tagMatureTeach Me Ch. 01

Teach Me Ch. 01


School started the same as it always did, the hustle and bustle of the first day getting the schedule right and running here and there. Then it all slowed down when I got into history class.

"Wow," I said as I walked into the room and saw her, her being Mrs. Wilson, my teacher. Man was she breath taking and young too. She was about 5 ft 5in with blonde hair, deep piercing blue eyes. Small nose, soft full lips, oval to round face with distinct cheek bones and the whitest teeth I have ever seen with a perfect smile. Her soft shoulders were covered by a thin strap from a sun dress. Arms slightly toned and tanned just right. The dress was not tight but hugged her chest just right. She was well equipped but I was unsure at the time as to what degree. They stuck out a ways but were more than a handful by my calculations. The dress also hugged her butt and man did it look nice. The dress stopped just before her knees and they revealed the same tanned and toned type legs like her arms. Over all she had this glow about her that was wow.

It was going to be a good year I thought as I came in and parked myself right in the seat by her desk. She looked at me and smiled. "I'm going to be your favorite student," I said to her before she could speak.

"Oh, really," she asked with a slight grin. "Why is that?"

"You will have to find out," I replied.

That was it. We started talking and we became good friends on a teacher student basis only. I just soaked it in as I always got a little peak at her here and there. We talked and joked and teased each other every day about almost anything.


"I'm having a lot of trouble getting started on this project," I told her.

"Well if you didn't spend so much time up here with me you would probably get more done," she replied.

"Well, let me think here," I said. "Sit at my desk and stare at the wall or come up here and stare at you."

"Ok, I see the point," she smiled. Another one of my knocks on her that she blushed at and shrugged off. She must get 100 of those a day I thought.

"How about you give me an A for keeping you entertained and we can call it even," I asked?

"How will that make you my best student if you don't work for it," she smiled her little smile and batted her eyes? She was flirting back now I smiled to myself.

"I could do you," I paused just for a split second, "some extra credit if that would help." She tilted her head at my boldness and then smiled her little white smile. Her eyes pierced me.

"Ha-ha," she laughed.

"Can I stay after with you and get some help here," I asked more serious now. She leaned back in her chair and yawned. Her shirt buttons screamed help as her chest pushed hard against them. Little bumps framed the centers of her tits. I took them in before she leaned back forward and thought. Those are defiantly a C cup I thought.

"I have something I am doing right after school but it will only be a half an hour or so, after that you can stop by my house if you would like and we can work from there," she offered. Whoa I thought, an invite to her house. I almost answered too quickly.

"Yeah, I can do that," I responded. Anything to see more of you I thought. And in something less than school appropriate to.

"Okay," she said as she started to write down the directions. "Meet me there after 4," she said as she handed over the directions. "And don't go giving those to your friends," she joked.

"What friends," I said as I looked them over.

"If you don't show," she paused, "I will be a little disappointed."

"What miss this date," I joked. "Have to be nuts."

"Well, I wouldn't call it a date," she snickered.

"You call it what you want," I replied. "I'm going with that." I folded the directions up and placed them in my pocket. My heart and mind raced as I returned to my seat to grab my bag as the bell started ringing. I waved bye as she smiled her cute little smile.


The door opened and there she was standing there in a black bikini top and a wrap to cover her lower half. The top wasn't flattering by any means but it was enough to show anybody what she was working with. The wrap was slightly see through and I could see she had on the matching bottoms which weren't flattering either. I guess I took her in a little too long.

"Are you going to come in," she asked and broke my trans?

"Yeah," I breathed, i had forgotten to since she opened the door. "You look," I paused. "Wow," I finally said. I turned and waved bye to my mom. She started backing up as I walked in.

"I don't just own things for school," she said as I looked back at her.

"Yeah but they don't show me what's going on like this does," I said as I held out my palm like Barker's beauties do on the price is right. "You look ho...," I stopped and decided that she was still my teacher and I should be respectful. "Nice," I continued.

"Hot is fine," she said as she defiantly blushed. She seemed to like the attention she was getting.

"Hot then," I replied.

"Well thank you," she blushed again. "It's nice to be noticed and complimented," she said.

"Oh trust me," I said. "I notice."

