tagLetters & TranscriptsSummer Camp Letters #05

Summer Camp Letters #05



Sorry I haven't written to you in so long. I got so busy with the canoeing camps and have been doing a lot of the camp activities at night. I read your last letter and that's fine if you can't write to me so much. Actually, how about this be my last letter? We'll be seeing each other on the Labor Day weekend and that's only three weeks away.

I did masturbate while I read that letter. I'd love for you to sneak into my bedroom. I might scream when I first wake up, but you could just tie me up. You know I love when you tie me up. I know we only did it once, but it was so hot. Did you enjoy tying me up? I know your cock was so hard. You made me suck it for so long. You really did love sliding your cock in and out of my mouth. That was such a great night.

I haven't fucked anyone in a while. I promise. I've wanted to, but held back. Sandy and I have played a bit, but we talked about this before and girls don't count. O.K. I know you too well. I bet you're scanning down to see if I give you a description of what Sandy and I did. Fine I'll tell you.

It was a night where the power went off. There was a big storm and so we were all sitting in the living room area. Sandy was next to me and we had a blanket over us. I think she touched me first and when I cuddled close she continued to touch me. My nipples were so hard and she stroked them just right. I almost came right there.

I knew that we couldn't continue doing this in the main room so we both went back to our rooms. She doesn't' have a roommate either so we went to my room. This way no one would find out. We kissed and it was so sexy. She has a tongue ring too and we flicked them against each other. She must have done this before because before I knew it she was licking my pussy and it was heaven.

I came all over her face and she didn't stop. She just kept going. At one point, I heard her whisper for me to be quiet. I guess I was moaning too loud. After she made me cum two more times, we kissed and cuddled. I fingered her and she taught me some new tricks that made me cum so easily. We are going to try those tricks when we get back together.

She rubbed around the entrance of my pussy and stretched it a bit. It felt amazing. It was like a cock was entering me, but hotter. Then she tapped on my g-spot. It was so amazing; my legs started shaking so bad. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure. Both of them together were driving me crazy because I wanted her to stop and continue. I pulled on her gorgeous blonde hair and made her suck on my clit. I gushed so much into her mouth and she was smiling so wide.

After I came, she made me do the same things to her. It was so cute. She pretended I was a student and she was a teacher. I had to practice until I got it perfect. She's barely twenty years old. Was I that silly at that age?

We fell asleep in each other's arms, but thank heavens, she left before the sun rose. No one knew a thing and we didn't do anything after that point. Yeah, I know you wanted to hear more.

I can't wait until Labor Day weekend. I get home on the Saturday and plan to get a wax, get my hair styled, and my nails done. I'm also going to go and buy a new outfit. I was thinking of buying that schoolgirl's uniform you told me you liked. I know you'd love to fuck a naughty schoolgirl. I know you'll love me in that short plaid skirt and tight white top. I might go buy a red or black bra so you can see it underneath.

The moment you get home, expect me at your door ready to pounce. I know your parents always go away that weekend so we'll have your house to ourselves. I'm going to wear you out and fuck you until you pass out.

Your horny girlfriend.


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