tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Audition Ch. 02

The Audition Ch. 02


(In the first chapter of this story young wife and hopeful actress Norma Doughtery had come to Panogram studios, a B grade film studio in the late 1940s looking to audition with its owner Fred Stern. The older Jewish film tycoon introduces to Norma to that standard tool of film making during Hollywood's glory years; the casting couch. We pick up the action as Norma tries to impress Fred with her oral skills.)

Chapter Two

For the next few minutes the only sounds that disturbed the stillness of Stern's office were Norma's wet slurps and his grunted sighs. The starlet worked on her new boss's dick with all the eagerness she could muster, trying to show him how much she wanted him (or in her mind, wanted him to give her a movie career). Her tongue flicked over the thick knob, its tip glancing over smooth glans then sliding underneath to leave the skin glossy with saliva. With every push into her mouth the old man's cock thrust along a different path, one moment hitting the roof, the next stabbing at her cheek pouches. Drool began to dribble over Norma's cherry red lips as Fred sawed back and forth, and the combination of his pre-ejaculate and her spit formed a sticky stringy bridge between him and her when Stern withdrew his prick.

"Goddam you know how to blow a man Norma," Stern stated, looking down on the young woman as she again engaged his fat erection. "Why don't you suck my balls too honey?"

Norma quelled her disgust and switched her mouth's position. Tentatively at first the beautiful girl kissed Stern's hairy sac, trying not to get the greying copper strands of his pubes caught in her teeth or tickling up her nose. The smell of his scrotum was intense, and it was a little repugnant. At this moment she really understood what it meant when some of her more uritan friends back home said about the loose morals of actresses. It was almost as if she was one of those street walkers she'd seen outside her two-bit hotel where she was staying whilst she attempted to get her acting break in Hollywood. With every lick of Stern's nuts and every swallow of his slimy prick Norma felt more and more like a tramp, almost as bad as a hooker. The kind that would pick up a customer for a quick blow job in some dingy alleyway, charge five bucks and then return to the street a few minutes later with dirty knees and a horrid taste in their cheap mouths. But this wasn't a cheap throw in some dingy back alley or grimy hotel room. This was giving her all to get her movie star dream.

Fred Stern on the other hand wasn't spending as much time worrying about the moral turpitude, the ethical dilemma he was putting Norma in. All he was worried about was making sure that Mrs Norma Dougherty gave him a head job he'd earned after all these years schmoozing with the Hollywood types. With hands spread across the back of her head he made sure that when he pushed his prick into her mouth it went as deep as he wanted it to. He was in control and as part of this process he made sure Norma gagged when his dick went as deep as it could. It might have looked a little ridiculous if someone had found Stern and his protégé in this position, the old man's pants round his ankles and the starlet trying not to suffocate from his phallus. Stern wasn't concerned; in his office, in his studio he was the boss, and what was said and done was his prerogative, no one else's.

Shifting one of his hands from Norma's neck he groped again for her tits. As the young wife was too busy trying to keep her balance she wasn't able to interpose either hand to stop him. Of course it would have been a mistake on her part if she interfered with his carnal pleasures. Norma had to let the perve fondle her tits and just accept it.

"I love the way your boobs feel honey," Stern muttered absent-mindedly, not caring if Norma acknowledged his words or not. "They are firm, not too big, and your nipples..." at which point the studio head paused and used his right thumb and forefinger to squeeze the roseate left nipple just a tad. The spike of pain that Norma felt made her gasp in surprise, just as Stern again plunged his cock into her mouth. The sensation for him was amazing, for Norma the cruel attention drew a couple more tears from her beautifully sad eyes. "I think the average shmoes that pay their buck or so to see a Panogram film are gonna go ape over seeing your titties baby. 'Course they won't get to see them all bare and ready for a squeeze like they are now Norma, but hey...some things are only for the head of the studio right?'

All Norma could do was give a small nod of her head and then continue to use her lips, her tongue and her mouth on the dick that was being shoved this way and that. More slobber formed whilst she sucked Fred's cock and the saliva clung to his balls and shaft. Norma's jaw began to ache and it was difficult to remain concentrating on acting compliant whilst having her sleazy boss rub her perky breasts. For a few more minutes it continued; Fred Stern pushing and probing, poking his dick into Norma's mouth whilst she mewled and grunted throat-stuffed sounds. For a brief moment the older man impelled her head into his groin and kept it firmly in place, not letting Norma move back for comfort or for breath. Her stockings were beginning to fray slightly at the knees from Norma's shifting, rubbing the sheer material raw on the carpet. The gruelling effort of serving Stern was making the starlet wish that he'd just cum and be done with it. If it meant swallowing his spend so be it. "Just get it over with damn you!" she thought to herself.

With his prick fully erect and slick with the combination of Norma's spit and his pre-cum Fred drew back one more time, and to Norma's surprised relief he didn't shove it back down her throat. Taking in a gulp or two of air she looked up at Stern, her wet eyes looking for answers and perhaps an end to the 'audition'.

"Get up honey," Stern commanded as he stepped back, giving the young woman at his feet a chance to rise. "I think that's enough cock sucking for one day don't you?"

