tagErotic CouplingsStory Time Ch. 02

Story Time Ch. 02


Author's Note:

Thank you so much for all your comments and feedback about my first submission, Story Time.

I hope you enjoy this second installment. If you haven't already, you may wish to read the first part of Story Time before reading chapter 2.

My unending sincere thanks and appreciation to my favourite erotica writer, alana9, for her encouragement and amazing editing! Alana, you make my stories so much better. I cannot thank you enough!

Excerpt from chapter 1

James raised his eyebrows, "If you let me read the story, then I can act out your fantasy for you."

A wide wicked smile spread across Kate's face. Oh this could really be fun, she thought. Perhaps it is time for my stories to have an audience after all.

Thinking of the beginning of that story, she smiled. "If we're going to act out that one, why don't we go have a shower first? That's actually part of the story, anyway."

A huge grin spread across James' face and he pulled Kate close and started kissing her again.


Story Time -- Chapter 2

James and Kate walk down the hallway to the bathroom, both relaxed and contented with post coital bliss. Kate starts the water and gasps as she turns around to find James moving in so close that they are touching in several places. Just his closeness makes her breath quicken. She's wanted him for so long, she can barely believe this is finally happening. She leans in closer and presses her body against his, rubbing her breasts against his bare chest, pressing her lips against his. He responds and draws her in immediately. His lips press against hers, his tongue searches for hers, and they swirl around each other in a sensual dance. His hands start moving over her body. Her heart is beating madly again.

Now that they know how they feel about each other, they can't seem to keep their hands (or lips!) off each other. In the shower, they enjoy lathering each other up, letting their hands explore each other's bodies in intricate detail. They kiss for long steamy minutes with the hot water running over their slippery bodies as they slide against each other. Kate nearly comes as his soap-slick hand slides over her sensitive clit and dips into her hole. He seems to be taking particular care washing that area, only to make sure it's clean, of course. She decides to take particular care washing his cock as well. It's only fair.

Shower over, Kate and James step onto the fluffy red bath mat. She shivers from the sudden cold and absence of steam. Her nipples poke up prominently. James quickly dips his head forward and draws her right nipple into his mouth. She gasps. He plants his lips on hers again and continues to rub her hard nipples. Nearly panting, she pulls away, smiling slyly at him. They towel each other off slowly, savouring the sensations, prolonging the touching.

Out of habit, Kate starts to wrap a towel around herself, but she looks James in the eye and lets the towel drop around her feet. Again that dark grin and appreciative gaze of his makes her feel so sexy.

* * * *

James follows Kate back to her bedroom, letting his gaze travel over her beautiful naked curves. He smiles to himself remembering walking behind her down this hallway, just a few hours ago, imagining her in nothing but a thong. Naked is definitely better.

He feels a continuous urge to touch her, stroke her silky skin, tangle his fingers in her hair. From behind her he reaches out, places his hands on her hips, pulling her close to him, touching her in as many ways as possible. He falls into lockstep with her while they walk the short distance to her room, and lets his hands slide up her belly and over the contours of her breasts. She gasps and shivers as his hands glide over her nipples. Her hands come up to cover his. He smiles to himself, noticing again how sensitive her nipples are.

They reach her room, and she turns in his arms. He can't help pulling her close against him, addicted to the feel of her skin. He's wanted her for so long, he doesn't want to let go of her now that he has her. He is hard again, blood careening violently from every remote corner of his body to land right in his throbbing cock.

Noticing his hardness, Kate smiles delightedly and grinds her pelvis against him while planting her lips on his. Another kiss heats up. Their tongues explore each others' mouths, their hands start traveling all over each other. She grinds against his hardness again, making him utter a low growl.

It's all he can do to pull out of the kiss, to pull away from the magnetic force of her body, but he is so curious about the story she has written. He desperately wants to read it. He's so glad she's agreed to let him, after she nearly died of embarrassment when he accidentally happened to see a paragraph of it earlier.

He looks her in the eyes, looks pointedly at the laptop, and looks into her eyes again, raising his eyebrows expectantly. She looks embarrassed. Again. James rolls his eyes and smiles.

