tagNovels and NovellasThe 80/20 Solution Ch. 13-14

The 80/20 Solution Ch. 13-14


Chapter 13 - The Big Date

Five months after both families expanded and two months before the new house was ready to move into, Jordan called Jay one morning before he left for work and asked him to stop by to discuss something important. He found Jordan dressed and ready to go to the market sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee. He poured one for Jay and began.

"Jay, I need to ask a favor and frankly it is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. But it is too important to Nikki and I, so I'm going to do it. Please bear with me." He took a moment and then took a deep breath before he continued. "Jay, you know that next week I'm going on a week-long book signing thing. I have never been away that long from Nikki since the day we got married. Anyway, we talked about it and while I am gone, we would like to ask you to take Nikki out on a date and then make love to her." Jordan fell silent while Jay just stared at him.

Finally he found some words to say, "Jordan, I would never do something like to either you or Nikki; I love you both too much."

"I know that but that is exactly why we are asking you. For a long time Nikki has felt that she was missing something. She has only been with two men, Jim and I, and both of those evolved slowly over time. She feels that she has missed being seduced by a new man and taken to bed. Since Sandy was born, this loss has been growing until she finally said something to me about it. We have talked it over and I understand what she wants but it is too late for me to do it. She refuses to go out and find a stranger. So we want you to be the one to fulfill her fantasy."

"Is Nikki here?"

"She is in the bedroom with Sandy and Wendy."

"Get her out here; we all need to talk about this."

Jordan went to get Nikki. When they came back, she sat on Jordan's lap as she usually did.

"Nikki, look me in the eye and tell me that this is what you really want and that Jordan accepts this too without coercion or regrets."

"Jay, this is all true. This is something that I really want; I guess I have read too many romance novels in my life. I met Jim in college and we became friends and eventually lovers and then got married. When we started meeting regularly with everyone, Jordan and I hit it off. He really did touch me that first night we cooked together in the kitchen. Two Fridays later, he touched me between my legs. But we were two married people illicitly playing behind our spouses back. By then everyone was flirting and touching each other except Emily and you. I don't think she picked up on things for some time. So I have never had a first date that just swept me off my feet and I feel like I am missing something. Jordan and I talked it over and we both know that we can't do this together. I talked it over with Sandra and Emily and they knew what I was talking about and they suggested you be the one. Jordan and I had already decided that you were the only one that we could accept to do this. As far as Jordan is concerned, he has always wanted for me to fulfill my fantasies like going to baking school and opening the deli-bakery. He probably wishes that I didn't have this fantasy and sometimes I do too, but I have it and he wants me to fulfill it. If you say no, he will probably be relieved but disappointed at the same time. And if you say no, I will understand and will just live with this fantasy until I die because I won't look for anyone else."

Jay thought for a few minutes and then said, "This probably wrong but I will agree on several conditions. First, if I ever felt the need of third woman in my life, Nikki, it would be you and there are no other candidates. So, I do have the desire for you, but I would never do anything to hurt Jordan in any way. Second, I don't know how I will do this yet but it will be next week. I will call you the morning of the date and ask you out properly. If it is a bad time, just say no and I'll try again. But if it doesn't happen next week, it won't happen at all. Third, after we come home, I will never mention it to anyone again. I will tell Emily and Sandra that I will be taking you out but I think that I am going to ask them to go to Emily's mother's house for the entire week. I don't want them around especially after I come home. I will tell them that we had a good time and that is all. They will probably pester you to death but I will leave it up to you as to what you want to tell them. All I will acknowledge is that we had a good time. Finally, this will be the only time. There will not be a second date under any circumstances. Jordan, do you want to know in advance what the plans are?"

"No, I don't and I don't want to hear any details afterwards either. All I ask is that sometime during the night, one of you text me and tell me that her fantasy has been fulfilled. Don't call, just text me."

"Jay, I accept every one of your conditions and I think that they are perfect. As for Sandra and Emily, I will probably tell them where we went but that is all. I agree with Jordan and you, the only people who need to know the details of that night are you and I."

