tagLesbian SexThe Bet Ch. 03

The Bet Ch. 03


Well, needless to say, I couldn't wait an hour or two. Shit, I couldn't wait at all. My mind was spinning. Having already heard the most amazing story ever, I couldn't even fathom anything that could possibly top it; yet, from Cassie's behavior and the way she was smiling, I knew there was a lot more to come. No pun intended.

Finally, after only a few minutes of pestering, she rolled her eyes and pushed me off from her. "All right, all right," she sighed, "if you really can't wait any longer."

"I can't. I need to know," I replied sitting up on the couch.

"Okay, okay." She took a couple moments to gather herself, then started, "So, after we left the store, neither one of us said a word. We went straight out to the car, and then started driving back here. It was really silent and uncomfortable in the car, so I just turned the music up and we drove without talking. I'm not sure what was going on in her head, but we were both in a kind of shock from what had just happened. I glanced over at her a couple times, you know to make sure she was okay, but she was just kind of zoned out, and I figured that she was trying to make sense of what happened – you know, of how she had just eaten out her son's girlfriend in the stall of a lingerie store while masturbating herself to orgasm. I'm sure at the beginning of the day that was the last thing she had ever imagined occurring. I was sure she was probably feeling really guilty, and wondering how in the hell she had let it happen, and I'm sure somewhere in there she was thinking about what if you found out, what you would think of her. Little does she know that it was your idea."

"My idea?"

"You were the one who bet me," Cassie replied.

"Well I never thought you'd go through with it."

"Well, now you know," she sniffed. "Now do you want to hear the rest or not?"

I immediately shut my mouth, and she continued. "Well, I actually start feeling bad for her. Start thinking that maybe I shouldn't have seduced her like that, that maybe it was better off as a fantasy, and that maybe I shouldn't be messing around with other people's minds and emotions. But then I remember the look of lust on her face, the complete and utter rapture she expressed when drinking my cum and fingering herself like a wild-woman, the joy of release as she came, and I realize that I shouldn't feel bad for what I did, but that I should feel good for what I had caused her to experience. She had thoroughly enjoyed it, and there was no reason to feel bad about it now. She was feeling guilty because she had broken society taboos that she had thought wrong all her life, but no one had been hurt; quite the contrary, me and her, two grown women, had chosen to do something together for our own personal satisfaction, and no one else can tell us that that is wrong. The only other person this could affect is you, and I know what you think." She finished the last by reaching across and giving my erect cock a squeeze.

"I think you better get to the good stuff," I answered.

She grinned at me and moved to straddle my lap again. "The good stuff, huh? Oh, you just wait, I'm about to give you all the good stuff you can handle. Now suck on this and quit interrupting," she said, pushing one glorious nipple into my mouth.

"So by this time we're pulling into the driveway, and I shut off the car. Your mom finally looks at me and says, 'Cassie, I think we need to talk.' 'I think so too,' I tell her, 'why don't we go inside.'

"I sense her reluctance, but I quickly get out of the car, leaving her no choice but to follow. I can tell by the tone of her voice that she has decided what happened was wrong, and that she's going to admonish me about it. But I've already made my decision as well. I seduced her once; now I'm going to do it again. The first time was the hard part, this time should be a snap.

"I unlock the front door and motion her in, my eyes following every sway of her ass as she enters before me, knowing that within minutes I'll be holding that sweet ass in my hands. I close the door behind me and drop my bags. She quickly moves across to the couch, putting some space between us, but doesn't sit down. I can tell she's nervous and not exactly sure how to proceed, and I decide in my mind to make it as difficult as possible on her.

"'You want something to drink?' I ask her, but she shakes her head and says, 'No. I want to talk about what happened back there in the mall.' I grin at her and say, 'Yeah me too. Did you see the look on that girl's face when she folded those panties you tried on and found them all sticky with cum? Boy, was that priceless.'

