tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSummer of '77 Ch. 05

Summer of '77 Ch. 05


Adam couldn't help but notice how nice Rachel looked in her leotard. It must have been a new one because he hadn't seen that particular color.

The purple tights only drew more attention to the young girl, and her 18-year-old body was shown off quite well. The loose-fitting white top she had on also allowed her big breasts to bounce around a bit, as her bra could only keep them constrained to a degree. She sat down right next to Adam, pulling her knees up to her chest and holding them there, seemingly showing off her legs to him and teasing him.

"What are you doing up so early perv?" she asked. He smiled and made up an excuse. He didn't dare tell her the real reason, which involved the spectacle that had just taken place in the bathroom.

"I couldn't sleep so I took a shower - I might go back to sleep soon," he said. She turned to him and playfully stuck her bare feet in his face.

"Get away," he said, although he actually liked it. She laughed, then stuck them in his face again.

"Here, smell my feet. Don't they smell like apples?" she asked. He couldn't resist taking a sniff, and they did in fact smell awfully pretty, and in fact just like apples.

"It's a new soap I used," she said. "I took a shower over at Brandi's since you and Natalie hog the frickin' shower all morning."

Rachel again put her feet right up in Adam's face, and he, sort of obediently, rubbed his nose up and down each one.

"You're such a perv - you like me feet don't you," she said teasingly. Now she took her feet away and put them back down on the sofa.

"What are you gonna do today? I don't want you just sitting around all day," she said in a bossy tone.

"You're not the boss of me," he fired back.

"Adam, I'm your big sister, you better start respecting me as such," she said.

"Rachel, you're my big sister by a month and a half," he fired back.

"Well even so," she replied. Just then, there was a knock at the door.

"Oh, that must be Uncle Dick," Rachel said, flying up from the sofa and heading to the door.

Adam remained on the sofa, turning his ear to the door to hear his uncle come in.

"Hi Uncle Dick," Rachel said happily. They made small talk that Adam couldn't quite make out, then he heard them approach.

"Yeah if you're off today it'd be great for you to hang around and work out with me," Rachel said to Dick. "When I don't have the aerobics class I usually just work out here. Lemme get you some water. You can talk to Adam."

The boy saw his "uncle" and boss walk into the family room, and they politely greeted each other. Adam was taken back by Dick's outfit, which included black spandex tights, just like the leotard Rachel was wearing but a different color. Dick's shirt was just a regular Kentucky Colonels basketball tee, but his pants - they kind of stood out. Or rather, something in them stood out.

Adam, trying almost not to notice, could easily make out a large tubular bulge snaking all the way down Dick's thigh.

"Here 'ya go, Uncle Dick," Rachel said, handing him a big glass of ice water.

"Thanks, Rachel," he said. "And please, you don't have to call me 'uncle.' It sounds so formal. You kids are grown up now, we can be on a first-name basis."

"Oh...," Rachel said, taking a sip of some iced tea she just made. "So...just call you Dick?"

"Just plain old Dick," he answered back. She couldn't help but giggle.

"So how was traffic, Dick?" Rachel asked him, addressing him again by name just for her own enjoyment.

"Wasn't bad," he said. "Glad I'm not working today - me and Adam would have been frying out there. Supposed to go up to 100 degrees in some places."

"Jesus Christ, Dick," Rachel answered. Adam almost smacked her for repeating his name again. But their guest didn't seem to notice she was having a little fun with him.

Just then the three got a little quiet, as they gave in to complete silence and let a few moments pass. Adam glanced over at Rachel, and he noticed her eyes probing Dick's lower half, and then her eyes seemed to settle on a fixed point. She glanced back and forth at it a few times before she looked away with her eyes opened really wide, giving this look like 'okay, that's kind of obscene.' Adam knew what she had just noticed.

"I like your pants," Rachel said to her guest. Again, Adam could have smacked her. No need to draw more attention to the thing.

"Thanks," Dick said. "You said we'd be doing aerobics so I went all out - got a pair of these at the mall the other day."

Rachel looked openly at his bugle now, with a delightful grin.

"They make my legs feel good," Dick said.

'Yeah,' Adam thought to himself, 'all three of them.'

