tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTeasing Elderly Neighbor Ch. 04

Teasing Elderly Neighbor Ch. 04



I just thought I would share more of my escapades with Frank, my elderly neighbor.

As I have previously told you all, we had passed the teasing stage and Frank and I had been having a little bit of fun together, within the parameters set by my husband.

I had been going down to his apartment for a goodnight kiss and fondle before coming back up to get a good fucking from Mike. We had also phoned him and he listened to us fucking and sucking as well.

After our last sucking and licking session, Frank asked if he could take some pictures of me. I had informed him that Mike often takes pics of me during our fuck and suck sessions and Frank was keen to do the same. I discussed it with Mike and he agreed.

So due to the snowy weather here (which was becoming a right pain in the bum by the way!), I was unable to get to work one Monday. After trying for a while with the car I gave up and went back inside. It wasn't long before Frank was knocking at our door and asking if he could help.

I told him I wasn't going in and had provisionally taken a few days off.

He looked pleased! I invited him in whilst I got out of my wellies and winter attire and made myself dry and then I made us a cuppa. We sat and chatted and Frank asked what my plans were for the day.

"Nothing really Frank," I informed him. "No plans to go back out today."

He smiled and immediately I could sense he was developing some wicked thoughts!

"Well how about a little fun?" he asked.

"What have you got in mind you dirty rascal?" I quickly replied.

He asked if I would consider posing for him for the pictures we talked about and after some persuasion,not much granted,I agreed.

"I will better let Mike know first Frank," and with this I texted him to let him hear of my plans. He was away on business at the time and, again due to the weather, was kind of stuck.

He replied immediately and was keen on the idea as long as I rang him when things got down to the nitty-gritty, as he wanted to hear us at it again.

Frank asked if he could watch me getting changed into some sexy gear and I again said yes.

We went through to our bedroom and I stripped out from my work clothes.

Once naked, Frank approached me and gave me a little cuddle and we lay on the bed together. We kissed and Frank let his fingers stray to my ever moistening fanny. He dipped a couple up me and gently worked on my clit with his thumb.

I worked my way up to his crotch with my hand and gave him a rub through his trousers. His cock was stiffening nicely.

I then said to him, "We better stop before we get too carried away," and after a bit of French kissing I got up and asked him how he wanted me.

"What do you have to wear," he cheekily asked.

After I gave him a little run down on some of the outfits Mike likes to see me in he replied.

"OK then let me see some of your sluttiest outfits."

I was getting ever wetter at the thought of what was going to happen and Frank could sense this.

"You dirty cow, go on let's see what fuck outfits a little bitch like you has hidden away in her wardrobe."

"Oh I have a lot Frank" I told him. "Some really dirty ones."

I opened my wardrobe and he instantly spotted a pair of boots.

"I want you in those" he said. "Do you fuck in them?" he breathlessly asked.

"Of course we do" I responded, teasing him by bending over and spreading my legs as I got them from the wardrobe.

"I have even worn them outside on a couple of times too," I added.

"You must have looked like a street prostitute in them," he smirked at me. "You dirty fucker."

"What else do you want me in?" I teased him.

"Are you going to get your cock out as well for me?," I pleadingly asked.

"Fucking too right," he told me and with this he began to get stripped completely naked.

Once finished he then laid on our bed looking like the cat who that had got the cream!

"Put on some stockings for me you little sexpot," he ordered me.

So I got a pair of my red stockings and suspender belt set out of my drawers and Frank watched as I put them on. I then slipped on my thigh high white boots and put on one of my work blouses on top.

Once I was dressed Frank lay back and wanked slowly as I paraded in front of him.

"Good enough for you, my love?" I asked.

"You know it is Anna, just look at how hard you're making me," was his response.

His cock was rock solid, shiny and red.

I walked around the room, parading for my geriatric admirer, and then we moved around the house together.

I teased him by posing around the living room, Frank taking pictures of me, and me phoning Mike to tell him how I was posing and how wet I was getting and what Frank was doing etc.

"He has me bending over.Now I have my tits out for him.My legs are spread wide now and my wide open cunt is on view for him. He is wanking in between taking pictures. Yes its really red and swollen. Of course I'm going to suck him off.I am a dirty tart aren't I love, yes I am Franks play thing."

Mike loved me telling him all the lurid details over the phone.

After a while I posed for more pics in my red suspender set, this time with my high heels and anklets on and my heels tied together with a pair of handcuffs we have. I fucked myself with a dildo and then one of our candles whilst Frank directed me.

He again was calling me all sorts of dirty names..."slut, bitch, whore," all the sexiest things he could use to get us both even more excited.

We ended up with Frank standing in front of me wanking like mad whilst talking to Mike on the phone, getting directions where to spunk over me.

I eagerly sucked on his massive cock head, really slobbering over it. My spit was dripping off his cock end and my cunt was now red and open too. I licked his cock and then asked him to bend over.

"I'm going to lick your arsehole for you," I disgustingly told him.

He bent over and I ran my tongue between his balls and his arse. I then sucked on his balls from behind whilst gently pulling on his knob with my hand from the front.

I eased my tongue up towards his arsehole and began to rim his entrance with my tongue.

I know how much Mike likes me to do this to him and assumed most men like the same.

I got my tongue up his arse a little way as he moaned and breathed heavily.

He was telling Mike how I was doing,"She's licking my arse like a bitch in heat Mike, what a great little fuck toy we have."

He then told me he was going to spunk up.

He rapidly spun around and unloaded a massive amount of thick cream into my face and tits.

He shot off spurt after spurt, covering me till it dripped of my nose onto the carpet and floor.

I was fingering myself frantically as he shot off onto me and I had a lovely climax, calling out to Mike on the phone as I did so.

We had a great morning's fun.

Mike couldn't get back and Frank promised to keep an eye on me.

The dirty bugger wanted to spend the night with me. The problem is I was not sure I could resist the temptation of actually fucking him, and that was still a no-no.

I will add more soon x

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great story as always , lucky Frank ...

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