Jay looked at each of them for several moments and said, "Jordan, I can only imagine how hard this has been for you to ask me. Rest assured that I will respect that and also that even during the course of the date, if it doesn't feel right to me, I will call it off. And Nikki, if you change your mind at any time, just ask me to take you home. I won't ask any questions and you don't have to make any excuses."

"Thank you Jay. That is exactly what I would hope you would say and why we trust you enough to even ask you." Jordan replied. He and Jay shook hands and Jay left for work.

That night after the girls had been put to bed, Jay sat down next to Sandra and Emily and said, "Next week while Jordan is gone, I am going to take Nikki out to dinner."

Sandra almost shouted, "She did it. She finally did it. I can't wait. Maybe we'll listen through the door. I want to hear her squeal."

Emily smiled, "Me too. That would be nice to hear."

Jay resumed, "That isn't going to happen because it isn't going to happen in either of our houses. And furthermore, you won't be here either. On Monday I want you to take the girls and go visit Emily's mom. She hasn't seen the babies in awhile. You cannot return until Friday afternoon. I am not going to tell you when or what the plans are. Furthermore, I will tell you now that all I am going to tell you on Friday when you ask is that we had a good time. Don't ask for anything else; I won't answer. Nikki may tell you more, but I doubt that you will get many details so don't ask."

Emily replied, "You are such a spoil sport. All we said was that we wanted to have some fun while she has some fun."

"If you had been there and seen the look in Jordan's eye when he asked me to do this, I don't think you would feel this way. It was the hardest thing he has ever asked anyone to do. And I will also say that if anything doesn't feel right that night, I will call it off. And don't even think that there will ever be a second date like this. It is next week or never and a one-time only thing."

"We knew that Jay, honey. Frankly, we are happy for her and you. We know that you will make it special for her and you should know that you have our blessing for this." Sandra answered for both of them.

Nothing was said about it until Monday morning when they loaded the girls and their bags into the van. Emily turned to Jay and asked him if he had his plans completed. He nodded in reply. Sandra told him to relax and enjoy his special night and to enjoy his week alone. He smiled and kissed them both and all of the babies and said that he would miss them all. The smiled and agreed and drove off to see grandma.

On Wednesday morning, he called Nikki at 8:00. "Hi Nikki, this is Jay. Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight?"

"I would love to. What time and what should I wear?

"I will pick you up at 6:00; our reservations are at 7:00 but we aren't eating around here. I am going to wear a sport coat and tie. So nice evening but not formal I think."

"I know just the dress to wear. I'll see you at 6:00."

Promptly at 6:00 he knocked on Nikki's door. She answered with a slightly surprised look but asked him in. "You could have come in Jay, you always do."

"A man would never just enter the door of a woman he was going on a date with for the first time."

Nikki looked at him for a minute and then realized what he was doing. "Of course, how silly of me? Would you like a glass of wine?"

"Thank you but as I said our reservations are at 7:00 in Dallas and we need to leave fairly soon. By the way, you look very beautiful tonight. I am a lucky man, to have a date with you. And these are for you. I love that dress; it is perfect on you." He handed her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. She twirled to show him the complete look.

"Thank you. I bought it especially for tonight." She secretly loved the dress because since the birth of her babies, her B-cup breasts had grown to a small C-cup which allowed her to show some cleavage for the first time in her life. Jay took notice of that fact. "The flowers are lovely. Let me put them in a vase. But I am the one who is lucky to have a date with such a beautiful man." She went to the kitchen and returned with something held in her hand. "I have a special favor to ask of you. I have chosen to not wear these tonight but I seldom take them off and would never go anywhere without them. They are very precious to me. Can I ask you to carry them safely for me so I don't have to take a purse?" She held out a velvet pouch. Without even touching them, Jay knew that her wedding rings were inside.

"I will protect them with my life."

"I knew you would." She placed them in his hand and kissed his cheek in gratitude.

