tagFetishTAM: My First Sister-In-Law

TAM: My First Sister-In-Law


It was a beautiful summer afternoon. I was sitting by the apartment pool "girl watching." I've always enjoyed that activity. Thankful that I worked for a morning newspaper, I was able to enjoy my afternoons. My wife worked at the hamburger joint in the afternoon and usually did not get home until ten or eleven. With no other commitments that day, I just planned to enjoy the view and relax in the sun.

I was watching a mom try to wrestle with her four-year-old son to take him in for his nap. It was usually a good show since he liked to pull at his moms suit top and had exposed her breasts on more than one occasion. I must have been quite lost in the show, because all of a sudden, I became aware that someone was standing next to me.

"Oh, hey Katie," I said, looking up at her. "What's up?"

"I think I need your help," she said almost in a question. "But, I'm not sure if I should."

Well, I was intrigued and if it didn't involve money I was fairly sure I would do whatever she wanted. Katie is one of my wife's sisters. She had a very fit and trimmed body from playing sports in high school. Her 34C bra was smaller than my wife's 36C but looked very nice on her slim frame. She was a natural dirty blonde, but often lightened her hair. Katie's husband Ron and I got along well and often got together to play cards, watch movies or just hang out.

"You know that Ron is out of town this week," she started, trying to get up her courage to ask. "Normally, he would help me out, but I don't want to wait till he gets back."

"Okay, I said." And I got up out of the lounge and we headed to their apartment. My mind was running through possible scenarios and my heart was pumping faster as we walked inside.

"What is it you need a hand with?" I asked.

"Well," she started, looking at the floor. "You know I'm not naturally this blonde …"

"Yes, and you look great whatever shade it is," I interrupted.

"Thanks," She said, looking up and smiling quickly before returning her gaze to the floor. "I know you have taken care of this for my sister and I was hoping for you help."

"Just tell me what you need, Doll." I said trying to hide any excitement and still wondering what I would have to do.

"Just a second," she said and went into the bathroom. A minute later, she came back out wearing her bikini top and had a towel wrapped around her waist. "I want to come down to the pool, but I can not like this," she said as she opened the towel.

I looked at her bikini bottoms and at first didn't notice what her problem with the suit was. "I wondered if I could get you to give me a trim?" she finally choked out.

"Oh," I said almost laughing at myself for not noticing the hairs sticking out the legs of the bikini. "Sure, I can help you with that. How do you want to do this?"

"Well, what works for you?" she asked back.

"We could do it on a towel on the floor here," I suggested, not wanting to push my luck and suggest their bed.

Katie spread out the towel and went to the bathroom. She was back quickly with scissors in hand. She sat down on the towel still wearing her bikini bottoms. I moved in, kneeling on the floor at her side, as she laid back and spread her thighs. I stated trimming the hairs that stuck out, while trying not to touch her to close to her pussy.

She must have felt my trembling hand on her thigh and she asked if I was okay. "Yes, just trying to be careful," I replied.

As I snipped away at the offending hairs, I realized how turned on I was getting. I started sliding the bikini bottoms further and further from her thighs and exposing more hair to trim.

"I cannot promise that once you hit the water stray hairs won't find their way out. There could be some longer hairs lurking just inside." "Well, just do what you can," she replied"

"I usually shave your sister," I finally got up the courage to say.

"I know, but I thought that would be a little weird," she confessed.

"I wouldn't bother me," I said. My voice almost betraying the excitement I had as I continued trimming.

"Really?" she asked sitting up. "You would be okay shaving me?"

"Yes, I shave your sister," I said, trying to sound like it was no big deal.

"But she's your wife," Katie argued. "That's a little different. Are you sure?"

"No problem." I said very matter of fact like. "It's up to you though."

"Okay," she said and hopped to the bathroom again. This time she came back with a razor and shaving lotion and sat back down on the towel.

"You do have to remove those," I said, pointing at her bikini bottoms.

She lifted her buns from the towel and pulled the bottoms down to her knees. I took them from there and slide them the rest of the way and off her lovely feet. He legs were still closed.

"How much do you want shaved?" I asked. "A full triangle on top, completely shaved, or somewhere in between?"

"Not completely shaved!" she protested, "In between I guess, but closed to a full triangle on top."

"Okay," I said. "Lay back."

She did and I poured some lotion in my hands. Katie's naturally dirty blonde patch was fairly sparse. The biggest problem was that the hair was very long. I began spreading the lotion near her hips and moved toward her inner thighs. Her legs slowly separated as she relaxed. Her pussy glistened with it's own moisture and I tried not stare to long.

Katie tried to carry on a normal conversation as I used the razor. My cock was standing full in my bathing suit but she was not paying attention to that. I had her spread her legs far so that I could remove all the hair next to her lips. I was now using one hand to manipulate her lips to accommodate shaving. I heard her pause a few times in the conversation, as I was moving my hand around her labia. I could tell that she was getting excited too.

Slowly and carefully, I shaved Katie's pussy. I took my time not only to keep from cutting her, but also because I was enjoying feeling her and making her squirm. I let my thumb fall onto the top of her lips and slowly manipulated her clit while I was shaving her. I finished with the razor but I continued to play with her button for a few minutes. Cream was flowing from her pussy and I was afraid to break the moment.

