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Summer Slavery


You may want to read the first part, Financial Domination, to see the original context for this account.

My mistress, Mistress Angela, has commanded me to write another account of how we live. I have been Mistress Angela's money slave and cuckold for six months now. She moved in with me a little over four months ago.

We quickly settled into a routine after she moved in. During the day, I'm working and Mistress Angela goes to the gym and school. I've never seen her study, so I assume she studies while I'm at work.

In the evening when I get home, I take off my clothes and prepare dinner for Mistress Angela. When she comes downstairs I put dinner on the table, stand across from her, and listen as she tells me about her day while she eats. She's had me on a diet since she took over my life. I've lost fifteen pounds so far. She wants me to lose another fifteen pounds.

After dinner, we go down to the basement where Mistress Angela shackles me in leather wrist restraints hanging from the ceiling and leather ankle restraints chained to the floor. She whips my back and legs with a leather flogger and paddles my bottom with a wooden paddle. Afterwards, she locks me in a lounger throne I built for her. She takes off her shoes, pants, and panties, and relaxes with her dewy pussy inches from my face while she watches TV. After she's finished watching TV, she unlocks me from the throne and goes to bed. I sleep on her old double bed in the basement while she has the upstairs three rooms of the townhouse to herself.

I clean the townhouse, do the shopping, and run errands on the weekends. On Friday and Saturday nights, Mistress Angela shackles me in her bedroom. I stand and watch while she gets dressed and goes out clubbing. She brings back Brad, Chris, or Steve, and they fuck while I watch. Some time afterwards, she drags herself out of bed and unlocks me from the shackles, so I can return to the basement and get some sleep.

Sunday evening, while I'm in the basement shackles, Mistress Angela unlocks the chrome steel cock cage I wear, cleans my cock with a washcloth, and allows me to jerk off in her hand before she locks my cock for the week.

I was so accustomed to Mistress Angela teasing me with her pussy while locked in the throne, that she surprised me the first time she commanded me to eat it. I didn't notice anything different until I heard what sounded like a porn move playing on the TV. She fingered herself for a while before she slid down the throne and commanded, "Eat my pussy, slave."

It had been about a month since I last tasted Mistress Angela's pussy. I licked and sucked on her clit while she bucked and moaned to two or three orgasms. She slid back on the throne and watched TV for a while. The smell of her pussy and the taste in my mouth aroused me as much as the cock cage allowed.

Now that a few months have passed, I can see that Mistress Angela allows me to eat her pussy about once a month. I'm pretty sure she's having her period, since I've noticed the tampon string. Twice she surprised me and let me eat her pussy on another day, but so far it hasn't been more than twice in a month.

The week after school finished for the summer, Mistress Angela surprised me again. I came home from work Friday to find the house clean and the grocery shopping done. I found a note on the dining room table. "Having a couple of friends over, make steaks with mashed potatoes for three. We'll be back around eight." I took a shower and prepared dinner.

Mistress Angela and her friends came home just before eight. I remembered Brad, but I was surprised to see Sonya. I'd met Sonya almost a year ago when I went one night to the Gold Club to see Mistress Angela. This dancer with shoulder length blonde hair and large fake breasts sat down and I bought her a drink. Talking to her, I found out she was thirty-two and enjoyed talking about female domination. I took her in the Champagne Room, and she really seemed to enjoy sitting on my lap and listening to me tell my stories of female domination while she smoked.

I stood beside the dining room table and listened while they ate and talked. As best as I could tell, Sonya was still working at the Gold Club and broke up with her boyfriend about a month ago, so Mistress Angela invited her over to have some fun. After dinner, we went downstairs into the basement, and Mistress Angela and Brad watched while Sonya flogged and paddled me. Sonya was more forceful than Mistress Angela, and my back, bottom, and legs stung for a while after she mercifully stopped.

Mistress Angela showed Sonya how she locked me in the throne, and went upstairs with Brad after Sonya took off her shoes, pants, and panties, and made herself comfortable on the throne. She watched TV for a while before she slid down and had me eat her to two or three orgasms. She had a tangier taste, not as sweet as Mistress Angela. She slid back on the throne and watched TV for a while before she turned the TV off, unlocked me, and took me upstairs.