"Come on," James says, "you promised you'd let me read that story."

"I know," Kate starts, biting her lip and blushing again, "It's just... You know..." Kate can't seem to finish a sentence. "It's so personal."

James is still amused at how she can write such erotic words and yet get so embarrassed talking about it.

"Come on," James says again, his eyebrows raised, "you promised."

Kate smiles sheepishly, turns and retrieves the laptop from the desk, where James had left it after he'd pried it out of her arms earlier. She opens it in a smooth movement as she sits on the bed. James wraps his body around behind her, looking over her shoulder at the screen. He lets his hands glide gently over her curves and starts planting light kisses on her shoulder as he peers over.

"It's just so amazing that you write this stuff," he says softly between kisses. She turns her head toward him and he plants his lips on hers. Another long, languid kiss ensues. They both start breathing heavily.

He glances at the screen and her gaze follows. The story has sprung to life on the screen, at the same spot where he'd -- thankfully - seen it before. He notices it's on page 10. A few keystrokes, and Kate quickly moves to the top of the story.

"What's the title?" he asks

"Doesn't have one yet."

He smiles and starts reading. Kate turns awkwardly to watch his face. She seems nervous.


Kate was in the living room of the apartment she shared with Mike & Tina. Like most Saturday nights, Mike's best friend James was there too. The four of them had been drinking for some time and were having one of their in-depth, far-ranging political and social conversations. Debating. Joking. Laughing. Sometimes serious, sometimes downright silly.

All were enjoying themselves. Kate just loved that she could have intelligent conversations with her friends, which, while often heated, always remained respectful and good-natured.

Kate was having a problem though. She found she couldn't stop looking at James. She always liked looking at James, but it was particularly bad tonight. She would frequently steal glances at him, but whenever James would begin to glance her way, Kate would quickly look away, sometimes blushing. Several times, Kate had caught herself staring at the way James' shirt stretched slightly across his muscular arms and chest, the way his well defined thighs moved in his jeans, or even, the bulge in between his legs. Sometimes she just watched his face longingly as he was speaking. Her eyes roamed over the contours of his face, his light brown skin, his deep dark eyes, full lips, strong jaw with a little stubble on it.

Maybe it was the effect of the alcohol, but her imagination was on overdrive. Images kept springing unbidden into her consciousness. She imagined kissing his full lips, imagined those full lips sucking on her nipple. She imagined staring into his eyes as their naked bodies writhed together. It seemed the more she had to drink the more difficult it was to control her thoughts. Yet she continued drinking....

A few times she'd looked up after being lost in a fantasy to find Tina staring at her pointedly with a knowing look in her eyes. Kate would blush and look away. But when she turned her gaze back, Tina would still have that look in her eyes -- like she knew something.

At one point, James and Kate reached their hands into the snack bowl at the same time. As their hands touched, they looked at each other. The touch and eye contact made her heart leap and heat rushed to her face, chest, and groin. She tried to cover the little gasp that escaped her.

More unbidden imaged danced into her awareness. Images of her naked body writhing with his, images of her lips wrapped around his cock while she looked into his eyes, of her legs wrapped around his head, of his cock slowly sliding in and out of her. She had to push these thoughts aside just to continue to think straight.

Kate withdrew her hand quickly and looked away hoping that no one had noticed, that he hadn't noticed. She looked at Tina. Tina had noticed.

A few times when Kate and James had been arguing opposing points in a discussion, they'd ended up looking directly at each other. Every time she made eye contact with him, her pulse raced and a fluttery feeling rose up in her stomach and chest. Kate was sure there was something there, passing between them -- something smoldering beneath the surface. Their eye contact was usually very short, like they were both somehow made uncomfortable by it.

Kate was now trying to avoid looking at Tina, with her annoyingly perceptive, penetrating looks, and she was trying to avoid making eye contact with James since every time she did, she blushed and couldn't control her mind.

Once, during the discussion, Kate had actually become quite confounded by looking into his eyes, momentarily loosing her train of thought. While she looked into his eyes, arguing her point about American politics, an unbidden image popped into her head: an image of them both naked from the waist up, kissing, he swirling her nipple around under the palm of his hand and twirling and pinching it between his thumb and forefinger. Kate had trailed off mid sentence, a blush rising to her face and her nipples becoming instantly hard. Everyone had stared at her. She rose from the table shakily, "I think I've had a little too much to drink," was her excuse as she left the room.

