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Swinging Bi

byNemasis Enforcer©

"How about it?" Liz said to her husband as they sat at the computer and read the page she had brought up to read

"Are you sure this is what you want?" Eddy said as he read on

"Oh god yes after 20 years of marriage I think we need to spice things up a little don't you? And this seems perfect as long as you are ok with it" she said with a smile as she massaged her husbands shoulder and kissed his cheek.

"So how long have you been planning this?" Liz paused for a second before she answered "About three months" she said as Eddy reached the bottom of the page and looked at her.

"That long... and how long have you felt this way then?" he asked

"Oh a long long time" she said with a cheeky grin "So you ok with the idea then?"

"If you are then I am" Eddy said as he kissed his gorgeous wife on her plump red lips

"Great we can sort it out tomorrow then" Liz said before wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him to her body kissing back hard.

Liz had, had the idea of this for ages, she'd always wondered what it would be like and often in the past had questioned people in the situation, but until now she'd never really had the courage to actually do anything about her curiosity, then she'd seen this website on a random search of the net, and her curiosity had well and truly been pricked. After all why not she was now 43 years old, hardly a kid, she'd been married to her husband for 20 years and to be honest their bedroom activities had not been up to much for the last 8 at least, now she was going to spice all that up.

Last night had been great Liz thought, if it was like that ever time then she'd never consider what she was planning, but she knew that last night was only because of the idea she had introduced her husband to, if she'd not said anymore about it again by next week they would be back to their old ways of sex every few weeks, one quick bang and it is over. Last night though was so different Liz was moaning and hollering her husbands name, as his cock pounded into her pussy hard, her hands were all over him as his were her too, she'd lost count of the amount of times she'd orgasmed, something that was not to regular anymore for the couple.

"Well here goes Liz" she said out loud to the computer screen, her hands were shaking as she typed an e-mail, an e-mail she knew she'd wanted to type all her adult life but never dared, one that would change her life she was sure for the better.

"Sorted it Hunny?" Eddy asked as he came in from work and was greeted by his wife's lips on his. Liz nodded and giggled, she was nervous but it was an excited nervousness, and with it came an almighty urge to rip her clothes off and have her husband fuck her brains out right there on the table, but she knew that wasn't going to happen, she'd just have to wait for her time to come later that night.

"Yes... Yes... Yes!" Liz called out as Eddy thrust his cock into her pussy, her hands were holding around his neck as she arched her back and thrust up to him, her pussy contracted around his throbbing meat as he kissed her neck before moving his hands to cup her breasts, the nipples hard and sensitive to his touch making Liz moan and cum with him as his cock begins to shoot his hot seed into her, Liz grinding her clit against his hairy pelvis adding to her pleasure as her husband laid on her both exhausted from the fuck session they had just shared

"Oh wow that was great" Liz panted as she rubbed her heaving breasts gently and kissed her husband who was on his back now breathing hard and wiping the sweat off his brow with his hairy forearm, he didn't say anything just smiled and looked at the window in the bedroom as he regained his breath.

"This weekend is the big one Darling, are you sure you are ok with this happening?" Liz asked the next morning at breakfast, Eddy nodded as he ate his toast and drank his tea "Good as long as you don't have a problem then we're fine" Liz said before giving a big grin, she couldn't wait for this weekend to come, it would be the realisation of a dream for her and a new part of her life for sure, a new part of both their lives.

"Not tonight Hunny" Eddy said that night as Liz reached down for his cock, she was horny. Liz had been thinking about the next day all day, it was tomorrow she'd have her dream come true and that had been driving her nuts, she so needed Eddy to take care of her but now he was denying her what she'd needed most at that moment, this was torture.

"Come Darling please" Liz said as she reached again for his cock trying to grad and rub the shaft

"No ok... I'm tired and we have a big day tomorrow don't forget, so just leave it for tonight" Eddy said as he turned over in bed and closed his eyes, he was saving everything for tomorrow, and had indeed had a long day at work.

