Super Hero Ch. 07


Chapter 7 "Commandress Penis and her trusty sidekick, Penis Boy

He slept well into the next morning. He slipped into the little black ruffle number he had worn to the office and headed into the kitchen to find a pot of coffee already made. He poured himself a cup and walked into the living room where he found the Commandress.

"Good morning sleepy head," she smiled. "How is my penis boy this morning?" She was wearing her nightie with matching see-through panties.

"Fine," he said taking a sip of coffee. "Man, I can't remember the last time I slept this late."

"All that dick must have really worn you out," she teased. "You made a great impression with my friends." He shot her a smile.

"I'm going shopping this afternoon. Which do you like best, thongs or panties?" He could feel his cheeks turning red. "Silk or satin? Bows or ruffles?" She noticed his face was completely red now. How cute she thought. "Don't worry baby. I'll get you a little of everything," she smiled thoughtfully.

He threw her a smile. Her cock had grown hard too.

She saw him notice. "Do you want a little cream with that coffee?" she asked with that wicked little grin of hers. She turned towards him and spread her legs. Her cute little panties were tented obscenely.

He eased between her legs. He gave her a grin and slowly pulled her panties back watching her cock flop back and hit her stomach before standing straight up. He inched forward and kissed the tip making it dance. He suppressed his grin. He worked his tongue slowly around the ridge just as she liked.

"What do you think of your costume?" she asked watching his tongue. He lowered his mouth down her shaft. It wasn't so much the costume, per se. The cool satin felt really good against his skin. But why did he have one at all? Costumes were her thing, not his.

He went down her shaft and eased slowly back up making it glisten. "'s nice and everything." He kissed the tip again. "I was just wondering why I have a costume." He slid back down several inches and worked his tongue over the slit.

The moan escaped her lips easily. He was already better than the girls she used to date...way back when. That's one of the reasons she switched to boys.

"Don't tell me you bought that singing telegram bit?" she said watching his head bob up and down. "Oh no sugar...I'm strictly special order." She exhaled loudly, "Damn that's good."

He eased up to the tip, circled his tongue around the ridge one more time, "Special order?" he asked. He worked his tongue along the side of her shaft headed for her balls.

"Absolutely. The wild adventures of Commandress Penis and her trusty sidekick, Penis Boy," she smiled. "That's you. Don't you read the erotic comic books? We're famous...and we're expensive."

Just after lunch she went shopping and he headed to the local adult book store. He found the comics and looked for Commandress Penis. And there it was, bigger than life. The cover showed a busty blonde in the exact same costume she wore. And standing right behind her was Penis Boy, red satin and all.

He felt his palms get sweaty. He looked around nervously before opening the comic book. He thumbed through page after page. He closed it and stuck it back on the shelf. He looked around once again and left.

She walked in the door later that afternoon arms filled with boxes and sacks. "Hello baby. You are not going to believe the things I bought for you," she smiled. "Some of them are simply outrageous," she winked.

She walked back to his room and dumped he boxes on his bed. She rummaged through the sacks apparently looking for something in particular. "Here it is," she said pulling out a flaming red satin thong. It had a little pouch in the front for his balls and a tube looking thing for his cock. And there was a cute little bow centered at the top in the front and another in back. "Put it on baby...let me see!"

He pulled his black panties off and slid into the red thong. He was trying to stuff his cock into the satin tube, "Tell me, in the comics, does Penis Boys always..."

"Yes, always," she said with that grin, "you lucky devil."

By then he had his cock all the way inside the satin tube, "Oh my...I think these are my favorite." She grabbed the satin tube, felt him growing hard. "Don't you just love them?"

Soon he was sucking her cock again.

He spent that afternoon learning how to paint her fingernails and toenails. He made dinner and cleaned the dishes. Then he fixed drinks for them to enjoy after dinner in the living room.

When he brought the drinks out he noticed her sitting on the couch with all his new panties in a pile next to her.

"Now take those off sugar," she said taking a sip from her drink. He did and she handed him the pair on top. He started to put them on, but she stopped him. "No baby...wrap them around that cute little cock of yours." He grinned wrapping it around his erection.