Tina jumped up and followed her.


James stops reading and looks at her. He plants a kiss on her neck.

"Wow, there's quite a story here," he says, smiling.

"I know, I know. You're a guy. You want to get right to the juicy parts," she says, chuckling.

He laughs out loud.

"I like stories about relationships. I like the buildup," Kate says. "I don't like what my friend calls 'pizza porn'. You know...the clichéd scenario: pizza guy shows up, door is answered by scantily clad woman, and they're banging by the third or fourth sentence."

James laughs.

Kate continues, "When I start reading a story like that I usually skip it and move on to another one. No... the buildup is just as important as the sex for me. By the time they finally do it, I want to want it as much as the characters do. So in my own writing, I like to set up a plausible scenario before I get to the juicy parts. It's kinda... well... fun." She said lightly. She paused for a moment, then added, "but if you want to skip the buildup and get right to the sex, I can take you to that page."

"No," James replies softly, "I want to read every word you've ever written."

Kate smiles broadly.

James is struck again by how much sexier Kate seems to him now that he knows she writes erotic stories -- not that she wasn't already incredibly sexy to him before. Just now, there's this entirely new level of naughtiness that he never knew about. He feels like he's hit the jackpot. He can't wait to get to know more about her.

"Have you really done that?" James asks.

"What?" Kate raises her eyebrows seeking clarification.

James continues "Have you really sat there in the living room when we were hanging out, fantasizing about me like that?"

Kate looks embarrassed again. "Yes," she says softly, "lots of times."

James grins. "That's so funny, because so have I." He kisses her again.

He shakes his head and chuckles at how lucky he is that she is writing this stuff about him. He kisses her neck again.

"It's just so amazing," he breathes into her neck.

James thinks about all that's transpired in the past few hours. It was just a few hours ago, at the party, that he'd realized he had feelings for Kate. He knew he had to act right then, so he came over here on an impulse, taking a big chance.

He can't believe that the woman he's been falling for, the woman he's wanted for months, actually wants him too. What's more, he's astounded by the fact that she actually writes erotic stories about him.

He smiles remembering how he found out, accidentally reading a portion of this story about him on her computer. He smiles to himself as he glances back at the screen again, continuing to plant little kisses along her neck as he reads.


"So what the hell is going on with you and James?" Tina asked Kate, keeping her voice very low.

"W...what?" Kate sputtered, turning to look at Tina. Kate knew her face was blushing completely crimson.

"Don't play dumb with me, Kate. I know you too well," Tina admonished. She laid a hand gently on Kate's shoulder. "You keep checking him out, but you can barely make eye contact with him. So what gives?"

Kate's blush seemed to deepen. Tina just stared at her with a look that said 'spill it, now'.

"Oh Tina, he's so hot." Kate whispered.

"Uh huh," Tina agreed nodding, but raised one eyebrow as she always did, waiting for more from Kate.

"Well, it's just... Oh Tina! I really wanted him. That's all it was. I was attracted to him. I mean, look at him! He's freakin hot! But it was just attraction... at first."

"At first?" Tina pressed.

"Well now... I really like him too. He's really smart, and funny, and kind. Even when we disagree, he's always respectful when he's arguing. You've seen that right?" Tina nodded.

Kate shook her head and looked despondent. "Shit, Tina. Why does this always happen to me?" Tina looked puzzled, so Kate added, "He's so not into me at all."

"One: why didn't you ever tell me you had the hots for him?" Tina asked with a playful nudge. In response, Kate just shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes upward.

"And two: I think you're wrong," Tina said softly. "I think he is into you."

Kate's eyebrows shot up in a look of surprise. "What?"

"I've noticed James checking you out too. Whenever you look at him he looks away. But, it's kinda funny because you both seem to be doing the same thing."

"It's not funny!" Kate exclaimed. Then Tina's words sunk in. "You mean, you think he likes me too?" Kate added hopefully.