Since Rachel and Dick had seemingly developed a friendship over recent days, Adam felt a little bit out of place. And sure enough, Rachel urged him out of the room.

"Shew, shew," she said, gently pushing him. "We're gonna watch an exercise tape. I want you out."

Having nowhere else to go in the house, Adam figured he would head upstairs and go back to sleep.

He saw Natalie was in the bathroom, with the door half open. He tried to sneak by and go back into his room, but she caught him.

"Adam, what are you doing?" she asked, just as he was about to enter his room and collapse onto the bed.

"Nothing," he answered, going up to the bathroom door but not entering - he didn't know if she was decent or not. Now, she opened the door to see him, and it didn't bother her that now Adam could see her in her bra and panties. And these weren't granny panties - they Her panties had a bikini-style cut to them, as the pink, satin beauties showed off almost all of Natalie's gorgeous legs, and her perfect butt. Adam loved how her big ass cheeks stood out, like huge half moons. If he wasn't afraid of the consequences, he would have gotten on his knees and kissed her ass right then and there. Adam also couldn't even see any tan lines. Did Natalie sun bathe in the nude? If so, when, and where...

"Don't forget all that I told you to do," she said while applying lipstick.

"I know, I know - the bank and the store," he said. She turned to him, and her boobies bounced a bit in her bra as she did so.

"And if Dick calls and needs your help with anything, you go do it," she said.

"Dick is here," Adam answered her.

"Dick's here?" she asked, with the lipstick still in her hand.

"He's downstairs," Adam told her. She still gave him a blank stare.

"He's doing aerobics with Rachel today," the boy explained. Now, she gave him a look of bewilderment.

"Dick? Doing aerobics?" she asked, now giggling. The thought of the big man doing such exercises made her laugh.

"He's wearing a leotard and everything," Adam told his step mom.

"He's wearing a - oh, this I have to see," she said, now putting on her skirt. The way she shimmied her way into that tight skirt had Adam's heart racing. Her ass looked so damn good as she wriggled around. Although it may have been a pipe dream, Adam imagined her shimmying down onto his cock in the same fashion.

Natalie put on a pink blouse and headed downstairs with Adam.

They went into the family room, and heard the television blaring, with its two viewers working up a sweat.

"Hi ya' Dick," Natalie said gladly. "Wow, I thought pigs would fly the day I saw you do aerobics."

He explained to her he needed to get in better shape, and since Rachel was so kind as to work out with him, he took advantage of the opportunity.

As Dick came to a full stop in his workout, and just stood there, Natalie made small talk with him and eventually began looking him over.

"See ya' even bought a leo-...a leotard...," she said, trailing off. Her neck craned to one side, like she thought she was looking at an optical illusion. She then clenched her mouth with her hand, then covered her eyes and laughed.

"What is it, Mom?" Rachel asked with a laugh. She had an idea what Natalie was so stunned by.

"No, nothing, nothing," Natalie said, playing along. "It's just...well I guess I haven't seen many men in leotards before."

Rachel defended Dick's attire, saying how it was the perfect outfit for the type of exercises they would be doing.

"Well that's all fair and good, it's just...," Natalie said, blatantly staring at his bulge. "Just...certain things are on display but that's, you know what, if that's what you wear, that's what you wear."

Rachel couldn't help but chuckle, and Adam began to get excited as both women eyed Dick's massive cock bulge.

"Well, let's go, Adam, I'll drive you to the bank and then you can walk back," she said. "You need some exercise too, young man."

As they got into the car, Natalie had yet to even turn the key in the ignition, but she had to say something.

"Did you see Dick in his leotard?" she asked with a laugh. "My goodness gracious."

"I-I-I-I," Adam began stuttering, trying to say something, but Natalie kept on talking.

"When they made leotards for men, I don't think they had Dick in mind," she said with that big, hearty laugh of hers. "That's an image I'll have in my mind all day at work now."

Adam, meanwhile, couldn't forget the image of her in her little pink panties, and how she had no tan lines whatsoever, unless she sunbathed in a bikini and he just couldn't see the tan lines. But Adam liked to imagine her totally nude. He couldn't help but ask about the situation.

"Nat, do you lay out a lot, in the sun?" he asked.

As she made a right turn on red, out of their complex, she answered him.

"Uh, yeah, sweetie, why?" she asked.

