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Straight Talk


I was 35 when I married Joan, 32. This was my first marriage, her second. She had two sexual partners before marrying her first husband, and three over the eighteen months of being divorced, before meeting me. In all, including me, she had been with seven men, not one of them a "one-night-stand." While she quite enjoyed the sex she had with the three of them since divorce, I was the first to fully explore and bring her out sexually.

Her first husband was jealous of her first two partners and, as such, did not fully trust her. This alone prevented her from letting loose with him. Two of her post-marriage partners were "shopping" for wives, so she played it "saintly" and "virginal" with them but, in the end, they were only interested in fucking her but not honest enough to admit it. Her third post-marriage partner was married and honest about wanting only to fuck her, which freed her to just go for it but he wasn't very experienced and didn't really understand what a woman needed to fully let loose and enjoy sex.

I do not have an especially large cock. It is six inches long when fully erect and average in girth. What I do have, so I have been told, is a world class tongue, terrific hands and, especially, a highly developed sense of and appreciation for the female sexuality. Everything in me is geared to her pleasure first.

Joan was everything I wanted. I had been with better looking and better built women, no matter, she was on the wholesome side of pretty, in and out, through and through. She stood 5'4' and weighed 135 pounds, which left her soft and round in all the right places. She was a great Mom to her 7 year old son, a great homemaker and, mostly, honest and filled with good purpose. She also had her playful and adventurous side, though it took her some time to gain enough self-confidence to show these to me. And when we met she sensed right off that I was truly ready to settle down to a comfy and secure family/home life, still, it would take time to fully trust me.

I had met Joan here and there on a number of occasions, always just casual encounters, usually in the little café on the ground floor of our office building, sometimes after work in the bar on the basement floor . She worked for a large insurance agency on the sixth floor of our building, my management consulting company was on the eighteenth floor. We talked, laughed and gradually got comfortable with each other. I especially loved her body language, the way she moved, her expressions, all of that "silent" communication I over the years had come to look for in people. Yes, she was shy and a bit contained, at least on the surface, but everything I saw in her told me that she was a diamond in the rough. So I asked her for a date, to a Leo Sayers concert in one of the smaller theaters on the campus of our city college. She wore a lovely form flattering dress, not too much makeup or jewelry, and was quite excited to be going out on a date. There we sat in the darkened auditorium with our coats folded over our laps, with Leo Sayers singing his heart out for us. About four songs into the show I slid my hand under her coat, then under her dress, and moved up between her thighs. This totally surprised her but she offered no resistance and, when I found her pussy, she opened her legs wider to give me full access. I eased her panties aside and for the next three songs ever so casually played with her. She squirmed some, worked hard to control her breathing so as to not let the people nearby in on our secret. I felt her stiffen, her thighs squeezed tightly on my hand. Her orgasm was near so I removed my hand altogether, then held her hand in mine for the rest of the show.

She blushed and seemed unsure as we walked arm in arm to the parking lot. There was a good crowd for the show so leaving the lot would be slow. I surprised her by opening the back door to my car. She gave me a puzzled, unsure look but got in. Without saying a word I positioned her on her knees on the back seat, eased her dress up, moved her panties aside then plunged my six inches into her. She came in the first thirty seconds, then again three minutes later. When I felt myself coming I asked if there was any danger of her getting pregnant. She had a bad time delivering her son and had to have her uterus removed. That did it. I shot everything I had into her and, to her surprise, she had her third orgasm with mine.

An hour later at an all night diner not far from where she lived and sitting across a table from each other sipping coffee and eating pie she seemed shyer and quieter than usual, yet the gleam in her eyes and the way she ate with such gusto betrayed what she felt inside.

"You're wondering what I'm thinking, you know, fucking on the first date, with no kissing or warm up, letting me play with your pussy during the concert, you know, wondering what kind of slut I must think you are," I said easily.

