tagErotic PoetrySwitch Pt. 2 (The Stage)

Switch Pt. 2 (The Stage)

bySir Phoenix©

so You know my name Sir
i am humbled by Your stature
i am taken by Your nature
i am here on knees for You Sir

good you know My name than
and that you see into My eyes
than trust will serve to come to U/us
and reference Me, despite disguise
as down you look, I see you clear
I see your troubles and your fear
your need, your hope, a desire to please
to please the One that brought you here

yes Sir i do, i mean...if You like
that is, to take this girl tonight
how You desire me i'll be
for i am Yours tonight, eternally

good you serve Me well than
and I'll be thankful of that gift
that treasure that I've opened here
but listen and grow, or punishment's swift
a bare-hand hit, and a red mark grows
a paddle's touch upon your soft skin
but there is no punishment tonight
so as you kneel for Me, let U/us begin...

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