"No, I was just wondering," he said. "What do you wear, like, a bathing suit?"

He saw her face light up with a big smile.

"Actually, honey, I don't wear anything," she told him. Almost like a reflex, his penis began to grow into a nice erection.

"R-really?" he asked. She nodded with a big grin. "When do you usually lay out? And where?"

"Wouldn't you like to know!" she said loudly, and with much amusement.

Adam blushed. She looked down at him quickly, not wanting to take her eyes off the road. But she saw his slight embarrassment.

"Wow, you really want to see me naked don't you," she said openly. He couldn't argue. Besides, he was too excited and too shy to speak right now.

"Well, sweetie, sometimes we all want things that can't, well, that just can't happen," she said teasingly, turning into the bank.

"I'd like to go to the moon but that's never gonna happen," she said with a big laugh. She pulled into a parking space, and was waiting for Adam to get up and leave.

"It's kind of unfair. You've seen me naked a bunch of times but I don't get to see you naked?" he asked. He was really reaching now.

She smiled, almost laughing at him. But she was gentle about it.

"Not everything in life is fair, sweetie," she said, gently patting his leg. "The sooner you learn that, the better off you are."

With her hand on his leg, it created a soothing feeling, and he took her advice. He said goodbye to her for the day and headed into the bank.


Adam decided to hang out at the mall for a while that afternoon since Rachel and Dick would be taking up the family room.

He could only pass so much time though before starting to get bored, and he walked back to the house, groceries in hand, and headed inside. He saw Dick's van was still parked outside, so he figured he still must be hanging out with Rachel.

Sure enough, they were relaxing in the family room, chowing down on pasta and watching television. Rachel urged her stepbrother in, and he sat down on the sofa next to her.

"We had such a good workout," she said, crossing her legs. "Dick really got into it."

Adam glanced over at his "uncle," and saw that his man part looked even more outlandish now, possibly from looking at Rachel in her leotard all morning. Dick's penis reached all the way down to his lower thigh. It was so big it might be stretching out the leotard, Rachel began to think during the workout.

Just then, much to everyone's surprise, someone came through the door, and it was Natalie, who had taken a half day.

"I just have so much to do outside I just wanted to get home," she said. "Dick, I could really use your help if you have time."

He said 'no problem,' and headed to the bathroom for a minute. While he was out of the room, Rachel wasted no time addressing his choice of wardrobe that day.

"Did you see Dick in his leotard?" she asked her mom with a big smile.

"Did I see Dick in his leotard? I saw Dick's dick, that's what I saw," Natalie said in a direct fashion. She didn't usually use vulgar words around the kids, but if the situation warranted it, and this one certainly did, she couldn't help but let a few choice words slip by. Rachel laughed at her mom's assessment.

"It's not THAT noticeable," Rachel teased.

"It's not that noticeable? Are you kidding me?" Natalie replied. Just then the toilet flushed, and Dick headed back into the family room.

"Did you hear me telling Rachel I could see your dick?" she asked him casually with a laugh. Dick was a little surprised by her openness, and tried to act casual.

"No, I didn't hear that," he said. "Is it showing?"

This was an open invitation for the two women to check out his ample package, and his bulge was so blatantly obvious that the leotard almost served no purpose.

"I can even make out the head for crying out loud," Natalie said. "Looks like a big mushroom."

This sent Rachel into hysterics, and Adam was jealous of Dick at this moment. He wished he had something like his, but at least got to listen on the women admiring the big dong that was right before them.

"You could work out nude if you wanted?" Rachel suggested jokingly to Dick. Natalie gave her a harsh look, but then found the idea amusing.

"Yeah but he needs something to keep it in place," Natalie said. "All the jumping and stretching and contorting you guys do, his...well, you know...would be flopping all over the place."

Rachel laughed her head off, and Adam had to sit down now. The way his stepsister and step mom talked so openly about Dick's anatomy, it had quite an effect on Adam.

"You okay, Adam?" Rachel asked with a laugh, noticing Adam had abruptly taken a seat. He shrugged it off like he was fine, and tried to hide his huge boner. Luckily, he was wearing pretty baggy shorts.

"Well come on, Dick, you have to help me," Natalie said. "And please get changed. I don't want you walking around outside in...that."

