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Sue Ch. 05-08


The following material is sexually explicit erotica.

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Chapter 5

Working With Brian

On my way to work the following day I wondered how Brian and I would cope with being in the same office together but I needn't have worried, apart from a discrete wink and a hurriedly blown kiss when I first walked in, I don't think anyone watching us would ever have guessed what had happened between us the previous evening.

I was pleased by his restraint and control, the last thing I wanted was to have a happily married man besotted by me - enjoying each other was one thing, being 'in love' with each other was quite another - and not for me.

But of course I would have been equally unhappy if he had completely ignored me. He didn't!

I had worn the skirt that he had said was his favourite and it got the response I had hoped it would. I could understand why any 'leg man' would like it, it was a sort of tailored wrap-around, having a fly-away panel at the front that, if you weren't careful, could expose a leg virtually all the way to the hip. On a couple of previous occasions when I had been wearing it I had, without meaning to then, been less than careful and Brian had obviously caught a fleeting eyeful. On that morning, intentionally that time, I made sure he did again and I saw that he hadn't missed the brief 'shows' I put on for him - and the expression on his face told me how much he appreciated them.

But though there were plenty of long, meaningful looks and we could both sense the tension in the air between us, neither actually did anything to raise questions in anyone's mind - at least not until after the factory had closed for the day. Of course I stayed late, there was no way I could have just said 'Good night Brian' and gone home with everyone else and as people were by then used to me staying back fairly frequently I felt sure that there was no risk in my doing so two nights in a row.

We both started to become restive as we watched the stragglers taking their time leaving the factory below but finally there were only two left and though they seemed to take forever to wash-up and leave, eventually they too went and as I heard the main door close behind them I turned and saw Brian, almost running from his office and in a flash felt his arms wrap tightly around me and his lips kissing me hard.

The growing tension that had been bottled-up during the day had obviously fired his passion and as his lips and tongue searched my mouth and his hands squeezed and fondled by body I could feel the urgency of it, capped like a volcano waiting to erupt. Feeling that added fuel to the fire that had been burning deep inside me too and, as I responded eagerly to his kisses I felt that familiar, deliciously warm tingling beginning between my thighs. While one of his hands kneaded the cheeks of my arse the other felt for my waiting breast and I heard him making soft moaning sounds of pleasure as his mouth kissed and sucked the tender flesh at the side of my neck.

'I want you Sue. I want you so badly.' he whispered.

'I want you too Brian, you must be able to feel that I do.'

He pulled his head back, pushed and held me away from himself as he looked deep into my misted eyes and asked - 'Are you sure, are you really sure you do?'

I pulled him back hard up against me. 'Of course I do, after last night how could you think I wouldn't?'

'All day I've kept thinking that last night was just a dream, a fantasy, it seems impossible that it really happened Sue.'

'Well it did - it's going to again, right now - and whenever you want it to.'

'Come on then, if you're sure, come with me, downstairs.' he said as his arms released me, he grabbed my hand and almost dragged me from the office.

At first I thought he must be taking me to his car and couldn't imagine where he was planning for us to go but then I realised where we were heading and couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of it too. The factory had a small first-aid room - and it had a bed in it! Nothing fancy, just a very functional little bed where someone who was injured or who just felt unwell could rest for a while. But it was a bed - and though making love on the desk-top had been exciting it wouldn't be very practical on a regular basis.

Brian unlocked the door, pulled me inside then re-locked it behind us before he again took me in his arms and kissed me long and hard.

Naturally we both felt more secure behind the locked door and our caresses were quickly less constrained, more intimate, more passionate. But after only a minute or two I again felt Brian pushing me away from himself and opening my eyes found his staring down into them.

'I'd like to look at you, all of you Sue. Please?'

I smiled tenderly up at him. 'Of course you can. I'd like to have you look at me - I just hope you like what you see Brian.'

I had never been undressed the way he did it, he made me feel as though I was some priceless work of art that was being carefully unwrapped for the first time, it was sensational!

