tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 15

Spreading Seeds Ch. 15


Chapter 15: Quick Shave

I waved to Genevieve as I left and walked up to the Kiva to shave. When I got there the water was cold so I took my kit and went to the Bathhouse.

I opened the door to the Bath house and went in.

Maria Bitterwater was in the dressing area sweeping and said "We're closed, until after lunch," without looking up.

"Maria, I haven't seen you since I first got here, How are you."

She looked up and saw it was me, she dropped her broom and came over threw her arms around me gave me a big hug. She looked up smiling, "Pregnant is how I am."

"I heard, any morning sickness yet?"

She kissed me and then let me go. "No I'm not sick at all, but I am starting to show a little." She backed up and patted her belly. "I hope it's a boy."

"Do you have hot water? I need to shave and the water in the Kiva is cold."

Maria reached up and stroked my face. "I'll give you a shave. Come inside." She took my hand and led me to the bath area where she started to undress.

I looked at her and smiled, "Just a shave Maria. No hanky panky"

She looked up smiling and said, "You should know by now that it is bad luck to enter the bath area still dressed, and I was going to bathe anyway."

"Ok but I've got a client this afternoon and I have to save myself for her." I undressed and sat on the stool. Maria got some hot water and soap and brought it back. When she set the bucket down she frowned.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"You're too short. Set on the shampoo chair."

I got up and adjusted the seat on the shampoo chair. Maria poured some water in the basin and soaked a towel in the hot water then wrapped it around my face, leaving a hole where my nose was. She let that set on my face for a while and then took it off and felt my face. She put some soap on her hand and as she applied it said, "I think you'll like this soap, it smells of wildflowers."

I sniffed and remembered June and April. "Is this some of June's soap?"

Maria looked at me, "You know June Black?"

"Yeah I met her and she ... Well she showed me her soap. She hadn't got it to harden into a bar yet, but I remember the scent."

Maria started to shave my cheeks and under my chin. I shut my eyes and just relaxed as she drew the straight razor over my face.

"You've gained some weight Josh. The last time I had a hard time with your cheeks. Now they are much fuller."

"It must be all the food that people have been pushing at me since I got here."

She started to shave my upper lip then changed sides and tried again, stopped and straddled me. I opened my eyes as she was pulling on my nose and I said, "What are you doing?"

She looked down at me and said, "Just getting around so I can shave your lip. Why, does it make you nervous?" She said as she stroked my cheek and bent low with her face close to mine.

"No just wondering," and closed my eyes again.

She finished my upper lip and sat on my lap to do my chin.

Now the shampoo chair is narrow and low and most of the time the women who sat in the chair sat with their legs spread. I had the seat made in a heart shape so that it was most comfortable if you spread your legs. I had my legs spread and when she sat in my lap her pubis was right on the base of my penis. It felt good and I did the Way of the Weasel and tried to counteract the sensation of warm pussy on my lap.

She had to squirm a little to get to all the whiskers off my chin and between her squirming, my remembering June and April and the scent of the soap, the Way of the Weasel just wasn't enough.

"Josh," Maria said.

"Yes Maria?"

"That is very distracting."


"Well your penis slapping my ass like that. I thought you only wanted a shave."

"I did, or do but when a beautiful woman gets naked and sets on my lap it is a little bit distracting. Here stand up."

Maria stood up and I laid my penis upon my belly.

Maria sat back down, smiled at me and said, "Oh that is much better."

I realized that it was better, for her. Now my penis was splitting her pubis and she was rubbing her clit on the base of my penis and smiling at me. I reached out and caressed her breasts. "Now who is distracting whom?"

She laughed and tilted my head back to shave my neck.

I tried to relax and do the Weasel but it wasn't working. I just got harder and she wiggled some more.

Finally she put the wet towel on my face and rinsed all the soap off, but she didn't get up.

I looked at her and she was smiling. She was also rubbing her clit more vigorously and she lay on my chest and kissed me.

Goddess help me, I let her, figuring that now was as good a time as any to test an idea I had about the chair.

"Maria, would you mind helping me with an idea I had."

She stopped rubbing for a second and sat up and smiled at me, "And what idea would that be?"

"Well you know how pregnant women get especially horny."

"Oh I do, I surely do," and began rubbing her clit on my penis root again, smiling at me.