Adam and Rachel both left the room, with Rachel heading upstairs to get changed and Adam heading outside to take the trash down to the curb.

About 10 minutes later, he came back into the house through the back door, and he was about to walk into the family room but stopped in his tracks. Dick was standing in the family room completely naked, in the middle of getting dressed but taking his good old time. And Natalie was in the room with him, not shying away from checking out his big penis, which drooped down, hanging almost halfway to his knees.

"Don't know why you were wearing those silly pants," Natalie scolded Dick. "Couldn't you wear something a little less revealing? I don't want you corrupting my 18-year-old daughter."

Natalie appeared upset, but she was also laughing at the same time, kind of amused by Dick's behavior. And she knew Rachel got a kick out of it.

"Cripes, you might as well have been wearing a shirt that says 'I have a big one,'" Natalie teased him.

As Dick loved to do, he showed off his big penis to Natalie, swaying his hips so it smacked against his thighs in a lewd fashion. Completely used to his nudity, she appeared unphased.

"That bitch - I hate to call somebody a bitch but she is just such a bitch - that bitch at work stole my parking space again when I came back from lunch," she told Dick.

"Really? Did you say something to her?" he asked calmly as he slowly reached for his change of clothes. All he had to do was put on his underwear and shorts, but he delayed the action just so he could be naked before Natalie. And she didn't mind the display.

"I don't want to make any waves, Dick," she said, her gaze falling upon his huge hanging penis as she pondered something. "Just sucks though. I'd love to get her fired."

Adam snuck back outside before the two could hear him, and decided to shoot some hoops to pass the time. Dick had yet to get fully dressed.


In the days that followed, there were some changes for young Adam. He no longer had to work for his "uncle," but Natalie took advantage of the opportunity and hired him for some part-time help around the office.

"I'm going to exploit you," she would tease him. Natalie had worked her way up to an executive position, and needed a young guy like Adam to take care of the more menial tasks.

This included anything from running errands, to getting coffee for Natalie and her female co-workers. She was bossy with him around the house, but around the office, even more so.

"Adam, I told you 10 times I need these files organized alphabetically," she told him on one occasion.

"Adam, I need you to make all of these calls before you take your lunch break," was another one of her demands.

He put up with all the bossiness just to get some extra money for when he went away to school, but also seeing Natalie in her hot business outfits was another perk. Many times, she would wear short skirts that would ride up high by the time the work day was coming to an end.

He would try to hang around her desk as much as possible. She would also take off her shoes a lot towards the end of the day, which allowed him to see her cute stocking-covered feet as she curled her toes against the carpet.

Adam also began to notice that the majority of Natalie's co-workers - in fact all six of them that worked in her office - were women. Either that was by design, or some coincidence, but Adam didn't mind being surrounded by such a nice group of powerful, attractive females.

And Natalie's position of power was rare for a female in those days, making her that much more confident, and at times arrogant. But she always had complete control of her office.

"Adam, these files need to be in perfect order by Friday," she told her stepson one afternoon. "The district manager is coming by and he can a real prick sometimes, so please make sure everything is perfectly in order."

Yes, she didn't shy away from using a harsh word now and again to get her point across. And it had a full impact on Adam. He always did as told.

Another day, when Adam came back a little early from lunch, he saw Natalie sitting on the desk of one of her friend's, and the two were whooping it up about something or other. Natalie did not see Adam coming right away, so that allowed him to eavesdrop on their conversation just a bit.

"You won't feel out of place, I swear," Natalie told her friend.

"And it's just the men that are...?," the woman replied.

"Just the men," Natalie answered.

"And what do we wear?" asked the woman.

"Anything. Just something casual," Natalie answered.

Natalie then saw her step son come into view, and was visibly startled, like she and her friend were talking about something she didn't want him to hear. Adam had butterflies in his stomach thinking about what that subject could have been. His mind raced, and immediately a possibility came up - when Natalie's friend asked "and it's just the men that are...," leaving the last word blank, was that last word "naked?"

Was Natalie inviting her young friend to a "CFNM" party? Adam had no way of knowing for certain. In fact they could have been talking about anything. But he couldn't get the thought out of his head.

"Well you're back from lunch early there kiddo," Natalie said, getting up off her friend's desk.

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