tagLoving WivesThe Adventures of Anna Clarke Ch. 02

The Adventures of Anna Clarke Ch. 02


A week had past since Anna had sex with her favourite student Adam. He had not turned up to any of his lessons that week his excuse been that he was ill. Anna knew it was because he was embarrassed at his lack of endurance but she was worried about him. So she decided that she was going to pay him a visit after she finished work.

Once arriving home she headed straight into the shower and then get ready to go over to Adam's. Once she dried herself she began to get dressed. Tanned nylon stockings her favourite were first to go on. Lifting her long, toned sexy leg she rolled on the stocking upon her smooth skin which was closely followed by the next. She then picked out a white lace thong and bra. As she applied her thong placing her feet between the thong. She then slowly lifted it until it becomes buried beneath her bum all the time she was admiring herself courtesy of the mirror. Anna picks out a black knee length skirt one which will hug her curvaceous figure. Combined with a white, close fitting, low cut blouse revealing just enough cleavage to get a guys attention. Before heading off she applied a quick touch make-up quickly followed by selecting a pair of her black spiked high heels before throwing on her coat and leaving for her destination. She looked professional with a hint of sexy exactly the look she was aiming for.

It was nightfall as Anna arrives at Adam's home as she looked across at the house all she could see was a run down, uncared for house. Not letting this deter her she approached and knocked at the door. Only the light from the T.V lit the living room someone was definitely home.

A man answered, "Yes, may I help you?",

Anna replied, "I'm looking for a Mr Adam Jones".

The man invited Anna inside almost instantly she was greeted with a strong and persistent smell, Anna grimaced. He kindly asked to take her coat in which now fully revealed her curvaceous figure. He eyed her from top to bottom not making any effort to hide what he was doing. He was drooling at the sight of a goddess that stood before him.

Anna was disgusted at the way he was clearly showing his interest in her. By now he had invited her into the living room. From here Anna could see where the smell was coming from it was due to old plates of food and takeaways which must have been there for days. Anna was surprised at the fact that this man has no shame in either the way he is living or his approach to meeting new people. Anna reluctantly sat down in a chair which looked as though it was made hundreds of years ago combine that with stains from who knows what. Anna introduced herself and in response he revealed himself to be Adam's farther. His name was Dave a 43 year old divorcee he had clearly let himself go. Long black greasy hair with a black beard he was really rough looking and quite chubby due to excessive eating of takeaways.

Anna began to ask Dave where Adam was but she soon found out that he was around at a friends house. She then asked when he would be coming back to college.

In response he said, "Ha don't know when that fucking prick will go back, pussy that's all he is."

Anna shouted, "How dare you talk about your son like that."

Anna angered by what he had said walked over to him and continued with her shouting towards Dave not that any of it got through to him.

He just sat there laughing, "Ha ha you make me laugh, now why don't you sit your sexy ass down over here."

Stunned by what he had just said Anna headed out of the living room to get her coat. But despite all her anger and hatred towards this man she felt aroused by his words. Anna began to pick up her coat when suddenly he grabbed her and pulled her back into the living room closing the door behind him.

"I know you want me you slut I can see it in your eyes." Dave Stated.

Anna couldn't bring herself to say no. She knew he was right the way he looked at her turned her on. She could not stand the man but there was something about him that made her pussy crave him.

Anna stood up face to face with Dave, he grabbed her ass cheeks pulling her in close. She could feel him getting hard, she moved her hands down his pants running her long fake nails across is ball bag and then up his throbbing cock. After only a few seconds of this he was fully erect. Dave turned her around and told her to bend over and grab hold of her ankles. She did this without hesitation or a problem, now holding her ankles her rear was fully exposed. Dave lifted up her skirt to reveal her beautifully shaped rear end. Her pussy and ass hole also clearly visible only covered by the thin material from her thong which he now held to one-side. Dave dropped his pants and held his 8 inch cock which he slowly guided into her pussy. He began to slowly pierce her entrance in and out teasing her every time. Now her pussy was crying out to be torn apart she couldn't take any more and with the next teasing thrust she forcefully backed herself up. Piercing herself upon all 8 inches of rock hard meat.

"AAARRRHHH!!!!", her scream could be heard from outside.

Both stood in this position motionless, he was blown away by the tightness it was almost vice like the way it gripped him. As for Anna she had just had her soaking wet pussy walls torn and was loving the feeling of been impaled. Both now ready to begin fucking.

