Tease Ch. 2


I placed my sunglasses on and I calmly drove home in a silent blur of tears. Methodically I went through the politeness of social graciousness as I spoke with my mother about my day at school. If my voice cracked or trembled as I lied she did not mention it. I finally pleaded a headache, rushed upstairs to my room, and shut the world off as I turned the faucet on and splashed water on my face. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, the water beading on my forehead and I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the loss of innocence reflected back in my gaze. The sound of the water rushing from the spigot brought me back to reality and I thought of my ordeal again. No one must ever know, I vowed silently. I turned off the spigot and slowly undressed.

As I slipped off my thong and I cringed as I felt a wave of soreness between my legs. I turned the hot water on and filled the bathtub letting the mist curl around me as a cocoon. I poured some of my favorite scented foaming bath beads in and watched mesmerized as the water and foam beads merged, creating a sanctuary of bubbles. I slowly slid into the tub and felt the hot water caress my body. I scrubbed myself with a washcloth and imagined the soapiness erasing the memories from my mind and body. I slid my hand down to my pussy and gently let my fingers caress as I remembered Mr. Michaels. I blushed at the memory of how he had shamelessly made me orgasm. I placed my other hand on my breast and saw as my nipple puckered up as I teased it with my fingers. I remembered his huge cock tearing into my very core and I blushed furiously as a wave of pleasure assaulted my senses. I removed my hand, finished bathing and got dressed.

I attended the game that evening and acted as if I didn’t have a care in the world. Thankfully I did not encounter any of them at the game and I went home. My mother had saved my dinner but I declined and instead laid in my bed contemplating my revenge. I fell asleep and dreamed of Mr. Michaels. I awoke with a start several times that night. I was thankful for the weekend but dreaded as Monday morning came all too soon and I had yet to formulate a plan. The alarm clock signaled the start of the torturous day. I slipped on my underwear, choosing the oldest set I had. There wasn’t any sense in displaying my assets. I decided on the most unflattering outfit I could come up with. Baggy old t-shirt and baggy jeans. I topped off the outfit by tying my hair in a severe ponytail. I arrived in school and spent the morning submerged in my studies. I met some of my friends for lunch and I mostly listened at their carefree gossip. Every once in awhile I would offer a non-committal response. I was about to get up to leave when Dixie, one of the girls of my group, made a comment about Rob. I listened intently as she said that she had heard from an unknown but reliable source that Rob was rumored to be gay.

I almost gasped out loud as I heard Dixie continue stated that she had also been told that had been busted with another guy this past weekend but didn’t know who it had been. I asked her who had busted Rob and she said that she believed it had been the police. I almost jumped with glee. I glanced at my watch. 12:15pm. I had five minutes of lunchtime left and I would have to cut class if I wanted to verify what Dixie had said. With my mind made up I left campus, drove home and changed into a low cut tight t-shirt and shorts. I wore my hair loose and drove over to the police station. I sauntered in and told the officer at the desk that I wanted to file a report of a lost wallet. I caught the eye of a plain clothes detective walking in and innocently smiled at him, admiring his muscular physique. His hair was military style cut and dark brown. His eyes were hazel with a touch of blue to them. He didn’t appear too old either, about 23 or so. He smiled a gorgeous dimpled smile. “Hi. I’m Detective Ramsey. How may I help you?” His husky voice fit him perfectly.

“I came to report my missing wallet.” I replied as I shook his hand. Hmm, interesting, no wedding ring.

“Ok. Come back here to my office and I will get all the details.”

I followed him to his office and sat down. I gave him my name, address, phone number, and subtly emphasized my age. I vaguely described the “missing wallet” and gave generic details about when I thought I had lost it. I caught him once looking at my chest area and I teased him by playing with my necklace. I finally finished my answers by stating that I believed that a boy at school named Rob was the one I suspected of taking my wallet.

“Rob Cameron? The name sounds familiar, hold on while I check something.” Detective Ramsey left the office and came back with a file. “Is this him?” Showing me a photo of Rob. I nodded.

“What did he do? Has he stolen anything else officer?”

“No, nothing like that. He was arrested this past weekend for public lewdness.”

“Public lewdness?”

Detective Ramsey coughed nervously and replied, “Yeah.”

I waited for him to continue but he just sat there reading.