"I think so."

"Can you find out for me, please," Kate implored. "Ask Mike or something. I really don't want to make a fool of myself is James is not into me... but if he is...." Kate smiled brightly thinking of the possibilities.

"Sure, honey," Tina replied. "Anything for you. You know that."

They hugged and brought the beers and snacks into the living room.

If it was possible, Kate seemed to be looking at James even more now. Kate thought about Tina's words. She wondered if she was imagining James' eyes on her.

Her mind was racing even more. It seemed even more difficult for her to control the unbidden images that kept leaping into her mind.

She kept watching James for signs that Tina could be right. She caught him looking at her a few times, but every time she caught him he looked away. Just like Tina had said. Could Tina be right? Could he really be into her?


A while later, when James got up for another beer, he thought it was a little weird when Tina followed him into the kitchen, but he just shrugged it off. Maybe she wanted more of the pizza they'd put away earlier.

Tina made a deliberate effort of getting a beer out of the fridge, and nonchalantly as possible, in a very soft voice she said, "James?"

"Yeah," James answered.

"Is there something going on between you and Kate?"

"What?" he tried to sound as incredulous as possible, "Kate? No. Hell no, Tina. There's nothing going on between me and Kate. What would ever make you think that? Of course not." He rolled his eyes, but he looked away. She looked pointedly at him, but he wouldn't look back at her.

"Methinks thou dost protest too much," she said softly. James looked back at her, a little too defiantly, for a moment too long.

"Oh shit, Tina. It's not like... umm... I mean... uh... No."

"James, I've seen the way you check her out."

"So I check her out. Who wouldn't? She's hot." James said, recovering, trying to sound a little too detached.

"James, I'm no fool. I see the way you look at her. It's not just checking out a hot chick. I've seen you do THAT a hundred times."

There was a pause during which James just looked at Tina like he didn't know what to say. He knew she was on to him. His face changed, softened and took on a look that showed he knew he was caught. He looked almost sheepish.

"Are you pissed?" he finally asked, softly.

"Me pissed? No. Why on earth would I be?"

"Well Mike told me you might be pissed if I messed with your friend."

Tina scrunched up her face as though that were absurd. "No, James, I'm not pissed at all."

"Ok," he said with relief. Then something else occurred to him. "Oh shit, does she know?"

"Do you want her to know?" Tina responded.

"No!" James said a little too vehemently. But then after a pause, he looked thoughtful and added, "I mean, she's just not into me at all... is she?"

"Well..." Tina said, "I don't know about that."

"What? Do you think she might be interested? I mean I might have a chance?"

"Well... maybe. I could find out for you." Tina paused, and then added, "But, James, she's my best friend. I need to know: do you really like her."

It might have been the influence of the alcohol but James just started talking.

"Oh man," he said wistfully. "Tina, she's just so beautiful, and smart, and funny, and well you know. She's smoking hot." He looked a little embarrassed for saying that part so vehemently to Tina. "I mean yeah. I like her. I think I might like her a lot." He paused for a moment. "Jesus Tina, why do you have to do this to me? I hadn't even admitted that to myself yet."

Tina had watched his face carefully while he talked about Kate. James saw the inscrutable way she looked at him and wondered what she was thinking. He'd known her for two-and-a-half years, since she'd started dating Mike. He knew she thought he was a womanizer. Maybe she didn't want to trust him with her best friend. But he also knew that she had never heard him talk about a woman that way before.

Something changed in Tina's face. She seemed to come to a decision.

"Let me talk to her and find out. Ok, James?" He nodded. "Why don't you come over for brunch tomorrow? Around noon. I'll talk to her. Then I'll let you know what I find out."

"Ok," James said with a mixture of hopefulness and melancholy.

Tina walked back into the living room ahead of James and they rejoined the others. Thoughts swirled in James' head. He hoped Tina would actually talk to Kate and let him know what happened. He hoped Tina wouldn't embarrass him be revealing too much. Oh Damn, he thought, Tina will probably tell Kate everything he had just said. He chastised himself for being so honest. He didn't want Kate knowing how much he liked her if she didn't like him. This could turn out badly.

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