"Well thank you again," she said as she started into the kitchen. I watched her butt swish from side to side as she headed away. Dam it looked nice even under the cover. She turned and noticed.

"Want to have a look," she paused. "A look around the house," she continued.

Touché I thought and then I replied, "Yes."

She showed me around the house and then led me to the back yard. There was a table and chairs with a few project pieces on them. Farther out there was a lawn chair with a small table next to it with a towel and some sun tan lotion on it. From her well tanned body, that chair got a lot of use.

"Here are some project ideas," she said as she pointed. "I'm going to lay in the sun for a while if you don't mind." she slid the cover off her lower half and smiled a flirtatious smile as she watched me drool. She is teasing me now I thought. I finally got the chance to look her body over. It was smoking. Hour glass shape with tits and ass sticking out in all the right ways. Stomach was flat and firm but not toned. Legs were smooth and tanned all the way up. They spaced out where they came together to meet her suit bottoms. As I looked I saw the only flaw, a few stray hairs pushed out from behind the material and into view. My eyes went back up to her face. Her cheeks were glowing as I answered.

"No I don't mind at all." She smiled. She turned and started to walk towards the lawn chair. I started to drool again. Her ass was so perfect and she had those little dimples in the lower part of her back where the material met the skin. Dam I thought as I noticed a strap from her top was sliding down her shoulder.

"You don't like tan lines do you," I asked?

"How did you know," she asked as she reached for the sun screen.

"I don't see any," I replied. She blushed again as she pulled the strap back up. "Don't mind me," I said as I sat down. "Just pretend I'm not here."

I sure was being bold.

"Ha-ha," she replied. I will keep a little bit of my modesty she said. "But not all off it." she reached for her bottoms and pulled the material hard from the top causing it to disappear into the crack of her butt. She made a thong out of her full bottoms and then lay on her back like nothing was wrong. She slipped on a pair of sun glasses and laid still. I watched and drooled as I tried to get going on my project.

The sun baked us both as she tanned and I tried to work. I was having trouble getting started before all this and now it was going to be even harder.

"Could you um," she paused. "Put some lotion on my back and legs," she asked?

I swallowed hard and answered, "Sure." I left my seat and walked towards her as she turned over. Her perfect little butt stuck up with the material still wedged down the center. Man did her butt look so good I thought as I took the lotion from the little table. I sprayed it onto her neck and down her back. I stopped at her butt and admired it for a few seconds. Man was it nice I thought. Her legs separated when they came together at the top and left a little gap to look down right between her legs and at the material that covered her most private part. Dam I thought as the material puffed up before sinking in the middle where her slit was before puffing up again over the other lip. "Perfect," I said as I looked.

"Not quite," she sighed. I jumped a little as I forgot to think and not speak. "Can you rub the lotion in so it's even," she asked? My heart jumped again. Does she know what she is doing to me I thought.

"Okay," I trembled as I rubbed and massaged the lotion in.

"Oh," she moaned as I rubbed. "That feels so good." "I haven't had a back rub in a while," she sighed.

"Happy to help," I managed to say as I reached for more lotion and sprayed more on. I rubbed my way down to her lower back. She moaned again as I rubbed her there

"I have a lot of stress built up there," she sighed. I worked on that for a few minutes before I stopped. I looked at her beautiful ass as I rubbed. It moved around and drove me wild. I wanted so bad to touch it but didn't dare. I skipped it over and rubbed more lotion onto her legs starting at the ankles and working my way up. I started to reach her upper thighs.

"Should I keep going," I asked?

"Um," she sighed, "yeah, this feels so relaxing." I rubbed her toned hammy and watched as they parted a little more and showed off just a little more from in between her legs. Her tight cheeks eventually lost the grip on the material and it started to return to its intended position. I finished up after a few more minutes and set the can down.

"All done," I announced

"Are you sure you got everything," she sighed. Her face was glowing. Was I turning her on I wondered?

"I think," replied.

"I think you missed one thing," she said back.

"Its covered now," I replied.


Well then, two things then," she said.

She reached her hands back and pulled the bottom of the suit and I watched as it disappeared back into the crack. I saw a wisp of blonde hair peak out from behind the material before she adjusted her legs and returned her hands flat.

"I was thinking my feet but I guess I should have my rear done too if it's going to be out," she stated matter of fictile.

