tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStreaky Confessions Ch. 03

Streaky Confessions Ch. 03


The next day my mother was a little annoyed that I took a long nap in the afternoon instead of helping her clean the kitchen. I had been on pins and needles all day, and that stress in addition to not getting too much sleep the previous night had drained me.

Dad had warned me to come down by 7 am. I found myself awake at 530 am, with about thirty thousand birds chirping. When the sun started coming up and I saw my surroundings bathed in daylight, it really sank in. The full scope of what I had done. In the light of day the roof looked so.....visible, accessible, noticeable. I walked to the southern edge and as long as I did so, I noticed a couple of people walking on the road look up in my direction for a moment. The silence was giving way to noises of the Indian middle class waking up. The tinny music of All India Radio, random roosters crowing in the distance, newspaper vendors and milk men ringing their bicycle bells, and occasionally a dog barking. And of course, the damn birds still at it.

I went downstairs to our apartment. Everyone was already up.

"Look at Urja! Positively radiating energy!" one of the old ladies said as I walked in.

"Excuse me?"

"One day of sleeping out in the open and see how her skin glows." she said, pulling me down next to her and running a hand over my cheeks.

"Yes, ayurveda experts also say that we should all sleep in the open. It's the ozone in the morning." the other old lady said, without bothering to explain how ayurveda and ozone go together.

"Urja, come help me in the kitchen." my mom called out.

I walked in, uncertain if the supposed glow was a result of the ozone or residual excitement from my adventures the previous night. Like most girls in middle class suburban India, I didn't exactly lead a life full of adventure and excitement. Nor did I have the ups and downs of a budding love life that others my age had in more open societies. At Neha's place, her parents had gotten a cable connection. On which one channel, Star TV, aired American shows. The life of American high schoolers portrayed in those shows was so much more exciting than my staid life. So what I had done the previous night was far and beyond the most excitement I had ever felt.

That entire day I felt like some General in an army, going over the landscape and obstacles and dangers in my mind repeatedly, and making plans and counter-plans. At times I would get carried away with the extent of my ambitions. I caught myself thinking about how great it would be to walk on one of those roads, and scolded myself for even considering it. I was an 18 year old girl in a small town in India, not somewhere in the South of France where they apparently walk around naked in public and no one notices. It was a thrill to do what I was doing, but I always had to keep safety in mind first.

I have always been a very methodical goal-oriented person. It's an approach I take to everything in my life and has contributed to my success in academics, and then my career, and also for the most part in my personal life. I take risks but they are calculated risks informed by all the dangers and possible pitfalls. So that day, I chalked out detailed plans for the night. As the plans took shape, I also made a list of some essential facts I needed to be aware of. I did some homework and gathered as much crucial information as I could for my plans.

That second night, I listened to music on my walkman until about 2 AM. I decided that the previous night, I had been lucky getting away with starting so early. I couldn't repeat that mistake. Especially since I had decided to cross new frontiers. Also, putting an alarm on was foolhardy. Better to just stay awake.

At 2, I opened the roof door and stepped inside. Took off my flip flops that, like all flip flops, made a slapping noise when I walked. Clad in the four garments like the start of the previous night, I started slowly walking down the stairs. I made sure that I was walking very gingerly almost on my tiptoes so I wasn't making any sound. I walked down to the fourth floor. Stood there for a minute and strained my ears to detect any signs of activity inside the apartments on that floor. All was quiet. Then down to the third floor. A minute there. Then the second floor in front of my home, then the first floor, and then finally the ground floor.

At the ground floor of our building, there was a a short passage about 5 feet wide leading to the first flight of stairs. One one side of the passage were all the letterboxes for the building. On the opposite side next to the flight of stairs was a big switchboards. It had black rectangular electricity meters for all the apartments in the building, with the silver coils moving slowly. There were also a bunch of switches and buttons that controlled a bunch of things around the building. Like the water pump, the gear boxes, the lights around the outside of the building and yes, as I had found out by casually asking my dad, switches for the light bulbs on the roof.