"Now...jack off. Fast, slow...I don't care. But don't you dare cum!" He grinned again. "And fair are going to do that with every pair in this pile. So pace yourself."

He pretty much knew by the end of the weekend that certain things had changed for him...probably forever.

He didn't realize just how much until a few days later. He came home from work to find her in full costume, "Time to suit up mister. We have our first call together."

He immediately fell apart. He figured this day would come, but he pushed it from his mind. He no longer had that luxury. He went back to his bedroom and stripped out of his work clothes; including the pink bikini panties she put him in that morning. He walked over to the closet and stared at the red satin costume. Could he do this?

She came barging into his room, "Hey! Let's get a move on. We have places to go, people to see." She walked over and pulled his costume out, "It's the amazing Penis Boy!" she said proudly looking at it. She walked over to the bed and laid it out.

She glanced over and noticed his nervousness. First time jitters. His poor cock was shriveled up to nothing. "Hey, hey, hey...snap out of it!" She reached into her pocket and produced a cock ring. "Now listen up," she said slipping it around his cock and balls. "We are super heroes. We own that place from the minute we walk in, got it?"

She handed him the shorts and he slipped them on. "Now remember...keep a stiff upper lip." But he wasn't listening. "Stiff upper lip...get it?" she giggled. "Penis Boy...stiff upper lip. Ah come on...that's funny." She glanced at his shorts. The cock ring was doing a wonderful job of enhancing his charms. If she didn't miss her guess, he was becoming a little firmer. He just needed to suck a little cock to calm his nerves. Then he would be fine.

"Here, put this on," she said handing him the vest. "Wait!" she corrected herself. She bent down and licked both nipples. As nervous as he was, he was definitely starting to get horny. It was like a chain reaction. Each lick sent a message directly to his crotch where the cock ring amplified it by a factor of six million. Once his cock started growing, there was no stopping it.

She helped him on with his boots and zipped them up in the back. Then it was the mask and cape followed by his gloves and he was ready to go. He looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes naturally went to his crotch where his cock was throbbing. That cock ring made him look like Zeus.

"And now Penis Boy...on to our destiny!" she yelled with her hands on her hips, chest stuck out proudly. She held that pose for a moment, but heard nothing in reply. She waited another moment, but nothing. She turned, found him checking himself out in the mirror. "Hey! Glamour puss," she called out. "This is your part, remember?"

He looked over at her, saw the pose. Yeah, he remembered. "Destiny is dick...which I like to lick...hooray for dick, dick, dick," he said as if reading the small print of a disclaimer for diarrhea medication.

"You've got to be kidding!" she said deadpanned.

He looked over at her, "Can't I just say something like 'I want to suck your cock'? That would be sooo much better."

"Stick with the script baby," she said with that look on her face. "It sold millions of comic books. It's a proven winner. You don't fuck with success."

"Don't fuck with success..." he mocked.

She turned serious. "You do want some dick don't you?" she asked.

The fact of the matter was yes, he very much wanted some dick tonight.

She drove them over to the Clancy. It was a four star hotel in downtown. She pulled right under the porte-cochère of the main entrance where they were met by a swarm of bell boys. They opened the car doors for them and got their first look at their costumes.

They were pretty good keeping a straight face, but he knew they would be telling jokes about this for months to come.

"Any luggage ma'am?"

She shot him that wicked little grin of hers, "I'm packing everything I need sailor."

They made their way through the lobby causing a stir. The Clancy was a nice hotel. The people in the lobby were nice people. They were not accustomed to seeing erotic super heroes walking through the lobby. It just so happened that one of those nice people was upstairs waiting to have the time of his life.

She looked at him on the way up to the penthouse in the elevator, "Remember...we own the place."

"Got it."

The elevator came to a halt and the doors opened on a mini lobby for the penthouse. They walked over to the front door and knocked. It seemed like hours before the guy opened the door. He was wearing a robe and a stunned look, nothing else.