Liz laid for a while in silence, her mind spinning with all sorts of thoughts but her body telling her she was in desperate need to release, if she couldn't get it from Eddy she'd have to do it herself. Liz got up out of bed went to the bathroom, locking the door behind her she sat on the toilet and smiled as she opened a door to the water tank, she reached in and pulled out her favourite play toy, a nine inch long purple dildo, she ran her hands down the long shaft, each knobble tickling her palm as she giggled before putting it to the side and standing up pulling her knickers down below her knees but not off fully.

Sitting down again on the toilet seat Liz picked up the dildo and licked her lips as her eyes wondered up and down the purple latex cock, the head looking so inviting, she knew this toy so well it had been her favourite for over 5 years now, she'd tried others but always came back to this one she held in her hands.

Liz bit her tongue as she edged the long dildo down into the toilet bowl and ran its head along the underside of her left thigh before moving it closer to her dripping with anticipation pussy, slowly she moved the head against her clit and circled it, each move making her moan and pant until she couldn't take anymore. Finally Liz slide the dildo's head into her pussy, her lips opening willingly for it to enter her deeply, she moaned and sighed as each knobble ran into her and moved along her inner sanctum giving her the much needed stimulation she had wanted all day.

Her hand slowly ran the dildo in and out of her pussy, not deeply but enough to make her clench her teeth as Liz squeezed her asscheeks together on the toilet and moved her hips back and forth in a slow thrusting motion as the latex cock did its work, each bump along its shaft ticked her insides.

Liz sighed heavily as she pushed the dildo deeper into her pussy, her flat tummy was pulled in as she sat up straight and bit her bottom lip as she began a more violent thrust with her toy, her lips opened wide as the dildo went deeper and came back more covered in her juice then before, she didn't was to be too noisy as that would only annoy her husband, but she couldn't help but let out some hard whimper as she felt her latex fuck buddy and those wonderful knobbles it had all along its sides rub inside her. Reaching down she lightly rubbed her clit with one finger as her other hand ran the dildo into her at a medium pace.

"Ohhh" she let a moan slip as she felt her orgasm begin, her mind thinking about tomorrow and what it would bring, sending her to it, Liz quickly bit her lip again and whimpered through the rest of her orgasm as she felt every little nerve in her pussy fire off at the same time, the dildo deep inside her. When she was finally done Liz slipped the dildo out of her pussy and rubbed it clean with a damp cloth ready for the next time it was needed.

Leaving the bathroom after slipping her panties back up from around her knees she went back to bed and got in next to her husband knowing she'd not get much sleep but atleast she could try.

"Today is the Day" Liz said to herself aloud as she got out of bed and went to get some breakfast, it was indeed the day, this was it, what she'd long thought about so much since she was 18 years old, the thing that had so fascinated her but she'd never dared think could happen, all the people in the situation she'd dreamed off she'd asked about it, could they really be wrong she wondered.

"Hunny I have to go out for a while" Eddy said as Liz gave him a kiss and handed him his morning tea

"You'll be back though right?" Liz said alarmed a little

"Yes of course I will Hunny don't worry about it" Eddy said kissing Liz goodbye after drinking the last of his tea and putting the cup on the table

"Well make sure you are! This is going to put the spice back into our sex life that's why I am mainly doing it" Liz said with a smile, knowing that wasn't the only reason really.

"I know Hunny and I will be here don't worry" Eddy said as he left the house, Liz stood in the doorway watching him off before she closed the door and burst into a big smile and jumped up and down, she couldn't believe it, it was going to happen for real.

Eddy looked at his watch, he was running later then he thought he would be, he had to get home quickly. Hitting the gas he pushed the speed limit to its boundaries, just hoping that there was no cops around to catch him, this was too important to miss for the want of a speeding ticket and arrogant cop he thought.

Finally he made it home, thankfully for him there was no cop today, he had been going as fast as he dare, when he parked up he got out of the car and felt his heart beat go up a little with the anticipation of what was going to happen today, he looked at his watch again before entering the house and looking for Liz.

"So you finally made it then" Liz said as she gave her husband a kiss greeting him home

"It was close I didn't think traffic would be so bad this time of day" Eddy said as his arms went around his wife's waist and he pulled her body against his as they kissed.

