tagFetishTara's Pregnancy - 2nd Trimester

Tara's Pregnancy - 2nd Trimester


"Nothing fits me anymore!" Tara was standing in the huge master bedroom closet staring at all her dresses. She was six months pregnant and her tiny body had been overtaken by the pregnancy. Her breasts were almost triple in size and her tiny five feet figure was round and curvy. Her belly was swelling, but Erik loved it. Erik had a huge pregnancy fetish and their sex life had been crazy the last six months.

"Let me help you sweetie." Erik walked into the closet and found a knee length dress that was a deep purple color. He put it on her and adjusted the straps.

"There. You look so fucking gorgeous." Tara blushed. The dress was above her knees because of her swollen belly and the low cut top created the sexiest cleavage ever. Her soft round breasts were pushed together. Erik helped her put on her shoes and they were ready to go. Tara normally wore sexy "fuck me" heels, but since becoming pregnant she changed to flats. The shoes she wore were black open toed pumps and Erik wanted to just lean down and suck those pretty toes into his mouth. He resisted and stood up.

"Ready to go."

Erik and Tara made their way to the garage and hopped into Erik's BMW. They had been invited to a house warming party, which was being hosted by one of Erik's coworkers. Erik was an investor, they lived in a mansion and each had two cars. He was wearing a dignified black suit with a gray tie. They entered the house and after getting the grand tour of the home, they made their way to the living room. The home was almost twice as big as Erik's, but Tara had gotten use to the lavish lifestyle of his friends and coworkers. Erik rubbed Tara's belly all night and had to hide behind her when his erection couldn't be controlled. As the night continued, he nibbled her earlobe softly as they listened to other talk.

"I want to slide my hard cock into your pregnant pussy so bad baby. I want to fondle your huge breasts and make you scream when you cum." Erik whispered this against her earlobe and Tara stepped away.

"Excuse me. I must use the restroom." Erik watched as Tara made her way down the hallway. The guests murmured about having to pee all the time when pregnant and the mothers in the group began to share their pregnancy stories with everyone. Erik excused himself and followed Tara to the washroom. She entered the room first and grinned as she glanced behind to see Erik following her. The moment they were both in the bathroom he grabbed her.

He kissed her hard while squeezing her breasts. He loved the feel of her breasts and loved when she moaned and whimpered. He strummed her nipples with one hand while reaching down to finger her pussy with the other. She had a bare pussy with the cutest clit ring ever. She was constantly aroused from all the pregnancy hormones and her panting told Erik she was already close.

"Cum all over my fingers baby." Tara nodded and began to cum. She gushed a bit over his fingers and that just made his cock throb harder. He turned her around so she could lean over the counter. They were both facing the mirror and he had his eyes glued on her cleavage. Her large breasts were pressed against the cold marble. He quickly undid the zipper of his pants and sank his cock into her pussy. The pregnancy hormones made her pussy swollen and he always felt so big inside her. She was so tight even after all the fucking they did. He grunted and gripped her hips. He thrust hard and fast inside her. It wasn't nearly as rough as they were used to, but it still caused her to cum again. Erik could not hold back any longer and emptied himself inside her. He loved the feel of his hot cum shooting against the insides of her pussy.

"God I love your pregnant body baby." Tara grinned and fixed her panties. She knew that her panties would be soaked with his cum for the rest of the evening. Erik put his cock back into his pants and a few minutes later they were back in the living room chatting with his friends.

By the time they got home they were both tired. They slid into bed and Erik fell asleep holding Tara's pregnant belly.

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