Mistress Angela and Brad were already lying in bed when we got there. Sonya locked me in the shackles by the bed, took off the rest of her clothes, and crawled onto the bed. I watched Brad pound Sonya's pussy in the doggie position. It was arousing watching her large breasts swing back and forth. When she collapsed on the bed in orgasmic pleasure, Brad flipped her over and fucked her missionary style until she convulsed and cried out in another orgasm.

Brad moved in between Mistress Angela and Sonya, kissing them. Mistress Angela climbed up on Brad, mounting him, and riding his cock to more orgasms. Sonya got up and rode Brad's cock to another orgasm. I watched amazed as the women took turns riding Brad. I lost count of the orgasms. It seemed like hours before both women lay exhausted on the bed, mewing contently. The room reeked of sex.

Some time passed before Mistress Angela dragged herself out of bed and unlocked me from the shackles. I made my way into the basement and fell into bed; tired but happy thinking about the exhibition I'd seen.

The next morning, I made breakfast for Mistress Angela and her friends. She informed me that we were going to the beach. I put together some sunscreen and towels in two beach bags and loaded up the car. We arrived at the beach three hours later. While I set up an umbrella and spread a couple of blankets, Mistress Angela and Brad went to play in the water.

I rubbed sunscreen on Mistress Angela and Sonya when they commanded me. The women took turns rubbing sunscreen on Brad. When I wasn't doing anything else, I sat under the umbrella, reading and enjoying the view of the ocean. The cock cage reminded me when I looked at too many women wearing bikinis. Later in the day, after most of the crowd had left, Sonya tied my wrists and ankles together behind my back and had me kneel in front of her while she ate. I was hungry, having not eaten since breakfast, and she teased me mercilessly with the french fries and pizza she bought on the boardwalk while Mistress Angela and Brad watched and laughed.

We got home rather late. Brad and Mistress Angela went upstairs, while Sonya and I went into the basement. Sonya commanded me to towel her dry after she finished her shower. After I took my shower, she tied my wrists and ankles to the corners of my double bed, and sat on my chest. She lit a cigarette, took a puff, and grinned at me.

"It's been a while since I've seen you, Bert. Have you missed me?"

I smiled. "Yes Sonya, I've missed you."

Sonya cupped her hands under her breasts. "I bet you've missed these too." She took another puff and laughed. "And you still can't touch them!"

I looked up longingly at Sonya's face while she finished her cigarette.

Sonya put her hands on my chest. "Angela's been telling me about your relationship. I'm a little jealous. Do you like being her slave?"

I squirmed. "Yes. She's nice, although I wish she spent more time with me."

Sonya smiled. "Did you enjoy watching Brad fuck us last night?"

"Yes. I'd never seen a man fuck so long, except in a porn movie."

Sonya shivered. "He's a chiseled fucking machine. I needed to be fucked like that after I caught my so-called boyfriend cheating on me last month." She rubbed my chest with her hands. "And now I need something else. I need to cuddle and snuggle with you tonight." She leaned over and kissed me.

I felt Sonya's soft breasts press into me as she lowered herself on my chest. I could taste the cigarette smoke as she kissed me over and over again. She lifted herself up and put one of her nipples into my mouth. I sucked on her nipple until she pulled it away.

Sonya cuddled against me for a while. She lit another cigarette. She took a puff and kissed me when she exhaled, blowing the smoke into my mouth. After she finished her cigarette she kissed me and snuggled against me until she fell asleep.

It took me a while longer to fall asleep. My arms and legs stiffened, and I had trouble sleeping bound to the bed. I was stiff and tired the next day when Sonya woke up and untied me. After breakfast, Brad, Mistress Angela, and Sonya lounged around all day watching movies. I brought snacks to them and took care of the bills when they didn't need me.

That night, Sonya brought me up to Mistress Angela's bedroom. Instead of shackling me, Sonya tied me spread eagle to the queen size bed. Mistress Angela got on her hands and knees over me, and Brad got behind her and fucked. I had a great view of her breasts swinging in front of me. When she collapsed, she fell on my chest and snuggled. It was the first time in months I'd felt her soft breasts, and I was painfully aroused. After she snuggled a while, she got on her hands and knees again, and Brad fucked her until she collapsed on me again. She did this three times before she climbed off the bed and watched while Sonya took her turn. Afterwards, Brad went downstairs and Mistress Angela and Sonya snuggled against me.

"Oh Sonya, you're right. This is more fun than just having him watch us."

Sonya smiled. "Told you so."