"Well I had the idea that this chair might be just the thing. Because it leaves room for the belly and is pretty comfortable angle wise."

"Oh it is," she said grinning and rubbed.

"Well could we try it out for the right angle, you know just for a little while."

She looked at me funny and said, "Oh, you mean with it inside me?"

"Yeah, Just to check the ergonomics of the chair."


"The science of the human body and how it moves and what is the most comfortable angels for the articulation and all that."

"Right." She said slowly with disbelief but humor. "This would be applied research then," she said, "and not Hanky Panky?"

"Well," I admitted, "it would be a little Hanky," but, I added, "Defiantly No Panky, I've got a client this afternoon and I don't want to be shooting blanks. Beside I already knocked you up my dear."

She hadn't really stopped rubbing her clit on my penis and I could feel she was getting very wet and had slid up my dick an inch or so, so I was effectively rubbing her from taint to tickle.

"In the interest of applied research how could I refuse," She said and lifted and up and tried to rub the head of my penis into her pit. "No," she said and stood up.

"Uh no what?" I said.

"No, the seat is too high, Lower it a bit."

Now the seat was easy to raise and lower so I got up and dropped the chair a little and sat back down.

She threw her leg over me and squatted down as I held up my penis and we made a pretty easy entry.

"Nice," she said as she wiggled her hips and sunk it all into her. Maria sat for a minute and began to put her hands on my chest and shoulders and then on my ribs and lifted her ass up and began to experiment with hip action. She shook her head and stood up. My now very wet dick slapped my belly. "Oh sorry," she said.

"What's wrong now," I asked.

"Well there needs to be a handle or bar to hang onto, and it still too high." She said but smiled and added, "It definitely has possibilities though."

I got up and lowered the seat a little more and sat back down and opened my arms, "Try it now and we'll at least get the height right."

"Now Josh," she said waving her finger at me, "No Panky."

I shook my head, smiling at her, "No Panky but you can Hanky for a few more minutes, if you'd like."

She straddled me and leaned over and kissed me before she took it, I fondled her tits and they were nice and smooth with rich dark nipples.

She laid herself on my chest and kissed me rocking her hips and moaning then she sat up and pulled the hair back out of her eyes. "I think the back needs to be more acutely angled."

"Well your belly isn't out to here yet."

She smiled and put her hands over her head pressing me full and hard into her. "It will be." She said as she looked down on me. She circled her hips and asked, "How does it feel on that end?"

"Good but the view is Marvelous."

That got me kissed and she put her hands on my collar bones and rocked up then back and adjusted her foot placement and rocked up again and put her forearms on my chest and slid it out about and inch. "That good?" she said, and began to circle her hips in wider and lesser circles.

"Oh that is very good." I answered and clamped down hard on the third control.

Maria's head dropped and she "UPPed" and said painfully, "Hard on the thighs... but worth... every bit," and moaned and got into a pubic bone stroke and began to hit it in hard short strokes. I was hanging on, but just. Then she grunted and stopped and slowly slid down and took it all. She leaned back and let out all her breath in a sigh, and lowered herself onto my chest and lay there catching her breath.

I was doing some heavy breathing myself. I was still hard but had kept the demons in the pen, so I relaxed and said the mantra and prepared myself for the extraction.

Some women of a particular age can get a little dry and when you extract, they build up a suction that can suck the demons right out of you, fortunately Maria was young enough and wet enough that I didn't expect problems, but vigilance is the price of assurance. So I stroked her back and pinched her tit while she got her feet back under her and pushed herself up.

I leaned forward and kissed her, "So as a pregnant lady, would you say it is a good idea? The chair?" I asked.

Oh the idea is right, it's fabulous but it needs a few refinements."

"Oh," I said naively.

She rocked her hips and said, "Angles and leverages, and it needs a handle of some sort." She slowly pulled up and let my penis hit my belly with a wet splat! She laughed, "Sorry again."

I got up and got hot water and we both bathed the sweat of a light workout off but didn't play around too much.

As we were dressing Maria said. "I'm a machinist by trade but I work in wood a lot and I'd need to make some drawings and calculations, would you mind if I drew something up for you to look at?"

I looked at her, "You want to make some drawings?"

"Well Sketches really not formal drawings."

"Sure." I said. "I gave you some ideas then?"

She pulled me down to her by my collar and kissed me and whispered, "You gave me one or two."

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