"So are you ready for this then?" Liz said as she looked into her husbands brown eyes and smiled up to him. Eddy nodded as he looked back into Liz's big blue eyes, she took his hand and led him to their bedroom slowly sliding in she closed the door and told him to wait till she told him to open it.

Eddy's mind was going wild and his cock was already getting hard as he thought about what his wife was doing in there, stripping down, her clothes coming off piece by piece, her bra was probably off now, she would be stood in just her sexy panties but they would now be sliding down her shapely thighs and on to the floor, she'd be stepping out of them now kicking them away as she walked naked to the bed, her round ass wiggling ever so slightly as she sits down and leans back facing the door and getting ready to call him in.

"Ok Darling come in now" Liz called out to him, Eddy took a deep breath to compose himself and then finally grabbed the door handle, pushing it down he pushed the door and opened it looking at the floor he entered then closed it before looking up slowly to the bed.

There was Liz his wife for 20 years; his wife since he was 25 years old lay on the bed naked, but not naked as he normally saw her, this time naked with a 21-year-old girl lying naked next to her, her hands slowly caressing Liz's breasts and tweaking her nipples as Liz closed her eyes and sighed her approval at the touch.

Eddy watched as the girl smiled at him and moved her upper body from side to side, her breasts jiggling a little before she looked down at Liz's breasts, her face moving ever so slowly towards the right nipple before she stopped and her tongue flicked out onto it, slowly she drew it over and around Liz's nipple before her hands cupped and squeezed the full breasts of Eddy's wife.

The girl looked over to Eddy with a grin as she flicked her long red hair over her shoulder and licked her lips invitingly as she kissed Liz's breasts before moving to her neck and pulling on her ear with her teeth. Liz moaned and gasped as the girl slid a hand gently to her flat tummy and rubbed it slowly, her tongue flicking over Liz's ear as her husband watched from a chair that had been placed at the top of the bed for him to sit.

Liz opened her eyes and looked up at her husband and smiled as the young girl kissed her tummy and slid down the bed, her ass in the air she wiggled it at Eddy and giggled before moving back up his wife's body kissing her right arm from wrist to shoulder before going across her chest and down the other arm. Liz softly sighed as she felt the girl's tight thigh press between her own legs and rest on her pussy, her juice flowing already it left a little mark on the girls soft white skin as she gently rubs her thigh in a little movement against Liz.

Eddy slowly reached into his pants an grabbed his hard cock before stroking it as he watched the girl gently kissing his wife, their lips touching ever so softly against each others as their hands clasped together and their fingers intertwined as the girl slipped her tongue slowly out and licked Liz's lips, she didn't respond she just looked at her husband and smiled before the girl looked over and winked at him.

Liz sighed out as the girl kissed her again and began to move down her body leaving little kisses as she went, on each nipple then her tummy then each thigh and shin then her feet.

The Girl was kneeling on the floor now just in front of Eddy, her ass near the floor as she licked Liz's toes and tickled the underside of her feet with the tip of her tongue making her squirm and giggle, this made the girls tight ass jiggle too as she licked again on Liz's feet.

Eddy had his cock in his hand; slowly he rubbed it as he watched the girl play with his wife, she stopped then turned her head and looked over her shoulder at him and smiled as she stood up and crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees making sure to give him a long view off her ass and moist pussy before she lay on her tummy again on top of Liz, their bodies touching softly as the girls lip touched Liz's again and they kissed properly this time, Liz's hands around the girls neck as Eddy watched and rubbed his cock, not hard or fast this was just the beginning.

Liz broke the kiss and looked over the girls shoulder at her husband and smiled as her breasts pushed against the firm supple breasts of the girl on top of her, she looked back into the girls eyes and they kissed again before the girl began to slide down her body, lingering on her nipples, giving them a suck and kiss, Liz whimpering her approval as she felt the girl move lower on her body, she could feel the girls hair gently tickle her pubic blonde hair, it made her shudder and giggle, she could also feel the wetness inside her pussy as the girl's lips moved down further her lips inches from Liz's pink lips now.

Eddy sighed loudly as his hand picked up a little speed on his cock, hearing this the young girl smiled to herself and blew on Liz's pussy before taking a deep breath of her aroma and moaning loud enough for both Liz and Eddy to hear her.