"Hello Mike," she said walking right in. Penis Boy was right behind her. "You know who we are...I trust," she said with that wicked grin. The suite was lavish with huge picture windows looking out over the city. "You can see so much from here," she said staring out. She looked over her shoulder at Penis Boy and pointed to Mike's crotch.

Penis Boy stepped over, dropped to his knees and parted Mike's robe exposing his cock. He leaned forward and kissed it right on the tip. Then he ran his tongue over it slowly.

"Do you see that Mike?" she asked. "I point to a cock... he sucks. That's what penis boys do."

"But then you knew that...didn't you Mike? Penis Boy loves cock. He thinks about it all the time. But knew that too."

Penis Boy had him hard in no time. Sucking cock was definitely his strong suit. Once he had a cock in his mouth, everything changed. He loved the feel of warm flesh against his tongue.

"You know all about Penis Boy..." she said. "Because you want to be a penis boy too...don't you Mike?"

Mike looked over at her with concern.

"You think about cock all the time, but you are afraid someone might find out. That's why you sneak into the bathroom with a Commandress Penis comic book, play with your cock while dreaming of being Penis Boy."

She turned to see the shock on Mike's face. "Your inner self is dying to be bad. I know. I can see it in your eyes."

"Look at him," she said sharply. His eyes went straight to Penis Boy. He watched as that tongue bathed his cock. "He loves to suck cock." She saw the fire in Mike's eyes, "Almost as much as he loves to be fucked. He is a true penis boy."

"You want to be penis boy so bad. All you can think about is dick...lots and lots of dick."

Mike was stunned. She knew it all.

She reached into her purse. "Go into the bathroom...and put these on for me," she said handing him white satin panties, a matching garter belt and white nylon stockings. "And Mike...I don't want to see any of that nasty hair when you come back."

He was so nervous. Mike grabbed the lingerie and headed to the bathroom.

The Commandress looked at Penis Boy, "Bring me a glass of ice. Did you like his cock?"

"Yes, he has a nice one," Penis Boy smiled. He stepped over to the bar and filled a glass with ice.

Mike walked back in the room wearing the white satin ensemble. His panties were stretched tight by the thoughts dancing in his head.

"Someone's been thinking about dick..." Commandress smiled. "Come right over here," she said pointing to Penis Boy.

Mike dropped to his knees, stared at the large red satin lump.

"You want that dick so bad..." she teased. "Reach for that zipper." Mike raised his hand to Penis Boy's zipper and eased it down. "That's right...just like that...see how easy it is..."

She leaned in to his ear, "You have been waiting so long for this very moment." She grinned. "What would a good penis boy do Mike? Huh? Right now...what would he do?"

Mike swallowed hard, "He would reach in that zipper, pull that cock free... and kiss it."

"Mmm that's right Mike. I knew you would know exactly what a good penis boy would do," she said running her finger along his ear. "Do it."

With trembling fingers, Mike reached inside that zipper feeling his very first dick! He felt his face flush as he wrapped his fingers around it. He was having trouble breathing. He pulled it from the red satin, felt it throb between his fingers. "ohhhh man," he said under his breath.

He kissed it right on the head.

"Your first cock," she whispered, "but not your it Mike? Look at it. I want you to remember the first cock you put in your mouth...the first cock you will taste."

Mike stared at Penis Boy's cock, watched the way in throbbed before him. "You have waited so long for this very moment," she grinned. "Suck that cock penis boy." She pulled out her phone. Mike didn't notice. He was staring at his very first cock.

He took a deep breath and eased his lips over that warm flesh. It was better than he dreamed. The Commandress caught the glorious moment with the camera in her phone.

He was going crazy now that he had it between his lips. He was all over that cock.

"Such a naughty boy," she teased. "You should be thinking about pussy...but you don't...all you think about is dick...lots and lots of dick."

Mike could no longer think straight. He was beyond horny. He took as much of that cock inside his mouth as he could.

"Look into his eyes...I want you to look in his eyes as he empties his balls into your hungry mouth...understand penis boy?"

"Mmm hmm," he moaned bringing his eyes up to Penis Boy. He was sucking a man's cock! He could see the nice, slow grin on Penis Boy's face. Commandress took that picture.

