tagNovels and NovellasThe Adventures of Rob Ch. 03

The Adventures of Rob Ch. 03


Rob is back home from college for the summer. It is early Tuesday morning, of the second week since has been home from school, somewhere around three AM. Rob is having a vivid sexually oriented dream. He usually sleeps nude and without covers. This night is no exception. So, whenever Rob gets a nocturnal erection, his massive dick sticks straight up.

Rob is dreaming that his cock is being sucked. In Rob’s dream he tries to visualize whose face these wonderful lips belong to. Also in this dream he feels no other physical contact, just the mouth on his dick. He thinks of who it might be, one of the girls at school perhaps? Jennifer, Sally, Sandra or several of the others he has face fucked recently. None seems to fit the feeling he is experiencing on his dick. As the wonderful blow job continues, he begins to stir and moves his hips slightly in time with the mouth on his dick. He visualizes Mrs. Zamora’s mouth sliding up and down on his hard shaft. The mouth that is expertly sucking his dick can only hold three quarters of it. So, in his dream, he discards Mrs. “Z” as the mouth that is giving him so much pleasure. The longer this dream continues the more it seems to be real.

Rob slowly becomes awake and he realizes that he is no longer dreaming and someone is sucking on his erect dick! He pretends to be still asleep and looks down towards the top of the head that is giving his dick such a grand blow job. The head has short blond hair and is attached to a woman who is kneeling on the side of his bed. She is wearing a robe that completely covers her body up. The only blond that Rob knows around here is his mother! Could she be sucking him off?

As Rob gets fully awake, and his eyes become adjusted to the dim light, he sees it is indeed his mother! She was slowly moving her mouth up and down as much of his shaft that she could get into her mouth. She still could not deep throat an eight inch plus dick.

The last time Rob’s mom had sucked her son’s dick was when he was home for spring break. After she and Anita talked about what they had done with him, Mrs. Jones had vowed not to do anything like that ever again. However, her husband has been out of town for over a month and she was extremely horny. When she walked down the hall, and past Rob’s room, she looked in on him to be sure he was sleeping OK. This morning Mrs. Jones saw his huge hard on sticking straight up and noticed that he was lightly snoring. She thought why not get a quick taste of it again? What harm could a quick kiss on her son’s dick cause? What harm indeed!

So, Mrs. Jones silently crept into her son’s room and got down on her knees, right next to Rob’s bed. Mrs. Jones bent over her son and without using her hands; she lightly kissed the tip of Rob’s dick! He did not respond to this light kiss. Mrs. Jones kissed it several more times. Finally she slipped her lips over the tip of Rob’s dick and slid her mouth over the entire end. Gradually she took more and more of her son’s dick into her mouth. Mrs. Jones finally was taking as much of its’ long length as she could. Mrs. Jones was sliding her mouth up and down Rob’s hard on and giving him an expert blow job!

She thought to herself,

“What am I doing? What if Rob wakes up? How can I explain to him what I am doing or why I am doing it?”

Mrs. Jones didn’t care. The taste of her son’s dick, and the pleasure she was getting from sliding it in and out of her mouth over rode any quilt feelings she was having. Mrs. Jones continued to suck on Rob’s hard dick. Eventually her mouthing of Rob’s dick got to him. Mrs. Jones sensed he was about to cum.

Now that Rob was fully awake and enjoying his mother’s expert mouth on his dick, he decided to pretend that he was still asleep. He felt his nuts tightening up and knew he was going to cum pretty soon. As he watched his pretty mother suck on his dick, his thoughts drifted back to the first time he had fucked her. He knew that he had actually raped her. But since she never said anything about it, he felt that is was a one time shot and would best be forgotten about. But now here she was, on her own, sucking his dick wildly. Rob still feigned sleep. His nuts were about to explode and he wanted to cum in her mouth!

Mrs. Jones could feel the contractions in her son’s dick. She grabbed it with both hands and slid her mouth down on his shaft as far as she could. Rob exploded in his mother’s mouth, filling it with cum! Mrs. Jones managed to swallow every bit of cum that Rob’s dick produced from her efforts. She stroked Rob’s shaft a couple of times. Mrs. Jones let go of it and reluctantly removed her mouth from the teenager’s still hard dick. She turned around and crawled out of her son’s bedroom, Mrs. Jones did not want to wake him!