"I've never done anything like that," she blushed. "Nothing even close... and to have three orgasms one after the other like that, oh Lordy, you have no idea how rare it was for me to have even one orgasm."

"It was fun, wasn't it?" I smiled warmly.

She held my eyes for a long moment, then smiled beautifully. "It sure was."

That was the start of our relationship, as well as her coming out of her shell and discovering herself. It didn't happen in one day or in one night. There were too many years of self-containment to overcome. But my direct and fun approach made for a very good start.

After a year of marriage and sexual pleasure Joan had never even imagined was possible, she wondered why I never asked her about her previous sexual partners, after all, every previous partner had, and when she was honest about her experiences, they all changed. More specifically, they wondered how they compared as lovers, especially her ex-husband who was insecure and controlling.

"They don't matter," I answered. "I know who and what I am and what we have together." It really was that simple.

"Would it bother you if I asked you about your past lovers?" she asked cautiously.

I gave her a look. "No, I don't suppose so... but why would you want to know about them?" I wondered.

(She had seen me with a woman, Debbie, who was quite pretty, very well built and outgoing and thought that someone like her had to be great in bed, something she was afraid to be with her ex. The truth was that Debbie spent a lot of money, time and effort to be that pretty and well built. She had skin, hair and nail care, as well as a hefty gym and personal trainer expense, these in addition to her wardrobe and accessory costs. Debbie was preoccupied with her look. She was also too into herself to be a giving and uninhibited lover. She simply spread her legs and let me pump in and out of her pussy until I popped, which was when she faked orgasm. I had sex with her that one time, and she wondered why I didn't call her again.)

By then Joan knew that she fully pleased and satisfied me sexually. Sex with me was not a duty, it was both love and fun all rolled into one. What she didn't know at first she was eager to learn and perfect. She knew that no other woman could have pleased me more so it wasn't that she wanted to compare herself to others, it was more that she wanted to learn about my experiences so that she could add spice and variety to our sexual repertoire.

So over time I told her -- about threesomes, doing it in public, in closets for quickies, group gropes and what have you. The more I revealed the hotter she got. And when all was finally told she asked what I enjoyed the most. The truth was that when I went to swing parties I enjoyed watching my partner make it with really well hung men almost as much as I enjoyed the sex I had with the other women.

Joan admitted that she had never had sex with a really hung man, nor had she ever had a one-night-stand much less a more-some but, having listened to the girls where she worked, she was always very curious about what these would be like to experience. What she didn't like, however, was listening to the married girls talk about the sex they got on the side. To Joan marriage meant fidelity to one partner and everything else was just plain cheating.

"What if a married woman had her husband's knowledge and support to have sex with another man, would that be cheating?" I asked.

"That doesn't happen, not really, does it?"

"Surely you've heard about swingers."

"Well, yes, but..." she said as she gave me a look. "But they're all just perverts, aren't they?"

I led her by the hand into my den, sat her in front of the computer, logged online, then typed "swingers" in the search box then clicked on GO. In no time there were 32 pages of swinger clubs and online meeting sites. I brought one up, went to BROWSE, selected the "couples seeking couples" category, chose our state, clicked on the "with photos" box, and right there before her eyes appeared the first of 60 pages of couples advertising to meet sexual partners.

"Oh my, they look so normal... so every day... like they could be living right next door to us," she sighed.

I went back to BROWSE, clicked on the "couples looking for men" category, clicked on the "within 30 miles" box, then hit GO. 24 pages of ads appeared and again these were next-door-people. Many wanted MFM threesomes, many wanted men to do the wife while hubby watches, and just as many wanted well-hung men, and all were within 25 miles of where we lived.

I returned to BROWSE, clicked on the "men looking for couples" category and just like that there were 60 pages of ads with photos of men looking to have sex with couples and married women, and most boasted having 8" and better.

"Still think only perverts swing?" I asked.