"Fuck his face Penis Boy," she commanded. "Use his mouth for your pleasure."

Penis Boy began driving his cock into Mike's mouth, banging his balls against his chin. "That's it...give this penis boy something to remember."

Mike was whimpering and moaning. Penis Boy could feel it coming. He started driving harder and harder. She took that picture too.

"Oooooohhhh FUCK!" Penis Boy screamed as he let loose with a huge stream of thick cum. "Fuck...fuck...fuck," he yelled as his cock repeatedly exploded inside Mike's mouth. There was so much it leaked from the corners, but he kept sucking, swallowing. Commandress snapped as many pictures as she could. Finally Penis Boy trembled one last time and was done.

She reached down and pulled his panties out. "Look how hard you are from sucking cock...drinking cum," she said. "You love that taste...don't you Mike? You can't wait to get more. You are well on your way to being a true penis boy." Then she dumped the entire glass of ice into his panties and closed them.

"Uuuh...ahhh....geeees," Mike whimpered dancing around. His erection shriveled right up. She reached into her purse and pulled out the device, a clear acrylic tube with a collar attached at the end. She took Mike's shriveled up cock and pushed it into the tube. Then she snapped the collar behind his balls and clicked the tube closed. She threaded a tiny little padlock through there holding it locked together.

Mike ran his hand over the thing. His balls were free, but his soft dick was totally encapsulated inside that small tube. That padlock sitting on top pretty much said everything.

"It's not about your dick is it penis boy?" she chuckled. "Oh's about everyone else's." She picked up her phone and took a picture.

Minutes later Mike found himself spread out on the bed. "There's just one more thing...isn't there Mike?" Penis Boy was by his head feeding him cock. She crawled up between his legs. She teased his balls with her erection. "You aren't a real penis boy...until you have been a nice hard cock. Isn't that right...Mike?"

"Mmm hmm," he moaned hesitantly.

"You're going to like being fucked by a girl." And with that she pushed her cock into him causing him to grunt. "How does that cock feel? Is it as good as you dreamed?" she said working it gently.

"You take it so well. I believe you having been using a vibrator," she said taking nice, full strokes. "A big black vibrator...ten inches long...right Mike?"

"Mmm," he grunted. How could she know?

"Fuck my cock," she commanded.

Mike started wiggling his ass, pushing back on her cock, trying to get as much dick as possible. "Faster, harder..." She snapped another picture with her phone.

"God I LOVE COCK!" he screamed deliriously. It was so much better than he could have imagined.

"I know you like nice big cocks," she smiled. "And now Cynthia has a strap on...a nice big one...only big cocks will do...isn't that won't be happy ...unless Cynthia fucks you with a really big cock...isn't that right penis boy?"

Cream started oozing from the slit at the end of that tube as soon as he heard her name.

"You're going to be sucking and fucking that big cock of hers...all the time now... penis boy." Another wave of cream oozed out. "Cynthia is your Commandress now...she found all your nasty little books...your toys."

"Oooh...mmmm," he moaned at the revelation. Commandress was fucking him with full thrusts. "She threw them all away...penis boy." More thrusts. "There is just one toy waiting for you when you go home...and it hangs from your Commandress."

"Aaaaaah.....ohhhh....mmmm," Mike moaned as more cum flowed from the slit.

"She asked me to drop by...give you a little training lesson..." she said getting close herself. "Only a true penis boy will do for her..." The Commandress thrust one last time and exploded. It made Penis Boy so excited he blew another load down his throat.

" you are a true penis boy," she said proudly pulling her cock free. "And tell me Mike...what do true penis boy's say?"

Mike swallowed the last little bit of cum, "Destiny is dick...which I like to lick...hooray for dick, dick, dick."

They left Mike on the bed, depleted and content.

"What about that thing on his cock?" Penis Boy asked as they walked to the elevator.

"Cynthia has the key," Commandress smiled. She pulled out her phone and hit the Send button. "And now she has the pictures too."

The End...Thank you for your vote.

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