I opened the gauze door of the switchboard, and gently switched off the two buttons I now knew controlled the bulbs on the roof. Then I walked back to the small space around the ground floor apartment doors. There was a tube light there with a switch on the wall. I turned it off and the ground floor went dark. I climbed half the steps up to the first floor and waited to see if anyone inside the houses had somehow noticed that the lights were off. Then I did the same on the first floor and waited. No signs of life. I slowly and quietly walked all the way up to the roof, turning off the tube lights on each floor.

As I turned the lights off on the fourth floor and walked to the roof, I noticed how dark the building now seemed. It resembled the way it looked when we had occasional power cuts (back then, they were only occasional). I walked out to the roof and marveled at how completely dark it was now that I had switched the light bulbs off. The moon was just a very tiny sliver. Now there was no way anyone in the vicinity could see me even if I did a naked belly dance on the roof.

I stepped back through the door, stripped on the top of the stairs, and folded up my clothes and left them in a pile in the corner. I then walked out to the roof, and strolled around it. With the lights off, it held absolutely no risk or peril. I surveyed the four sides of the building and saw that everything was as dead as the previous night. After about ten minutes of walking on the roof and getting used to my nakedness, I walked back to the stairs. For my next "assignment".

Fully naked, I started walking down the dark staircase. My heart started pounding as I approached the fourth floor apartment doors. This was by far the riskiest situation I had put myself in. On the roof, with the door bolted, there was protection between me and someone who might catch me. But here, I was leaving it up to luck. If someone in one of the apartments woke up right now, notice that there was no light coming from under the door, and opened it to check it out, they would see me. Yes, it was completely dark, but there was enough ambient light for them to recognize me and the fact that I was naked.

So yes, there was risk. A low probability risk but risk nonetheless. However, it's the risk that was giving me the thrill. I stood in front of the closed doors for about a minute. Then my heart started pounding really hard as I walked down further.

Now although the risk of getting caught was still the same - that someone might open the door and catch me, the path to self-rescue was getting harder. If someone had opened the door on the fourth floor, I could just sprint back to the top of the stairs, put my clothes on and save myself from further shame. But now, my clothes were two flights of stairs up. Yep, shit was getting real!

With super careful steps, making no sound with my feet at all and even breathing really softly, I walked down further. To the second floor. As soon as I saw the door to my apartment, with my dad's name on it and a marigold garland at the top that I had made, I was hit by a surge of panic. What the fuck was I doing? I was in my building, completely naked. With just a door separating me from my parents who would kill me if they walked out and caught me.

That panic made me turn around and sprint back up the stairs, my boobs making a soft slapping noise as they rose and fell. Within 30 seconds, I was back at the top of the stairs, breathless, and holding the pile of my clothes in my hand. As the panic receded, the my bold adventurous side took charge, scolding me for being such a wimp for no real reason. I had totally given up on my plan. Yeah well, it was risky, protested my cautious side. The two sides finally reached a compromise.

A couple of minutes later, with some courage surging through my veins again, I started walking down the stairs again. But this time, I held the pile of my clothes in my hands. So if the unthinkable did happen, I could at least get dressed right away, and not be forced to be naked in front of people for a long time. Nothing else had changed. Everything was still dark and quiet.

I retraced my steps down the floors, my clothes clasped against my breasts. On the 2nd floor, I avoided looking at my door so I wouldn't get overcome by fear again. Soon I was almost at the ground floor. I stayed crouched behind the bottom banister, just in case someone was walking into the building right this minute this late at night. Our town didn't really have much of a nightlife, with even the late film shows ending at midnight. But occasionally there were buses or trains that got delayed, and people traveled a lot in the month of May. So there was a chance some late night traveler might walk in just as I was shamelessly parading around naked.

But unless the travelers were a bunch of cats, I would surely hear them coming. The sound of a rickshaw engine and footsteps. I stayed hidden behind the banister for a minute and made sure there was absolutely no sound. Then I poked just my head around it.