As his fingers slowly undid the buttons of my blouse and exposed the swell of my breasts I felt first his fingers and then, as he bent his head, his lips lightly brushing over my skin. My nipples responded to the thrill of his touch and I felt their swelling tips grazing against my lacy bra as his hands cupped and gently squeezed the full weight of my breasts and then a warm, sensuous glow seemed to be spreading out through my entire body as his strong but gentle hands slowly kneaded and caressed me. Then I felt his hands slip behind me and fumble for a moment or two with the catch on my bra, then its straps being very delicately slipped from my shoulders and heard him sigh as he saw my breasts for the first time.

'They're, you're quite beautiful Sue, quite beautiful.' he murmured as he lightly ran his fingers over and around their curves, thrilling me even more with the delicate touch of his fingers.

As he continued to slowly, tenderly caress them he gazed lovingly at me, his eyes moving from one breast to the other were like a child's staring in wonder at a heap of presents on Christmas day. I pulled his head down against them and heard my own sighs of pleasure as, while his hands again slipped around me, his moist lips found and then began to nibble and suck me. I couldn't believe just how much pleasure his varied caresses gave me - when his lips had aroused my nipples to full-jutting hardness he swept his tongue across the curving flesh, sometimes using it flat to sweep up and over them, sometimes just the tip to again tease their spiky points. Then, from time to time he'd open his mouth and, even while his tongue continued to work on the nipple, he tried to suck the whole breast inside it.

All this time his hands were sending shivers up and down my spine, at first simply holding me steady, then moving slowly up and down my back, gradually slipping lower, down over the curve of by arse, then suddenly moving still lower, getting his hands under my skirt - gliding over the backs of my thighs, cupping and squeezing my arse-cheeks, spreading them so that his fingers could burrow deep into the cleft between them.

The blissful combination of what his mouth, lips, tongue and hands were doing soon aroused a heavy surge of need inside me, that grew stronger and stronger as his caresses continued on and on. Then, when at last I felt his mouth slip from my breasts to move slowly down over my stomach and his hands moved out from under my skirt, to unfasten it, I heard myself moan softly as the mere anticipation of what was still to come sent a wave of pleasure rolling through me. As Brian eased my panties down he pressed his face to the soft curve of my belly and as I lifted each foot so that he could take them from me I felt his tongue poking through my bush, searching for and briefly teasing the hard ridge of my already swollen clit.

When he had me completely naked he paused and, looking down I saw him staring up at me, his eyes taking in every curve. 'Beautiful, just stunningly beautiful Sue.' he murmured.

'I'm not that special Brian - but I'm glad you like what you see.' I answered.

'I still can't really believe it's happening to me - you're every man's fantasy come true.'

'Not every man's - but it would be nice being yours. But you'll need to get undressed too if we're going to make love.' I reminded him.

'In a minute Sue, first I want to give you a little of the pleasure you gave me last night.'

As he said that he gently pushed me backwards until I felt the edge of the bed against the back of my knees and I sat down on it. I spread my legs for him as he came forward to kneel between them and I felt his hands easing my thighs still further apart then, as he lowered his head I found that the slight roughness of his cheeks against the delicate skin of my inner thighs contrasted excitingly with the smooth moistness of his lips and tongue that began to work their way towards the core of me.

Again he took his time, maximising my ultimate pleasure by slowly building my arousal - kissing and licking my inner thighs, moving slowly, almost too slowly closer to my itching pussy and clit. Finally I felt the first, light touch of his tongue on the outer lips, lazily tracing the complete outline of them before it moved inside to then lovingly lap the warm wetness of my sex.

'Oh Brian darling, that's so good.' I moaned and, taking his head in my hands I pulled him tighter up against myself.

Then, as my hips rose off the bed in even stronger response to what his tongue was doing to me I felt the firm grasp of his hands beneath me, gripping my arse, lifting me higher still and, while it felt as though he was trying to suck my entire pussy into his mouth, the rigid length of his tongue began to dart in and out between its puffy folds.