Rob watched his mother leave the room and wished he could stick his dick in her pussy again. He still had an erection and was still ready to fuck! As he re-lived what had just happened, he thought about the first, and so far only time, he had fucked her. He threw in a few fantasies about Mrs. “Z” next door, Rob masturbated to three more orgasms! He finally fell back asleep.

The next morning Rob went down to breakfast. His mom was up and moving about the kitchen preparing the family’s breakfast. Rob closely studied her to see if he could get any hint of what had happened last night. There was none.

Rob was both relieved and disappointed at the same time. He reasoned that this could be an entertaining summer. There was Mrs. Zamora next door, whom he had not even seen yet, but he was sure she wanted some more of his big dick and the possibility that he’d get to do his mother again. After all, hadn’t she sucked his dick last night on her own? With these thoughts in his head he ate breakfast and told his mom he was going over to his friend Bill’s house.

Part II

A couple of weeks after Rob’s mother had slipped into her son’s room and sucked him off; she couldn’t sleep because she was horny. She slipped down to the kitchen and got one of the cucumbers she was going to use for cooking. She decided she had a much more pressing need for it. She did not own a dildo; in fact she did not even know where to get one.

Mrs. Jones had never felt the need for real deep self gratification before. Usually her masturbation sessions took place with her rubbing her clit for a few minutes and she would cum. However, since she and Anita next door had discovered that they liked to eat each others pussies and Rob’s huge dick has entered the picture, she has become a woman possessed by the need to get frequently sexually satisfied, by any means available!

When she got back to her room she prepared the cucumber for use. Mrs. Jones thoroughly washed and dried the object of her passion and got a condom from the night stand. She slipped it over the substitute dick

Mrs. Jones prepared the room for her pleasure. She took all of the bed covers off her bed, except for the silk bottom sheet. She turned the night stand lights both down low, so there was enough light to see well. Mrs. Jones took off all of her night clothes and got onto the king size bed. She propped her head up with a couple of pillows and slipped another one beneath her shapely hips. Her medium sized tits spread out on her chest and her big nipples were standing at attention. She slowly massaged her breasts with both hands. She also alternated stroking her pussy with both hands. Soon her pussy was leaking fluids and she was extremely aroused.

Mrs. Jones picked up her makeshift dildo and slipped it between her legs. She spread her legs as wide as she could. The cucumber she had picked was about seven and a half inches long and a little smaller in diameter than her son Rob’s dick. It was close to the size of Rob’s dick but not quite as long or as big around as his dick. She was very excited now and her pussy was very wet. It was ready for the invasion that was about to begin.

Mrs. Jones spread her pussy’s lips with one hand and slipped the end of the cucumber in with the other hand. She slowly pushed it in as far as it would go. Holding it there for a few minutes, she wanted to savor the feeling of a full pussy. Mrs. Jones had not had anything in her pussy since her husband had left on business several weeks ago. After a few minutes Mrs. Jones started thrusting the fake dildo in and out of her horny pussy. The longer she did this, the more she began to get vocal. Pretty soon she was making a lot of noise.

The ever horny Rob rolled over and when he bumped his nightly erection against the bed it woke him up. He rolled back over onto his back and took his hard dick in his hand and slowly stroked it. Rob used some spit to lubricate the end and was twisting his hand about the head when he heard something down the hall. He stopped what he was doing and listened. What he thought he heard were the sounds of someone getting fucked! He knew his dad was not home yet. He wondered if his mother had taken a lover. Rob got out of bed, still sporting a massive hard on, and silently crept down the hall. When Rob got to his mother’s bedroom door it was more than half open. From the darkened hallway Rob could plainly see what was going on in his mother’s bed.

Rob saw his mother completely engrossed in satisfying her own needs. She had something she was slamming her pussy with and her other hand was massaging, or was actually mauling, her tits. Rob stood and watched this erotic scene for a few minutes when he heard his mother say,

“I wish this thing was a dick so it could cum in me. Or better yet Rob’s dick!”