The entrance passage faced south, so it was on the side with the big double storey house and the big garden. Luckily the house itself was a little further up and right opposite the entrance passageway of my building were just some shrubs. I stared at the garden beyond the barbed wire fence separating the two properties to guard against the unlikely possibility of someone being right there in the garden at 3 AM. There was no one. I noted how blase I had become about the apartment doors by now. There I was, buck naked, worrying about if someone was in the garden. All the while, if one of the people staying on the ground floor opened their door, they'd get a nice view of my ass. In the dark, but still.

With the clothes still in my hands, I came out from behind the banister and walked down the last staircase. And now I was standing completely naked at the entrance passage of my building. I took a few more steps until I was right at the entrance of the passageway and poked my head out.

There was about 15 feet of land between where I was standing and the barbed wire fence. There were a couple of trees on our side of the fence, and parked all around that space were a bunch of scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, and bicycles. No one in our building still had a car. In 1993 in India, cars were only owned by the super rich. I looked to the left, towards the east where from my previous homework I knew that from this angle, there was just an empty plot and the house beyond that plot had no windows at the back. To my right, or to the West, was the main gate of my building, closed for now, and beyond it was a house facing in my direction. Its windows were completely dark.

Standing there with the clothes in my hand, I felt that I was somehow "cheating", The clothes provided a fail safe that made this way too safe to be challenging. Now that I had ventured all the way down without any incident, I started feeling bolder. I walked back up the stairs slowly and kept the clothes near the roof door. And I started walking back down the stairs, completely naked.

As I walked down, my pussy started getting wet and I was tempted to go back to the roof and masturbate. But I couldn't do that. I hadn't completed the task I promised myself I would before doing that.

I was back at the outside edge of the entrance passage for my building. I craned my neck and made sure that the garden and the houses nearby were still completely dark. There was one final bit of checking to do. And it was the riskiest one. Because to do that, I would have to come out in the open. It was making sure that everyone in my building, at least on this side, was asleep. That all windows were dark. And all the balconies were empty. It's not something I could check by just hiding in the passage. Everything sounded quiet but I needed visual confirmation.

So with my heart thumping, I took a few steps towards the fence. My back was still towards the building. If someone was in their window or balcony, they had a great view of my naked ass right now. These were a couple of tube lights on this side of the building that I had not switched off in order to not raise too many suspicions. No one was likely to know that the tube lights in the stairs or the lights on the roof were off. But the lights along the side of the building were in full view of rooms. If they were switched off, someone might come down to investigate.

As a result, after spending the last hour or so in darkness, I was again in an area bathed by light. Light by which, if someone was around, they could clearly see me. They couldn't see my face, but I was the only female resident of the building of my age and built, so it would have been pretty easy to guess my identity. So by turning around and showing my face, I wasn't giving them any new information. But to get the information I needed, I had to turn around.

Fearing the worst, I slowly turned around. Immediately I felt a lump in my throat. Because the building looked so big, so expansive. In reality it was just a dozen or so windows and 10 balconies, five on each side of the entrance going all the way up. But looking at the sheer scope of the risk of exposure, I balked. I ran back to the safety of the passage, breathing hard. I tried to gather my thoughts. From what I had seen in a couple of seconds, all windows did seem dark, although most of them were open, as they were bound to be in the hot weather. All balconies, as far as I could recall, were completely dark as well.

A couple of minutes later, I felt brave enough to venture out again. I did so, facing the building and stepping backwards. Yes indeed, everything was dark and quiet. As I stood there, completely naked on ground that I had once played hopscotch as a little girl on, I sensed a mixture of exhilaration and relief. I had taken a big step in going out like this, sans the protection of closed doors. I was in a relatively well lit area, taking the risk of being seen by one or more of the 40 or so residents of the apartments facing the south side of the building. Including, my parents, whose bedroom faced this way.

