Taking Jaime


This story is somewhat dark, so if you do not like someone being taken unwillingly then I suggest you not read it you pansy. This story does not end happily and this is just the first chapter, it turned out longer than I expected....And here is my story

"Look man I need you to make this run to my client." Justin said.

"You make it seem like it's some one I don't know. Look bro, I can't be dealin' with new customers and I don't know shit about them." Vincent said looking in Justin's eyes not liking the sound of this.

"Ok, this is Devon's client but trust me this client is very reliable and I have had him as a customer for a few years now. You up for it? And before you answer I will tell you there is a bonus." Justin knew when he said 'bonus' he had Vincent's attention.

Vincent's eyes widened for a second when he heard the word bonus. "Ok man, give me the scoop of the guy."

"Good. Alright his name is Landon Shultz. He will meet you at the corner of Wade and Levitz street. He has a silver car, once you see it you won't be able to miss it. Just hand him this and he'll give you the money in a white folder. Make sure you check the folder AFTER he leaves and not in the same place. Then come back to me the moment you see my money is in there." Justin handed Vincent the suitcase which could easily fit a body in it. The suitcase was heavy so Vincent took a look inside to find guns and weapons that are illegal in the USA.

Vincent hid his shock. Not just from the weapons but from the client he will be delivering it all to. He knows Landon Shultz. Mr. Shultz was a family friend of Vincent's father. Contrary to what Vincent was doing, he came from money. Big money to be exact. His parent's were both high powered lawyers and his dad was also an entrepreneur who helped invent Eggo waffle products. Although his parents were loaded, Mr. Shultz could buy Vincent's whole family. Hell, he could buy half of the country if he wanted to. If that doesn't put into perspective how rich Mr. Shultz is then visualize Bill Gate's money times ten thousand.

Vincent took the suitcase to his car and drove off to meet Mr. Shultz. On his ride over his sister Jaime called.

"Hey bro, I need you to come pick me up from the salon. I just got my nails done and I don't feel like driving."

"Aw Jaime I can't come right now I'm at work. Can't you call one of your friends?"

"Ugh Vincent you been at work a lot lately. Fine I'll just call the chauffeur. Bye see you tonight at the party. Love ya!"

And with that he hung up and pulled up to the corner he was supposed to. This was the nice part of the town and he lived a couple of blocks over. He didn't look suspicious standing there with a suitcase because all these uppity business people had suitcases like they were all going on a trip. Vincent stood there with his hands in his pockets checking his phone for the time when he heard footsteps come near him. He looked up but it was just a passerby. Vincent returned to his phone telling his date about the party tonight and how to dress.

"Hello Vincent, how do you do?" Landon said with his hands in his pockets of his crisp suit.

Vincent looked up and greeted Mr. Shultz with a firm handshake. "I have your merchandise sir."

"Very well. I'll see you at the party tonight." Landon handed him a white folder and dismissed himself with the suitcase trailing behind him.

Vincent waited until Mr. Shultz left and peeked inside the folder. He couldn't tell how much money was in there but he knew it was a lot because they were all five hundred bills wrapped in a stack. He could very well be walking around with a million dollars of cash on him right now. Shrugging his shoulders he went to drop the money off to Justin.

When he made it to Justin, he gave the folder to him and Justin handed him an envelope. Vincent figured it was his pay for the week which was usually just $500. With money in hand Vincent headed out the door to go to the store. Vincent opened up his envelope to find $2,000 in it. He figured this would be enough for what he wanted to get and now he didn't have to dip in his account. He walked up and down the aisles and found the perfect bottle to give to his father at the party. It was one of his fathers favorite whiskey, a Glen Garioch 1958 Whiskey. It costs a little bit more than $2,000 but that was fine with him. He made his purchase and finally headed home to get ready for the party his father was throwing.


Jaime was rummaging through her closet looking for something to wear to her father's party. He held these things every year and it always got bigger. People were bustling around the house putting out decorations and setting out food places and whatnot. Her dad liked for her and her brother to talk to all the guests. Basically her father liked showing off his kids. Her brother graduated from MIT three years ago and was now helping run Yahoo! and she graduated last year from medical school but she followed her heart to be a photographer. She shot photos of all the top models and celebrities. She lived a very blessed life and her parents were wonderful and hardworking with their only flaw being that they liked to show off their success. Jaime didn't really like all the show offness her parents did but it was their lives and she wouldn't say a thing about it.