Cassie paused just long enough to pull her right nipple from my mouth and replace it with her left. Then she continued, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I caught her off-guard with that one. She turned bright red and hesitated for a moment, before finally shaking her head and starting in on me. She was like, 'That's not what I'm talking about and you know it. I'm talking about what happened in that stall between... between us. It was wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong, and nothing like that can ever happen again. I don't even know how . . . what ever possessed me to . . . to act like that,' she almost spit that part, 'but it can't ever – won't ever happen again. Ever! In fact, I don't even want to ever mention to it again. We need to pretend that nothing ever even happened. Do you understand me?'

"I put on my best little-girl-reprimanded look and started slowly moving across the room towards her. 'Oh, I understand alright Cin,' I told her as I pulled my shirt over my head. Her eyes got big with surprise as I continued to approach, still talking to her, 'I understand exactly what a perverted slut you are. I saw the lust on your face as you looked upon my naked body – the body of your future daughter-in-law. I saw the joy you received from licking me between my legs. And I saw what it caused you to do right there on the dirty floor of the changing room. Oh, I understand completely.'

"I was almost in front of her now," Cassie kept on, "And I reached back and unclasped my bra, letting my tits spring free. I was doing whatever I could to keep her off balance, and it was working. Your mom was shaking her head back and forth, trying to get in some words of denial, but only managing to stammer unintelligently instead, while I kept right on talking. I was telling her how much she had wanted my body, how I saw it in her eyes, how I'd seen her fucking me with her eyes for years now. Which wasn't exactly true; quite the reverse actually, but I was on a roll and she was unable to stop me.

"I was directly before her now, and she tried to back away from me, but after two steps she backed into the arm of the couch and had nowhere to go. She looked like she wanted to push me away as I continued toward her, but my bare breasts were leading the way and she seemed reluctant to raise her hands before them. I moved forward farther, pinning her there, my naked, aroused nipples brushing lightly against her still-clad breasts, my face only inches from hers. I could smell the scent of my pussy on her breath from earlier."

Cassie looked down and grinned at me as she said this, knowing that she was turning me on. She still had her tits in my face and was grinding herself around on my lap. It was a good thing I had already come once, or I might not've be able to hold out until the end of the story.

"I could tell already that I was going to have my way with her," Cassie went on, "She was powerless to stop me. She could bluster and pretend all she wanted, but I could see in her eyes that she was mine. I lowered my hands to her waist and rested them there, then leaned forward so that my lips were right next to her ear. 'It's okay Cindy,' I whispered, letting my breath tickle her ear, 'You wanted me earlier – and you want me again now. You don't have to try to hide it, I can tell. You loved what I let you do to me, didn't you? I know you did, I saw it. Do you want me to do the same for you? I will if you want me to.' I told her.

"My hands started to slide up her sides, pulling her shirt up with them. She didn't react, neither slapping my hands away nor raising her arms above her head to allow the shirt to slide off. I kissed her ear, letting my tongue slip out and caress her lobe. 'I'll do it if you want,' I repeated, 'all you gotta do is say the word. Just tell me what you want, and I'll make it happen,' I told her.

"She didn't say anything just yet, but when I pulled at her shirt again, her arms went up with it and I slid it over her head, tossing it aside. Then I kissed her ear again, darting my tongue inside. She shivered in response. I knew I could have my way with her, that she wasn't going to do anything to stop me, but I wanted to break her. I wanted to make her ask for it. No, I wanted to make her beg for it.

"I unsnapped her bra and let it fall away, mashing my breasts against hers. At the same time, I pressed my lips to hers in our first kiss. She didn't want to respond, but I forced my tongue past her lips and into her mouth. Within seconds, her tongue was wrestling mine as she finally broke and began to kiss me back passionately. I could taste the remnants of my cum in her mouth, and the thought of that, the remembrance of her eating me, made me so fucking hot.

"My pussy was on fire again, and I found myself pulled tight against your mom, our bodies gyrating against one another, as I shamelessly ground my crotch against her thigh. My hands were on her ass, kneading those beautiful cheeks like ripe dough, and my tongue continued to viciously probe her mouth, sucking at her spit.