Katie let a few quite moans escape letting me know that she was really enjoying what I was doing. I put down the razor and was using both hands to manipulate her pussy. My thumb and forefinger increased their assault on her clit. My other hand played with the entrance to her love canal. Her cream and the lotion made everything slick and without warning Katie began shacking all over. Oh my god! She groaned out loud as her thighs clamped on my hands.

I continued to move my fingers as best as I could until she began to relax and her thighs loosed their grip. I jumped up, and went to the bathroom. I quickly returned with a warm washrag. "I need to wash the hair off, and make sure I got it all," I said like everything was normal.

I knelt between her legs this time to wash off her pussy. I moved closer to inspect my work and she giggled as my breath blew across her lips. "Sorry," I said, as I grabbed the razor and cleaned up a few stray hairs.

"I think it looks great," I said and I planted a quick kiss on her clit.

"MMMM, don't stop," she whispered. "Keep going."

Not wanting to waste what may have been my only opportunity to eat my sister-in-law, I kissed her clit again and then I licked her lips. I slide my tongue inside her and tasted the sweet cream she had been oozing. The taste sent my head spinning and my cock ached in the confinement of my suit. She moaned and her hands grabbed at my hair pulling me tighter against her. I concentrated on her clit again and it was only a matter of moments before she was cumming again. Her thighs clamped on my head and her hands pulled my hair.

I kept sucking her clit as her juices flowed all over my chin. She bucked and humped against me. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to breathe again, when she finally released her grasp. I sucked in some air and then licked some of the cream from her lips.

"Wow, I'm so embarrassed," said Katie as she got up and headed into the bathroom. She came back out with a towel wrapped around her.

"Why, nothing to be embarrassed about." I countered. I'm just glad you enjoyed it," I added.

"Oh, that doesn't help." She quipped.

"Well, if it's any consolation," I began. "I got quite turned on too," I said pointing to the bulge in my swim trunks.

"You're not going to tell anyone, right? Katie asked.

"Hell NO!" I responded. "But I got to take care of this," I said grabbing my cock through the suit.

"Can I watch," She asked a little sheepishly.

"Sure," I said, disappointed that she didn't offer to help, but excited about jacking off for her.

I pulled my suit down to my knees and my cock bounced free. I grabbed a hold of it and began stroking. I was still standing in the middle of the living room and she sat down on the couch as she watched me. I have had only a few opportunities to jack off while being watched and every time has been a joy. In itself the idea is enough to get me off, but I wanted to push the scene further.

"Can you give me back the visual stimulation?" I asked. Katie looked at me confused. "Open that towel back up," I plainly said.

She opened the towel and spread it out on the couch allowing me to again see her newly shaved pussy. "What about the top, can you remove that for me too?" I got the courage to ask.

She reached behind her and undid the bikini top and let it fall to her lap. My eyes were glued to her tits. While smaller than my wife's they were still wonderful to behold. Her nipples stood out proudly and her breathing raised and lowered them rhythmically in front of me.

I continued pumping my cock and precum was now oozing from the tip. Katie moved her hands to her lap and remover the bikini top that had fallen there. She then slipped two fingers into her pussy as she watched me. I watched her and she watched me as our mutual masturbation took place.

I slowly moved closer and closer to her as we played for each other. Her breasts began to heave as her breathing became more deliberate.

"I'm gonna cum," I groaned.

"MMM, yes, do it, Brother-in-law," she replied as she moved her free hand to play with her clit.

I took a final step forward so that I was standing over her, and my hand became a blur as I hit the point of no return. My first load of cum shot out and landed right on her lovely tit. The second shot landed higher, just missing her chin and landed just below her neck. The next shots landed on her tummy and hands. I staggered over her as I squeezed out the final shot.

I looked down at her covered in my cum as she began shaking again and hit her third orgasm of the afternoon. I grabbed the washcloth from the floor and began to wipe my cock juice from her. Then she dried off with the towel.

"You shouldn't have any problems with the bikini bottoms now," I said changing the focus back from what we had just done.

"Do you want to head back to the pool?" she asked as she picked up the towel and stuff from the floor.

"Sure," I said. "A swim would be nice." I grabbed my suit and pulled it back on.

"Okay, give me a minute and I'll be right there," she said disappearing into the bathroom again.

She was back soon with her bikini properly fixed and we headed to the pool.

"We can never let anyone know what just happened," Katie said. "Not my husband and certainly not my sister."

Not a problem," I replied. "But any time that you need a trim, just let me know," I continued as I gave her a wink.

"Well, I'm sure I'll be needing it from time to time." She giggled just before she dove into the pool.

I followed after and we swam for a while until she had to get ready for work. I went back to my apartment and jacked off again think about the joy I had shaving my sister-in-law.

We worked it out that about every two weeks I had the opportunity to shave her again. After each shave, I would 'inspect' my work by using my tongue. I do remember that the first time she gave me a blow job, I could help but notice how much better she was than her sister at it. Her sister, my wife, was good, don't miss understand that, but Katie was a pro! We always ended up with our mutual masturbation period in which I would get to shoot my load all over her.

We enjoyed our sessions for a couple years until they had to move because my brother-in-law was transferred.

Even though other things eventually happened with the four of us (I'll save details for another story). Katie and I never told our spouses about our sessions.

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