It was sheer bliss, his mouth and tongue sent a constant stream of heavenly sensations coursing through me and, as I felt my need grow steadily stronger and then the first slow up-welling of my impending climax I couldn't believe that it was possible to feel anything stronger - that is until his darting tongue slipped from between my pussy-lips and then skimmed up over my clit. I heard myself shriek and I'm sure it took only two or three of those quick licks for him to finally bring on that climax.

But of course Brian didn't stop then and though I was writhing and heaving so much that he had to grip my arse really tightly, he managed to keep my spasming pussy hard up against his mouth and somehow, while his tongue continued to flicker over my almost unbearably sensitive clit, was still able to suck and drain the juices that flowed freely from within my pleasure wracked body.

Time stood absolutely still, one climax merging with the next and the next as he continued on, apparently quite untiringly - the ecstatically draining experience was completely unlike anything I had ever felt or even imagined.

But eventually he slowed and then stopped, resting his head between my now limply relaxed thighs and I lay there, ruffling his hair while I waited for my pleasure-weakened muscles to regain some strength.

As the haze gradually cleared I found myself thinking how Brian must be feeling right then. The sight, feel and smell of me must have excited him, excitement that by then must be turning into a frustrated ache. For a moment I wondered if my exhausted body could respond to it but as I recalled his love-making the previous evening, the feel of his cock, steadily pistoning in and out of me, I found a familiar, warm tingling sensation working its way up from deep inside my body.

I don't know if Brian sensed something stirring inside me but he slipped his hands from underneath me, lifted himself up to sit beside me on the bed then, bending low took my face between them and gently kissed me full on the mouth. His was still slightly sticky with what he had sucked from me and the memory of the first time I had tasted my own juices, with Richard, flooded briefly back. But now it was Brian I wanted to please and to have please me, his body might not look as great as Richard's had but, though at the time I had thought Richard to be a good lover, only Brian had been able to give me the series of rolling climaxes that I had craved so much for so long.

'That was unbelievably wonderful darling.' I whispered when the kiss ended. 'Now I want to see you and then to feel your cock inside me, the way you were last night - big and strong.'

'I don't have much of a body to look at love.' he answered quietly. 'It's not a young man's body any more you know.'

'That doesn't matter darling. It's yours and it's you I want to please, a man, not some boy.' I sat up and pushed him up. 'Now come on, be fair, you've had a good look at me, now it's my turn.'

He was obviously shy, I liked that, it gave me a funny feeling, as though I was somehow 'in charge' - and suddenly I realised something I hadn't before, I had felt that the previous evening too - and I liked it.

His shoes socks and shirt came off quickly and, as I had expected, although his body wasn't that of a young man, I still found the sight of it appealing. His chest and shoulders were broad and retained much of the power that he had obviously had as a younger man. A fine coat of slightly greying hair covered his chest and a thin, darker line of it ran down across his still flat stomach to the waist-band of his trousers - as though pointing the way to where the real source of his maleness lay. He turned away from me slightly as he unzipped and unbuckled himself and in embarrassment, paused for a moment before slipping off and stepping out of his trousers.

I was glad to see that he wore briefs, not baggy shorts and, as he turned back to look at me, my eyes dropped automatically to the bulge in the front of them. Although it didn't look as though his cock was still fully erect it was obvious from the shape of the bulge that it wasn't far off it, and I felt myself getting more excited as I just sat there looking at it.

'Believe me - that looks good darling.' I said quietly.

'I warned you I'm not much to look at - but if you say I'm O.K., I'll believe you.' he answered with a sheepish grin. 'Though I feel a bit of an idiot doing a strip for you.' he added with just a hint of bravado.

'You don't look like an idiot - you look like a very attractive man, who, in just a few minutes is going to make me feel fantastic. Now come on, get the briefs off too, let me get a proper look at what did such a great job on me last night.'

He actually smiled at that and, with bit of a flourish, quickly stripped them down and off.