"Her hands were on me now as well, dancing up and down my sides and back, occasionally teasing my ass. Our tits were becoming sweaty from the warmth of our embrace, and were rubbing against each other wildly. I could hear grunting and moaning, but wasn't sure which of us it was coming from – probably both, if I had to guess. I wanted her so badly, and in every way possible, but I still had to break her. I needed to make her want it even more. I needed to make her beg, to plead for it – so that there was no way she could ever try and deny it again."

"'Just tell me what you want Cin,' I told her as I unbuttoned her pants and started pushing them down, 'Just tell me, and I'll make it happen. I promise.' Her pants slid off her hips and puddled around her ankles, leaving her in just her panties. I grabbed her ass again, squeezing it, relishing in the firmness of her flesh. I teased her, tracing the bottom of her cheeks, her crack. She moaned and wiggled against my touch. I bunched her panties up and pulled them hard up into her crack, splitting her aroused pussy lips and making her cry out in pleasure. 'Say it,' I hissed, my tongue probing her ear again, 'Just say what you want. What you need.'

"And then she was there. She had reached the point of no return. 'Fuck me,' she whispered, and it was as if a dam broke and a flood was unleashed. 'Fuck me,' she said again, louder, 'I want you to fuck me. Make me come.'

"'Yeah, that's it,' I encouraged her, my hands digging into her ass, seesawing those panties up and down her swollen cuntlips, 'Say it. Tell me, tell me everything.'

"And she did. She started talking, louder and louder, spewing out dirty talk until she was almost screaming. 'Eat me Cassie. I want you to eat my pussy. Oh god, heaven help me, I want you to eat my pussy until I come – until I come all over your pretty young face. Please Cassie, please baby, make me come! I need to come! Please eat me. Please!'

Cassie was getting pretty loud herself, reenacting it, and I could tell that she was turning herself on as much as she was me. Imagining my mom, my mother, saying those things was mind-boggling. I almost couldn't believe it, but yet I knew it was true. The conviction with which Cassie was telling me this left no doubt in my mind. I could picture the whole thing in eerie detail, and it was turning me on more than anything had ever. My cock was so fucking hard that it hurt.

"I need to fuck you," I said to Cassie, "I need to fuck you now!" I pushed her off of me and on to her hands and knees on the couch, then climbed up behind her. I eased my cock into her warm, inviting pussy and pushed myself all the way in til her asscheeks were tight up against me. "Keep talking," I told her, "Finish the story while I fill you full of my cum." I grabbed a hold of her hips and started to slide in and out slowly, coming almost all the way out of her with each stroke before sliding all the way back in. It took all my restraint not to just start pounding the shit out of her right there, but I knew I had to wait. This was something special.

"So she's begging me. Your mom is actually begging me to eat her," Cassie is saying, "Well, that's all I was waiting for. I quickly spun her around and pushed her over the arm of the couch so that she was bent in half, her face pressed against the cushions, her ass waving in the air. Then I dropped to my knees behind her and found myself face-to-face with my dream ass, the ass that I had stared at and fantasized about for so long now, and here I was only inches away. And it was as perfect as I had imagined. So smooth and round, her panties pulled up enticingly into her crack. Let me just say, what a sight. I don't know how she keeps it in such good shape, but I'm telling you, her ass is perfect.

"Still, it was time to get to matters at hand. I ripped her panties down and spread her ass cheeks, completely exposing her sopping wet pussy and tight little asshole. I had wanted to tease her some more, take my time, but I was so worked up I couldn't help myself. I pushed my face into her crack and started lapping at her wet pussy. Oh my god, she tasted fucking awesome! She was so excited that juice was practically flowing from her hole and I lapped it up like a dog. It tasted so good, I couldn't get enough. I attached my lips to her cunt and began to suck it from her hole, using my tongue like a shovel to scoop her cream into my mouth.

"She was getting into it too. She was grinding her ass back against me, trying to drive my tongue deeper up inside her, fucking my face. I could still hear her talking dirty, telling me things like 'eat my cunt' and 'fuck me you little slut' but most of it was now unintelligible moans and grunts.