She settled on a deep royal blue gown that flowed to the floor with a slit stopping a few inches above her knee. She picked some silver stiletto jewel encrusted heels to go with her dress. Some dangling silver diamond ear rings that matched her shoes and a silver clutch to top off the outfit. She didn't wear a lot of make up so she just did her usual eye liner, mascara, and some nude lipstick to top of the natural look. She wore her hair straight and simple so she wouldn't look too gaudy. She looked at herself in the mirror admiring the dress. She didn't really admire her body much, not that she had a bad body, it's just that she grew up as the ugly girl and she learned to overlook her physical appearance. She added her rings to her fingers and went downstairs to see if her boyfriend was there yet since the party started over an hour ago.


Landon arrived at the party fashionably late, which in his world was two hours after the party started. At this point everyone should be there mingling and drinking. Most importantly Jaime would be there. As soon as he walked in the house he spotted her on his right talking to some lady. Jaime had some Asian guy hanging on her arm sipping on a drink. When she came in to full view, Landon felt his cock stir in his pants. She was drop dead gorgeous. She had on a royal blue dress that clung to her curves like a second skin. The dress had a slit go up to her thigh but still giving him too much to imagine what was under there. The royal blue color against her smooth chocolate skin looked delectable, especially her tiny feet in those silver shoes. Her one leg sticking out from that slit made his cock harden more for her. She flashed a dazzling smile at the lady and he heard her cute little laugh that made him smile. Before he knew it, he was walking towards her.

She was so petite but had curves in the right places. He wondered how those curves would feel against his hard body. "Hello there Miss Jaime." He said bending down to hug her. He breathed in her sweet scent feeling himself get hot all over. He wrapped his hands around her tiny waist and gave a slight squeeze then released to look in her deep coffee brown eyes.

Laughing she said, "Hi Mr. Shultz how are you today?"

He carried on conversation with her but he was working on autopilot because he could only focus on her plump lips. Every once in a while she would dart her pink little tongue out to lick her bottom lip. He had to keep himself from pouncing on her in front of the whole party. She didn't know what she did to him.

The first time he saw her she was in sweat pants and had a sports bra on with her hair in a ponytail. She had a belly button ring that shined against her chocolate skin and begged for him to lick up her tight tummy. She was working out so they didn't speak but while he was talking to her father he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Her body was made for sin. She wasn't stick skinny but she wasn't big either. She just had the curves of a woman, her breasts looked to be a healthy size of a small C her waist went in then flared out at her hips. Every time he thought of her his cock shot straight up and he lost all control in his head. At some times he would have to leave when she was there because he knew he wouldn't be able to control himself any longer. To take her would be so easy for him because she was so petite and she looked to be at most 5'1 and probably didn't weigh more than 120 pounds.

"Mr. Shultz? Mr. Shultz did you hear what Mrs. Darden said?" Jaime asked giving him a sweet smile.

This is what happened when he talked to her. He completely drowned everyone else out. "Oh, please excuse my rudeness, could you repeat what you said?" As he talked to the old crow Mrs. Darden, Jaime walked away with the guy that was trailing behind her. She told him the boy's name but he found it irrelevant to commit his name to memory. Getting a little angry he clinched his jaw as he talked to the old lady who interrupted his talk with Jaime.

He finished talking to the older lady and gave the room a good search for Jaime. Instead of seeing her, he spotted her brother Vincent in the corner with a beautiful young lady holding her hand. Landon smiled to himself. Him and Vincent had a little secret that neither one of them could tell anyone. Landon was down right giddy with himself right now because he had a master plan. He took one more longing look at Jaime and left the party.

