tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 19

Sweet November Ch. 19


Monday, November 25th

This morning I woke up to discover she had actually allowed me to sleep in the bed the entire night. However that was where the pleasantries ended. Waiting for me on the nightstand was a note.


I hope you slept well. It will be the last night you spend in my bed for the rest of the month. Since there is not much food in the house yet, I expect you to hurry to the store for my favorite muffins and coffee before you head off to work.

Also, I expect you home right after work as I have a lot around here for you to do and I do not want to be kept waiting.


Quickly I headed towards the bathroom to get ready for my day. After showering, shaving, and so forth, I quickly got dressed for work. Of course this included the silky lavender "Monday" panties she had set out for me.

Once I was already for work I hurried down to my car and off to the coffee shop on the corner to retrieve her muffins and coffee. Then I headed quickly back to her with the breakfast she demanded.

Upon returning home I headed quickly back up to the master bedroom where I found her waiting for me. I handed her the coffee and bag containing the muffins and then stood there momentarily with eyes downward awaiting her approval so I could head off to work. To my surprise she did not dismiss me.

Jess took a quick sip of her coffee and discovered it was far too hot for immediate consumption so she set it down on the floor next to the bed. Then she rose up from the bed just enough to grab my tie and pull me down to her. At the same time she pulled up her night gown revealing her pussy to me and forced my face down into it.

My first thought was that I was going to be late to work, but I better get going or I would be even later. After a few long licks up the folds of her twat I dove into her and began licking feverishly. In just a few moments I had her at the edge and crying out in orgasm. She released her grip on my head as her climax grew and she began humping my face. After a few more licks she was desperately trying to catch her breath. I pulled my head away and stood next to the bed once again awaiting her dismissal.

Once again she surprised me. Once again she reached up and grabbed my tie and pulled me down to her now-sopping pussy. Once again I brought her to climax and then rose to stand next to the bed.

This series of events went on at least another three or four times. Never once did she say a word beyond the excitement she exclaimed during her orgasm. Never once did she voice disapproval with my performance or obedience. It seemed as though she just wanted the release and I was the perfect tool to give it to her.

Finally she collapsed back into her pillow and motioned for me to leave. As I walked out the door I grabbed the washcloth I had used for my shower to wipe my face off and another shirt and tie to replace the ones she had abused.

When I got in my car I realized I would not have time to stop in my office before the Monday morning meeting. This was not what I would have preferred, but I was confident that I could pull it off without too much fanfare. Besides, the look on my wife's face when I left was enough to keep me going all day regardless of what obstacles

I may encounter.

As I drove to my meeting I picked up my cell and prepared to dial my office manager's number, but as I turned it on I realized I had several messages waiting, one of which came from her number and was left about ten minutes ago. I skipped over the other messages and listened to hers. She had beaten me to the punch. I was going to call her to verify location of our meeting and she had left me a message regarding that very thing.

Most of the time we would just meet at the regional office, discuss a few things, and then head out on tours of new listings, but every once in a while a hot property comes on the market and we'd meet there instead. Today's location was a couple-year-old house built on the shore of the river. I remembered walking through the house during the Parade of Homes a couple years ago and thinking how incredible it was. The gentleman who had it built had accumulated a good deal of wealth by holding a couple key patents. He sold the rights to those patents to a couple major players in the RV industry and would never have to work again.

What I loved about the house was that it was something similar to what I would have done if I had come into a bunch of money. It was huge, but not pretentious. It had a pool that was accessible both indoors and out due to a retractable roof. It also had a half-court basketball court in the basement as well as an exercise room and a putting green. He had a small arcade off to one side of the basement with all the classics: Centipede, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pacman, etc...

On the other side was a bar for entertaining along with a pool table and a poker table. The rest of the house was nice and all, but after seeing all this I could not remember too many other details. As I turned the corner to the road where the house stood I could not help but wonder why he was selling. In a few more minutes I would discover he had grown tired of the place and was moving to a warmer climate, but all that would fade into 'just another detail' as things would become even more interesting.

I parked my car at the bottom of the driveway along with most of the other realtors, grabbed my notebook and headed inside. Moments after I opened the front door the chattering that had been going on fell silent. I stopped dead in my tracks as all eyes fell on me.

"Oh, shit," was my only thought. "They all know."

I could feel the flood of heat pouring into my cheeks as I blushed in embarrassment. I struggled to stay calm and cool, but I knew it was written on my face.

"Well there he is ladies, and gentlemen," my boss announced, holding his hand out to me as he strutted my way. "You have any hints you want to share with everyone before we take the tour?"

My palms began to sweat, I could not believe this. I wanted to bolt out of the room as fast as I could but his firm hand on my shoulder kept me planted. I looked out to the faces of the dozen or so of my colleagues and tried to read their expressions. Some of them looked excited maybe even envious, but others looked disgusted. I had no idea how much they knew. I gulped hard hoping that words would come to me as I wrung my hands nervously.

"He's speechless," my boss laughed. "The guy puts on a clinic on how to sell real estate over the period of one week and yet he remains humble. Maybe later, huh?"

