tagGay MaleTake A Walk With Me: The Beginning

Take A Walk With Me: The Beginning


Take a walk with me.

I was 29 at the time. I was fucking a few hot women and a couple of girls but was having more and more fantasies that were pushing my limits. (Women know what they want and aren't afraid or ashamed to go after it, girls just want. Both can be very good company) I found myself looking at more and more porn sites that were bi and even gay.

What was going on with me? Was I gay? I still wanted pussy on a daily basis but fantasized more and more about there being another man with the woman.

But I was starting to feel that it was just sex and I was burdening myself with unnecessary guilt over what was just a search for sexual release.

Not being ready to act on these desires I decided to fuck myself through them. So Carol was the woman that came to mine. We had been fucking for a couple of years and were both not looking for anything beyond great guilt free sex. Carol was a confirmed cock sucker, she lived for it. She could fuck with the best but when I felt like getting sucked off she came to mind first. She loved to be eaten which I am a great fan of but was not above giving me a late night call asking to suck me off, with no favor returned. She just loved to suck cock. In hindsight I should of seen the real reason she came to mind, but not being ready to deal with my feelings denied them.

So we had found a time to spend together. Wanting to try something maybe to push her limits asked if she wanted to head to the beach where there was a nude section that was alleged to be the place for some wild action. I had been there but the woman with me wasn't into sex in public.

Carol arrived and we packed a basket with some food, cold drinks, a blanket and even some lube.

As we were traveling to the beach we had some time to talk. She was stroking my cock through my shorts as I tried to navigate the traffic. I asked her if sucking cock was her greatest desire and she replied that she would rather suck cock than eat and she was always hungry!

As she had sucked me off multiple occasions, once four times, I wondered aloud, how many times she had sucked cock in a day.

She replied: "The same cock of different ones?"

This surprised me, I knew we weren't exclusive even to the point where we shared our experiences with each other, but hadn't thought of her with more than one man during a day.

"So what's your record for blow jobs?" I asked.

"Well, I did suck you off that time four times and more than once three times but I did suck on guy off six times before we went our separate ways and did suck three different guys off in a twenty four hour period. Is that what you were wondering?" She replied with no shame whatsoever.

"The three guys were they together in the same place of over a days' time?" I push on.

"They didn't know each other and I just wanted to see if I could do it and just called then offering each my services. You were the second by the way!" she replied with a smile.

"So you sucked someone off, then me and went to yet another? Glad we didn't kiss!" I answered shocked.

"Oh come on, I always kiss you after I suck you and you never mind, cock breath is cock breath no matter who created it. Lighten up. Haven't you ever had a threesome with a guy and chick?" she returns.

"I have had a couple of threesomes but with just women. Neither was as hot as I expected." I told her.

"Why weren't they as hot as expected?" She asks.

"Well the girls were not into each other and it was hard to get them close enough to pleasure both at the same time. They were uncomfortable about being seen doing anything by the other." I tell her.

"So if they played with each other it would have been better?" She asks. As I nod to the affirmative she says: "Hold that thought!"

We were now at the beach and the conversation stopped as we parked and got our things from the trunk. As we were at the nude end of the beach we stripped at the car. When she was taking off her shorts she was facing away from me when her tight ass was uncovered. I am a confirmed ass man and she caught me staring.

"You see something you like?" She asks smiling.

"Yeah, I am wondering why I didn't take my cock from your mouth at least once and put it in that cute little butt of yours." I tell her as I see her looking at my crotch and realize I am hardening.

Still bent over she takes my cock into her mouth and sucks it hungrily.

I pull back wanting to at least make it to the beach before we get into anything.

"Lets' get to the beach before you go wild." I tell her

"Why do I think I might have to keep an eye on you going wild?" She says.

We do make it to the beach and make out way down to the far end where things are supposed to get wilder. There is a wooded area with some paths where a lot of action is supposed to happen.

As we walk we see a few couples and singles laying unashamed on display. There is even a group of four. Two couples but they are laid out as guy, guy, girl, girl not as couples as I would expect. We see a lot of touching and more than one hard cock but no one actually fucking or sucking.

