tagGay MaleThe Biggest Examination Yet

The Biggest Examination Yet



I believe that as long as people all agree on the sexual acts committed they should do so with the people they want. I do not see gay/bi or straight sex with multiple partners as doing anything wrong. Therefore one should be warned before reading any of my stories that gay/bi or straight sex with multiple partners can occur. If you are offended by any of this? Stop reading now.


I wasn't too worried. I'm 19 years old, and in fairly good shape. I work construction and visit the gym at least twice a week. With my gold blond hair my mom often jokes that I look like one of those Greek statues. But accidents do happen and last week during work I seemed to pull a muscle. My mom was so worried, she had insisted I go visit our doctor. He would probably subscribe some sort of ointment and that would be it. Our regular doctor was on a vacation so I had to have a substitute doctor look at me, something I was glad off because our family doctor was a grumpy old man with hairs coming out from everywhere. Myself I believe in keeping everything trimmed, even though, thanks to my blond hair I guess, I have very little hair to keep in check. Only my pubes and my chest hair and that let's itself be taken care off by a razor.

So, here I was, sitting in a doctor's office on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. Now the first thing that struck me as odd was the fact there were no other patients waiting, in fact there was no one. I went to check in at the receptionist but there seemed to be no one there. When ever I went to the doctor's office as a child it was damn near packed with people.

I called out a friendly "Hello?" but there was no reply.

After waiting for a few more minutes, and me browsing through various magazine's I heard someone clear his throat and call out my name. "Michael Benedict?" a deep soft voice called from across the room. I looked up to see a middle aged man looking at me, average height and built, a gentle face with simple glasses on it and black hairs with some streaks of grey in it hanging from his forehead.

"Yes that's me." I said as I smiled and looked at the otherwise empty waiting room. He smiled back and I don't know what it was but he put me at ease right away. "Hello nice to meet you, my name is Charles Crass, I will be doing you're examination." He reached out and shook my hand.

"You're my last appointment today, thought I'd give the receptionist a few hours off." He smiled as he lay his hand on my shoulder and steered me to his office. "Have a seat." he said as he sat down too.

"As I understand it you pulled a muscle in you're upper right arm yes?" I nodded. "I see on your form you work construction, that's very intensive work." He continued as he stared at me over his glasses, a small patch of grey hair falling forward across his forehead.

"Well I think its best if we do a full physical while you are here, make sure there aren't any other muscles strained. Can you take off your shirt please?" I nodded and stood up. I saw him lean back in his chair. Slowly I took off my shirt, revealing my built physique.

I looked at him and he spoke up. "Hm hm, nice abs I must say. I try to stay in shape but I am afraid my age is doing its best to fight me and it seems like i'm on the loosing side." He smiled at me as he looked at my stomach. He stood up and walked towards me and put his hand on my abs, slowly sliding over them. His gentle hands made me shiver a little causing me to flex. "You're stomach muscles appear to be in working order, now lift you're arms for me please." I lifted them and he stepped closer, I could feel his breath on my armpits now. The slightest bit of transpiration started forming on my forehead. "Speak up if this hurts." he said as he slowly, gently pushed every inch of my right arm.

"Ah" I cried out as he pushed just above my bicep. I looked and I was staring him directly in his blue eyes. "hm hm, we located the muscle it would seem." He lowered my arm and placed his other hand on my chest. He smiled "Nothing to worry about, just as you thought, a pulled muscle. Ill get some ointment and we can proceed with the rest of the physical. Why don't you get undressed and Ill be right back?" He once again gave me that reassuring smile.

"Just to my briefs..." I asked unsure what he meant by his tone.

He looked back and smiled, looking at my over his little framed glasses.

"I think it's best if we do a quick full physical, just to be on the save side. I think we will both sleep a lot better tonight."

And with that he walked out.

He left the office and I, dumbstruck, started to unbutton my pants. The rest of my physical?

Either way I was glad I went, why walk around for a week with pain when it could be this easy? Then the visage of old doctor Marksen crept in my head and I remembered why I hadn't. I always hated that doctor, even as a child. Who would want a physical from that guy?

But this doctor was something else. His warm hand softly on my chest, gently probing where it hurt...

Then I felt it! My dick... ever so slowly it was getting hard. Shit, I had to be undressed in front of a dude and my dick was getting hard! Now I can honestly say I had never thought about guys sexual in any way. But by putting me at ease like this, the doctor had done something to me.

Pulling off my pants I looked down, sure enough my dick was clearly outlined in my boxers. The thrill of standing in a strange environment adding to the thrill.

