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Special Needs


I awoke with a need between my legs that was driving me crazy. It was different...this wasn't going to be fixed with toys or even with my four-legged friend. I needed a human touch.

After laying here a few minute and feeling my nipples grow hard and letting my fingers feel the wetness between my legs, I got up and showered. And then put on the shortest skirt I could find in my closet...I had already decided not to wear my panties today.

I put on my light blue silk blouse, and looking down at my bare breast I decided to go without a bra. I stood and admired how I looked in the mirror, my hard nipples poking out of the material of my silk blouse. I couldn't help but touch them...

My four-legged friend sat at my feet, and I knew what he wanted, but it wasn't gonna be today; today I needed more. I slipped on my sandals and grabbed my keys and I was out the door. I could feel the cool breeze pass over my wet, naked pussy as I got in the car and headed to the local mall.

As I entered the supermarket at the mall I got a few looks—some good some not—but it excited me, so I didn't care. I grabbed a cart and went up one isle and down the other, like a huntress on the prowl. Each time I saw a potential "victim" I would reach for something on the top shelf knowing it made my skirt ride up even higher and my nipples pop out more...I knew I was being a slut but my need had to be met.

I couldn't go home without it...I could feel my juices building in me...and my pussy was screaming for attention...

I heard a man's voice as I was stretching up...he offered to help and then we got talking as we walked around the store. We went through the cashier together, and he offered to carry my packages, what few I had, to my car.

While looking for my keys he introduced himself, "My name is John," he said.

With a smile I said, "Hi John, my name is Sally. Nice to meet you." We both chuckled a bit and then I realized I had locked my keys in the car. John offered to drive me home to get my spare.

I sat in the seat and smiled to myself; the plan swung into action. As we drove we chatted—nothing serious or sexual, just small talk. I told John to turn in here and he looked at me and smiled.

John realized there was more to this situation when he got to the house. It was a five-minute walk from the mall. Hell, she could have walked there to get the keys, John thought...he knew there was a reason for her actions.

I invited John in while I looked for the keys, obviously they were going to be in all the low places. Bending down and making sure my back was to him...I could hear him breathing heavy...

John couldn't take it anymore. I had made sure part of my ass was showing as I bent over. I knew he was looking at my long slender legs that seemed to never end. Suddenly John grabbed me turned me around and kissed me long...and hard.

His tongue shot into my mouth and our tongues fucked with such force we both moaned...I wrapped my arms around him and ground my pussy into his hard cock. I had to have this...I needed it, I thought to myself.

We could no longer conceal the moans that escaped our mouths simply from kissing.

I tried to talk but the only words that came out of my mouth were, "Please...fuck me...please, I beg you."

I was shocked at the intensity of the words flowing from my mouth.

John smiled now; I had opened the door for him to do as he pleased.

John sat on the sofa and I stood before him...I took a deep breath as his hands rested gently on my thighs, gently rubbing up and down, inching their way up. I slowly lifted the silk blouse revealing more and more of my body as he kissed upwards.

When he got to my nipples they were ready to explode; he sucked on them with such force it took my breath away. The pain and pleasure tore through my body and I was sure I was going to cum.

I heard John yell, "Don't you dare cum, slut!" He said it with such authority and force it took me back, and I shrunk into the submissive slut that I was. John continued to suck on my nipples as his hand reached up between my legs.

Then he stopped sucking and said, "Strip, slut."

I didn't utter a word I just obeyed and did a slow strip with the rest of my things...I could feel the wetness on my thighs and my heart pound. I knew I was gonna be used.

I stood before him naked and my nipples hard and aching...my pussy was swollen and wet I could feel the juices on my thighs...

John stood and took something out of his pocket; I couldn't think, all I wanted was him to use me. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and placed a collar around my neck. Attached to it was a leash.

Instinctively I knew I should kneel on all fours...so without him saying I knelt down, then went down on my hands, too.

John walked me to the dining room table where he lifted me onto it, And said, "Lay on your back, slut." When I lay down, he grabbed me under the arms and slid me up so my head hung down off the table. He walked to the side, slowly running his hands down my body...first my face, then my neck...then over my breast and nipples where he stopped and pinched my nipple so hard I screamed.

When the pain stopped, I could feel my legs being spread apart and tied to the table legs, fully exposing my naked wet pussy. His hands traveled up my legs over my knees as he walked to the side of the table...very gently he cupped my pussy and just held me.

Then after a few minutes he continued to travel up to the top of the table where he stood over my head. He had a scarf in his hand and placed it over my eyes...then spread my arms out and tied them also to the table. Then he was back at the head of the table; I could feel the heat from his body on my face.

Then I heard a noise—the whoosh as he took his belt off his trousers—and without forewarning the belt he had removed from his trousers came crashing down across my tits...causing such pain I screamed as it happened again and again. I could feel the tears flowing from my eyes from the pain.

But the excitement continued to build in me...I just took the stinging belt, stroke after stroke, the pain in my tits burned and I could feel the welts appear.

Again without warning, the next strike landed squarely between my legs. Again I screamed, as hot pain shot through my body. If I had not been tied I'd have tumbled off the table in pain.

This man I had picked up seemed to know my deepest desire and needs...stroke after stroke of the belt, he covered my body until I no longer fought to be free or offered any resistance at all. I had no fight left in me; John had achieved his task.

