The large man loomed over her, backlit by the bright florescent lights. "You fucking slut," he spat, "you want this, don't you? You want me to jam my cock in that pussy."

The young woman was tied to the table at the wrists, breasts exposed, her legs forced open and tied at the ankles above her head. Her pussy was barely concealed beneath her thin g-string. Tears streamed down her face, her mascara trailing black lines across her cheeks to her ears. The gag that was tied around her mouth was soaked. Her muscles ached from the awkward position she was forced to maintain.

Her assailant picked up a yard stick, which he used to slap her ass with. Thwack. It made the skin sting like hell. Thwack. Again, pain. Again, and again, and again he slapped her in exactly the same spot, the skin turning redder with each slap. The girl cried even harder, choking on her tears, unable to catch her breath. The pain was unbearable. Again, he slapped her. And again. One last time, harder than ever, across both cheeks. The girl screamed against the gag in her mouth, and struggled to free herself from her restraints. Her wrists and ankles were already raw.

"Shut the fuck up!" the man yelled.

"Please!" she cried through the gag. "It hurts!"

The man put his mouth really close to her ear, "shut the fuck up. You know you like it. You like being treated like the cum guzzling whore you are." The mean reached up and gripped the flesh of her tits, squeezing hard, making the girl squirm. "You didn't think I couldn't see you in your room, touching yourself, sticking plastic cocks in your cunt? You didn't think I couldn't hear you screaming like the little slut you are? You love cock, don't you? You love cock in your pussy, your mouth, your ass. You can't get enough of it!" He squeezed both of her nipples between his thumb and index fingers, and the woman squealed. He let go, walked away from her line of sight. He was gone for so long, that for a moment she thought this nightmare was over. But she was wrong.

When he returned, he was holding the biggest dildo she had ever seen. While it was true she had used a dildo or two in her life, they were always small to medium in size, not more than seven inches, no wider than a normal cock. The one the man was holding was at least twelve inches long, and as thick as a beer bottle. The thought of that entering her pussy scared her so badly she started to buck and thrash on the table, making enough noise she was certain someone outside this personal hell had to hear her.

The man didn't say anything, simply pulled her panties to one side, sliding his finger along the length of her slit, feeling her thick, juicy pussy lips and hardened clit. "You have a nice pussy, I can't wait to shove my cock in it." He took the artificial cock and put the tip against her exposed clit, and turned it on.

The vibrations emitted from the toy were so strong that the girl's entire body started to tremble. Despite herself, she could feel her pussy getting wet, and some familiar fluttering in her stomach. Her whole body went rigid as the first waves of orgasm rocked her body. She screamed, half in pleasure, half in pain as her juices flowed out of her pussy.

"Yeah, I knew you liked it, you dirty cunt. You love plastic cock, don't you?"

She couldn't respond at all; he hadn't removed the vibrator from her clit yet. Her first orgasm hadn't subsided before another one overcame her. She could feel her sex juices flowing into her ass. Sweat was stinging her eyes. She came again, even harder this time. She couldn't relax her body, and her legs shook uncontrollably. Her clit was starting to become oversensitive, sending a burning sensation into her abdomen. "Stop!" she pleaded.

There was no way the man was going to stop, though. He pushed the dildo harder onto her clit, and inserted two fingers into her open pussy. Taken by surprised, she moaned and clenched her muscles around his fingers. "I'm surprised how tight you are. I expected a dollar whore like you to be looser." He moved his fingers in and out of her glistening cunt faster and harder, keeping the dildo pressed firmly against her clit. The pain was unbearable, she screamed at him to stop, he ignored her. His fingers stroked her g-spot, the vibrator tickled her clit. She couldn't help herself, and more of her juices squirted out of her pussy.

"You love it when I stick my fingers in your fuckhole, don't you, slut?"

Without warning, he removed the dildo from her clit and shoved it into her pussy. She screamed louder than ever, and a fresh wave of tears cascaded down her face. "No, please! It hurts!"

"Feel that big plastic dick in your cunt, you dirty bitch. You love it, don't you? You fucking slut."

The man began to move the vibrating toy in and out, going deeper each time. "You going to cum again, you cock loving hoe? Are you going to squirt all over the place? I know you love touching yourself, making yourself cum all over your panties, soaking your bed sheets, tasting your own sex juices. You love this. This is what you wanted. This is what you've been asking for." Keeping the dildo in place with one hand, he reached up and covered her mouth and nose with the other, cutting off all oxygen.

She panicked and began to thrash around again, trying to scream, trying to move away so she could get some air. All her muscles in her body were engaged as she pulled against the ropes holding her in place. She strained the muscles in her arms trying to get her wrists free. Black clouds were beginning to invade her vision. If he didn't let go soon, she was going to pass out. The man pulled the dildo from her cunt and placed it over her clit again, and resumed fingering her.

"I like the feeling of your pussy on my fingers," he told her, and let go over her mouth. She inhaled deeply, relieved. She squirted her juices all over his hand and arm.

"Enough of this. I have to fuck you, now!" He took the dildo away and placed it on the table beside her, then untied her ankle restraints one by one. Her ass fell to the table with a thud, and her legs dangled off the edge. The pain in her back was relieved, but now she had to endure being fucked by her captor. Before she could even think of kicking him away, he began to tie her ankles to the legs of the table, keeping her from closing her legs.

The man approached her, his dick hanging out over the top of his pants. "You're going to love this, aren't you? I'm going to ram my dick deep into your pussy, and you're going to love it. I'm going to ram my dick into your creamy fuckhole, bitch."

The girl closed her eyes as his dick entered her, sliding into the wet opening with no resistance. The man moaned out loud at the feeling of her slippery pussy. "Take that dick, bitch. Is this what you wanted? Is this what you needed? All those nights you spent touching yourself, all you needed was a good deep-dicking, isn't it? You need cock. You love cock." He rammed his cock in and out of her pussy faster and harder, her balls slapping against her tender ass cheeks.

She couldn't deny that it felt good. She clenched her muscles around his cock and moved her hips slightly in time with him, allowing him to go deeper. More and more of her juices flowed out of her and around his dick, collecting on the table underneath her. "Yeah, take my dick, bitch. Take my dick. You fucking love it, don't you? You're going to be my personal cum dumpster. I'm going to cum so hard inside you."

"Please," she moaned, but not because she wanted him to stop. No, it was because she wanted to cum again. She wanted to cum hard all over his cock. She was almost there. Her stomach muscles tensed up as he pumped in and out of her. She hoped he wouldn't stop before she came. The man picked up the dildo, still vibrating, and forcefully pressed it against her clit. "I'm cumming!" She screamed as it sent her over the edge yet again, staining his pants as he slammed into her repeatedly.

"Yeah bitch, I'm going to cum," he stated.

After a few more hard thrusts, she felt his cock grow big and throb as his cum exploded into her. He moaned loudly. "Take that cum, take it, bitch. You love my cum inside you, don't you?" Wave after wave of cum shot into her cunt, overflowing and mixing with her pool of cum on the table.

When he was done, he pulled out and pulled his pants back up. "I'll be back for you later, whore. Enjoy my cum inside you."

With that, he left, keeping her helplessly tied to the table, his prize, his slave.

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