tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 17

Spreading Seeds Ch. 17


Chapter 17 -The Craftsman, Not The Tool.

Lenore and I lay like that, me looking at her wet dripping slit and her holding my dick stroking it slowly, for a few minutes and the sun slipped down lower.

"I have to go soon," I said.

"No, Josh, You just got here," and she squeezed me and pulled my dick.

"I have duty but tomorrow afternoon I have off, I can come back in the afternoon and we could lie in the sun again?"

"Oh Josh that would be lovely. We could eat alfresco and I'll make custard." She stroked my erection and said, "They told me that you liked my custard at the Ceremony. Do you like my custard?" she said stroking the tip very lightly.

"Lenore you are a woman of many attractions," and I fondled her wet pubis and stroked her slit lightly. "I love your custard, and just might lick some off you if you could stand it?"

She held my dick in her hand for a second and squeezed it. "Oh Josh, that sounds lovely but, I don't think we better."

I stroked her from tickle to taint and back again, very lightly feeling the fine hair on the edges and the smooth slide of her slit. She clinched her ass and grunted and squeezed my dick hard and long.

I smoothed out her pubis with my palm and rubbed her fanny, stroked her legs and she relaxed her hold and stroked me.

"Oh," Lenore said breathing deeply. "See what I mean, just that light touch set me off."

"Let's go take a shower." I said.

"Has it been long enough?" she asked.

I laughed and said, "I'll put down more seed tomorrow."

She squeezed me and got up on her hands. I got up and held the towel on her pussy and she got to her knees and took the towel.

We made our way through the dark halls naked and laughing and got to the shower room. "There should be hot water," Lenore said as she tossed the towel in the basket by the door. She went to the shower and turned on the water and there was hot water.

I thought the water was just warm but Lenore got a bar of soap and we took turns soaping each other and played a little slippery dick and Maidens surprise but the water started to cool so we rinsed off and dried ourselves.

Lenore played on the stairs making me stand on a lower one, while she stood on the upper just putting her lips even with mine. She put her arms around me and said," Just the right height, eh?"

I maneuvered my erection so it pushed against her clit and pulled her hips to me and said, "Very nice." She laughed but didn't move away.

We eventually got to her room and she got on the bed and held out her arms. I walked up to her and she took my dick in her hands and said, "Still hard?" Evidently a rhetorical question because she kissed it and licked the big end and lay back and spread her legs. "Just once more Josh, slowly?"

I slipped in to position and stuck her fully, "Oh real slow." And I started a gentle rhythm, we rocked for a while and Lenore smiled and stroked my chest and whimpered and made kissy faces at me.

Her climax was soft and quiet as I stroked her slowly and she stopped my hips and said, "Enough, Josh let it stop."

I lay on her chest and pulled her over on her side and held her warm and wet on my dick. The sun had gone down and I was thinking about my meeting with the Chief and how I was going to handle the erection that wouldn't go away.

Lenore fell asleep and I slowly pulled out of her. She woke up and said, "Don't go."

"I must but I'll see you for lunch tomorrow and I'll make you as soft as custard then."

She smiled and got up and kissed me kneeling on the bed. "Ok but hurry the sun a little will you?"

She wiped me with a towel and lit some candles as I dressed. She put on a robe and led me though the tunnels to the door kissing me at every turn and stairway.

When we got to the door she hung the lantern on the wall and took me in her arms. "Ok Josh go do your duty but come back tomorrow."

I leaned down, kissed her slowly, reached down to fondled her pussy, splitting her lips as she moaned and then I took out my finger and licked it in front of her eyes. She smiled and squeezed my dick.

I finally made it outside and it was pretty dark so I was walking slowly down what I thought was the path into the village when a form came out of the shadows and called out," Who's there?"

"Josh Perkins who are you?" I said as she got closer.

"Josh how are you? It's Irene Black. I haven't seen you since that night in the window."

I met her and there was enough starlight to recognize her uniform and some of her face. "I was going to find Chief Mercer; can you tell me which quarters are hers?"

Irene stepped up to me and pointed back, "I've just come from there, Third porch light down."

The villagers left out porch lanterns which made walking around in the dark less disorienting. I saw the one she indicated and said, "Thank you" and started to move off. Irene took my arm and said, "Josh if you have an hour or two in the morning, would you come and see me?"

It was hard to tell the expression on her face in the dark but I thought I knew what she was asking, "Sure," I said. "I can see you right after breakfast. What's it about?"

She touched my arm lightly and said quietly, "It's personal, can I tell you in the morning?" and reached up and kissed me.