Landon realized his obsession with Jaime about five years ago, she was a senior in high school and he just knew she was special the day he saw her. But now that she was 21 and looked better than ever he just couldn't stand by and watch her anymore he had to have her. Everyone thought she was a spitting image of her mother but Landon just didn't see it. Her mother was beautiful but Jaime wore it better. Jaime had an innocence about her, she was just so sweet while her mother was hard around the edges because she had to be tough in her business. Jaime was the perfect woman. When she walked in the room he swear he could feel a difference in the air. He couldn't wait to have her in his arms.

Hanging up the phone Landon went to sleep with fantasies of Jaime running around in his head like always.


A ringing woke Vincent up. "Hello?" He said in a groggy voice.

"Hey Vin I need you to meet me at the spot at 9." Justin told him.

"Alright man." Vincent hung up. "Damn what the fuck does he need this early?" Vincent mumbled to himself as he got out the bed with a pounding headache. He knew not to argue with Justin because dude was crazy but still he usually never did runs this early in the morning and let alone a Sunday. He got up and got in the shower. When he got out he looked at his clock to see he only had twenty minutes to get to the spot. He threw on some clothes and zipped out of his condo.

When he got to the spot he saw Justin talking to Mr. Shultz. He did a inner evaluation to see if he did anything wrong at the switch. He damn for sure didn't steal any money so what was Mr. Shultz here for? Justin motioned for Vincent to come on over.

"Mr. Shultz here has a preposition for you Vincent." Justin said looking a little shifty. Vincent narrowed his eyes at Justin then looked at Mr. Shultz with a raised eyebrow.

"I want your sister" Landon said it so plainly like they were discussing the weather.

"Ha ha very funny but seriously, did I do something wrong at the switch?" Vincent prayed Mr. Shultz was joking but he didn't really have a joking face on.

"I am willing to pay 2 million dollars so I can have your sister." Landon said in all seriousness.

"What the fuck dude no you got to be shittin' me right now. I am not going to sell my little sister like some cheap whore!" Vincent was livid. He always saw the way Mr. Shultz looked at his sister but that's the way all men looked at his sister now. It bugged the heck out of him but his sister was very beautiful and what made her more beautiful was that she didn't even know how gorgeous she was. But this guy must have lost his everlasting mind if he thought he could buy his baby sister.

"It looks like you don't really have a choice Vincent. I could easily take all of your money away and all of your parent's money away. I can make it so you guys are living on the streets where you would be moved down to selling drugs on the street just to make ends meet. And you want to know what they would do with a pretty little thing like your sister on the streets? You don't but I have personal experience with living in the hood and I know exactly what they would do to her. Do you want me to test my theory?" Landon stood there with a smug look.

Vincent was shaking with fury right now. He knew Mr. Shultz could do everything that he said and probably more but why his sister? "Why do you want my sister when you can have anyone else, you can have a woman way more beautiful than her?"

" I. Want. Jaime." Landon bit each word out.

"For how long?" Vincent had a bad feeling about the answer.

"As long as she keeps.....my interest" Landon said with a smirk

"You son of a bitch!" Vincent lunged at Mr. Shultz intent on beating him to a pulp but Justin and some other guys held him back.

"Watch yourself boy, you're lucky I'm willing to give you some money." Landon didn't even flinch.

"How much is he getting out of this?" Vincent motioned his head towards Justin.

"I'm getting 3 mil for the trade." Justin said it in a business tone like they weren't discussing selling his baby sister.

Vincent reeled in his anger and started thinking of how to get her out of this situation. "Fine but if you hurt my sister I will kill you." Vincent said in a deadly tone.

"Oh believe I will do everything but hurt her." If that piece of shit talked sexual about his sister one more time Vincent would have his head on a stick.

Vincent counted to ten. "She won't go with you you know. Once she hears about this she will flip out."

"I have a plan for her. All you and Justin here have to do is take her to the mall at 8 p.m. tonight." Landon explained.

"I'm serious man, if you hurt my sister in any way shape or form I will kill you, bring you back to life, beat your ass, then kill you again." Vincent was thinking hard on what to do but he would need some time to think of a good plan to get his sister out of this bastards hands.

"I promise you I will not harm her, I give you my word." and with that said, Landon handed over two cases. One for Justin and the other for Vincent. After Justin checked the cases for money Landon walked out.

