tagBDSMStudents Rule Ch. 06

Students Rule Ch. 06


Chapter 6- Full Circle

It was a beautiful Friday morning very late in the school year. Officially, the last day of classes for the seniors was next Tuesday, with graduation scheduled for the following night. The underclassmen wouldn't be released until the following week.

Perhaps -- given the lateness in the year and the party involved -- Ms. Lee should have played things a bit differently. Or maybe on a subconscious level she knew exactly what she was doing.

'What a beautiful morning,' Virginia Lee thought as she closed her car door and started the short walk across the parking lot to the side door of the local high school. As she neared the door she spied a young man across the yard smoking a cigarette. She instantly recognized the young man -- Tommy Morrison -- and that brought up several issues.

First of all, Tommy was a senior at the high school. Second, he was on school grounds. Since smoking on school property was absolutely forbidden, Ms. Lee, the school Vice-Principal, was obligated to act on the matter. Finally, and certainly not least, Tommy was one of 'the Four!'

'The Four.' That was how Ms. Lee thought of the four young men. They were all seniors, and all had been on the receiving end of her paddle at one time or another during their high school careers. That was what qualified them for membership in Ross Moran's 'club.' It was an elite club, its membership limited to Ross, 'the Four' and Suzie Connors. Its charter was simple -- to punish, humiliate and take whatever sexual liberties with the Vice-Principal they desired.

The club had been in existence barely a month, born when Ross spied Virginia Lee dominating Mr. Thomas -- the school Principal -- in his office one evening. Afterwards, he had confronted her with pictures and taken control of her life. In short, he became her Master. Surprisingly, Virginia had adapted well. The young woman who heretofore had been the dominant personality in all her relationships slid easily into her new submissive role.

A week later Suzie Connors entered the picture, and a week after that 'the Four' came on the scene when Suzie -- under Ross's watchful eye -- had used Ms. Lee as a 'show and tell' object. In point of fact it had gone way beyond just 'show and tell,' not stopping until later in the evening after everyone -- including all four of the new guys -- had had their way with the Vice-Principal.

During the two weeks since that event, Ms. Lee had become fair game for the group. Thankfully, they hadn't yet bothered her at school. Home, however, was a different matter. Weekdays her house was like a revolving door as it seemed like one guy or another was always around to take liberties with her body. The weekends had been quieter. Saturdays had Suzie spending most of the afternoon and evening with her, while Ross had stopped by briefly each Sunday.

Yet in the final analysis, it hadn't mattered who came, or when they came. Ms. Lee took them all, and still wanted more.

She shook her head as her thoughts returned to the present and to young Mr. Morrison. Tommy was standing by himself, leaning against a tree only a few yards from the nearby street. Just across the street -- but not on school property -- was a group of five or six of his friends. Ms. Lee took a deep breath and started across the yard. She was more than a little nervous about confronting the young man in public, but didn't feel that she had any choice.

"Hi, Ms. Lee," Tommy said nonchalantly as she approached.

"I'm sure you're aware of the smoking ordinances, Mr. Morrison," Ms. Lee said in her southern accent, ignoring his greeting.

Tommy only shrugged, took another drag and exhaled the smoke right at the Vice-Principal. The resulting hoots and hollers from his friends across the street only served to back Ms. Lee further into a corner.

"Mr. Morrison, put that cigarette out immediately."

But Tommy only smiled, and took yet another drag.

"That's it, Mr. Morrison. You're on report. I'll expect you in my office immediately after school. Now, if you're interested in explaining to your parents why you won't be graduating with the rest of your class next Wednesday, you just keep right on smoking that cigarette!"

Tommy took one more drag. "No sweat, Ms. Lee," he said as he dropped the butt to the ground and stamped it out. "I was finished anyway." With that he turned and started towards his friends.

Virginia could feel the conflict growing within her as she stared at the butt he'd just discarded. She couldn't let him treat her like this in public. She was the Vice-Principal! She was authority!

