tagLoving WivesStand There. Uh Huh, Naked.

Stand There. Uh Huh, Naked.


"What did you say? You want me to just stand here naked?"

She sounded kind of confused. Just out of of our shower, doing her last bit of drying as she wandered into the bedroom. I had my pants down, lying on our bed.


"And do what?"

"Just stand there, be my sex object for a minute." She was bewildered. "You don't want to have sex and I gotta get off, my balls are hurting. And I'd rather spank the monkey with a real woman than some pictures or a video."

I didn't hold it against her, not wanting sex. We're 50-something and it's sometimes gotten harder to coordinate our drives. But we were both cool about it, so I was taking in the pleasure of my wife's body while I was leisurely getting a chubby.

"Spank the...!? You are completely infantile,"she kind of smirked. "Fine, I'll play, but I'm not sure how to be a sex object exactly.

"Do you want me to shake my boobs?" She hung them down and wiggled. "You want to suck my milky udders? Or maybe you can splurge your own white stuff all over them." She shuddered at the thought. "What naked thing can I do for that Kielbasa of yours?"

"I don't want us to touch, I only want to see you, hear you, and have my blast. Do whatever you want. But don't make fun of me, that truly isn't a turn on."

Rebecca's body is pretty normal. Super round, with a full caboose and thighs, a smallish waist, and largish breasts. There were a few extra pounds and some cellulite, but my extras were well ahead of hers. I loved her so much that seeing her nude in front of me was more than nice enough for my wank, that's for sure.

"I'm sorry, I'll try and be your slut." Her face flashed through a thousand thoughts. "I honestly want to do something to be sexy for you." She bent over a little and stuck out her rear end. "You like seeing my jelly bottom." She was plumping her cheeks up and down a little. She thought it was way too fat --she was a woman, after all-- but she knew her behind totally did it for me.

"Or should I dance a sex dance?" Now her whole body was jumping. "Wait, wait, Wait. I feel so stupid."

"Seriously, don't do anything you don't want to do. You're making me solid just being alive and naked in front of me." Stupid she might be feeling, but I was growing in my hand as she was galavanting.

"OK, I'll just stand here." She stopped everything and stood ramrod straight with her hands by her sides. "If my fat old bod is good enough for your pleasure, so be it." She gave her whole self another tiny wiggle.

"Oh, come on. I just want to jerk it to you." We had a pretty equal relationship, even when it came to sex. But sometimes, I just wanted her to be a little submissive to my carnal needs.

"OK, OK, mmmm, your mushroom is peeping out, that puts me in the mood to put you in the mood. Hmmm hmm good." Her eyes drank in the scene in front of her and she began to relax.

Watching Rebecca was always arousing to me. She wasn't usually aware that I was getting off on her nudity because I knew it would make her self conscious and that would end its intoxicating powers. But, I loved seeing her with nothing on, always.

"Now I'm horny and wet watching you masturbate." She was coming towards me. "Maybe my mood's changing so we could have a little of the ol' in and out."

"No!" I shouted a little too loud, startling her. "Sorry. It's just I love doing it like this. My head's into it now. Usually, it's me and a sleazy story and pictures and you are so much hotter."

"You do this a lot? Jerk off without me?" She was a little disappointed.

I've loved masturbating since I discovered it at 12. Until I got married the first time in my 30s I feel like I did it every night I was alone, and even with all the girlfriends over the years that was still a whole lot of nights. Rebecca, not so much. There's a part of me that suspects she actually never masturbated, or at least, not a lot. She was plenty orgasmic when we were together, she loved our sex, but it didn't seem she needed a solo release nearly as much as I did.

"You know I like to make myself cum..." I started, a little defensively.

"It actually turns me on to think of you doing it by yourself. It's all good, it's just that..." She stopped. "Enough! I'm here to help you get you to pop. I'm your live porn model for the day. Let me strike a pose."

Rebecca was flashing through a lot of faux model poses, laughing, making me laugh too. Her woman parts were bumping around while she moved, making her even funnier.

"But I want to get you off," and her voice got a little lower. "I want to watch you slide up and down your big stiffy, watching it getting more and more... You know, help your goo shoot out."

Her hands were flowing all over her body now. "I want you to take in all of my naked body. You can see where you could be putting that stiff dick inside me..." and she parted her lips. Her mouth lips first, with her tongue rolling around, and then her other lips too.

"You like my hairy pussy, don't you?" I nodded. "You love the idea that my mouth would make your dickie all slick and wet, and then you could shove it straight up my hairy hole." We both whimpered at the same time.