We find a spot and lay out our blanket and start covering each other with sun screen. Naturally we both spend a lot of time on each other's crotches.

As Carol is stroking my cock I naturally get hard and as a couple of guys holding hands walk by one says to the other. "Lucky girl!"

The other guy replies: "yeah that is a fine cock, just love to see it real hard."

I find myself looking at their cocks both of which appear to be semi hard but hanging straight down over their balls. I find myself admiring their cleanly shaved tight bodies like I would normally admire a woman's. The guy closest to us makes eye contact with me and smiling strokes his uncut cock causing it to harden some more so that it points straight out. He strokes it so that he pulls the foreskin back exposing his cock head.

Still staring I hear Carol say: "Beautiful isn't it?" She is still stroking me and I realize that she has caught me lusting after another man's cock.

The guys stop and turn towards us and the one not stroking himself says: "Yes they are beautiful aren't they!" He reaches to his friend and replacing his hand strokes his companions cock.

I am embarrassed to be caught and don't know what to do. Carol and the guy stroking seem to want to push the moment and he asks: "May we joint you for a moment?"

I am mumbling something trying to find a way out of this, when Carol says: "Of course, set yourselves down here." She pats the blanket between us.

They kneel down on the blanket and introduce themselves as Trey, the uncut and Markus. They both sit so that they are facing us and spread their legs fully exposing their cocks for our viewing.

I am still staring at Treys cock and noticing it Markus says to Carol: "I think John is taken with Trey, do you want to trade?"

I realize that everyone is looking at me and my now very hard cock; I must be bright red as Trey says to me: "Relax J it is only natural to admire another. You haven't admitted to yourself that you are attracted to boys have you? It's OK, I bet she already knows."

Carol was saying to Markus: " I'm sorry I just assumed you would only be into guys."

"Nothing to be sorry about dear, I usually am but watching how seductively you were stroking him, I can only imagine what you are capable of.

Wanting to shift the attention from me I shakily say: " Carol is world class."

Immediately I know I am just embarrassing myself more when Trey says: "Maybe you two need to talk before we take this where you aren't ready to go." He reaches over to stroke my cock as he puts my hand on his and says: "If you are into this, we will be easy to find."

My hand has a mind of its own and wraps around Treys now very hard cock and it feels amazing in my hand. Hot, hard, soft everything I have been imagining.

Seeing all this Carol reaches over to caress Markus's cock too. Not to be left out he puts his hand under Carol to run his fingers through her pussy lips.

"I forgot how wet a woman can be, this might be fun." Looking at me he says: "I hope you are ready for this."

Markus rises and takes his friends hand and says: "Let's give these lovers a moment. Hope to see you both later."

As trey stands his cock slips from my hand and I almost lean forward to take it into my mouth to satisfy my craving, but they are gone before I can, leaving Carol and I alone. To say this is an awkward moment is an understatement.

Carol leans over and strokes my cock preventing it from softening and kisses me wetly, forcing her tongue into my mouth to stroke mine. The kiss seems to last forever and her caress of my cock does not lessen.

Breaking the kiss but still stroking me she says: "You have no idea how hot it would be to see you take that beautiful cock into your mouth and suck him off. You would love it too, wouldn't you? Come on, you would love it if you could see me eating pussy wouldn't you? Come with me and we will find them and you can see why I love sucking cock. To feel it grow in your mouth, sliding over your lips and tongue, find the power of bringing so much pleasure to someone with your mouth and it finally shooting that hot spunk down your throat.

I am kneeling and Carol leans over and takes me into her mouth and I almost immediately cum. I am holding the back of her head as she works my cock in and out of her mouth, she has her free hand caressing my nuts.

As I am shooting my hot load into her mouth I look up and am surprised to see an older good looking couple standing right in front of us and the woman is kneeling sucking the guys cock. He says to me: "Do it, let go of those foolish hang-ups and explore your desires. When I did it was so liberating, I'll never go back."

His partner had sped up her sucking watching Carol out of the corner of her eye and the stranger and I cum almost together. She stands up letting the cock slip from her mouth and kisses her partner. I can see them passing the cum back and forth,

Waving she says: "Good luck, enjoy your day." And they disappear down the beach.

