tagBDSMThe Awakening of Mallory

The Awakening of Mallory


Her name was Mallory. She'd been named after a character on an old tv sit com that her parents had grown up watching. The delightful young blond was 21. However, as an admirer once mentioned, she could pass for a few years younger. Fact was, Mallory looked incredibly innocent yet perfectly erotic and, well, hot. And she was definitely of age, working at a local bar and restaurant. She had a slender figure with long legs, thighs that barely met at the top, leading up to a tight little ass, a lovely arch in her back, plump apple breasts, and a sweet Naomi Watts face with rosy cheeks and medium length blond hair.

He pretty mouth, with its sensuous lips and slight pout, made worldly men grit their teeth, wishing they could be so lucky as to kiss those precious, inviting lips, and perhaps even fuck them. Not surprisingly, there were other areas of her uncommonly attractive anatomy that seemed begging for licks, kisses, and, well, invasive exploration.... She was down right fuckable: an exquisite, unspoiled piece of ass. As a matter of fact, it occurred to this writer more than once that Mallory might look quite lovely with my cock between those tender delicate tits, one of her pretty hands hefting my swollen, full balls while the other steered my erection to her lip-curling mouth. My gentle kisses on the top of her lovely head would be her welcome reward as I spent a copious quantity of seed into her welcoming mouth as her lovely eagerly learning hands massaged my balls and clutched my firm ass. Yes, sweet Mallory's charms did indeed cause a mind to wander....

She had worked at the bar for a month or so. During that time she'd heard about a handsome though dangerous gentleman who was known as a stud and accomplished lover. He was said to have bedded many women who frequented the bar, and that his skills were renowned. He was particularly well-endowed, which was supposedly apparent even through his jeans, which he wore tight. He was rumored to currently have a relationship with a beautiful woman who also frequented the bar, and that this woman was now his sex slave. He had a rugged, slightly menacing charm. A kind of energy surrounded him that made some women weak in the knees: he was a bad boy. A really bad boy.

Sweet innocent Mallory, upon hearing this description of the handsome dangerous rover, found the idea of being this man's sex slave to be incredibly arousing.

At 21 she'd been sexually active for a few years, but only with 'boys' her own age. She had been approached by an older teacher her first semester at college who clearly thought she was beautiful - but it frightened her to think of herself with a man almost twice her age. It wasn't that she didn't find him attractive - he was quite handsome, and smelled very manly and hot, but she didn't want to seem inexperienced. One day while he spoke to her after class she glanced down and noticed he had a giant bulge in his pants. She reached out as if mesmerized by it and rested her hand on it. The teacher smiled and placed his hand on her cheek and smiled at her ... you just aren't ready, are you angel. She nodded and took her hand away. It was one of the most erotic moments she'd ever had, and she frantically masturbated when she got home (as did he); but one thing led to another and they never got together. But these boys were tiresome - their lack of attentiveness and selfish goal of just reaching their own orgasm as quickly as possible didn't really leave her any thrill. She longed for more meaning in sex. And she quite liked the idea of being trained by an older lover, someone who'd be patient and instructive with her, to take care of her needs, and also to show her the true meaning of pleasuring a man. She wouldn't mind being a great lover herself! Gosh, she thought, what would it be like to have such an experienced lover who just took control and fucked the living daylights out of me and made sure I was pleasured, and then taught me how to please him, and all men, completely? She'd fantasized about older men before - mostly her teachers (who no doubt had their own fantasies starring sweet Mallory) - and the notion of someone older and more experienced showing her how to really make love excited her.

She thought back to the day with the teacher, when she rested her lovely hand on his bulging pants, and wished she'd asked him for a tutorial. "Can you teach me what to do with this?" she should have asked. The idea made her tiny panties wet.

So when she'd heard about this sex slavery rumor, she noticed her pussy tingled, and her panties were damp. As she sat on a stool on her break, she squirmed and fidgeted and even had a little orgasm. She could tell her face was flushed. Her co-workers hadn't noticed, and while she finished her soda on her break, they wandered back to their stations.

As if arranged by fate, the man happened to come in just then! Sarah, a cocktail waittress, rushed over to Mallory and whispered, "That's him!"

Mallory looked at him and realized that he was very attractive: handsome, rugged, confident. She'd expected him to look, well, old, or something. He had a narrow face with defined cheekbones. She was surprised at her realization that it was less about how he looked than how he carried himself. Yes, he was confident... and it excited her. He moved with a strong gait, and smiled at her. He wore a black t-shirt and jeans. He had a cute ass, strong features, and she quickly noticed that the front of his jeans bulged with what looked like a massive cock. Had she ever noticed this in other men?

She'd looked at her high school boy's swim team in their little speedos, and was curious about their penises. She imagined the stud before her in a little black speedo on the beach, french kissing her while his cock buldged in the slinky brief suit. She thought of her teacher again, and imagined reaching down to cup the stud's balls in the suit and asking him to teach her something.

All the while she started absently at the man's jeans-covered bulge. Then the sound of him clearly his throat brought her out of her daydream. Her face flushed - she'd never checked out a guy's crotch before! And here she was, brazenly staring at this gorgeous stud's cock in his tight jeans. It hung down and to the right, thick and long, some inches down the right pant leg. The site froze her in her stare, which she forced herself to break. She stole another gaze down there as he sat down and could clearly see his big balls through the material. She looked at her own hands, mentally estimating what his big dick would look like cradled in her tender petite hands. She'd held her boyfriends' cocks before (they'd cum before she was even ready to kiss!), but they were just boys! She would have a hard time getting her fingers around that thing! She smiled, then peaked at his bulging jeans again. As she looked up at his handsome face she realized he'd seen her peaking at his crotch. He smiled and winked, instructed the bartender to put her drink on his tab.

