tagLoving WivesThe Adventures of a Step-Mom Ch. 01

The Adventures of a Step-Mom Ch. 01


I'm packing my suitcase up in my bedroom. It's sitting on the end of my bed, and I'm having trouble getting it to close - so many sexy outfits and such a small suitcase!

I'm leaning over it, pushing down on the top with all my weight, bouncing up and down hoping the latch will catch. I can feel my breasts moving slightly in my tight baby blue halter top; my back is arched and I can feel my short linen skirt riding up in back. The skirt is white, and I'm wearing a white silk thong to match. Just out of the tub, I am clean and fresh, soft and smooth all over - except this damn suitcase won't close!

Then I hear a slight noise behind me. Still bent over the suitcase, I crane my head to look over my shoulder, my long brown hair getting in my eyes. In the doorway behind me is my older step-daughter's boyfriend, a tall, muscular college kid with a blonde crew cut and a devilish grin. I realize that he has been there for a few minutes, and that I have been giving him quite a view.

As our eyes meet, he springs to life, striding through the door and standing beside me where I struggle. "Oh, Mrs. C, your husband told me to come up and bring down your bag for you ... are you having trouble?"

"Yes, Jake - it won't close - guess I overpacked. Again."

Jake leans over me now and puts one hand on the top of the suitcase to push it down. I feel his other hand on the small of my back and a slight pressure, as if he is using it to balance himself. We push together but, as we do, I feel that hand work its way over my rounded rump, turning so that the fingers point down and curl lower and lower between the globes of my ass. I look up at his face through my hair and he is smiling into my eyes.

"You know, Mrs. C., I've been noticing that you like to show off your body whenever I'm around." I am about to deny it when his hand slides still lower, now meeting the flesh exposed by my short skirt, brushing my tightly pantied mound from behind. "I mean," he continues, "it's kind of obvious really, obvious that you want some more attention than your old man has been giving you."

The tips of his fingers have found my pussy through my silk panties, and they begin a slow, urgent circular motion that works my pussy lips and bears down on my clit. I can't help it - a sigh escapes me and I push back against the top of the suitcase onto his invasive hand.

Jake chuckles. "I knew it. You need a real man, don't you Mrs. C? Someone who can make the most of your many ... assets." with his other hand he reaches under my chest to my breasts where they dangle like ripe fruit in my halter top. As if sampling a cantaloupe at the store, he tests each one in turn, squeezing them, evaluating their weight and shape and warmth. My hips are bobbing slightly now, riding his hand on my wet and hungry pussy. I moan.

His inspection complete, Jake gives a satisfied grunt. "Yes, indeed. You are one sweet piece of meat, Mrs. C. I do believe that when you get back from Cancun, I will be helping myself to some of this." He gives my breast a sudden, painfully hard squeeze. "Would you like that, sweet meat?"

My hair now completely obscuring my flushing face, I hesitate and then nod mutely. I'm in shock, stunned into silence, but I do know one thing for sure: my pussy doesn't ever want his hand to stop!

But then he straightens suddenly, giving my exposed ass a hard, sharp slap. "Good girl," he says. "In a week or two, there won't be any part of you that I don't own." Then, almost casually, he throws himself down on the suitcase, the latch snaps closed, and he lifts it off the bed and sweeps out through the door and down the stairs. We're ready to go.

All the way to the airport, while my husband drives and my two step-daughters argue in the back about Coldplay versus Green Day, I stare out the window and feel the prickly ache on my breast where Jake squeezed it so hard and the heat in my crotch where he had rubbed my pussy with such mastery and confidence. Whatever I think of that incident (it wasn't more than sixty seconds in my own bedroom, with my step-daughter's boyfriend staking a claim to my body while my husband and both step-daughters waited just downstairs), I am wholly possessed by two clear emotions, as powerful and urgent as any passion I have ever felt: I need a strong, dominant man to take me, decisively and roughly, as his very own; and I'm not sure I can wait until we get back from Cancun!

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