I lay back and Carol lies next to me. I reach over to finger her pussy to try to start to return the pleasure when she says: "No I think this is going to be a different kind of day. Maybe a good day for a new personal record. One for me and one for you. If you leave here today without sucking at least Treys beautiful cock you will never forgive yourself."

"At least Treys, I have never sucked a cock and now you have me sucking off more than one?"

My cock is sensitive from Carol's recent ministrations so she is rolling my balls in her hand when she says: "Come on love you were so close to falling forward into that stranger's crotch and getting a face full of cock, I almost came myself. This isn't an accident is it, you bringing the best cock sucker you know to a sexual playground? Who but me would know what you are feeling and want?"

"It is perfectly OK and I support you and will keep your secret. Do you have any idea how many guys I know that suck cock?" She says still caressing my nuts.

"Who sucks cock? Anyone I know?" I ask

"You will never know, just as what has happened here and can happen here today will stay between us. Look at your cock and tell me you don't want this?"

As I look down at my hard cock bobbing up and down in front of me it is hard to deny.

"Carol, you can't understand, I would die if anyone found out. I can't believe what I have done already! I am afraid of it changing me." I say.

"Relax, you stroked another guy's cock, out here in front of anyone who wanted to see. Were you ashamed when you came in my mouth in front of that couple? You didn't burst into flames holding that cock did you. Do you still find me attractive, have you stopped lusting after hot women? No you are just expanding your horizons. Did you stop at eating pussy or sticking your cock in some girl's ass? At one time these were extreme ideas but now you don't give them a second thought. Do you think of yourself as a pussy eater or butt fucker? Well those might not be good examples but do they alone define you? Relax, it's just fun, you are still going to be you. If someone calls you a cocksucker spit their cock out of your mouth and ask them if they want you to stop. Come on I have four more cocks to find and suck and I want your ass right next to me enjoying it as much as I do."

She stands and pulls me to my feet and says: "Come on, take a walk with me."

I am relieved to be walking with her towards an unknown hard cock that will be the first to blow its load into my virgin mouth.

I am nervous, excited, apprehensive, a complete mess.

I am trying to hide it as we reach the woods and start down the path. The significance is not lost on me. Carol has me by the hand and as we walk on she says: "I am so excited, do you think they allow women here or is it just a guy's place?"

This takes my mind off what I am about to do and say: "I bet most really don't care who sucks them off.

As we turn a corner we see Trey and Marcus just ahead in a clearing. My heart speeds faster and I try not to run but am very ready for this.

As we reach them Trey reaches out to stroke my shoulder and down my arm pulling me towards him. We are close enough that our hardening cocks touch each other.

He says: "So glad you decided to experience this. Marc and I have talked and think we should have some privacy.'

Taking my cock in his hand he leads me through an opening in the bushes to where he and Marcus have their blanket out.

I hear Carol ask Markus: "Are you into this? I can watch if you are uncomfortable with this.?

"Not in the least. I have been with a few women and am excited about being with you. Are you open for anything?" Marcus asks her.

"I'll tread lightly for now so John can satisfy his desires first. I am on a personal quest if you must know so won't want to linger too long."

"A quest, what is your desire my sweet?" He asks.

"I want to suck at least four different cocks today. It will be a personal record for me. If I may be so bold what is yours?" Carol peruses.

"Oh he is just a slut; I bet he has had a dozen in an afternoon here!" Trey snaps.

Trey and I have reached the blanket and he turns me to face him and surprises me by kissing me full on the mouth. His lips are soft but I feel a strength that I haven't felt with any of the women I have kissed. My hand quickly goes to his cock and I stroke him. I am fascinated by his foreskin as I am cut and always when fantasizing think of uncut cocks.

I fall to my knees and take his cock head into my mouth. I run my tongue around it as I caress his ball sack. I enjoy their smoothness as they are shaved or waxed like the rest of him. I pull them down from his groin and roll each in my fingers

I cannot believe how it feels to have him slide through my lips and over my tongue. I try to devour him, it is like something inside me is unleashed and I let it flow. I am stroking what of his shaft is not in my mouth.

