You walk into the dark, empty house. I am standing in the shadowy corner, waiting, watching. You flip the light switch and nothing happens. I've already taken the light bulb out, preventing you from seeing me. You curse under your breath and sit your work down. There's my cue. I silently walk up behind you, hand cuffs open and ready. I slap them on your right wrist and pull it back, partially restraining you. You buck back at me, only you cannot fight because I have caught your left arm, and you are safely locked up. I chuckle slightly, and take you back into the bedroom. There are no lights in this room either, but I do not need them. I know where I've placed everything, and I walk you over to a new fixture in the room. Your hands are freed only long enough to be placed into new manacles attacked to a large steel frame that is securely attached to the wall behind you. You yell out to me, still unable to see my face, and receive a short and prompt slap for your outburst.

Your clothes are still on, and I find it a nuisance. I take a pair of scissors out of the drawer by the bed and slowly begin to cut your clothes off. You protest and receive another slap.

Now you are fully naked, and to my liking. I kneel down to your feet and put them in padded restraints. You are fully restrained, and helpless to what I have planned for you.

In my kneeled state, I take your semi-hard cock into my hands, and slowly rub the shaft. I feel you stiffen and then relax at my touch. I open my mouth and take all of your member into me at once. You gasp at the feeling of the head of your cock pressing against the back of my throat. I move my head up, and then roughly back down. You gasp again, and I can hear the chains holding your hands and feet rattle as you try to shift, and become free. I laugh a little at your persistent attempts to free yourself and continue to suck on your cock.

I feel your cock throb as you are approaching the point of no return, and I stop sucking. You yell at me, calling me vulgar names as the feelings subside, and you are left with a hard cock, and too-full balls.

I stand up, and kiss you. Allowing you to taste your cock on my lips. You resist at first, then kiss me back deeply. You are enjoying your experiences tonight, but you don't know all of what I've planned.

I reach down and pull a pin out of the bottom of the steel frame, and then doing the same to the next side. I pull the frame towards me on the track that lay on the floor. Once I have moved it out far enough, I put the pin back in the frame, and release one of your hands, only to turn it around, and place it back into the manacle. I do the same to the other hand, and then your feet until you are facing the wall, your back and ass left vulnerable to my plans.

I run my nails down your back as I reach around to turn a nob, controlling the angle of the top portion of the frame. I turn it until you are at a 90 degree angle. You are frightened now, guessing what I am going to do to you. You are mumbling pleads and requests to spare you, but I had made up my mind long before you arrived home. Your ass will be mine.

I walk out of the room leaving you alone to ponder what I am going to do and get a glass of water in the kitchen. I also retrieve the strap-on dildo I purchased earlier today, and a tube of anal lubricant. I drink my water then place the dildo on my hips, tightening the straps until I'm sure that it won't budge. I take the lubricant and walk back into the room.

By this time you are truly frightened, and I am enjoying hearing your fast breaths. I walk in front of you, my back to the wall, and place the tip of the dildo at your mouth. You purse your lips and refuse to open your mouth. I slap you hard and your mouth opens enough for me to shove the dildo into your mouth, and keep it there. You gag slightly, and the sound of the air gurgling at the back of your throat turns me on. I slowly start fucking your mouth, and then increase the speed, paying you back for all of the times you have done the same to me. Once you have put enough spit on my plastic cock, I walk behind you and press the tip of it at your ass hole. You yell, pleading once again to spare you, but I refuse. I put some lubricant on the tip, and then the shaft, and slowly start to ease it into your ass. You cry out in pain, and I smack your ass for the outburst. I press more of the dildo into your ass. You are resisting and I am growing impatient with you. I pull back slightly, and then ram you, causing you to open up to me, and for you to cry out. I smack your ass lightly, and tell you to calm down, that the pain will only last for a few seconds.

I start moving back and forth, slowly letting your ass get used to the feeling of my cock in it. Then I start to really pound you. You cannot catch your breath as I move my plastic dick in and out of you with great speed. You are trying to touch your cock, which is as hard as a rock, and I laugh, still moving in and out. You are enjoying yourself now, and beg me to fuck you harder, and faster. I agree to your request, and give you the fucking you've always needed. You yell out as you come all over the floor.

I ram you one last time, then pull my cock out of you, and reach down onto the floor and retrieve some of your come. I pool it in the palm of my hand, and place it at your mouth, forcing you to taste your own fluids. Once you have licked my hand clean, I walk out the room, leaving you exhausted and helpless.

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