Rob was standing there holding his hard dick, just what his mother was asking for. Mrs. Jones had her eyes tightly closed and was making so much noise she did not hear Rob enter the room. She was moving about the bed so violently she even didn’t feel Rob get up on the bed between her outstretched legs. While Rob was getting into position his mom continued repeating her desire,

“I wish this thing was Rob’s dick, so it could cum in me.”

Rob reached between his mom’s legs and took the cucumber from her pussy. As he replaced it with his larger dick he said,

“Will this do?”

He slammed his dick against the back of his mother’s wet pussy. As Rob’s dick stretched her pussy to the limit, Mrs. Jones eyes flew open. Rob managed to get in several strokes before she could speak. Those few strokes managed to increase the desire in her pussy to be soundly fucked by Rob’s dick.

“What are you doing?”

“What you want, replacing your toy with a real dick that is going to cum in your pussy!”

“No, please don’t. It’s wrong!”

“Just as wrong as when you sucked my dick dry the other night?”

“You were awake?”

“Only at the end!”

By now Rob was pounding his mother’s pussy so fast and hard it should have hurt. But instead it drove her over the edge. She hissed at Rob,

“If we’re going to do this, fuck me and fuck me until my pussy is sore!”

Rob had never heard his mother cuss before. This turned him on immensely! He continued hammering his mom’s pussy. In a few minutes she began moaning,

“I’m going to cum!”

As Rob increased the intensity of fucking his mother’s wild pussy he felt his nuts contract and knew he was going to cum soon also.

“Son, I’m Cuming!”

Mrs. Jones pussy clamped down on Rob’s hard dick like a vice. Rob stopped moving with the head of his dick up against the back of his mother’s pussy.

As Rob dumped his load of cum in her pussy he told her,

“So am I!”

Rob pulled his spurting dick from his mother’s pussy and slipped it into her willing mouth. Two or three more spurts coated the back of Mrs. Jones’s throat. Rob had about six or seven inches buried in his mom’s mouth, well beyond how much dick she had ever swallowed before. When Rob saw that his mother had taken his dick beyond her usual gag point, he shoved the rest of it deep into her throat. Rob had his pubic bone against his mother’s nose and his balls were resting on her chin! Rob had his full eight and one half inches buried in her throat! Mrs. Jones started sputtering and gagging on this big dick down her throat.

“Relax! It fits!”

Rob took short, rapid strokes in his mother’s mouth. Not giving her the chance to stop him. After gagging, sputtering and nearly passing out, Mrs. Jones got the hang of how to breathe and hold this big dick in her throat at the same time. Rob kept rapidly pumping his dick in and out of his mother’s virgin throat. He didn’t care right now if she liked it or not! He only knew she had stopped fighting it and was now participating in the second rape of her. Rob has now raped his own mother twice!

Mrs. Jones took both of her hands and grabbed Rob by the ass. She pulled him as hard as she could into her mouth. Rob’s huge dick was driving her to another orgasm. Mrs. Jones’s husband would cause her to get off when he fucked her in the mouth. Mrs. Jones loved to suck cock, she just had never been deep throated before. Whenever she gagged sucking her husband’s dick he always stopped. This was different though, Rob would not be denied, he wanted his dick deep throated! She could tell he loved it. Rob was slamming her mouth and throat harder than he had fucked any part of her before tonight. Now she discovered she loved it too!

Mrs. Jones pussy convulsed in a massive orgasm. She pulled her mouth off of her son’s dick, just as it erupted again. He sprayed cum everywhere! Mrs. Jones took Rob’s still hard dick and rubbed the sticky stuff into the skin on her tits.

With the sexual fire extinguished in her pussy, and a new talent to deep throat a man’s dick and with cum all over her tits she told Rob,

“Rob, don’t you dare tell anyone about this! If you do, it’ll never happen again! If you want to keep fucking me, keep quite!”

“Mom, I’d love to keep fucking you! Don’t worry, our secret is safe with me!”

Mrs. Jones went into the bath room to clean up and Rob went back to his own bed. He knew he had his mother in his dick’s power! Rob fell asleep thinking about how he could use this power to get her and Mrs. Zamora together again, so he could fuck them both again at the same time!

To be continued…

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