fucked her slowly for a couple minutes. Then he pulled out and pressed his cock against her virgin anal ring. "Noooo!" Jasmine called out as she realized what was about to happen. But once again Phil ignored her and began pressing forward. Jasmine was too tired, and her asshole too soaked from her own juices, to resist. She cried out as his cock invaded her bowels. She felt as if he was going to tear her apart as he sank if shaft deeper and deeper into her ass. Then Phil began slowly pumping her tight asshole. He had watched her shapely ass for so long that he could not resist taking her there. Jasmine was in agony at first. But little by little she began to grow used to his cock. Soon she was actually feeling pleasure from it. With her ass being stimulated by Phil's cock, and his hairy balls slapping her upturned pussy and swollen clit, Jasmine was soon enjoying her anal rape to the point where she was fucking back against him. Phil fucked her ass for close to twenty minutes before spilling his third load into her poop chute. Then he pulled out, completely satisfied with taking Jasmine in all three openings.

Jasmine lay on the floor, feeling her pussy quivering. She could not believe that her pussy was ready to orgasm yet again. But she had no way of getting release.

"Fuck me!" She cried out, surprising herself almost more than she surprised Phil.

"What?" He asked.

"I said, fuck me. Please fuck me. I need to get off again."

Phil could not believe what he was hearing. It was almost enough to make him erect again. But as it was he wasn't sure if he could get it up a fourth time.

Seeing his flaccid cock Jasmine said. "I'll suck you until your ready. But for god's sake please fuck me!"

Phil could not deny her request. He untied her hands and lay on the floor while Jasmine got between his legs and began sucking his cock. She knew that this was the same cock that had only moments before been buried deep inside her ass but she did not care. Jasmine used all her skill to suck Phil's pecker until it was back to its full eight inches. Then she climbed atop him and slide herself down on his shaft. Jasmine placed her hands on Phil's shoulders and began slamming herself up and down on his lap enjoying every moment of this. She cried louder than before as her body was wracked with another orgasm. Phil grabbed her ass and thrust his hips up to meet Jasmine's ass she continued to ride him. They continued for over a half-hour, with Jasmine climaxing until her mind was too groggy to know or care what was going on around her. Phil cried out with joy as he came once more in Jasmine's pussy. She continued to ride him until she had one last orgasm, then passed out on top of Phil.

When Jasmine awoke she found herself alone. She stood on shaky legs and began looking around the house for any sign of her attacker. But he was long gone. Jasmine found her shirt, pants and shoes on the floor but there was no sign of her bra or panties. She dressed hastily and grabbed the mailbag that still set by the door. Jasmine left the house. She knew that she should call the police but could not bring herself to do so. Sure she had been raped. But she had enjoyed nearly every fucking minute of it. There was no way she was going to tell anybody about this.

The only thing she regretted was that she had to walk the rest of her beat with her nipples nearly visible through her white shirt and the crotch of her pants visibly soaked with her own come.

Phil stayed away from that part of town for a couple months. He watched the news but never saw anything about a postal worker getting raped and decided that Jasmine must have decided to keep their secret. A few months later he chanced a visit to her post office and saw her behind the counter. He also saw that she was now several months pregnant. Phil left the post office immediately. Wondering if he would ever dare another encounter with his favorite postal employee.

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