'What did he say?' I thought to myself. 'Sell real estate? What is going on here?'

Over the next half hour we toured the house from top to bottom, but I don't think I soaked up anything during that time. All I could think about was what he said and how I had no clue what was going on. I had to get out of here. I had to get back to my office. I had to check those other messages.

Finally the tour ended, before anyone had a chance to catch me I was out the door practically sprinting to my car. As I slid the key into the ignition I was already dialing the numbers to access my voicemail. One by one I listened to the voicemails. Several of them were from women wanting to set up appointments to look at houses. A couple more were from mortgage companies wanting to verify information for their clients. On top of those were a few calls regarding setting up times for closing on some sales.

As I drove towards my office, my mind spun with possibilities, but none of them seemed to make sense. How could all of these deals have gone down without me knowing it? Where did all these clients come from all of the sudden?

A few minutes later I arrived at my office for the first time in over a week. Upon stepping into my office I was met with a pile of notes regarding calls I needed to return. Beyond that there were a plethora of e-mails waiting for me as well.

I was half-tempted to turn around and walk out. It all seemed overwhelming. I had dealt with the turmoil of catching up after a vacation, but this went far beyond that. This was as if we were in a real estate boom and I was the only game in town.

I took a deep breath, sat down at my desk and started writing down names and numbers in order, making sure I did not call anyone twice and I kept all the information straight. I knew there was a lot to tackle, but I did not want professionalism to suffer because of the challenge.

After spending a good while getting organized, my phone rang. It was the boss wanting to meet for lunch. I looked at the clock and could not believe it was minutes from noon. I convinced him I was far too busy right now, but would love to do it another time. Normally I would have never turned him down, but I knew he would be prying for information I did not have at the time. In addition, I think I managed to impress upon him the fact that I was going to rest in spite of my obvious successes.

A few moments later I was finally able to start returning phone calls. Every call I made to a potential customer seemed to be a potential 'home run'. Each of them knew exactly which house they wanted to look at and seemed to have their ducks in a row financially. In addition I was able to schedule 6 appointments with these women at the times they wanted without conflict and all in the next two days. There were several more spread out over the week after Thanksgiving, but I expected that to be the rule not the exception. There was one other strange thing: all of them were women.

The last few hours of the day were spent sewing up some details of a normal sale. As the afternoon progressed I came to the realization I had somehow managed to sell six houses to out of town clients basically by phone. All of them either had their finances already taken care of or simply wrote a check. This was incredibly unusual not only because I was not in, but also because typical house sales takes weeks or months, not a couple days. Once again there was a curious absence of men in any of these transactions.

By the time I had finished all my calls it was time to call it quits. I leaned back in my chair and looked back at the disarray covering my desk. I had just started the 15th or 16th page of notes on my notebook and only got half way through a sandwich our receptionists brought in to me when she realized the light on my phone had almost constantly been on for over five hours.

Before I stood to leave I rifled through my notes. In the margin of the paper I had jotted down my commissions on the seven pending sales. Until now I had not bothered to tally them up. It was well over $50,000. If I could also pull off the sales on just the appointments I scheduled today, I would make more money in a month than I had the first two years I spent at this job. I had to run the numbers through my calculator three more times before I finally let myself believe it.

Finally, after a long, mentally draining day, I turned off my computer, grabbed my jacket and headed home. For the first time all day I wondered what Jess would have waiting for me when I got home. This was also when it hit me I was coming home later than usual; I knew there would be hell to pay.

I rushed home as quickly as I could. When I got there two trucks were parked in front of the house, both said Ethan Allen on the side. As I pulled up the driveway I had to be careful not to hit any of the furniture sitting in the driveway waiting to be moved into the house, but I managed to maneuver my way into my spot without too much trouble. Upon closing the door to my car I was immediately met by my wife's loving arms around my neck and a sensual kiss. It was as if she did not even know I was late, just happy to see me.

As we walked into the house she took my jacket and things and told me to grab some pizza from the box on the kitchen counter. "After all, we have a lot to get done tonight," she reminded me as she hung my jacket in the closet.

Trying to relax for a minute or two while I ate my pizza, I chose not to spill anything about work and my recent windfall. After all, I did not want to count any chickens before the hatched.

"The rest of the help will be here soon," Jess announced, as she skipped into the kitchen where I sat. "I threw some clothes on your bed so you can work in something more comfortable." I finished two more pieces of pizza and a can of pop without giving it another thought.

When I reached the top of the stairs I headed to the Master Bedroom where I had stayed the night before. I discovered the door was locked and I remembered the room she had told me I would be staying in for the remainder of the month. Upon entering the room I discovered it was outfitted with a simple folding cot with a paper bag on top of a pillow at the head. In the corner sat a metal folding chair with a blanket draped over it. It was not much, but I only had a few days left, so I was not going to complain.

I walked over to the bag and dumped the contents out onto the cot. There before me lay a gray t-shirt, navy blue sweat shorts, a pair of white athletic socks and a pair of tennis shoes. At this point I was convinced she was really going to put me to work. I wasted little time getting dressed before hurrying off to find out what she needed done. As I wondered the house looking for her I realized the shirt hugged my physique rather nicely showing off my muscles and, to accent the look, the shorts showed my ass off rather nicely as well.