"Wow, you are getting right into this aren't you J? Is this really your first time?" Trey asks. He goes on and tells me that I am his first of the day so I might want to try to make it last because if I keep going at him like I am he will cum fast.

"If I stop or slow down I might stop and never do this again. I want your cum in my mouth." I tell him as I take him back into my mouth. This is beyond everything I have fascinated. It gives me a feeling of power to bring so much pleasure to someone.

While this is happening Carol too has kneeled down and has Marcus's cock in her mouth. He is moaning as I have so many times before.

"You suck cock really nice, for a girl!" Marcus laughs.

"Do you want me to stop Mr. Getting His Cock By A Girl? Do you want to wait and be Johnny's next blow?" she smirks.

"God no dear, you are as good as any man I have ever had and there have been sooo many." He replies back.

Hearing this I think this could be epic Carol versus a gay man in a cock suck off.

But this runs through my mind quickly as I return to Treys cock. I am really enjoying this. All of the thoughts and desires of just sucking a cock for the first time intensified by the chance of being seen by anyone chancing by. Carol being next to me doing the same and Marcus watching it all with Trey.

"Oh J I am so very close, if you are sure just don't stop." Trey tells me as his legs shake.

I take both of his ass cheeks in my hands and pull him into my mouth and hold him as he starts to shoot his load. It is as intense as I expected, I have read so many stories by other cock suckers that I wasn't surprised by the intensity or feel. What surprised me was how much I loved it! I pull back so that I can run my tongue around his crown as I stroke his shaft squeezing his load into my mouth. The taste is new. I have tasted mine many times but always from a woman's mouth or cunt and this is just straight man cum.

He seems to shoot a dozen times but it is also over faster than my desire wanes. I can see why Carol wants multiple cocks to suck. I think lining up a couple or three might be really hot.

Seeing Trey shoot causes Carol to suck Marcus faster. He grabs her head in his hands and fucks her face. Being the pro she is she takes it in stride without a pause or complaint.

Trey is sitting next to us as his friend cums in my friend's mouth. He surprises me again my moving to face me and kisses me sticking his tongue in my mouth searching for a taste of his essence.

As Marcus finishes he drops to be next to us and Trey kisses Carol the same way he kissed me. Leaning back he smiles and says: "That is the first time I ever kissed a girl! I just wanted to taste some cum so bad forgot who we were."

"Not a problem. Did you like it? Was it so different from boys?" Carol asks.

"No it was different but still OK. It's that little wet thing between your legs I am afraid of." He says.

"You should be afraid! It has teeth and bites!" I joke.

Carol offers to show him that it is free of danger but he declines.

"Maybe some other time." Trey says.

"Maybe we should all get together some time and we will get Trey drunk and all take advantage of him." Marcus says.

We talk some more when Trey and Marcus both express their desire to suck me off but I decline saying that Carol and I are on a mission and if I stop now I may never do it again. We exchange contact info and Carol and I leave to seek out more cock.

"You are really getting into this aren't you, Are you sure you don't want to stop and think about what you have done before you do it again?" Carol asks.

"Nope, if I stop I might rationalize it all and say it was just a foolish thing I did. If I suck another cock it won't be a once in a lifetime thing. If I never want to do this again, I want to be sure I have tried more than once. Let's find more my partner in sin." I tell her taking her hand and walking on.

We don't have to go far before we find a naked older guy stroking his semi hard cock looking hopefully our way.

I ask Carol: "Do you like this one or do you want to keep looking? I would like to find a double so we can do it together again."

"I am thinking it might be hard to find two together so let's suck this guy. Do you want him all to yourself or want to share?" She asks.

"Let's let him decide." I say excited by the thought of it.

As we approach him he seems to be looking more at my cock which is not as fully hard as it has been than Carol. He is stroking himself faster and is getting harder and has about six inches of cock in his hand. I am wondering how much bigger he will get.

"Hi are you looking for some relief?" Carol asks.

"Sure am, which of you wants it?" He replies.

He doesn't show a preference for who gets him off so I ask: "Do you care who sucks you? Either of us will be glad to do it, or both of us."

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