Strip Show


It was a night out alone for me, and for some reason I ended up in one of the strip bars. Quietly drinking my beer, I sat in the corner watching the dancers and the crowd... nothing exciting, but killing time. And then you came on stage.

WOW! You looked incredible - a white blouse tied to show your midriff, short skirt, and tall black boots. And definitely the body to match it - I couldn't decide what I liked more, between your legs, ass, breasts, face, hair or what... simply lovely. I watched breathlessly as you started to dance. For the life of me, I can't remember the music or anything else in the room - all I could do is watch the way you moved up on stage. Before I realized what I was doing I had moved up to sit right beside the stage, just to be able to see more. You met my eyes and smiled nicely as the first song came to a close.

As the second song began, you eased your top off revealing your lovely breasts... twirling and spinning with the music under the flashing lights. I was surprised to see a nipple ring on one side... and also surprised at the way they hardened and flushed as your hands moved over them. It seemed as if you were dancing just for me as I continued to watch closely, drinking in your every move. The way you would move, or lean over in my face, only a few feet away... wiggling and looking back to me as you would strut to the other end of the stage. I was enraptured - what's more, I was becoming aroused...

Before I knew it the second song had ended... and you immediately moved into your third. A faster tune this time, your body moving to the beat as you covered the stage... this time you slid your panties off, but left the skirt on; teasing the crowd by only allowing them glimpses of what we all wanted to see. I was dying along with the rest of the guys until you finally moved back in front of me. Your hips grinding in circles as you looked down to meet my eyes, slowly... slowly.... slowly easing the front of your skirt higher with each twist. My mouth dry as I watched... until finally, it was revealed... oh my! A beautiful pussy... the hair so neatly trimmed, with just the smallest patch up top... a lovely set of lips below... and another surprise - a silver ring right through your clit! All I could do was stare as you continued to grind and smile.

You danced away again, and I used the moment to adjust myself in my jeans - I'd gotten hard without even realizing it. But before I knew it, you were back in front of me... this time facing away, with your legs spread... looking back at me again as you bent over, still moving in time with the sensual tune... the skirt riding up to show me heaven again... reaching beneath yourself with two fingers to spread yourself open for my eyes - I swear, it even looked wet! And as I met your eyes again, blushing furiously, I saw your tongue snake out... just the tip teasing and wetting your lower lip as you wiggled even closer. I think I moaned at this point, fantasies filling my head at your teasing as you danced away laughing. But it seemed like every time I'd start to clear my thoughts again, you'd be right back in front of me... flashing yourself again... or blowing me a kiss... or just barely touching yourself as I watched...

Before I knew it your set was over... my dreams ending as you gathered your things and left the stage with one last look over your shoulder at me. I took my beer back to my corner and resigned myself to fantasies, wondering how long it would be before you danced again, as I half-heartedly watched the next girl. Then I was surprised to feel a soft pair of hands on my shoulders - I jumped in my seat and started to turn as you continued to move around me... a soft kiss on my cheek as you whispered hello. Lost in your perfume, I think I mumbled something in reply... Then you asked if I'd like a private dance. I sighed in regret as I told you I didn't bring enough money for that, but you only smiled and told me this one was on the house...

Settling back in my seat I could only wonder at my luck as you moved in front of me... still wearing your outfit from earlier as you started to dance again, but this time only two feet from me. I could smell your sweet scent, look even deeper into your eyes, and admire your body so much more. Small bits of mindless conversation that I can't remember... but I can recall the exact moment you paused to unbutton your blouse and free those sweet tits, bringing them so close to my face that I could make out every detail... then pausing in your dance again to bring one up in your hands, your tongue flicking out before me to tease the pierced nipple. God! I moaned again, and had to ask what I'd done to deserve this... you just gave me another of those killer smiles and said you didn't want me to think you were a tease. You straddled my legs, grinding and dancing as if we were in more intimate circumstances, as you continued to move them just in front of my face... I could barely hold back from closing that last inch to take a nipple into my own mouth, but didn't want to do anything to drive away this heaven.

I know my cock was hard again as you turned, this time that wonderful ass facing me as you kept dancing... flipping the skirt up again to let me see the firm cheeks, but keeping the black lace thong on. Just above them I could see the silver chain encircling your waist. Your movements alternating between a grinding, bouncing back and forth making me want to close that last few inches between us; and just bending over deep, your fingers reaching back to ease the thong aside to show me your smooth pussy and puckered ass... all the while your eyes meeting mine with a look that let me know you knew what effect you were having on me... you'd even tease more by flicking and teasing the ring through your clit, making you moan softly on your own... or by sliding a finger slowly in and out just a little, letting me see it glisten with your juices as you would rub your mound. God you were so hot! All I could think about was touching you... being inside you... but I just sat there enjoying every moment and every sight you gave me.

You turned around again, still straddling me but this time moving closer... I could feel your hard nipples touching me through my shirt... then the electric touch of your lips as you softly kissed me, just once... you settled down lower, and I could feel the heat of your crotch as you rested it right on the tent in my jeans... grinding, pushing down, as you breathed so softly out that I could barely hear, asking if I wanted you as much as you wanted me. I'm shocked beyond words and all I can do is slightly nod... you smile at me again as your hand trails down my chest... across my stomach... coming to rest on the snap of my jeans.... it pops open easily at your touch, and your fingers snake in. As your soft hand strokes my shaft you kiss me again, both of us moaning slightly. I'm even harder than before if that's possible.

Once more you stood, and I was afraid the magic moment was over. But you looked back over your shoulder and told me to just relax... let you do the work, and enjoy the dance... you bent forward again... reached back with one hand to hold my hardness in position, the other holding your thong to the side... slowly moving back as I watched with breath held... I could feel the damp heat from your pussy inches away.... then, the indescribable, wonderful feeling as we first touched... your slick, wet lips opening to meet me as my cock slowly sinks deeper and deeper inside you... thank God for the music still going on in the club, because I know my moan must have been loud at the touch... you kept pushing back, letting me feel all of your hot, wet, tight hole as you took me in... grinding your hips again as you danced, this time mounted upon me....

As if your touch has finally freed me, my hands move up... lightly resting on your hips as you move up and down, circling, all in time with the music. There's no way to describe how wonderful it is to be inside you, the wet feeling of a pussy surrounding you... I'm still enjoying the sights too; the way your skirt bounces up and down to flash me, the contrast of the black lace sitting to one side of our slick union... the way your hair bounces... even the hint of your breasts and face I can see in the mirrors around us...

Faster and faster you move, both of us too hot to take our time... one of my hands reaching around further to tease your clit as you do so; the interesting contrast between the hard silver ring and the soft slick flesh it's attached to... your own moans louder now as I'm grateful for the music and other dancers still keeping the rest of the club's attention. My own hips are thrusting up to meet yours each time now, striving to bury my cock as deep in you as it will go. Loving every moment of my hot dancer riding me...

Then it happens, both of us peaking at once... I can feel your muscles squeezing and milking me inside as you climax, dropping into my lap and grinding yourself against me as your juices soak my jeans... at the same time my stiff dick erupting inside you, sticky jets of cum shooting deep as I cry out into your ear... that endless moment of wonder as our bodies spasm together...

You rest upon me for a moment... leaning in my arms as we both catch our breath. Then, as the music dies and we both remember where we are, you stand up... turning slightly to kiss me once again then walking towards the back. You look back one last time with that smile before you disappear, and I'm wordless again as I watch you walk away, the traces of our love glistening for my secret view down your thighs...

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