"Ok, see you in the morning." I said and watched as she walked into to the shadows of the tall trees.

I almost went after her but turned and walked down to the Chief's quarters. I met Sweet Genevieve coming out the door. She had a large drum under her arm and saw me and waved. "Hi Josh, you coming to see her nibbs?"

"Yeah, where are you off to?"

"Oh, the sisters are having an initiation for me."

"Sisters" I asked.

"Sisters of Sappho's, they elected me an honorary member, because I wouldn't swear off men. Anyway, I'm late and I'll see you." She waved and hurried away.

I knocked on the door and after a while Sue answered it. She was in a robe and her hair was wet. "I came to see the Chief." I said. Sue let me in and dried her hair with a towel. "She is up stairs, on the right." Sue turned and left me to close the door.

I went up and knocked on the Chief's door. She answered and was also dressed in a robe with wet hair. 'Come in Josh I just have to dry my hair."

She turned and led me into a very nice room. The walls had been stuccoed with different colors of sand and the furnishings were all matching. There was a door off to one side and I saw a bathroom with the floor still wet through the open door. "Here sit and tell me about the bunker."

We sat at a table that she was using as a desk. A candle was on the table and several sheets of paper. I took a piece of paper, "here let me draw it." She nodded and dried her hair while I sketched out the patio and pool and drew in the west corridor and the four lookout posts. I drew the levels in cross section and tried to describe each room and corridor. It was difficult because she was only wearing a robe and her breasts kept flashing at me as she dried her hair, but she asked questions and finally sat back and said, "You'll have to go back and find out more. Possible?"

I smiled at her, "Lenore is expecting me tomorrow afternoon, for lunch."

"Another satisfied customer for the old Perkins charm?" she said and smiled at me.

"Lenore is never completely satisfied," I said, "She just too tired to joust anymore."

'Really," the Chief said slowly, "You had more to give her after all day?"

I looked at her and smiled a little, "You know me Chief, Mr. Eveready."

Mercer looked at me and smiled then she put her elbows on the table and leaned her head down with her chin on her fingers and looked at me. "No Josh, I don't know you. I knew your Dad and he was very memorable but you, I don't know you."

I just looked at her. Her eyes were glinting and she was softly smiling and I sensed a grizzly bear in need of castration in my future.

She smiled even wider and said, "I generally make it a point to test each of my men on the team. Perhaps if you agree, I could make up that oversight?"

I looked at her, "You mean evoke the goddess and ..." I let it hang.

"Well if it repels you?" She backed off frowning.

"Oh No, Chief, it doesn't repel me it is just a surprise that's all."

"Grace, call me Grace tonight." She said and looked at me evenly.

"Grace, it would mean a lot to me to evoke your goddess; I just never thought I'd get the chance. Can I brush your hair out?"

She looked at me puzzled and said, "If you wish?"

I smiled and said, "I do, I like to feel women's hair. I run a shampoo chair at the bath house and the massage parlor at nights sometimes."

"Don't you ever get enough?" she smiled.

I grinned, "Well Sarge wanted me to do it. You know, talk to the women and get them to open up to me. I haven't learned anything yet real important but they are starting to open up. And I made three dollars last week."

"So this shampoo chair is intel gathering?" She seemed unconvinced.

"Yes but I found that women relaxed and are more fun if I break the tension."

"Tension?" she asked and closed her robe a little.

"There is a sexual tension between men and women sometimes it's good but sometimes it isolates a woman from you." I looked at her. "Yes you can feel it now can't you. You closed your robe even though you know, that I know, that we will soon be coupled so tightly together that the air itself feels tight in your chest."

Grace gulped and said, "I know what you mean. I like the feeling."

I smiled at her and got up and moved around the table. "You are a mature woman Grace, you know what is going to happen and there is a flutter in your chest and you want it to happen, but not too fast or be over too soon. Right?"

She grinned up at me and opened the buckle of my belt and unbuttoned my pants. She pulled me out and squeezed it and rubbed her cheek on the tip. "Is that Lenore I smell on you?"

"Oh, yeah, we need to wash. Sarge would skin me if I forgot the ceremony."

Grace stood up and kissed me and began unbuttoning my shirt and I helped then got my boots off and we went in to the bath room. "There is not much warm water left Josh."

"I only need a dipper full for traditions sake." I took off her robe and cupped my hand under her pussy while she poured a dipper slowly on her bush. I stroked her and opened her up and let the water pour over her. Grace was a mature woman and had born three children so I didn't expect her to be tight, and she wasn't but she was warm, soft, her lips were luxurious and I continued to fondle her long after the water ran out.