"It's not all the way out," I sighed as I went for her feet and sprayed some on her feet.


It sometimes is," she replied.


Oh," I said as I finished her feet and took a breath. "Why is it different now," I asked as I gently placed my hands on her butt and rubbed lightly.

"Well," she sighed as I drew soft circles into her firm butt. I was in heaven. "The neighbor has been trying to sneak a peek at me," she replied with a sarcastic overtone.

"Oh," I replied, not knowing what else to say.

We both were silent as I softly rubbed her butt with more pressure as time went by. I was rock hard now and about to go crazy. I just wanted a grab but I was touching her butt and that was heaven right there. Just a little one I convinced myself so I tried to be sneaky about it and squeezed my hand tighter around her left globe and pushed left and up. She did nothing. Her breathing changed a little but that was it. As I returned it I sprayed a little more lotion on and repeated but a little more firm. Her cheek moved up and the suit material didn't. My eyes must have popped out of my head. There was her left lip peeking out from under the suit. It was slightly hidden by blonde waves of hair. It glistened from the moisture. Just for a second it was out before I softly returned the cheek back down. I had such a raging hard on I almost couldn't stand it. I rubbed her a little more before I stood.

"All finished," she asked.

"I guess," I replied.


"Does it look good," she asked?

"What," I asked?


My back yard," she replied. "I didn't get a chance to show you that."

"Well," I said as I looked down at her butt. She turned and looked at the lump in my pants before looking up at me." It looks great," I said as we made eye contact. She smiled, her face molten and on fire. Dam she looked hot, in more ways than one.

"You better get to working on that project," she said as she glanced back down at me before laying her head down.

"Sure," I replied. "Don't want to lose my best student ever status."

"You are doing just fine," she replied before reaching back and unhooking her top. She let the straps fall to her side. Her breast swelled from under her. She had to know just what she was doing to me I thought as I sat back down. I tried to work as the sun started to fade under the privacy fence.

She rolled over and sat up away from me letting her top fall as she did. I watched with hope I would get a glimpse. She checked over her shoulder towards me. Yes Mrs. Wilson I thought. I am looking, you have my attention. She slid the straps up her shoulders and fastened the clip in back. She stood and started walking towards me. Her chest bounced with each step. Her waste wiggled from side to side as the material clung to her pronounced hips. Not an ounce of fat of her I thought as she gracefully walked towards me. She was so hot I thought.

"Is there something wrong with me," she asked as she reached the other chair? I hadn't stopped staring since she moved.

"You look like a convict," I replied with a quick wit. The lawn chair had left red stripped lines across her front.

"Oh," she said as she looked down. "Guess it did."

"I'm going inside," she said as she walked past me. Dam, look at that ass I thought. "You coming," she turned and asked with a smile.

"Almost," I said, another slight pause."Got to get this stuff." She smiled and had to know what I meant. I went in and put the stuff down in living room. She went and out of her bikini much to my disgust. She returned in a tight night gown that hugged her curves nicely.

"Dam you look nice," I said.

"Thank you," she replied as she looked at my project. "You didn't get much done," she said.

"Told you I was having trouble," I replied.

"Well you need to get going on it," she said as she sat down on the couch opposite from me. Her legs hung open slightly and it gave me a small view up and into her panties. I smiled and wished there were none. I looked back down and tried to concentrate on my work. She flipped on the TV and uncrossed her legs again. I glanced up as she watched the TV. She saw me and re-crossed. I blushed a little. Just got caught I thought. I continued to work.

She watched for a few more minutes and then uncrossed and let her legs hang open. I couldn't help but look as she was intent of the TV. There was a couple kissing and groping. I stared openly at the soft cotton that covered her delicate area. She shifted and stood slightly and tucked her leg under her butt. The moment allowed for me to see way up and make out the puffy sides and the line down the center like earlier. I was hard again as she saw me but didn't hold her attention to me but the TV. I could just see a little triangle of panty as she stared at the TV. It broke for commercial.

"Dam just like me, always ends early," she said out loud but to nobody in particular.

She stood and got up. Her gown slid way up to the bottom of her panty. She saw me starring as she wiggled by and made no attempt to hide herself. She was killing me. She breezed by and her gown eventually fell.

"I'm getting a drink, want anything she asked?