If someone had seen me without realizing it, they would surely have cried out in surprise. Or turned the lights on for a better look. After standing there naked for a full minute, when nothing happened, I was confident that I was unseen. I looked around to make sure the windows of the houses nearby were still dark as well. Then I started walking west to complete the challenge I had set myself - to walk naked around the building.

After a few steps I moved closer to the side of the building and walked along it. If someone did come out, at least I could hide behind one of the scooters parked there. Constantly looking around me and treading carefully, I reached the southwest corner of the building. From there, I turned right, and still partly hidden by the side of the building, surveyed my surroundings again.

First the building itself. Its windows and buildings were completely dark here too. But there were two more tube lights along the side, something I had noted during the day when I did my homework. That was because this is where there was the maximum space between the building and the fence, about 35 feet. This is where kids would play cricket or badminton. The extra lights allowed them to play even after it got dark. I myself had played there many times.

On the other side of the fence were two double storey houses. Both also looked completely dark. Straight ahead past the south fence was the open area which was dark and empty. I counted to five, and then started walking, slowly, naked and tense, along the building. At the halfway mark, I came to the most brightly lit portion, and that somehow made me feel a hint of panic and I sprinted the rest of the way to the northwest corner. I turned around to make sure everything was still dark and quiet.

The northern side was the easiest of the lot. The gap between the building and the fence was the narrowest, less than ten feet, and there were a couple of trees and a lot of plants and shrubs. Also, there were no lights mounted on the walls in the back of the building. And beyond the fence was just the empty space. So with all windows and balconies dark, the side was very dark. And even if someone did step out, it was unlikely that they could make out I was even naked, forget being recognized. I walked without any worry to the northeast corner.

On the east there was a house, completely dark. There were a couple of tube lights but by now I had gotten used to the level of lighting. And felt renewed confidence from the fact that I had come all the way down the stairs and crossed more than half the building's perimeter by now. I quickly made sure the windows and balconies were dark, and calmly walked to the southeast corner, then without stopping turned and almost sprinted to the passage and entered it.

I had done it! I had completed my task! This meant I could reward myself!

I sprinted up the stairs naked, my boobs jumping up and down, and one I reached the last flight of stairs, I couldn't even make it all the way up to the roof. I just plonked my ass down on one of the steps and started pleasuring myself. I noticed that my virgin pussy was wetter than it had ever been. If there had been a man around, I was horny enough to just let him take me. I closed my eyes, replayed my adventure, and in a few minutes, had a monster orgasm that it took a lot of effort to not scream through. I took a short break and then brought myself of again.

With the ecstasy of my recent orgasms and the achievement of that naked hike, I was feeling emboldened. Wow, this was easy, I thought to myself. I always knew that my town and especially my neighborhood slept early. But I had no idea they slept so deep. I started walking down the stairs completely naked.

The second time, I was more confident. Or more reckless, if you will. Because I didn't check my surroundings too well. Just cursory glances. Luckily, nothing went wrong. The world around me was still sleeping. Before I knew it, I was back at the northeast corner. Before turning around though, I had an impulse. To masturbate right there, laid out on the ground. The north side was completely dark anyway. So I laid down on the ground, feeling mud, grass and pebbles rub against my back and my ass. And then staring at the dark windows and balconies, played with my throbbing clit in a leisurely fashion for a good ten minutes before cumming. And then, without incident, walked back to the roof.

The clock said it was a little past 4. Where had the time gone? As I strolled naked on the dark roof, a couple of small trucks drove by the western road. In the safety of darkness, I barely registered their presence. A few minutes later, something flickered in the periphery of my vision. A light had come on in a house a couple of rows west of my building. I didn't worry about being seen, but still moved to the other side of the roof. A few minutes later, a light came on in another house on that side. Well, the world was slowly starting to wake up. I brushed the grass and dust sticking to my butt and decided to call it a night. I walked back to the top of the stairs where my clothes were, put them on, and went to sleep.

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