"My 'hairy hole.' You're into it when I say that, don't you? You enjoy the very idea of it. You want me to shave my 'hairy hole' for you, yes?" My head was bobbing. "Well, I'm not going to." Sigh. "Because if I shaved it you couldn't get the bright pink surprise inside of my hairy black box." She was opening and closing her already soggy gash.

"But hold on. Stop. Stop stroking yourself." What?! "You're not going to fire just yet."

"Hey, this is my time!"

"Hey buster," she smiled. "If you want your own personal peep show, the I ought to get a say it in too."

I reluctantly nodded.

"Get up mister. Hold onto your woody and follow me."

She turned around, gave a backside wiggle --which she knew I could never resist-- and led me towards the bathroom.

"You like watching me naked? Maybe you'd like watching me do a naked pee-pee for you."

She'd never done it before when I asked.

"Come over here. No, don't let go of yourself, that's what this whole thing is about. I want you to keep your willie in your fist while I'm peeing for you. That's right, close to my face. Look down."

Sure enough, she was spreading her legs wide for me on the toilet. Her tongue swatted against my tip, but... "Oh right, that's not part of the game. OK, just look. Look at my twat while it pisses right in front you."

Her cunt juices were squishing away and suddenly her pee was streaming out between her thighs.

"Oh God, I peeing for you!" She closed her eyes and threw her head back, moaning. And I was moaning pretty loudly myself, my balls were filling up and I thought I might lose it right there. "I can't believe I'm doing this in front of you. Holy Shit!"

She wiped her gash with two fingers and stuck them into my mouth. "Come on you, back onto the bed. Let me stand naked for you some more." She was getting into it.

"The show is over?"

"Only this part. And, you're lucky you got that much, I'm not so sure I'll ever be able to do it again," she said with a smile. "Move it pal, follow the bouncing butt."

"Gladly," my hand was firmly holding my erection while I stumbled along. "What's next?"

"Nothing's next. I'm going to be naked for you like you asked." Back to at ease, she saw my face. "I'm going to be more naked than you ever imagined. So naked that you'll hit the ceiling."

As I laid down on the bed, she crawled up herself, straddling me, directly facing my cock.

"Don't worry, not one touch. I just want to be really really naked for you." Both her holes were really really naked for me and her smells were driving me crazy.

"Hot enough for you? Not so much sex object naked, just total sex naked. No, no, no. No licking allowed. Your rules. Just keep jerking yourself, and I'll keep my clothes off."

She stuck two fingers inside her furry patch with a groan and moved them in and out.

"Ahhhh, my G-spot needs a little attention. Maybe I can have a cum myself while you are. That's allowed, right? I'm still giving you what you need, aren't I?" This was going to be good,. Hitting her spot always meant she was in a totally filthy frame of mind, as if I was missing that. Perfect for my jerk off. "And if I do it right you'll get a little of my cum yourself. Hmm?"

My squeak was answer enough.

"Ohhh ohh, I can feel it. My G-spot is so spongy, it is soooo ready. If I keep working..." Her cunt gurgling was getting louder.

"Are you going to...?" I hoped against hope.

"Shhhh, let it happen, let - me - keep - rubbing - slowly."

Rebecca calmed herself down, always a good sign. Her breathing was getting deeper, her fingers were getting wetter as she drew it out. "Ohhhh, ohhhh." She stopped. "Oh! Oh! Ohh!!"

Her sounds were an orgasm. Severely wet. A monsoon orgasm. Trickling, and then, yes, she was spurting her cum. She was squirting cum, spraying her cum juice all over my chest. Not pee, she never could do that, but real girl cum flying all over my chest.

"Oh Rebecca! Oh my God, you make me so hot, I'm going to..."

"No! No, don't!"

Oh shit! Nooo! Not yet!

"Please, don't cum yet honey, there so much more fun for us to have." The thunder shower was becoming a drizzle, her puffing was becoming normal breaths. She dried herself with her fingers again and shoved them into my mouth. "Just a quick taste, but if you can hold it, don't cum." She looked up at my crotch. "Oh, it's so purple. Can you hold back? I don't want you to hurt yourself baby."

I nodded and took a slow, deep breath. "I think so." I let go for a second to pause the pressure. "That was close, but..."

"Good. I don't know if I'm reading for a facial. I just got out of the shower."

I should quickly add that Rebecca liked going down on me and she did swallow once or twice, though I never could get a handle on when she was into it. I didn't love her trying to make me cum with her mouth and hands, truth be told, but maybe that's because she didn't work it enough. Honestly, not as much as I worked on getting her off when I ate her out.