But he was one of 'the Four.'

She took one more look at the discarded butt before turning and walking away. She hadn't even made it into the school yet and already her panties were soaking wet.

* * *

There was a knock on the door. "Come In," Ms. Lee called out.

Connie, one of the secretaries, poked her head in. "I'm leaving now. Do you want me to send Tommy Morrison home?"

Tommy had showed up right after school, just like she'd instructed. Even so, Ms. Lee wasn't sure she was ready to face him, so she'd had Connie set him up at a table to do his homework. It wasn't quite the punishment he should have received, but she'd justified it by telling herself that he needed the study time. Since then, the only time she'd left her office was to go to the restroom.

"No, just leave him there. I'll send him home in a few more minutes. Good night, Connie."

A few moments later, she heard the outer office door close. For several minutes she tried to work, but she kept thinking about the young man in her outer office, and about what he was soon to do to her. She crossed and re-crossed her legs several times, trying to get comfortable, trying to quiet the itch that was growing stronger by the minute.

She rose to her feet and started pacing the floor, not certain if she should open the door and call him in or if she was expected to just wait. So she paced some more.

Before she'd completed a handful of laps of her office, she heard footsteps. She froze in her tracks, a few feet from the door next to a bare expanse of wall. A moment later her door opened and Tommy stepped in. He swung the door closed and moved immediately over to where Virginia stood, grabbing her by her hair and pushing her gently but firmly against the wall -- face first.

"Well, well," Tommy said as his free hand slid to the zipper at the back of her dress. "Look what I found?" She felt the zipper sliding down her back. A moment later he was pushing the dress from her shoulders and the garment was sliding down her arms, not stopping until it was in a pile around her feet.

After the dress hit the floor, Tommy slid his hand between her thighs and against her panties. "Unless I miss my guess, I've got me a very horny Vice-Principal."

There was a brief moment of silence as he rubbed her womanhood through her damp panties. "Well," he said as he pressed her against the wall. "Am I right?"

"Yes sir," she gasped in response, pushing her womanhood against his hand. But a moment later the hand was withdrawn, and a moment after that the panties were on the floor with her dress.

Tommy took his arm off her back and once again grabbed her by her hair. "Step out of the clothes," he said as he pulled her away from the wall and towards one of the office side chairs. He lowered himself into the chair, pulling Ms. Lee down with him until she was lying prone across his lap.

And from a place she couldn't see, Tommy produced her paddle and instantly began whaling on her ass.

It wasn't what he was doing that surprised the Vice-Principal -- she'd have been surprised if he hadn't spanked her -- it was the speed with which he'd acted. He'd been in her office barely a minute and already she was splayed across his lap with her own paddle landing blow after blow on her ass. She was barely able to keep from screaming out, although she did let out a yelp or two.

It was one of those yelps that Mr. Theodore Thomas, school Principal, heard as he returned to his office to get some papers he'd forgotten. And what he saw after he threw open Ms. Lee's door was the Vice-Principal, clad only in a blue bra, high heels and thigh high blue nylons, laying prone across a fully dressed student's lap while he pounded away on her bare ass with her own paddle.

For an instant, it brought back memories of the way the Vice-Principal used to paddle his ass. But he quickly shook his head clear.

"What the hell is going on?" he boomed out suddenly.

Tommy jumped to his feet, completely startled. In the process, he deposited the Vice-Principal face up on the floor with her legs spread wide and the paddle beside her feet.

"Mr. Thomas!" Tommy stuttered. "I didn't hear you. I mean . . . "

"That's obvious." The Principal paused for the briefest of seconds before continuing. "You're Tommy Morrison, aren't you?"

"Yes sir."

"Well Tommy, I confess that I don't have any idea how to handle this, err, situation. For the moment, I think I want you out of my sight. I'll see you in my office at 7:30 Monday morning. Understand?"

"Yes sir," Tommy blurted out as he turned for the door. A moment later he was collecting his books from the outer office and flying down the hallway.