"You," I paused. "hoo," I continued as I stood. I was going to the bathroom. She started to say something back but I heard none of it.

I clicked the door shut and unzipped my pants. I pulled my hard cock out and started to stroke it as I stood over the toilet. "I have to get rid of this thing," I groaned as I tugged. I closed my eyes and thought of how nice her ass felt in my hands. I didn't even hear the door open. She came in with her gown pulled up and her panties starting to come down. She froze when she saw me tugging away

"Fuck yeah Mrs. Wilson, your ass is so nice," I groaned softly as I pulled unaware that I had an observer. She gasped when she realized I was thinking of her as I tugged.

"Shit I'm sorry," she said as I shouted, "oh shit."

"I didn't mean to catch you," she said as she watched me try to hide myself. She realized what she needed to do and she turned away and started back out the door. "I'm sorry," she said, "I just wanted to pee." "Its natural," she said as she shut the door.

"Fuck," I groaned as I tucked my shrinking dick into my pants. I walked to the mirror. She did start it was my first thought. Then I didn't know where to go from there. Can't stay in here forever I thought as I shut the light off and opened the door. She was sitting on the couch watching her TV show again. I slumped into the chair and waited for something. She turned to volume down and started.

"It's natural to do that sort of thing you know." I nodded. "I do it too," she whispered. I turned a little towards her. "Yeah," she nodded.

"Not like that though," I replied still burning red in the face.

"It's okay," she replied. "I was a tease today so I can see why," she replied. "Right," she asked. I nodded. "I'm a little turned on by it," she admitted. "It's nice to have somebody here who is thinking about me." I started to feel a little more comfortable but not much. I still had a heavy weight on my chest.

"It's been so long since," she stopped as the sex scene started on the TV again. Some HBO Cinamax thing was on. Her legs opened up and offered me a good view of her panties again. I became bolder now as the prize was under those panties.

"Are you sure it is me that's turning you on and not the show," I asked?

She turned and looked towards me with her legs widening. She slowly closed them and sighed.

"And it's been a while since what," I asked even though I thought knew the answer.

"No, it's just, nice to have a real human think about you and touch you besides a tv show or yourself," she sighed as she looked at me with a come closer look. I hoped I was reading her right. I stood on shaky legs and seemed to float across the floor as I sat next to her.

" But it's been a while since I have...no, no I can't tell you this," she whispered as the TV show moaned in the background. I bravely reached my hand out and placed it on her knee and rubbed gently like earlier all the while moving up.

"You can tell me what I think I already know," I replied softly.

"Well," she said as she fought. My hand was moving to mid thigh by now. She placed her hand on top of mine and looked at me.

"I let myself hang out for you," I said around a lump in my throat.

"Well," she sighed. "If you know it already then I guess it won't hurt to tell you." "I haven't had sex in two and a half months." "I'm dying to get laid," she barked. "Having you here and touching me and complimenting me has got me a little flushed," she continued.

"There was that so bad," I asked softly.

"No, but letting you touch my butt might have been," she whispered back. "Look what it did to you."

"It's not like I didn't want it to happen to me, I offered quickly. "You are beautiful," I replied. "I almost can't help it."

"Well thank you, you aren't so bad yourself," she replied. "Seeing you doing that," she said as her eyes darted towards the bathroom, "has got me really hot." her legs opened and I got a clear view if it all. Her panties appeared wet and the wisps of hair were damp looking as well.

"Well I can help," I swallowed hard and started to move my hand towards the prize that was still in plain sight. Her hand started to sweat and her breathing increased.

"I don't know," she sighed. She was putting some deep thought into it. My dick tingled as I was almost at her panties. I was at the part of her leg that was only seen if she worn a very short skirt. Another three inches and my hand would contact her panty line. I looked into her eyes and leaned forward. Her head tilted and her eyes closed. Her lips parted and she held and waited. A kiss I thought as leaned almost all the way in. She closed the remaining two inches and we were in a soft tender kiss. No tongue just lips more like a peck but a long drawn out one. I finished the last inches to reach her panties. I could feel the heat and moistness instantly. Boy was she wet. She let out a sigh and pulled back from the kiss. Shit I thought as I froze. I just blew it. I left my hand alone and waited. She softly moved my hand back just a little.

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