He lowered his face next to mine and whispered in my ear, "You will meet my needs slut and fuck whatever it is you may have wanted or expected. The next time you pick someone up at the store...perhaps you will choose more carefully."

The fear in me rose to a new level of excitement, a new height, and without warning my first orgasm screamed through my body. Without any chance to control it or stop it...I shook as it ripped through me. A long deep moan escaped my lips as it swept over me.

John grabbed my tits and milked then with such force I screamed again, in pain this time, begging John to stop. This only drove him further and his rough treatment of my tits grew worse.

He yelled, "Fuck your wants, slut. I already told you that."

As he continued squeezing my tits hard, I screamed till he released them. The pain was intense and my tits burned from the rough treatment. I was straining, listening for some clue as to what was next, what this man I had picked up from the mall was going to do; the fear in me grew...I listened carefully at the sounds for some idea, holding my breath cause I was breathing so hard, I couldn't hear. Then I felt him at the top of my head where he stood when he beat me with the belt.

I begged for no more, "Not the belt, please..."

All of a sudden I felt the head of his cock being pushed into my mouth...I was powerless...tied and unable to protest.

All I could do was to let him slide the shaft of his cock all the way into my mouth...it was starting to gag me. I felt his hand on my throat massaging my neck as he continued to push his huge cock deeper in my throat, deeper than anyone ever has.

I couldn't breathe...thinking I was gonna pass out, panic took over my thoughts. I knew I couldn't resist...or it would get rougher. After what seemed an eternity he withdrew and I gasped for a breath.

Hearing John talk I had a hard time understanding, I was gasping for air so hard. He repeated it again and said, "I love watching your tits heave as you gasp for air, slut"

He grabbed my nipple as he walked to the other end of the table...twisting and tugging it...I screamed in pain as he pulled stretching it. When he released my nipple, I moaned.

"You liked that, didn't you, slut? Isn't it just what you were looking for today when you went to the mall? Someone to meet your needs...right, slut?"

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" I screamed, as fingers shoved inside me without warning.

John said, "Time to get this cunt ready for her needs to be met, right slut?" He continued shoving his fingers in and out again, hard. A low groan came out of my mouth...and I knew it wouldn't do any good to beg him to stop, so I just relaxed, let it happen and stepped out of my body.

John said, "Preparation for my needs consisted of 5 hard quick strikes with the belt to my clit...I shook my head no. Then I felt a smacking on my tit as he hit me...reminding me I wanted this.

"CRACK!" went the first strike with the belt...then another. "CRACK CRACK!" Then the last two, "CRACK CRACK!!"

While I shook and cried, he lowered his head between my legs and sucked softly on my clit...my sobs turned to moans then groans as he began sucking on my clit, and pulling it harder and harder...I could feel another uncontrollable orgasm coming.

I couldn't fight it; I just screamed as it ripped through my body again, sending me into throes of spasms, my body jerking and bucking at his face, still buried in my pussy sucking my clit...and hearing him lap it up.

I was just barely getting over this when he climbed on the table and slammed his hard cock into me...no warning, no concern for pain. I was feeling his balls slapping my ass as raised me up into the air to give himself maximum penetration.

I was fast losing it as the next orgasms came and went. I had drifted off into a place where my body was no longer mine...just a fuck piece for him. I was reduced to long slow moans as he continued to fuck me and whip my tits at the same time.

Pain was no longer distinguishable from pleasure; I had released everything I was to him...I didn't know how long this had lasted, no longer being aware of what had been done to me.

Realizing I was being turned over, face down on the table, I guessed what was next as he shoved his hard cock deep in my ass...the pounding into my ass was unrelenting. The strap came down on my back and was renewing the pain in my body again.

His hands on my hips pulled me back letting his cock enter fully in my ass. Hearing him groan as he came in my ass, I was no longer able to move. I was exhausted and grateful my needs had been met. I'd lost count of the number or orgasms...I know longer knew what had been done to me.

All I knew was my needs from this morning had come to pass...little did I know he wasn't finished with me yet. As he untied my legs and arms from the table he had to help me sit up...and helped me from the table.

John grabbed the leash attached to my collar and I slid to the floor in obedience...crawling and following him to the bathroom and into the shower. Once in, he yanked my head back as he grabbed a fistful of hair...pulling my face hard into his cock.

I took him deep as he yelled, "SUCK IT, SLUT!"

Funny, but I thought as his cock rammed down my throat, "He is a man of few words..."

Obeying him I sucked his cock like the slut I was. Feeling his body tense, I knew he was about to cum so I prepared myself for him as he was about to explode in my throat. Swallowing every drop he fired into me, I heard him moan as he gave me his last shove into my mouth.

"Is it over," I thought, gagging. He had yet not taken his cock from my mouth. "I wonder why he is staying like that?" but I dared not to protest. I thought, "I can not take any more punishment."

So I just waited there with his cock in my mouth slowly losing its hardness...now that he had delivered his cum for me to drink.

Feeling a warm sensation building in my mouth the realization hit me...he was pissing. It startled me. But again I submitted to it...I could taste him on my tongue and hoped he didn't expect me to swallow it.

Feeling him pull his cock out a bit and allowing the piss to run down the side of my face and onto my tits and body, feeling it run between my legs and stinging as it reached my sore, swollen pussy.

Finally he withdrew...and lifted my face with his hand and said, "Good slut. Next time you want to play fantasy...wait till I finish work before you call me."

Looking up in his eyes and smiling, I said, "Yes, Master; thank you for your time."

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