After he heard the door to the outer office close, Mr. Thomas closed the door to Ms. Lee's office. The click of the lock was unmistakable. As he turned back to the Vice-Principal, she was lifting herself onto her elbows.

"I'm so sorry, Ted," she started out. But before she could go any further, Mr. Thomas was standing over her. He lifted his right foot, placed it on her chest and pushed her back to the floor.

"Ms. Lee," he said very slowly, as if composing his thoughts as he spoke. "I'm not sure what to make of this." He removed his foot from her chest before continuing. "Let me see if I got this right. In our affair, you were the dominant one. At the time, I truly believed that you'd always been dominant in your relationships. Was I wrong?"

"Please Ted, don't," she pleaded as she tried once again to raise herself from the floor.

But once again the Principal pushed her back to the floor. "Was I wrong?" he repeated in a stronger voice.

"No, sir," Virginia replied softly as she slumped submissively back to the floor.

"I see. And then, with no warning and even less explanation, you dumped me. Am I still right?" he questioned.

"Yes, sir."

"And now I find you in your office, laid out over a student's lap while he's tanning your hide with your own paddle. And you just take it like a good little submissive. Is that about it?"

"Yes, sir," she replied, her voice barely a whisper.

"And just how did you come to be in this position, Ms. Lee?"

Virginia stared up at the Principal as a tear leaked from the corner of her eye. "I can't," she whispered, shaking her head.

"You can't? Or you won't?"

"Please, Ted . . ."

"It's Mr. Thomas to you!" he interrupted.

She was silent for a second. "Yes, sir," she said at last.

"So, is Mr. Morrison your new master?" he inquired.

Ms. Lee shook her head. "Please, sir," she said. "Don't make me."

Mr. Thomas stepped away from the prone body and leaned up against the side of the desk. For several minutes, an ominous silence filled the air.

"Very well," he said, finally breaking the silence. But when Ms. Lee started to get up, he quickly returned to her side, pushing her back to the floor with his right foot.

"However," he continued. "For some reason, that young man felt it necessary to spank you, and I do not think he was finished." He removed his foot.

"Get on your hands and knees!" he barked suddenly.

"Yes, sir," the Vice-Principal answered as she scurried obediently to her knees.

Mr. Thomas bent over, unclasped her bra and slid it to the floor, allowing Ms. Lee's large breasts to hang free beneath her. Next, he picked up her paddle and knelt down beside her.

"You know, Ms. Lee. I always wondered what it would be like on the other end of your paddle," he said as he rubbed the paddle lightly over her buttocks.

And then, WHACK!

The blow was so hard and so sudden it brought a loud gasp from Ms. Lee, even as she collapsed on the floor. And as she lay there sobbing, her tormentor lashed out her repeatedly, alternating between the already red butt cheeks and the ever so tender thighs. And as if it had a mind of its own, her hand slipped under her tummy and between her legs, stroking herself frantically as her former slave continued his assault.


And the blows kept coming, not stopping until her orgasm had pummeled her body and left her lying there, sobbing and shaking, wearing nothing but her nylons and high heel shoes. And then his words jerked her back to the present.

"On your hands and knees," he barked. "Now!"

Wordlessly, she jumped to obey, both fearing and yearning for more of the paddle. This time, however, it wasn't the paddle; this time it was his cock. The same cock that had been her own private toy for so long. Only now the roles were reversed. Now it was she who was the toy.

He rammed his tool quickly into her inflamed pussy as he grabbed her hair with his left hand and stretched her head backwards. With his right hand resting firmly on her ass, he pounded himself into her, not stopping until she'd once again screamed out in ecstasy and he'd pumped his sperm into her pussy.

And then, with very little grace or fanfare, he withdrew and pushed her onto her back. He rose to his feet and pulled up his trousers. And without another word he turned and left the office, leaving the stunned -- and still recovering -- Vice-Principal lying in shock on the floor.

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