After checking a couple different places I heard the door bell ring and headed for the front door. I was certain she would rush to the door to greet the "help". My suspicions were correct. As I reached the foyer she was opening the front door. In came four of the most beautiful young women I had ever seen. None of them could have been over twenty, maybe twenty-one and they were all dressed in t-shirts and sweats.

"Honey, can you show them to the dining room?" Jess requested. I tried very hard to maintain some composure and led them to the room where Jess already had a tarp down and all the painting supplies laid out. Once we got there the ladies immediately went to task, opening buckets of paint and taping the trim off. I went to find Jess.

As I approached the living room I heard Jess say, "That can go right over there." When I came around the corner I discovered she had hired some men to help as well. I was certain they could not have been much older than the ladies and were equally attractive.

After the men put the couch in place and left to retrieve another piece of furniture a few more walked in carrying end tables and lamps while Jess motioned where to put them. Jess turned to me and smiled placing her hand over my package and patting it lightly. "Isn't it nice to have a few college kids around to help get the house ready?" she whispered knowingly in my ear. "And they're cheap too," she added.

"Yes, it is," I answered, with a grin from ear to ear.

Suddenly her patting turned to harsh squeezing as she grabbed my package through the shorts. "I don't care what happens," she warned, "if I see even a hint of an erection while those girls are here you will be severely punished."

I whispered my understanding and she released me. Immediately she carried on with her directions to the young men as if nothing happened.

"What would you like me to do?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot," she apologized. "I don't like the light fixtures in the dining room, formal sitting room, or the hall between. I need you to change them. The new ones are sitting out in the garage. Also, I told the girls if they needed anything to come ask you since you would be right there."

I nodded my understanding and started for the garage, and then she stopped me, "Don't forget what I told you," she reminded me, wagging her finger. I nodded once again and continued to the garage.

After retrieving the new fixtures I dropped the ones marked for the sitting room off and left the couple for the hall just inside the doorway where no one could trip over them. After that I proceeded to the dining room to drop off that fixture when I realized that was the room the girls were painting. In the back of my mind I knew there would be no room for another body in there, but at the same time I thought maybe replacing the lights before the painting was done would look better anyway. So I headed to scope it out.

Upon arriving at the entrance to the room I discovered the girls were now dressed much differently than before. Not one of them had a stitch of clothing on. After all I had seen in the last couple you would think I would have taken it in stride, but these four were exceptional. It was rare to see women with such nice tans this far north in late November, but this went well beyond nice tans. In addition to the tans, they had great legs, tight buns, nice breasts, flat stomachs, cute faces... the total package.

I stood there with my mouth agape for at least a minute or two and while they certainly noticed my presence they continued going about their business as if this was completely normal. Later I discovered that, to them, this was normal. A lot of college kids made extra money painting during summer vacation or holiday breaks, so these girls found a different way to market their wares and give them a marketing edge. I have to say: I approve.

Suddenly the warning of my wife echoed in my head and I became terrifyingly aware of the stirring in my pants. I quickly ran off to the bathroom to splash my face with cool water. Jess, no surprise, stepped up behind me and cupped my ass with her hand as she began to speak.

"Hey, Honey, I am glad I caught you," she said innocently. "Could you do the dining room first? There is still enough sunlight in there to do it with the power off and I would like to make sure I can have that room done when my girlfriends come over tomorrow for lunch."

For a moment I tried to argue that the painters were in the way and I did not want to bother them. She assured me I would not be in the way and that she did not need them to paint the ceiling anyway. I felt trapped...and for good reason.

Reluctantly I gathered the tools necessary to do the change-out and flipped the power switch for the dining room. Once I returned to the room it took all the concentration I had to move straight to the middle of the room, position the ladder, and loosen the existing light without glancing even a little around the room. I knew if I allowed myself just one look, it would quickly turn to two, and then three and so on...

After that I could not be sure that I would be able to follow Jess's order.

At the top of the ladder I was relieved to discover that the old fixture came off rather easily and that the wiring was done nicely as well. This meant I would not have to fuss around too much fixing someone else's sloppy work.

As I finally got the last wire off the present fixture disconnected and held the weight of it in my hands I felt a tug at the hem of my shorts. "Honey," Jessica began as she continued to pull my shorts down around my knees, "It is awfully rude of you to conceal your goods from these lovely ladies when they have so openly displayed theirs to you."

I locked eyes with her preparing to argue my case while trying to maintain my balance, but her stare was more potent than mine and showed she meant business. "You're right, babe, I wasn't thinking," I responded, as I carefully lifted one foot and then the other allowing her to remove my shorts and panties. Then I climbed the rest of the way down the ladder to place the light on the floor and my t-shirt in her hand. Her evil grin told me she was not concerned about my socks and shoes, but was more pleased by the attention she had drawn from the ladies who had completely stopped painting and turned to watch the show.

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