tagLoving WivesSusan and Edward – The Beginning

Susan and Edward – The Beginning


This is the beginning of a man and a woman trying to save their marriage.


Susan and Edward had been married 25 years and were experiencing what many couples go thru after so many years of marriage and raising three children. Their sex life had always been satisfactory, but gradually and continuously, it had lost its spark and had settled down to be pretty routine and well, boring. Susan and Edward were dedicated to their children and would drop everything and do anything for them. For the better part of 20 years, the kids came first.

If you asked either of them if their marriage was good, they would both say "yes" in public and to each other. However, from Edward's point of view, that answer would be a lie. Despite their comfortable and loving appearance, there was a much deeper feeling that something was missing. Certainly the stress of two professional wage earners had taken its toll on their lives, resulting in less and less time for each other. The lust less and mundane became common in their marriage. Neither Edward nor Susan felt comfortable talking about the subject. In fact Susan did not like to talk about sex at all, probably because of her upbringing and Edward did not push her. The result was a wall that had them on opposite sides.

Edward felt Susan was taking their relationship for granted. Their marriage felt loveless and without passion. Friends talked about date nights and weekends away without kids that resulting in sexy adventures. Susan always had things to do when she got home from work or on weekends; chores, bills, kids stuff, or running errands. On the little downtime she had, she was always tired. She did not want to leave the kids for a weekend, and the occasional night out with Edward was more routine than romantic; dinner, movie, then home. Edward felt he was missing something. He was sure Susan felt the same way, but still was accepting of this life.

Edward did his research to try to better their marriage. He read articles and books. He spoke to other divorced people about why their marriages ended. Edward believed too many people stray from their marriages, not for companionship, but to regain the excitement they once felt. He felt he needed to confide in Susan of his feelings; they had a discussion and he put it all on the table.....for better, or for worse.

Susan was 47 years old, but with a body of someone 10 years younger. Edward asked Susan to dress sexier and to show more 'flesh' when they would go out. After so many years of marriage and children, Susan was flattered that he still thought she was sexy, but somewhat confused by Edward's requests. She thought she was just too old for sexy.

Even though she had a great body, with world class tits, she always hid herself in very conservative clothes and wore "sensible" shoes. She did have a few pair of high heels, but she rarely wore them. She had no interest or desire in ever trying anything new or exciting. She'd only had one man before they were married and as far as Edward knew he was the only other man she'd ever been with.

The fact was, Edward was going through a sort of mid-life-crisis. As he neared 50, he couldn't help but think about what he was missing; things that he had not had a chance to experience, and now may never experience. He would fantasize often, but he fantasized about his wife.

He would fantasize about Susan going out dressed sexy and teasing him. He would fantasize about Susan flashing him while wearing no panties. He would fantasize about watching Susan flirt with guys at parties or dirty dancing at a club. He would fantasize about Susan being topless or even naked at the beach. Mostly, he would fantasize about Susan being a lot less conservative and a lot more uninhibited. He wanted other guys to see how sexy and beautiful his wife was.

Was this his sub-conscience hoping for more from his marriage? Or was he "weird"?


For years they had been traveling to the Caribbean to vacation with their children. They had wonderful stays each time. The first time Edward noticed most women wore bikinis. He talked to Susan about getting rid of the one-piece swimsuits and wearing a two-piece. She would not shop on her own, so prior to each trip Edward purchased a new swim suit for Susan. First were two piece tankini style suits, then bikinis. Not string bikinis worn by teenagers, but two piece bikinis made for mature women.

Also not gone unnoticed, many women were topless on the beach. Edward loved that those women felt confident and comfortable removing their bikini tops and not only sunning but also swimming and walking the beach without their tops. After a while, it became commonplace to pass a woman who was topless. He saw how proud the men were of their confident sexy ladies. He was jealous. It has always been one of Edward's fantasies to see his wife sunning topless on a crowded public beach. He hoped that Susan would gain some confidence, shed her inhibitions, and remove her top at the beach. Through the years, though, his hopes were met with disappointment.

They took a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in late January 2007. They stayed at up-scale resort. This was their fourth time staying this resort in the Caribbean. It is Spanish-owned, which means they have a lot of European clientele.

When they arrived, Edward was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of women sunning without tops; on the sun beds, walking along the beach, and swimming in the ocean. The women were of all ages and sizes; most were European or South American, but many were American.

Edward noticed things started to change during this vacation. Maybe it was the sun, or being away from the kids for the first time in ages, or the frozen tropical drinks. Maybe it was the new pink bikini Edward bought Susan for this trip. Whatever it was, he noticed a certain "sexiness" in Susan; she started to regain a bit of confidence. Edward hoped this getaway would get that spark back in their marriage.

On the second day, Edward suggested to Susan that she treat him and sun topless. Much to Edward's surprise, Susan said she would! He could not believe what he just heard. This is the moment he had hoped for for years! Perhaps the fact that many others were topless helped keep her at ease. He hoped Susan just simply did not want to get this over with just to stop Edward's pleas. He hoped this would be just the beginning of a different sexy attitude from his wife.

Susan said she wanted a drink first. Edward thought she may be stalling while she changed her mind. They stopped at the beach bar to get drinks, and then found a couple of chaises and set up. But since it was later in the afternoon, Susan suggested they turn the sun beds towards the sun, which meant Susan would be facing everyone who faced the ocean. Edward's excitement kept building as he moved the chaises knowing that Susan would be facing many other men.

They found the right place to lie down. The moment of truth came. She looked around and said others were watching her. Edward thought for a moment Susan would back out. She took a long sip of her drink, then reached around and undid her pink bikini top and threw it over the chaise. There she was: Edward's wife of 25 years topless! Edward looked at her; she was stunning with the sun casting a warm golden glow over her face, tits, and nipples. Susan looked at Edward and he told her she looked gorgeous. She winked and took another sip of her drink. Edward finally took his eyes off her and looked around to find many other guys focused on his topless wife. What a rush!

Susan stayed like that for about a half hour when, much to Edward's disappointment, it was time to go to their room to shower and change for their dinner reservation. When they got to their room, they could not keep their hands off each other; they made wild, passionate love. They had a wonderful dinner and more drinks that evening, but Edward could not take his mind off the vision he had from earlier that day.

While on the beach the next day, they decided to take a walk along the beach. The conversation turned to the previous day, and Edward told Susan again how sexy she looked and how excited it got him for her to sun topless. She said she was excited and really liked it also. She even said she may try it again. Edward said "Really, why not now?" while they walked. Susan looked around and instantly removed her top! No hesitation this time. There they were, walking hand-in-hand, Susan topless and Edward barely able to walk from his growing excitement.

The beach had a number of people sunning, swimming, and also walking on the beach. They passed many guys and couples. Edward could not contain the excitement of looking directly in the eyes of others walking toward them and seeing that their focus was on his wife's bare tits.

Edward told Susan how exciting she was and this was the best day of his life. Susan must have seen the same thing as she told Edward that she was so excited that she could feel the bikini bottom getting so wet she believed others could see a wet spot. Needless to say, they had incredible sex that evening.

For the remainder of their vacation, Susan found opportunities to sunbathe and walk on the beach topless. What a great time for both! The vacation ended too soon, but as they left the Dominican Republic, Susan promised to do it again. Now Edward cannot wait to go back this summer and experience the rush over again.

Susan really spiced things up and Edward felt that that it really improved their love life and brought them closer together. No longer was their sex life mundane. No longer was their relationship taken for granted. No longer was Edward questioning their marriage! He felt a passion for his wife he had not felt for years.........How long will this continue???

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