“Look Ms…”

“Lisa, please, you can call me Lisa.” I interrupted him. “Would you be able to tell me what he did?”

“Well, I...” he hesitated and I went in for the kill.

“I am eighteen and isn’t all of this open to the public? If he has done something bad, shouldn’t I be made aware so that I can be alert?”

Detective Ramsey sat there and stared. Finally, in a lower voice, he told me how Rob had been caught with a transsexual at the park. I smiled inwardly and acted surprised. I thanked the detective and told him that if I found out anything I would get in touch with him. I walked out and saw Detective Ramsey leave the office. I went to the restroom and waited five minutes. I walked back to the front desk and told the officer that I had left my keys in Detective Ramsey’s office. The officer smiled and let me go to the office to get my keys. I saw the folder with Rob’s name on it and I grabbed the paperwork inside of it. I folded it up and stuffed it down my shorts. I got my keys and walked out.

On the way back to school, I could not believe my luck. Amidst the paperwork were photos of Rob and the transsexual he had been caught with. I felt relief and smiled. I safely locked the evidence in the trunk of my car and walked into school. I walked into 7th period and anticipated what Mr. Michaels would make me do after school. Mr. Michaels ignored me through out the next 45 minutes and I was able to scrutinize this man that held me in his grasp. He couldn’t be older than 35. His dark hair was kept short and combed neatly. If I didn’t know him for the monster he was I would have probably categorized him as one of those “nice guys”. His smoke gray eyes did not betray his true nature either. Unfortunately I felt myself getting excited and wet as the time grew near. I remembered all too well, how gifted Mr. Michaels was. The bell rang and the class left. I sat in my chair and waited.

“Lisa, I see that my lessons yesterday did not diminish your tendency to tease!” Mr. Michaels spoke quietly. I jumped at the sound of his voice and I stood up. “Lock the door and come here.”

I did as he told me and stood in front of him. He placed his hand inside my shorts and felt the wetness. He raised his hand to his lips, licked my essence off and smiled. He silently placed his hand on my shoulder, pushed down and made me kneel in front of him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock. I looked up at him and he nodded as he placed his cock at the entrance to my mouth. I closed my eyes and took him in my mouth. Licking, sucking, swirling my tongue as he fucked my mouth with forceful movements. I felt him tense just before he came deep into my throat. I swallowed and heard him sigh.

“You are going to be a great slut!” Mr. Michaels said as he patted my head. He zipped his pants and sat down. I heard the door open and in walked Steve.

Steve, with his blond hair and blue eyes, at least he was attractive. I decided to take him head on.

“So Steve, how do you want me?” I asked in my sexiest voice. “Where is Rob?”

“Rob couldn’t make it but since today is my day….” Steve answered. He walked up to me and pulled down my shirt and bra. As one dusky colored nipple peaked out, he dipped his head and licked it. I moaned and felt myself get wet again. Steve pulled down my shorts and panties and bent me over the Mr. Michaels desk. I was expecting pain but instead all I felt was pleasure as he entered me from behind. Steve was definitely not Mr. Michaels. I felt his cock ram against me and I felt the pleasure building inside me. Unfortunately for me, Steve was so excited that 2 minutes later, he came violently and I felt his hot sperm shoot deep inside me. I was left aching for release. Mr. Michaels must have sensed my frustration. He handed me a towel and ordered me to wipe myself clean. As I was cleaning myself, he sat back down and unzipped his pants again. His engorged cock sprang up and he nodded as I looked at it longingly. I blushed at having been caught gazing at it. He smiled and told me to sit on him. I lowered myself and came almost instantly. As wave after wave of pleasure hit me, I mindlessly continued to move, a slave to the sensations I was feeling. Mr. Michaels reached down and flicked my clit a couple of times before I came again. With a low moan I felt Mr. Michaels cock spasm as he came.

“You are a good slut. Baby.” Mr. Michaels said. “I am pleased that you have accepted your fate without fighting it. I have something special planned for you tomorrow.”

I nodded and started to clean myself again with the towel but Mr. Michaels stopped me.

“No, I want you to leave here wet with my juices.”

I dressed myself and walked out. My legs felt weak and my soul felt tarnished at how wanton I had become. In a way, I was happy that Mr. Michaels had awakened this side of me. But in a way, I was going to be even happier when at least I had a choice of whom I could fuck. I smiled as I thought about Detective Ramsey.

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