Vincent's blood was boiling, he felt at any moment he would storm after Mr. Shultz and rip his head off. He felt so bad that he just basically sold his sister. What would she do if she found out it was him that gave her up? What would their parents say? He hated not knowing all the answers to his questions and he hated not knowing what Mr. Shultz had in store for Jaime, he had a general sense of what that scum bag wanted to do with his sister but he couldn't think of that right now or he would lose his mind.

Ten minutes have passed by and he hasn't moved one inch since Mr. Shultz left. He looked around and it was only him and Justin in the room. Justin walked up to him and told him to follow him. This situation was so surreal but he knew for a fact that this was happening. He followed Justin.

"Look Vincent I'm sorry about your sister and we've been friends for years so I know you are planning on getting her back. I'm in whatever it is bro."

Vincent have known Justin since middle school and they pretty much knew everything about each other. The only flaw of his friend was that he was money hungry. "What's it gonna cost me?"

"Hmmm your sister would be good payment" Justin said with a laugh.

Vincent shot out of his seat, "Fuck you!"

Justin cut him off, "Chill man it was a joke. I'm trying to lighten things up. But no this one is free because frankly I can't stand the smug bastard."

"Ok but don't fuck me over." He was already experiencing a meltdown, he couldn't get anymore bad news. "Man I got to go, I'll see you later.

When Vincent got to his parent's house he searched everywhere for her. He found his dad in his office looking at something with a big smile. "What you lookin' at dad?"

"Oh hey son. This is a letter from Vogue Italia and they want my baby girl to come and do some photo shoots. The only thing I'm having trouble with is having her overseas by herself for a year and maybe more if they like her."

Vincent had a huge smile on his face because if she left for a career choice then Mr. Shultz would have to let their little trade go. "She should do it!"

"You think so? I'll call her up right now." Vincent's dad called Jaime and told her to come over as soon as possible. He went to go get his wife while Vincent went to the family room and wait for Jaime to get home. He was very happy with how fast karma works. He decided to take a private call out by the pool.

"Hi, Mr. Shultz. I have a bit of bad news."

"What is it son?" Landon sounded way too happy and Vincent couldn't wait to ruin his day.

"Well I'm sorry to say that Jaime has been offered a life changing career move and I don't think you want to jeopardize her livelihood."

"Is that so? Are you joking with me boy?"

"No sir I am not. I can get you your money back and I can get Justin to give you the money back too. Let's just say that good things always come to good people."

"You are right I do not want to jeopardize her career. And you know what? You guys can keep the money. Let it be a gesture of my humility. Because, yes, karma is a bad bitch." The line went dead.

Those cryptic words didn't sit too well with Vincent but he overlooked it since his sister was going to be far away from this skeeze. He heard a car drive up and he knew it had to be Jaime. He ran through the door and saw his sister standing there about to put her purse on the counter when he scooped her up for a hug.

"Vincent why are you hugging me?" Jaime said with a laugh

"What, I can't hug my sister now?"

"Uh sure" she laughed some more and gave him a bear hug back. "So what's the emergency? "

Their dad was holding their mom close to him and he announced, "Jaime, read this letter."

Jaime read the letter, her eyes going from side to side and getting wider with every sentence she read. "Oh my God! Oh my God! You've got to be kidding me. Is this real?" She couldn't hide that ear to ear smile even if she wanted to.

"No honey, it's the real deal. From the date it looked like it was supposed to be here a month ago and you have to leave tonight. Can you make a decision that fast?" Her mom asked.

"Mom I want to go. Please please please can I go?" Jaime jumped up and down like a little girl on Christmas.

"Yes baby you can go. Go pack your bags." Their mom didn't even get to finish her sentence. Jaime darted up the stairs to get her bags packed. Their mom turned to Vincent, "Look sweetie, your father and I can't see her off because we have a meeting at 6 and we won't be out until late working on this case. Can you take her to the mall to go get her passport at eight?"

Vincent immediately tensed up, "Why eight?"

"I don't know it was really weird. The lady said their camera was broken and her boss will be back by eight with the new camera. And that's the only place I know about that does passports so she has to go there."

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