He put the pouch in the coin pocket in his pants and took her arm and led her out the door. He could hear the babies in the background giggling with the nanny.

He helped her into the car and get seated. By the time he rounded the car and settled in, she had raised the arm rest and had scooted over next to him. She sat looking at him with a smile on her face as he got in. Once the car was started and he pulled away, she put her hand on his thigh and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Can I ask where we are going for dinner or is that a surprise?"

"It is not a surprise anymore. We are going to the Mandarin Princess."

He felt her hand tighten on his leg. "Oh my God, I have heard so much about that place but never thought I would be able to go because......... because no one I know likes Chinese as well as I do. Thank you, this is very special."

It took them 40 minutes to get to the restaurant and park. They entered the elegant waiting area at 6:55 and were seated at their table at 7:00. The restaurant was on the second floor of the building and looked out over a garden. Their table was next to and facing the window. The furnishings were tastefully elegant and there was a trio of musicians playing softly in the background. The waiter brought them each a simple white wine to sip on while the surveyed the menu. In the end, Jay ordered his favorite, Sesame Chicken, while Nikki finally decided on the house sampler which featured small sample for four of their main courses. They also ordered salads and other side dishes to accompany their meal. They carried on a constant conversation through dinner by finding a way to discuss things without directly referring to Jordan, Sandra, and Emily. He was "my friend, the chef," Sandra was "my airhead friend," and Emily was "my friend, the guide." Jay made no reference to these people as he preferred for the conversation to be focused on Nikki and her interests. While he already knew a lot of what was happening, he found it interesting to hear Nikki talk about Sandra and Emily from her point of view.

They left the restaurant shortly before 9:00. He took her hand at the restaurant door and she held it like it was the most normal thing in the world. He then told her that they were going dancing. She said that she had not been dancing since she had gone to Country Western place with her friends a long time ago. He said that it had been a long time for him also, but that this wasn't a loud and fast place. He parked in a lot in front of a building that said "Dancing for Lovers Only." Nikki smiled at the thought. He escorted her in and they were seated at table near the dance floor. There were thirty or so other couples in the room. Some were obviously well practiced while others were clumsier but were obviously with a person who could care less how they looked. Nikki and Jay were somewhere between the two extremes and they danced gracefully through the first two dances. During the third, Jay leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Her lips responded and her tongue sought out his lips. From then on until they left, Jay had his hands on her hips and her arms were around his neck to insure that her breasts pressed firmly against his chest. They shared at least one kiss during each song but often shared more. By the time they left, Nikki's kisses were accompanied by a moan.

Jay steered the car to a hotel lot and parked. "Mr. Jay, I think that you are trying to entice me into this hotel to try to get in my panties."

"Ms Nikki, as delightful as that would be, I assure you that the reason we are here is to enjoy their late night dessert café on the first floor and the private club on the top floor for coffee. A gentleman would not try to get in a girl's panties on their first date."

"That's good, because I'm not wearing any."

"I noticed while we were dancing." She grinned and kissed his lips. "Let's go. I'm a little hungry now. Chinese always does that to me."

"Same for me." They walked into the hotel and into a Parisian like café. They each had a slice of cake and water. He then led her to the elevators which whisked them to the top floor. As they approached one of the doors, she asked, "Are you sure that this is a club? It seems so quiet."

"It is. It is very quiet and very private." He said as he opened the door with his keycard and led her inside. It was a large room with a window view of the lighted skyline. A sofa was set in front of the window and the lights were low. "It is so private that you have to make your own coffee. Have a seat while I make it for us."

"If you don't mind, I will use the bathroom while you make the coffee."

He pointed toward the closed door. "It is to the right."

He had just finished pouring his favorite late-night coffee drink when she returned wearing a short but fluffy bathrobe. "Let me take these to the sofa; why don't you go change also? There is another robe in the bathroom." She took the cups and he went into the other room. The lights were now low and the bed covers turned down. He took off his clothes and put on the robe and belted it.