Joan couldn't believe her eyes. She looked up at me, shook her head from side to side, then asked if we could return to couples looking for couples. There was a rumor in her office about one of the married girls and her husband being swingers. It took some searching but, finally, we found that couple. Their ad read "Middle 40's professional couple looking for same for same room fun sex. She is Bi, he is straight, well endowed and long lasting. Must be clean and disease free. Discretion given and asked."

"I'll be damned," Joan said barely above a whisper. "It's true and she is so normal. She even belongs to her PTA and the ladies auxiliary club at her church."

"Some swingers are freaky but most are ordinary couples looking to spice things up by having fun sex with others. Doesn't make them bad people, does it?" I asked. Joan gave me a look. "And you can hardly call it cheating, can you?"

While I got ready for bed she read ads then, after her shower, she snuggled up to me. She took my cock in hand, stroked it expertly, then asked, "Do you sometimes wish you could make it with another woman, you know, just for variety and spice?"

"No," I answered honestly.

She moved down, took me in her mouth and gave me a world class blowjob to orgasm, then she moved back into my arms and purred like a well fed kitten. After awhile she asked, "Is there anything I can do to please you more than I do now?"

"Did you mean what you said about getting curious when you heard the other girls talk about having one-night stands with well hung men?" I asked.

"For sure. I still sometimes wonder what that would be like."

"Did you get aroused when you heard them talk about it?"

"Oh yeah... I couldn't wait to get home so I could masturbate," she chuckled.

"Would you like to try it?" I asked.

She turned in my arms to look at me. "Oh Honey, I'm very a happily married woman... my husband goes to every length to please me."

"That's true, but its not what I asked."

Joan really looked at me. "But I thought we were happy together, that you were happy with me... why would you even want me to be with another man?" she pouted.

"And I'm totally happy with you. It's only because I love and trust you that I'd let something like that happen, and only if it is something you can enjoy just for the fun and excitement... and only if I get to watch."

We talked for over an hour before Joan fully understood that I had complimented rather than disrespected her, then we made love and went to sleep. At that time her having a one-night stand with another man wasn't for her, though the thought of it made for a new and exciting fantasy, one we tapped into every now and then to add spice to our sex life.

We also role played -- master/slave, cop/suspect, prostitute/john -- and sometimes even tied each other up. As said, we had a great sex life.

About six months after we looked at swinger ads on the net, while she lazily rocked back and forth on my cock, she very sexily said, "I want to have a one-nighter with a really well hung guy, just for fun... while you watch." I gave her a look. She held my eyes, smiled devilishly and continued, "I honestly, actually want to fuck an enormously well hung man while you watch... someone with at least ten really thick inches... just once... for both of us... then let's see how it goes from there." Then she pressed her pussy down hard on my cock, held herself there, and her body quivered and trembled as she climaxed. I rolled on top and fucked her fast and furiously until I came in her.

Though she felt sure that she wanted to try this at least one time she was not at all sure that she could. As much as she loved and believed me something deep in her could not accept that a husband could enjoy watching his wife with another man. After all, all six of her previous partners, especially her husband, were possessive, distrusting and insecure about their sexual activities and situation. Even though this would be something done for both of us, this is if she could bring herself to do it, she wasn't sure if she could with me watching. Still, the thought of it aroused her, and that translated into great sex. I reassured her that I would be content to keep this as a fantasy but her curiosity and urges kept her seeking reassurance that doing so would not harm our marriage.