They snuggled against me for a while before they untied me and commanded me to go to bed. I made my way down to the basement, tired but happy.

One Saturday Sonya brought over an old straight-backed dining room chair. I wondered what it was for until I was brought up to the bedroom, gagged, and cuffed to the chair to watch Brad fuck Mistress Angela and Sonya. After they finished fucking, they fell asleep and left me cuffed to the chair all night. I slept fitfully through the night, and felt tired all the next day. From that night on, I was cuffed to the chair for my cuckolding.

Mistress Angela had Sonya and one of her fuck friends over every weekend. We went out somewhere every Saturday. We went to the beach a few times. We went hiking in the mountains once. I wore a backpack, carrying picnic food and supplies. After we hiked for an hour, we stopped in a clearing off the path. I spread a blanket, and Sonya had me kneel in front of a small tree. She tied my wrists and ankles behind the tree. I watched while the women got undressed and had a naked picnic. After they ate and rested for a while, they took turns fucking with Brad.

Once we rented a boat to sail out on the bay. Once we got away from shore, the women stripped out of their bathing suits to work on their tans. I put sunscreen on them and watched them sun while Brad steered. Later, they tied me to the mast and had me watch while Brad fucked them.

One Saturday we went to an all afternoon and night concert. Mistress Angela surprised me by commanding me to act like her pet dog during the concert. After taking off my shirt, she buckled a dog collar around my neck and snapped a dog leash on the collar before I got down on my hands and knees. Several people came over during the day to comment on the tattoo on my back, "Property of Mistress Angela". I guess I was lucky they couldn't see the "Cuckold" tattoo on my abdomen. I was commanded to bark for several people. Several women grabbed my cock to feel the chrome steel cock cage Mistress Angela told them I was wearing. Mistress Angela had me drink water out of a dog bowl. By the end of the concert I was lightheaded from hunger and being in the sun all day. When we got home, I had to sit up and beg like a dog before Sonya put a bowl of beef stew on the floor. They laughed watching me lap up the stew on my hands and knees.

Sonya enjoyed coming up with new torments for me, like the cuddling and the dining room chair. She relished teasing me with food, like she did on the beach. Sometimes they'd have me go the whole day without eating, and I'd order a pizza when we got home. When the pizza arrived Sonya would tie me to a dining room chair. Sonya and Mistress Angela would tease me with the pizza while they ate. After they finished they would smoke, blowing smoke at my face and on the food. After they finished smoking they would feed me pepperoni slices. I thought about food a lot more because of her teasing.

One night Sonya tied me face down on my bed, and she and Mistress Angela took turns straddling my thighs and dripping hot candle wax on my back and bottom. I didn't care for it, but they seemed to enjoy themselves.

Mistress Angela and Sonya enjoyed having me kneel in front of them and hold their ashtray while they sat on the sofa, smoked, and read the Sunday newspaper. One time, Sonya commanded me to put the ashtray down and lick the side and sole of her boot while she smoked. Mistress Angela liked that, so she bought some patent leather boots for me to lick.

Sonya enjoyed sitting on the toilet and watching me scrub the bathroom floor on my hands and knees with a bucket and hand brush. She would flick her cigarette ashes on the floor and watch while I scrubbed that spot again.

Once, instead of locking me in the lounger, Sonya stood me at the foot of my bed and cuffed my wrists and ankles behind my back. While Mistress Angela and Brad sat and watched, she clipped clothespins on my nipples. She stood in front of me, smiled, and said, "Slave, you have to make me come before I take the clothespins off."

Sonya sat on the foot of the bed and spread her legs open. I knelt on the floor and moved my face in between my legs. Suddenly, Sonya grabbed my hair, pulled my head away, and crossed her legs. I heard Mistress Angela laugh as Sonya lit a cigarette and blew the smoke down at me. I looked up with throbbing nipples while Sonya nonchalantly smoked. When she finally finished her cigarette, she lay back on the bed, and opened her legs. I moved in, licking her wet pussy and sucking on her clit. A bit after she had a quivering orgasm, she stood up and helped me to get on my feet. Grinning, she quickly unclipped the clothespins from my nipples. Mistress Angela and Brad laughed watching me grimace and squirm from the pain shooting through my nipples.

Once school started again in the fall, Mistress Angela and I went back to our non-summer routine. She teases me by mentioning how much Sonya's looking forward to visiting us next summer.

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