I had been right about his cock, although it certainly wasn't standing upright it was hard and even as I looked at him it twitched and as I continued to watch I saw it was growing, little by little, lifting higher.

Feeling myself becoming increasingly aroused by the sight of him I almost absentmindedly slipped one hand between my thighs and let my fingers trail over the moist tenderness between them. But I really only became aware of what I was doing when I saw Brian's eyes drop and then his hand take hold of his cock and begin to slowly stroke it, doing to himself what I was doing to my pussy. As we watched each other I could see from the now rapidly increasing size and hardness of it that he was quickly becoming fully aroused and knew from the mounting sensations in my own body that I was keeping pace with him. For a brief moment the thought of seeing him erupt in front of me seemed strangely exciting and made a mental note of that for some future occasion - but this time I wanted to feel that happening inside me.

'Come here lover.' I said and as I kept my eyes on his now fully engorged cock, I slid up on to the bed, lay back and spread my bent legs wide apart.

He didn't hesitate and within a few seconds I had all of him deep inside me and then felt the quickly mounting thrills as he began to stroke powerfully in and out of my hungry sex. I had half expected that his earlier arousal would mean that his orgasm would come more quickly - and that after the continuous climaxes his mouth and tongue had forced from me I would probably be unable to fully respond to him as I had the previous evening - but I was wrong, on both counts!

Again I couldn't believe either his staying power or my body's ability to react to it and soon he had me groaning, then loudly crying out as the feel of his rock-hard cock, steadily stroking in and out of me triggered the first of two even more massive climaxes from me before he finally erupted and completely flooded me with his hot semen.

We lay locked together on that little bed for a long time and Brian actually dozed off for a short while. I just lay there beside him, utterly spent, enjoying the complex sensations that continued to play through my body. Later we both had a quick shower and though I was tempted to see if he could be re-aroused I resisted it, knowing that we didn't have unlimited time and I certainly didn't want to cause problems for him with his family. Afterwards, as he drove me home I sensed his eyes flicking sideways to look at me and then he reached out and lightly squeezed my thigh.

'We're on a road that has nowhere to go Sue - but you can't imagine how marvellous you make me feel and, if you really want to travel it with me for a while I'll do my best to make sure I make you happy too.'

I turned and smiled at him. 'You do make me happy Brian, you don't know just how much. I really do understand that it's only for a while - but let's not think about that, let's just enjoy the time we do have, not worry about the time we don't.'

Over the next few weeks we spent times together like that two or three evenings a week, sometimes we had a couple of hours, usually less and on one occasions, when for various reasons he had been unable to stay behind for several days in a row, we actually had a 'quickie' in his office during the day. That time was incredibly intense for each of us, hearing the noise of the factory below us, knowing that at any moment someone could come up the stairs and though I still climaxed first, I felt sure that Brian's orgasm came much faster than when we were relaxed and secure in our little room below.

Chapter 6

Going Away

Like many factories ours shut for the three week holiday period and as that began to get close I asked Brian what he and his family were doing during the time off. Of course he knew what was really in my mind - three weeks was a long time - would we be able to see each other!

'I've thought about that a lot Sue - I didn't know what your plans were and wasn't sure how to go about asking how you'd feel about what I had in mind.'

'What's that?'

'We rent a house on the northern coast for a couple of weeks, my wife was born in the town and as there are good fishing spots nearby we've got into the habit of me visiting them while she visits her relatives and old friends. I thought that if you came up for the middle week-end I could find a motel for you to stay at - and during the day we could go off somewhere together.'


He laughed. 'No, not fishing darling. We could walk, hire a boat on the river, surf, lie in the sun, whatever you like.'

'Make love all day?'

He grinned. 'Well maybe not all day but I did have in mind that we would have time for that too, without being rushed I mean.'

'It's a marvellous idea Brian, I'd love to come.'

The look of surprised happiness on his face told me that for some reason he hadn't really expected me to agree to his idea and the way he hugged and kissed me when he stopped outside my house showed just how excited he was at the thought of us having a one or two days together, rather than just one or two hours.

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