A moan escaped Liz's red lips as the young girl licked her pussy for the first time, it was a slow and deliberate move she made, the flat top of her tongue sliding from under her all the way up the lips and over her clit up to her pubic hair stopping there she flicked the tip of her tongue over Liz's clit before she moved her face up and off her body before looking at Eddy and licking her lips seductively.

Eddy watched her and smiled as his hand rubbed his cock harder, from the bottom to the top, the girl pursed her lips and made a kiss at him before smiling and going back down and repeating what she had just done to his wife, Liz moaned and ran her hands into the long red hair of the young girl as she began to lick a little harder, her tongue starting for the first time to open Liz's pussy lips and enter inside her warm hole.

The girl let out a soft moan as she licked Liz a little more forcefully, she made sure to move her hair out of the way so Eddy could watch exactly what she was doing, his eyes were fixed, his hand rubbing his hard cock as some pre-cum formed on the tip for the first time that night.

Liz looked up at her husband then down to the girl who was licking her pussy, she'd always dreamed of what it would be like to have a girl licking her, this had been her fantasy and now she was living it and it was good, she was biting her lower lip and whimpering as she felt the girl slip a finger into her wet pussy, she felt it wiggle inside her as the girls tongue rubbed along side it in her, she could feel the heavy breasts of her first female lover resting on her legs as she licked and sucked on her.

The girl sighed and closed her eyes as she listened to the noises all around her, Liz's soft moans getting more and more animated, Eddy behind her in the chair rubbing his cock, moans coming from their too, deep moans, manly moans mixing in the air around her with the soft womanly ones of the woman she was giving so much pleasure to.

Liz arched up a little and the girl pushed her tongue deeply into her as far as she could get it, the tip wiggling in the tight confines, she could taste her juice and the heat, it remind her of the first time she had done this, she knew that Liz would feel so great just like she had.

Eddy moaned and sat forwards as he watched the young girl licking his wife's pussy, he could see the glistening juice on her lips when she moved her mouth away and let her fingers take over, slowly she rubbed them in and out, her thumb resting on Liz's clit and gently making little circles, Liz moaning harder with this.

The girl flicked her hair back again and moved up the bed laying next to Liz on the bed, their breasts pushed up against each others as the girl left her hand on his wife's pussy Eddy moved his gaze up to their faces, just in time to see Liz close her eyes as the young girl kissed her lips, he watched his wife taste her own juice on the girls lips, a hand came and held the girl's face still as Liz licked the wetness off her lips and tongue then cheeks and even nose, she was licking her own lips too, Liz had tasted her own juice for the first time and she liked it.

Slowly the girl moved her finger out of Liz's pussy and brought them up to her lips, Liz opened her mouth and let the girl slide the two fingers inside closing her lips Liz sucked the girls fingers clean and moaned as they were pulled free.

With the other hand the girl took hold of Liz's wrist and moved her hand down her body, Liz could feel he tight muscles of the girl as her hand was brought down her tummy and to her pussy, a little apprehensive Liz had to be coxed by the young girl with little pulls but she did get her hand down to her pussy with little resistance, the girl smiled at Eddy then at his wife before she opened her naked thighs and spread her pussy with 2 fingers on the hand that Liz had licked, she looked into the older woman's eyes then smiled slowly sliding Liz's fingers into her pussy, before letting go of Liz's wrist and using both her hands to hold the lips open.

Liz just held her fingers inside and gasped as she felt how tight the girl was, she looked at her husband who was rubbing his cock hard, his hairy arm working hard as he watched what she was going to do next, a smile on his face, she smiled back and looked at the girl then down at her pussy, the girl nodded and Liz tentatively wiggled her fingers inside the tight warm tunnel they were buried in. The girl moaned a little and that reassured Liz who wiggled them again and moved them back a tiny bit before slowly moving them back inside her.

The girl looked up at Eddy and grinned watching him as he rubbed his cock and watched his wife finger another woman for the first time in her life. Liz smiled as she got a little confidence, working her fingers more into the girl now she looked at her face and smiled as she got a nod from the younger woman, she took this as a good sign and worked her fingers deeper into the tight passage, they were covered by her juice and getting wetter by the second.

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