When he returned she was standing in front of the sofa waiting with a smile. He sat down and she curled up in his lap. "I like sitting in the lap of the guy I'm with."

"I kind of like it myself; but I see you took something off and perhaps put something on besides the robe."

"You are so observant. I took off the dress and put on this perfume that I love. I'm glad you noticed."

"Trust me; I have noticed everything about you this evening."

"But you haven't noticed that I haven't been kissed for at least thirty minutes."

He solved that oversight that instant. The kiss lasted for quite awhile and her breathing got heavy and labored especially after he slipped his hand inside her robe and caressed her breasts and toyed with her nipples.

When the kiss broke, she said, "Jay, now please. I can't wait any longer."

He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and gently set her down. Then just as gently, he removed her robe and tossed it aside. He took his robe off and tossed it aside and heard her breath being sucked into her lungs. "Oh my God, thank you." She said in a quiet whisper.

She lay back and said, "Don't keep me waiting, please."

He slide between her legs and placed the crown of his cock at the outside of her entrance. If he had said anything to anybody, he would have sworn that her lower lips had sucked his cock into her all by themselves. He had only barely begun to push into her well lubricated canal when she said, "Jay, I'm going to cum; I can't hold it back."

"Cum whenever you want and as often as you want; we have all night." She exploded a minute later. He held himself still until she began to settle down again.

"Push it all the way in but let me just feel it inside me for awhile. OK?"

"Anything you want is what you will get." And he slowly worked his manhood inside her until he touched bottom. Then he stopped and lay against her side, caressing her breast.

"Jay, I'm back and I am ready to feel all of you in full motion. Don't worry about being gentle, just ride me and cum when you are ready."

"I have some condoms in my pants?"

"Not on your life. I finished my period over the weekend. I want to feel the real you and I want your real cum inside me."

He rose over her and began a slow rhythm which increased slowly. She wrapped her legs around his waist and used her feet to pull him into her with each thrust. She came again five minutes after they began and he followed five minutes later. He splashed three days of accumulated cum all over her uterus and womb. Then he fell off on her side and pulled her close to him as he closed his eyes for a few moments to recover. Nikki smiled to herself. She hadn't really lied to him. She had finished her period over the weekend but it had been the one before the previous weekend. Whatever happened or didn't happen, she would take this knowledge to her grave unshared with anyone. She toyed with his chest hairs while he lay still.

When Jay was revitalized, Nikki straddled him and took his half full staff in her mouth and brought it to full staff. Jay responded by pulling her to his mouth and he cleaned and tested all of her erogenous zones. After twenty minutes, Nikki felt Jay's impending climax and she asked him to suck her clit which he gladly did. Moments later, they each reached a satisfying orgasm and relished the intimate taste of their partner. They returned to the front room and had a glass of wine in front of the picture window until Jay began showing obvious signs of new life. He led her back to the bedroom and put her on all fours and they had their most physical and least gentle coupling. They were both sweating profusely when they lay next to each other. In thirty minutes, Jay rolled to her and slipped his half hard cock into her soaked pussy. They gently stroked each other while tenderly sharing tender kisses. She had one more small but satisfying orgasm. He felt a pulse but had no ejaculate left to give. They lay still and kissed until they fell asleep.

Nikki awoke to the smell of coffee. She smiled. She knew that Jay had coffee in bed every morning with Sandra and Emily. Now it was her turn she told herself. She rolled onto her back and lay back on a pillow. She heard the door open and Jay entered still naked but he had no coffee.

"I thought that we would have coffee this morning in front of the picture window and watch the world get started before the sun gets too high and bright. I want us to have our own morning celebration, just for us." Jay realized that coffee in bed would be something she expected, but felt that keeping home out of this was the best policy. He reached into bed and scooped her petite body into his arms and carried her to the sofa and sat down with her still on his lap. Two cups of coffee and a plate of Danish sat on the table next to them.

"I could get used to this." She replied.

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