"I'm not sure why I didn't notice it at first, but it suddenly occurred to me that my nose was hovering right over her asshole. Automatically I became aware of her smell, but strangely I wasn't turned off by it at all. Instead, I found that I was kind of turned on by it; I don't know if it was just the depravity of the whole thing or what, but I found myself sniffing your mom's ass, and liking it. I pressed my face deeper into her crack and rubbed my nose around that dark, puckered hole. It was damp with her juices and the smell stronger. Her scent invaded my nostrils, working its way to my brain, finding the deeply perverted part of myself. I found myself desiring to taste her there as well."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was so dirty – so awesomely dirty! I moaned out loud, thinking of my girlfriend sniffing my mother's ass. Oh god, how depraved. I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me again, and knew I couldn't hold it off any longer. I began to pump it to Cassie harder, picking up the tempo, still driving it deep with each thrust, the smack of my body slamming into her ass echoing around us.

She was still talking, trying to finish her story, but it was now punctuated by each thrust from my hammering cock, and she had to talk louder to be heard, "I pulled my tongue... from her pussy... licked her entire crack... it was so dirty... I loved it...found her tight, dark hole... thrust in my tongue... tasting her asshole... dark, bitter, oh so delicious... two fingers inside her... thrusting hard... making her come... her asshole clenching my tongue... her cum everywhere... spurting, spewing... coating my hand to my wrist..."

That was it. I came with a roar. Her words forming clear images in my head. I slammed her hard and unmercifully, not caring about hurting her, pumping her full of cum. She slammed right back, coming with me, her pussy clenching tightly over and over. Our sweaty bodies locked, convulsing against each other, finding release.

I collapsed backward, dizzy, my body drained. The images of Cassie and my mom still floating in my mind's eye, my blood pumping furiously, my mind in a haze. Suddenly, a hand on my head. I look up. Cassie is standing next to me.

"There's still more," she says.

"More?" I'm confused.

"Yeah, more," she answers. "After I made your mom come, she was collapsed on this couch roughly about where you are now. I had given her the best orgasm of her life, like I just gave you. But I wasn't done with her yet. You see, I was the one in control, and now it was time for her to service me.

"So I walked around to right about where I'm standing now, and I grabbed her by the hair," as she said this, she reached down and grabbed me by the hair, "And I pulled her face to my pussy, like this." She pulled my face to her crotch, and I could suddenly see where this was going. She was reenacting it for me, substituting me for my mother.

I was completely cashed out, and I knew she had just came, but I also know that she can keep going and going sometime. I knew what she wanted of me, and for what she had just given me, I thought it was a fair price to pay.

"I rubbed my pussy around her face, looked down into her eyes, and told her to eat me." At this point in time, she was doing the same to me, and I understood that she wanted me to follow along, so I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her just-fucked pussy. I wasn't all that fond of tasting my own cum, but most of it had dripped out onto the couch after we had separated, so I didn't really mind. She had a hold of my hair and used it to guide me where she wanted me to go. I just followed along.

"Your mom was spent from her orgasm, but I was so excited that I didn't need much. I could still smell and taste her pussy and ass, and now the fact that I was forcing her to do whatever I wanted her to do, well that was enough. I held her tight by the hair and roughly humped her face... until... I... started... CUMMING ALL OVER!" Cassie squealed as she said the last, spurting her cum onto my face and mouth, before collapsing on top of me.

We stayed that way for a long time. Finally, I asked, "So is that the end?"

She giggled, "Well that's the end for now. But who knows what the future has in store."

I could tell by the way she said it that she already had more wild plans running around in her head. I couldn't wait.

"There is one more thing," she said


"My payment."

"Payment? For what?"

"The Bet," she replied, grinning like a Cheshire cat, "I won. Now you have to pay up, and I believe you said I could name the stakes."

Indeed I had. "Okay. What are the stakes?" I asked, not sure if I really wanted to know or not.

"Well, I seduced your mother, right?"


"So for my prize – I want you to seduce mine."

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