"Josh," she whispered.

I looked at her face and slipped two fingers in to her slowly. "Yes"

"Let me wash you?"

"Sorry I got distracted," and I pulled my fingers out, over her clit.

"I'll let you finish later," she said and pulled me down to kiss her.

She dipped another dipper and handed it too me and grasped my penis with both hands and said, "Pour"

The water was cool and her hands were hot and my dick was hard, very hard by the time the dipper was finished. She rubbed it well and dried it with a towel. Blotting it and smiling. "You know I had arranged things so I'd have tomorrow morning off and Raule was supposed to come up and ... Well I haven't had a man in over two months. I'm happy you could fill in."

"I hope you aren't disappointed?"

"It is not the tool Josh, but the craftsman that provides the satisfaction." She said as she dried herself.

I laughed and asked, "Can I quote you?"

"Only if you can satisfy me." she said and rubbed my chest.

I put her robe back on her and led her to her chair," Where is your brush?"

She sat and handed me a comb. "All I have at present."

I took the comb and leaned down and asked, "Can I just stroke your breast a little?"

She turned, kissed me and opened her robe, "A little, I'm ready for more that a stroke of the breast."

I kissed her cheek and stroked her hair. Then slowly felt the warmth of her breast and squeezed a tiny bit and pulled the nipple. I kissed her lips very softly and started to comb her hair.

Her hair was still pretty wet and I grabbed the towel and put it under her hair and worked the damp towel until I could dry no more. I combed and parted her hair in the middle and got it all straightened as best I could. "There, I can't wait any more, Do you have a bed?" I said.

She smiled and led me by the hand into the bedroom. It was small but had a bed and she threw off her robe and fell with me in her arms on to the bed. She wasn't shy she was just ready.

We made connection and she made me move faster and faster until I was pounding her hard in a meat slapper, her hips elevated and I was reaching for it. She flipped me over and sat on my lap and stroked hard, Riding me and bouncing up and down, moving from side to side while I thrusted when ever I could catch her in the right position.

She was strong and her legs hard and she didn't tire but after a while she lost her breath and slowed down and sank it deep into her and sat back breathing hard. Her hands came to my belly and she swirled my belly hair with her palm. "You are Mr. Eveready aren't you?"

I reached out and stroked her nipples and ran my hand down her belly, and tried to rub her clit. But her hand stopped me. She shook her finger at me, "No you have to get me off without help. Otherwise it's cheating."

I smiled, although since the only light came from a candle on the table in the other room, She couldn't see it so I pulled her down to my chest and rolled her over on her side, her legs over my hips and I moved up so I hit her clit as I stroked her slowly," Better?"

She snuggled into my chest and kissed it. Working herself against me. I began to long stroke her and she responded by arching her back so I rubbed her clit harder and she started to moan softly.

I picked up the pace and felt her soft and warm, wet and slippery and I just kept at it. The number eleven was still working and it really didn't matter to me who was on the other end of my dick, just so they were wet and slippery.

I slipped out and rolled her over on her knees, picked her up with my arms between her legs lifting her up and sucked her clit. I don't know how I found the power to do that. She wasn't a lightly built woman but I was highly motivated and she felt light as a feather. Her pussy was juicy and my tongue licked it all around and down inside and she moaned and grunted.

I let her down and slipped my penis into to her and gave her the inverted meat slapper and she squealed and met me fiercely backing her hips into me and I changed the angle to catch her pubic bone and rub the sensitive tip where I knew it was best.

She never faded until the last, she stopped and moaned hard and kept at it as I slapped up against her ass with my hips. Then she collapsed in a heap and just groaned as I slowed down and gave her the long stroke.

"Are you... going to... climax?" she asked after a while.

I stopped, "Do you want me to? I was sort of saving myself for Lenore, she is in season and I thought this was just recreational?"

She squirmed and said, "At least let me down and come around front."

I slipped out of her and she fell on her side and I lay down and kissed her. "You were marvelous," I said. "I almost lost it a couple of times." I squeezed her breast lightly.

She snuggled closer and said, "Now I have two Perkin's peters to remember," and sighed. I pulled her hips to me and probed her, but she backed up and said, "Perhaps you had better save that for Lenore."

"Ok Grace but it would feel really good"

"Josh I know it would but I have to be able to walk tomorrow."

I held her until she slept, got up covered her, dressed and left.

I got out of the door as Genevieve and another woman were coming up the path necking and giggling. The walked right past me and went in the door, never even noticed me.

I walked down to the Kiva slowly. Mr. Eveready was on his last legs.

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