Dave now placed his hands on Anna's hips and slowly began to thrust making sure he filled her with every inch. With every thrust Anna's breathing become laboured. His cock slowly gliding across her soaking walls soon ventured deeper and deeper into the unknown. He picked up the pace now slamming against her ass pushing and pulling her hips. The sound of skin smashing against skin echoed throughout the room. Anna's moans became louder and louder as he continued to fuck her. Anna released her hold on her ankles and straightened up to a 90 degree angle. Dave grabbed and pulled her hair in turn she screamed loud. Now he was pounding her with such force she could feel herself weakening at the knees. With her ass now bouncing from side to side she could feel her knees giving up no longer able to hold. Dave sensed this and placed both hands on her tits this helped support Anna. He continued to fuck her silly. Anna finally lost all strength in her legs. Dave now had to hold all her weight but he was now fucking this bitch true doggy style. However this was short lived as Dave could not support her, after all he is not the fittest of guys. Dave pulled out and sat down on the sofa ready for round two.

Dave ordered, "I've got something for you to sit on you dirty slut."

Anna complied placing her legs either side of Dave whilst holding her thong allowing access. She dropped herself onto Dave before she started she removed his tee revealing his hairy chest. With her eyes closed she began to rock back and forth. Dave removed her blouse and then her bra. Now her 34 C tits now in full view and without hesitation he began to caress them. Still rocking his cock with her hands holding the spikes on her high heels. Suddenly she pulls them off and throws them across the room. She places her hands on his chest and begins to bounce using her legs to lift and then drop as hard as she could. Her tits bouncing same goes for her ass which Dave was now spanking.

"Come on you slut fuck me, FUCK ME HARDER!", he ordered.

She bounced harder and harder using all her body weight to smash down on him. Anna then quickly reverted to grinding his cock again. She elevated herself posturing up on the tips of her toes and placing her hands tightly on his chest so she was only impaled by about 4 inches. Then her hips moved with such speed back and forth even the sofa began to squeak. Her nails dug deep in his chest and their eyes maintaining contact throughout. Anna's pussy continued grinding against him with such speed. Maintaining this for some time before fully impaling herself on him once again.

Dave stood up with Anna holding onto him throwing her arms around his neck and her legs locked around his waist. Still impaled on him he carried her over to the coffee table which was covered with old takeaways and pizzas. She took pride in her hygiene now she was about to be fucked in some dirty man's pizzas. He gently placed her down on the table. She didn't what this to end and didn't care what she was fucked in. Dave now looking down at Anna wrapped his hand around her thong and with all is strength he ripped it away. Her pussy was now completely exposed. His throbbing cock re-entered Anna with such ease. Now he was on top her with her legs holding firmly either side. He began using all his weight which he had lot of to pound her. The table was quite strong holding both whilst he was pounding her. His pure size and weight was almost crushing Anna. She tried to push him up but it was no use. This close she could smell and feel his sweat dripping onto her. As she was being pounded Dave began to grunt indicating that he was nearing a finish. Anna also started to climax now screaming every time he penetrates.

Like a true pro Anna straightened her legs lifting them towards the ceiling then parting them into a V shape. Maintaining this as he continued to create friction within her. Dave's grunts became louder and more frequent, his cock now at boiling point. Anna also feeling his cock was holding something back suddenly dropped her legs wrapping both around his waist. Tightly squeezing her feet heels into his ass goading him on to fuck harder. Again the sound of skin on skin echoed throughout the room.

"Come on you fat pig fuck me!", Screamed Anna.

"You want it?, your going to get it.", replied Dave.

His thrusts slowed as his cock was now ready to explode. Anna trapped between table and man was about to reach climax. She was prepared to take his load. Dave's eyes closed and he let out a loud loin like roar quickly pulling out his cock. He sprayed his load all over her tits before collapsing to the sofa. Anna felt like she was in heaven although the the reality was quite the opposite. Laying on a table which was covered with old pizzas in a absolutely filthy house.


Anna suddenly awakened from a coma like state shocked at his demand.

"But I need to clean up.", she replied.


Anna stood up, her back covered in with greasy orange fluid which came from the pizzas. Her hair messy, thong torn and cum running down her chest. She pulled down her skirt then recovered her bra and blouse which she put straight back on. The cum instantly soaked through leaving a wet stain. She could also feel the grease beginning to soak up.

Dave now ordering Anna said, "I warned you slut get the fuck out!".

Anna quickly spotted her heels before grabbing them and her coat then rushed out having no time to slip them on.

As Anna stood outside without her thong, wearing her cum and grease stained blouse with her heels in hand. She realised what she had done for the second time. She had cheated on her husband without even giving him a moments thought. She was for the first time feeling like a slut exact what she opposite of what she wanted to be. Anna now feeling dirty and used was beginning to feel guilty for what she had done.

To be continued.

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