"Oh yes...thank you Mr Stern sir." Norma rose quickly, wiping her lips with the back of her right hand. Strands of sticky goo were transferred there as she tried to clean away the dirty remnants of her oral submission. "I hope that was what you wanted?" Norma's cute breathless voice framed the question with a hopeful tone. Unfortunately for her the problem was the aging movie mogul wasn't completely finished putting his latest acting acquisition through her paces. "I normally don't do this," Norma prattled on as she stood there, still clad only in her stockings "but I want to make you happy and get that role you promised." Again Norma wiped her mouth, then went to reach for her clothes which lay on the floor behind Stern.

"Not so fast my dear," barked Fred Stern in reply "The audition has just started kiddo." As Norma's reaching hand fell back and the look on her face went from upset but vindicated to downbeat and submissive the cruel film maker continued. "I like the way you handle the lines I feed you sweetheart. But let's see what other gifts you have. Like, say...that." With a flourishing gesture of his hand Stern indicated her mound, staring at it like a kid in a candy store. "I think you need to lie down on my couch and let good old Mr Stern hump that soon-to-be-a-film-star pussy."

"But I don't want to!" came Norma's morose and surprisingly defiant reply. "I came here Mr Stern you dirty old man to become an actress; not your lover." Norma dropped her act as the compliant girl for a moment. "I want to be a star not just on your terms, on my terms too."

Stern's response was in turn a surprise for Norma. Instead of answering back he quickly grabbed for her with a speed that was most unlike a man at least 40 years older than her. As she began to squeak an anguished protest he violently drew her back so that she teetered towards him. Arms and legs flailed in every direction and the sound of their struggles were a mixture of yelps, grunts and on her part Norma's cries of "Stop" and "Let me go."

"Shut your goddam whining mouth girl, or I'll kick your ass so fast out on the street you won't have time to beg for one last chance." Stern used his slightly lower centre of gravity to push back against Norma's torso. He may have been older, smaller and a cigar smoking drinker but the studio boss knew a hell of a lot more about winning clinches with a struggling starlet then the young woman he was 'auditioning' could even begin to imagine.

For a brief moment the two figures grappled then, with a half-suffocated 'Oomph' crying out from Norma's mouth the older man won the struggle. His victim tottered backward, and as he growled a throaty "That's it sweetheart" Norma tumbled onto the couch. Her left leg arced up in the fall, and her right hand had just enough time to reach behind and steady the fall. The leather sofa gave in to her tumbling body, and like a flash the pants-less movie mogul climbed onto Norma's flailing figure.

"Oh please Mr Stern! I don't want to. Let me go I beg you...please!!"

"Why should I let you go Norma," the dirty old man leered as he used his weight to pin the reluctant woman down "just when you're on the cusp of becoming my latest star." He pawed her bare breasts with his stubby fingers, tweaking the crimson red nipples with one hand. His sweaty face shifted so that he could breathe in her scent, looming menacingly over her neck. In some perverse way he was reminded of those great horror films of the 30s, as if he was that Hungarian hack Bela Lugosi trying to latch onto the virginal neck of a sacrificial maiden. 'Screw that' he then thought to himself 'I just want to nail this piece of tail and get her to make me some bucks'. In one fell swoop his mouth clamped onto the translucent skin of Norma's nape, giving her another cause to yelp and cry out in protest.

"Don't rape me Mr Stern, please don't!" sobbed Norma, her 20 year old slender body pinned under the studio chief. "I can't have sex with you...I just can't." Her beautiful big eyes looked back at the sweaty face of the old man mauling her neck, trying to convince him she wasn't ready to be exploited like this. Yes, she did feel a degree of pleasure from Stern's fingering earlier, and the idea of becoming a star was a thrill as well. However the thought of the perverted old man atop her doing something simply too awful to consider was unacceptable for Norma. She cried again, pleading with as much sincerity as she could for him "Don't force me sir! Please don't stick that...that...that thing in me." The shameful references to his erect cock made her blush deep crimson, almost merging the rouge on her cheeks with her flushed skin. And yet all the while the old Jewish movie tycoon was stabbing against the barely covered cleft of her crotch.

"These fucking panties of yours Norma irritate the crap outta me!" Fred Stern paused from trying to literally devour Norma's neck long enough to vent his frustration at the cotton barrier between his thick prick and her cunt. "What say we do something about them?" he asked rhetorically, without waiting for her to offer an answer or a protest. Whilst he squirmed on top of the young woman he kept her from pushing him away, and his right hand moved with surprising quickness off her left tit. Grabbing the side of the knickers he began to tug, first down, then up, out then around. The fabric held firm, but it wasn't as strong as the desire in Fred Stern to remove the underwear that was keeping him from plunging balls deep into Norma's pussy. As she tried to wriggle away, shifting her hips and pert ass around on the leather couch the actress didn't realise she was hurting her own resistance. The panties that were her last safeguard couldn't hold much longer, the material starting to sheer away from the elasticised hem. Stern's fingers were like talons, trying to shred her undies off her beautifully curved left hip. Then, with a loud sound that in undercut Norma's sobs, her cotton knickers finally gave way.