So we talked about it a lot, in and out of bed. We even searched the "men looking for couples" online ads, at least those within 25 miles of us. There were five men she found extremely attractive. We set up meetings in the lounge at a Holiday Inn on the far side of town, one close to the airport. The first three men we met were pleasant enough, and were obviously attracted to Joan, but she was not attracted enough to them to take things further. Then came the fourth man, David. He was 24, blond with blue eyes, handsome in a rugged, almost chiseled way, just over 6 foot tall and weighed about 180 pounds. He was in his final year of a Ph.D program and, ever since starting college, had too little time and money to date. When he was 16 a married friend of the family seduced him. His only previous chance at sex ended when the girl he was with saw the size of his penis. But not so with the married woman. She loved it, couldn't get enough of it, taught him how to use it to please women as well as himself. That was eight years earlier and ever since the only sex he had was with married women who loved large cock. It took him awhile to get used to their husbands watching, then he got so he enjoyed it. Maybe when he completed his education and got a teaching job he would look for a single woman who could accommodate him and get married but, until then, he was content to have sex with the married women he met online. He sat between Joan and me in an out of the way booth, and I could see that she was definitely attracted to him. Then he placed her hand between his legs and that was the decider. She stroked his thick, ten inch erection while I went to rent a room, one with a closet. I was given two keys, gave one to Joan then headed for the room.

I was comfortably seated in the closet with the louvered doors all but closed when they entered. I heard the door close but couldn't see them. The minute they were in the room Joan sank to her knees, removed his cock from his pants and began licking and sucking it. I could hear her moan and slurp but could not see, even with the closet doors slightly opened. That went on for no more than two minutes though it seemed like forever. Then, with his massive cock dangling through his fly, he eased her into the room and began undressing her. When she was naked he eased her onto the end of the bed then removed his clothes. He moved closer. She took his cock in both hands, rubbed it against her 36B titties, then against her face, then took all she could into her mouth. She really didn't know how to suck cock when we first got together. That was something she did only because it was expected of her. But she was an avid learner and in no time at all became a world class cocksucker who absolutely adored getting me off in her mouth and/or on her face and tits. Now I could see that same lust for cocksucking in her eyes as she blew this young, extremely well hung doctoral candidate. She sucked and slurped and stroked him with both hands for the four or so minutes it took to splat and spurt a large load of sticky, milky-white cum into her mouth and on her face. I thought I was going to cum in my pants. To see her so turned on by having her way with another man's cock was more exciting than I thought it would be.

She quickly turned on got to her hands and knees to offer her gleaming already swollen cunt. She cooed as he eased the head of his cock into her, then gasped loudly as he pushed it all the way in with enough force to send her upper body flat onto the bed. He fucked fast and hard. She gasped and moaned and whimpered, then shrieked when she had her first orgasm, then howled when she had her next. Then she positioned him flat on his back, straddled him facing me in the closet, placed the head of his cock to her opening and slowly, steadily lowered herself until it was all the way in her. She bobbed slowly up and down for a minute or two, bit her lower lip, panted and snorted through her nose, her eyes rolled up into her head then she sank all the way down and rode him like a wild woman. That went on and on, at least ten minutes, her body glistened with sweat, her breathing was staggered and labored, and only when she felt him cumming inside her did she allow herself to cum. It was so explosive she fell forward on her hands. She moved forward and back on his cock until it was too soft to stay in her. She rolled onto her side, totally spent.

That's when I emerged from the closet and, when David was dressed I showed him to the door, where I gave him a $100 bill to help him with tuition. He didn't expect that but was very grateful. I took my clothes off and joined Joan on the bed. Her pussy was too sore to fuck me, so she gave me a great blowjob, then we lay in each other's arms.

"How did I do, Honey?" she panted.


"Do you still love me?"

"More than ever."

That was a month ago. Since then we've met with the swinger couple from Joan's company. He has a huge cock which she loves but, every now and then, she really gets off on having her way with average. I have an average cock and every now and then Joan really gets off having her way with huge. We got along well and were what each couple wanted, all except for the Bi thing. Joan wasn't ready to explore that aspect with the other woman but she couldn't wait to see me with her. We have reservations at an Inn on the lake for this weekend, one room with two double beds. If it works out well for all four of us we'll make it a monthly event. In the meantime, our already great sex life has reached an even higher plateau, and Joan has no reservations whatsoever that having sex with others will harm our marriage.

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