He took a call on his cell phone, speaking quietly in a voice full of deep resonance and charisma. Yes, he had a nice voice. He laughed, said, "I mean it - you better do what I've told you, angel." Then, after the call, he got up to leave, but not before he stood across from her and let her get a real good look at his jeans-covered cock, which was now clearly hard and pressed against his pants. He approached her, whispering, "You are lovely, my dear." He drew his finger down from her ear to her chin. His touch made her gush. "I like that you were looking where you were looking. It pleases me. Look there now," he said in a tone that almost sounded like an order. She did as she was told, looking directly at his cock through his jeans, seeing every crease in his pants, the fullness and length of his semi-firm shaft, the unmistakeable roundness of the head, and the feeling of being told to do it, and then doing what she was told, gave her butterflies in her stomach. She wanted to be taken by him right then on the bar!

He now looked directly at her crotch, his gaze lingering long on that area, his eyes moving languidly across her body.

She could almost feel his hands on her, though he had barely touched her!

He breathed in and turned his head to one side, his eyes glazed. Leaning in, he whispered, "I can smell your arousal." She blushed, he winked again and looked brazenly at her whole body again, up and down. She felt a second tiny orgasm as he licked his sexy lips. "Don't worry - I'm sensitive that way. But you are an angel. A lovely, sexy angel. Mmm, mmm, mmm."

He stood for a moment, and then whispered, "Good night, pretty girl." She was gushing her little panties. When he turned away, she found herself gazing at his ass, parting her knees and arching her back, bringing her pussy against the stool, wanting to rub her pussy with both hands but somehow resisting the powerful urge. Even so, she came intensely, clearing her throat and coughing to conceal what would have otherwise been a moan, and hoping nobody saw her humping her bar stool. After he'd left, she looked down at her crotch, realizing that the lips of her pussy were pressing firmly against her tight pants, creating a somewhat deep cleft. Her inflamed clitoris was getting rubbed, she realized, and it crossed her mind that HE had seen this bit of camel toe. She also noticed a slight dark spot from her cum. All this just seemed to add to her incredible arousal. And he'd only just looked at her!

Later, as she drove home after work, she touched herself, imagining what it would be like to have this genuine stud take her and have his way with her. As the thought of his hard cock entering her tight, inexperienced pussy entered her mind, and the actual doubt she felt about being able to take all of him, she had an intense orgasm and nearly drove off the road as her sexy pelvis bucked and her fingers felt dampness through her tight black pants.

The next morning she found herself dripping wet upon waking. She was on her tummy, wearing lovely lacy thong panties, and imagined this mystery man, her fantasy sex master, grabbing her hair and offering his massive cock to her, demanding her mouth, entering her tender pretty innocent mouth with his towering manhood and forcefully moving her up and down on him. She had never actually felt so aroused at the thought of sucking a man's cock until that moment. Now it seemed she not only would be aroused by it but that it was absolutely necessary for her to suck a cock in order to be truly satisfied. She imagined the hardness in her mouth, the manly taste, musky, the weight of his big balls in her hand as she held them at his instruction, as he stood over her, his powerful hips thrusting as his massive cock took her mouth like it was a pussy, and fucked her pretty mouth with the intensity of a wild animal. What would it be like to feel him cum in her mouth? She wondered. What would the pulsation as the cum shot out the end of his cock feel like, would she be able to take all of his seed? She hoped so! Would she feel his balls get lighter as she coaxed his cum from them? She had no doubt he would demand that she swallowed his cum. The idea of being 'made' to do it brought her yet another orgasm. She so wanted him to tell her to eat his cum. It made her crazy to think how incredibly sexy it would be to have him tell her what to do, and to fuck her with animal demands, to use her like a slave. To take her from behind and fuck her like an animal. This was her desire - to be possessed by this dark handsome stud.

She knew as well that this man, as dangerous as he seemed, was a caring man who would never hurt her. This was important to her - the feeling of safety. He was demanding and rugged, but she was a girl he felt like protecting and caring for. She would be safe with him. This, too, made her wet and happy.

Not one to mull over decisions for too long, Mallory decided right then and there to become his sex slave. She felt exhilarated at the clarity of her decision. As she drove back to work, she could feel her pussy gushing. She made sure it didn't look like she had wet her pants. She noticed, in looking down at her pants to see if they were wet, that once again her pussy was clearly visible: her slightly bulging lips created a little cleft. She knew some people hated to see a woman's anatomy like this, but she knew that her worldly stud would appreciate it, even scrutinize it, just like he had the other night. She thought about what it would be like to gaze at the studly lump in his tight pants and to see him looking at her crotch, licking his lips again. And one thought led to another, and she imagined what it would be like to have his tongue down there, kissing her, licking her, prodding and probing her sweet pussy. Her orgasm came right away then, her pelvis once again bucking lewdly as she rubbed herself against her hands, feeling the delicate material from her pretty panties working its way up into her, creating more friction and pleasure against her clitoris.

In her mind, her stud lover was devouring her pussy, licking up and down and diving into her slit deeply, then coming up to suckle her red and aroused button. Interestingly she'd never thought that it would be pleasant to have anyone touch her ass, but she was hit by the sudden desire to have this man do just that. She imagined that as he ate her voraciously, his moans soundly like the hungry animal growls of a predator eating his prey, he'd draw his tongue over her clean tight ass and then wet a finger with her pussy juice and began burrowing it into her tender, virgin anus. The very thought of this invasion was shocking and arousing at the same time. She knew, now, that this man could have her any way he wanted and the thought brought her yet another orgasm.

All this transpired in the mind of Mallory, who'd only just met the man that she hoped would soon enslave her. Did he have the same plan?

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