"Christ I love the sound of ripping knickers!" exclaimed Fred, his hand now tearing at the shredded underwear, a long gash formed down from the elastic top over the now partly exposed pubic mound of his flailing victim. Norma was in a frantic state, her hands trying to protect her pussy, all the while scrabbling for a hold on the leather sofa, as well as trying to battle off the studio boss's groping left hand, and just as futile find some way to push him back off her. 'Oh my god," she wailed to herself "he's like a damned octopus!" The starlet was absolutely flummoxed, her shapely near nude form ripe for the picking by her perverted attacker.

"That's much better isn't it honey?" Stern lewdly laughed, before kissing the frantic young woman hard on her cherry red lipstick hued lips. He wasn't sill enough to French the girl yet, but he knew that more manipulation with his fingers over her now uncovered snatch might ease her resistance. "I do like 'em feisty...and this one's a fighter." Stern thought to himself, before losing his logical thoughts to the unadulterated pleasure of grinding his tumescent prick against Norma's torn panties. His hand which had done the damage to Norma's knickers now inveigled itself between his semi-corpulent stomach and her flat, smooth belly. He was searching for the first curls of her pubes, and from there it would be a simple matter or rubbing the right button again.

Norma was by now regretting her foolish desire to put her need for stardom above her own safety. "Stop it Mr Stern...stop it!" she implored, begging the wicked man to leave her body alone. The sensations of having her undies torn, followed by the passionate kiss from his gin and cigar stinking mouth made her shudder in revulsion. However there was still a small part of her that was thrilled to be garnering such attention, to be offered this admittedly painful path to becoming famous. There was a fire in her belly that was caught up in the nausea of being assaulted, so whilst her hips and butt tried to shimmy away from her attacker, the tiniest voice in the back of her head was urging surrender.

Just as she was about to raise her stocking right knee to perhaps at least dislodge the fat older man, Norma felt her clit being touched again. Unlike the last time when Stern had fingered her gash, she was not in any way in control. The pressure was not as gentle or as erotic for her; this was a brutal sensation. "Ouch...stop it!!" she groaned in a guttural plea. "It hurts. It hurts Mr Stern...please don't...noo!!"

With a manual dexterity that even surprised himself Fred Stern had by now moved two fingers into the wet folds of Norma's upper slit, with the index and middle fingers stabbing hard with a rough circular motion. Before it had been gentler, more romantic if that could be at all appropriate to such a situation. Now however Stern was using his fingers to violate the 20 year old wife of some stupid schmuck who couldn't keep her happy (or more importantly he thought legs up on her back screaming for his no doubt puny gentile cock).

"Do you have to be...uhhhh...so rough?" Norma yipped with a painful tinge in her as usual breathless voice. "It hurts Mr Stern...I hate it!"

"Stop your wailing kiddo," Stern countermanded "you think just because you sucked some prime Jewish cock and let me fiddle with your honeypot I was going to make you bigger that Rita Hayworth?" The studio chief slide the two digits at Norma's vaginal opening inside, this time not worrying about lubrication or a tender entry. This was the movement of a carnal brute, sticking his fingers in deep to widen her cunt for the inevitable fucking his dick was dying to deliver.

"AHHHHHH! Ohhh...NOO!"

Norma's mouth called out in desperate pain, shrieking with a submission tinged with fear and degradation. Her stockinged legs shot up and out as if they were being jerked by a puppet master, and as her beautiful body shuddered unwillingly Stern moved too. He was able to use his free hand to half drag, half push the victim of his cruel audition up into a more appropriate position. The leather squelched and the sofa groaned, its burden of two writhing people now closer to the well-supported centre.

"Stop it you bastard, you filthy pervert!" Norma squealed again, her protests shrill. However Stern was not to be deterred. He worked his knobbly right knee up in against the inside of her left leg, then with a grunt shifted once more, drawing his body into a position where Norma was semis-spread before him. Her tush slid this way, then that, partly trying to shake off her molester, partly in exquisite agony as his fingers explored her vagina. She could feel his fingernails raking along her innards, the pain mingled with the occasional lewd shot of pleasure when he twirled his thumb over her clit. Norma was resisting as much as she could, but this horrid wicked man was using every dirty trick and carnal stimulation to break her.

"You know it's been ages since I had such a fighter here on my casting couch Norma." Stern briefly reflected his mouth targeted her right nipple. In a flash he had the coral red tip between his lips, sucking it back like a hungry man scouring a bone for marrow. The stimulation from this was intense, and Norma couldn't help focusing on that feeling just as Stern withdrew his fingers from her bruised cunt. She didn't think, she just reacted. Unfortunately for the 20 year old starlet the Panogram studio boss knew how to manipulate his actresses; physically as well as financially. Whilst Norma's eyes narrowed in a mixture of loathing and lust, her tit being passionately mauled by the old man, he used his now free hand to position the head of his dick against her reddened pussy lips.

"Now here comes the big part I know you've been dying for Norma."

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