"I'm glad you're calmed down. There are a few more tricks up my sleeve."

"You're not wearing any sleeves," I astutely observed.

She giggled, "True enough honey, but maybe they're up here." Her hands reached behind herself. "Now, give my asshole a quick lick. Just one."

"Rebecca!" She was a torturer. "What are you doing to me?!"

"I know. I know. I know, you love my bum and I never give it to you. Maybe today's your day, lover."

What the hell was she talking about? "All I wanted was simple T&A show to jerk off to and now..."

"Now, slow it down slugger. Steady. Quiet. Drool over my naked old fat ass instead, naughty boy. Just like you wanted to."

I let go again and tried to get control of myself. But Rebecca kept going.

"My fingers are so wet, aren't they?" Juices had soaked her entire hand. "What can I do with my wet fingers?" Her fingertips stroked widely around her anus. It was already saturated, the wispy hairs surrounding her hole were dripping. "Mmmm, I wonder if they're wet enough? You think they are?"

I wasn't sure where she was going, but I wanted her to go there anyway. "They might be."

"Here, let me see." She circled in closer. "Mmmm, yeah, maybe they are." Her asshole started winking at me. "Yeah, yeah. Do you want me to?"

"I think so." Where was she going? "Yeah, of course I do." Don't I?

"You want me to put my fingers up my naked butt?" Was she going to do it? "You dirty dirty man."

She was giving me my fantasy.

"You want me to finger fuck myself? Finger fuck my smelly back door? Right in front of you? I don't know." She kept up the circling.

Every once in a great while she'd let me go inside her back there, with a finger, I mean. Mostly it was just her dirty talk to get me off the way she knew I liked to imagine.

"You want to put your tongue in there and nuzzle my ass, and drown it. Hoping, praying, I'll let you stick your giant penis up my backside. Push it all the way in and plug your sticky cum inside my stinking..."

"Please! Please, Rebecca. Please let me fuck your ass. You know how much I want it!" I couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Now, now, you rude hypocrite. You wanted a naked sex object to parade her girlie bits around in front of you so you could shoot your load. That's what I'm doing, just like you asked."

"Oh Rebecca, I'm begging you. Just this once, I'll be gentle, I promise."

"You honestly want to bugger my teeny weeny a-hole?" She was sawing her finger in and out. "Oooo, it feels so... so baaadd."

"Yes, yes, I want to fuck-y it."

"'Fuck-y it'? You want to 'fuck-y' my teeny ass-y? You are a dirty, confused old man."

"Lordy! What am I saying? I can't talk straight watching you finger fuck your ass. I've gotta have it!"

"If I were to let you butt fuck me," she cooed, "make me howl in pain with that immense cock, what do you think I could get out of you?"

"Whatever you want Rebecca. What do you want? You could peg me with a gigantic dildo, stick a really big one up my ass, make me scream. Or sit on my face and smother me with your cum, pee in my face. Spank me, dominate me. Whatever you want! Just let me, please pretty please, fuck your ass!"

"How about I tie you down to the bed, crawl up and down your hard on with my mouth and my cunt, drench it. And then lower my ass down on you at my own speed?"

Oh, oh, Rebecca was turning me on so much.

"I could take you up my back hole, piss you with my front hole, fuck-y your pee-pee as fast or as slow as I want, until you couldn't take it anymore, until your balls just had to let loose all over my bowels, cleaning my shit hole with your..."

"Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh Godddddd, I can't wait I'm sorry I can't stop, I'm cumming, oh my God Ohmigod! I'm cuuuummming."

"Oh baaaaaby, you're cumming, it's all over my face, your cum is flying all over my face. Yesss baby Yessss!"

Yeeeessss!!! is right. "God, Ohmigod, I can't believe I did that, I'm so sorry. Your face was right there, and your ass and pussy and you reeked of of... of sex. And you kept talking about me fucking your ass and I just couldn't hold it...."

"Shhhhh, shhhh, baby. It's all right, it's all right. I know you couldn't help it. I didn't mind it this time. You were so turned on, your cum just couldn't hold back. I was on fire too."

I'm glad she wasn't mad. She was right, I just had to.

"Shhhh, it's OK." She'd turned around by this time, snuggling in my arms, with my cum dribbling cerdown her face. "As long as tomorrow, you just stand there naked, holding your monster hottie cock. You can be my sex object." And she gave me a totally gooey French kiss.

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