I was blessed with a 9 inch cock, but right now I would have preferred a 2 inch. I could hear footsteps in the hall.

"Here we are." The doctor said as he closed the door behind him, a big jar in hand. I quickly turned so he couldn't see my predicament.

I could feel his eyes on my back. "Perhaps I wasn't clear," he softly spoke in a gentle way. "When I said undress I meant undress entirely. The boxers will have to go too." I felt myself getting red to the face.

"Well its uhm... I have a... " Looking down and covering my crotch with my hands I felt the blood rush to my head.

As the doctor walked in front of me I saw a small smile creep on his face. "An erection you mean?" raising his eyebrow and looking directly at me with those blue eyes again. He looked a few seconds to long for my taste and I looked away from his gaze.

"Trust me its perfectly natural for a boy you're age to get aroused by the simplest of things. But I will have to finish my exam, so please take them off".

Lowering his eyes, looking directly at my crotch he reached and pushed my hands away slowly. I shifted a bit, still thinking it over. I looked up and the doctor was still focusing on my crotch.

"Well then let me," he said as he smiled and stepped forwards putting his hands on my hips.

He slowly put his fingers in the waistband and started to slide it down, first showing the head of my dick and then slowly letting it slide down until it was on my knees. My dick was fiercely standing forward now, inches away from his face. His lips formed a small smirk.

"You really don't have anything to be embarrassed about." Was that... was that a compliment on my dick?! "Now please let any foolishness about erections go, I have seen it all young man."

"But first," he said as he stood "please lift you're arm again." I did as he asked, still feeling the blood rush to both my head as well as my dick. I tried not to look at his face, but somehow I kept locking eyes with him. He opened the jar and started to apply the ointment, a warm glow easing the pain in my arm.

"Feels good right?. Okay with that taken care off, lets proceed with the rest of you. Let's start with the back." I felt like my head would explode.

"Is this really necessary?" I asked as he moved behind me. I could feel his body warmth against me, his breath tingling my neck.

"Yes, construction is hard work and it often happens that muscles get twisted so to be sure..."

Slowly he glided his hands down, pressing every few inches or so until he reached the lower part of my back, just above my butt. Then he let his hands slide down my ass. Was he... was he cupping them?!

"So smooth..." I heard him mumble not really intended for me to hear.

"Could you... could you bend over?"

"Uhm..." I whimpered.

"Use the chair to keep you're self steady." I did as I was told and grabbed a hold of the chair in front of me. "Spread you're legs a little."

Suddenly he slapped my right butt cheek! He laughed a little as he said "Come on, I don't have all day."

Looking ahead of me I tried not focusing on the fact my dick was dangling below me. I felt his hands slide over my ass pulling my cheeks apart. It seemed to last forever. Through it all I could feel pre cum forming on the top of my dick. He slowly eased down and felt the lower parts of my legs.

"Hm hm, looks good so far, now as I said I will check all muscles. So this may feel a little uncomfortable and its okay to speak up when it does." I saw him move towards the side of me bend down and reach out and grab... my cock!

"I will slowly use this muscle until it does what it needs to do. By all means, try and sustain it for as long as possible okay?" I could only stammer.

Slowly he started to jack me off. Moving his hand back and forth. "Is the stimulation working?" I heard him say. I was still in shell shock as to what this man was doing. And how good it felt. I had gotten hand jobs from girls before, but still felt so much better. Soft yet a very firm grip. And none of that slow jerking but deep milking ones.

"Ye.. yes it... its working." I stammered. "Look at me." he said in a demanding voice as he continued stroking me. I felt his other hand slightly grasp my ass.

"Some men feel weird when another man is touching their penis, but please remember that I am a doctor." I nodded. "Don't feel hesitation about coming, the night nurse will clean off the paper sheet."

I wasn't going to last long like this. It was a man doing it, and I had never thought something like this would happen to me but here I was. And I was loving it. "Reactions are normal." I heard him say, and as I looked down, I saw some pre cum dripping down on the bed sheet.

"Oh god..." I softly moaned.

"It seems like you don't mind me doing this do you?"

"No... no"

I mumbled in between moans. I could feel myself getting to the it point really quick.

"Doc... doctor, I think I'm going to cum soon." I said as I looked at his face, making direct eye contact.

He laughed. "Good, good. Let it all out young man." I looked at him with haze covered eyes.

"Would you like me to use slow strokes, or faster strokes?" He said smiling at me.

"Fast... faster please..." and with that he picked up the tempo. I looked between my arms and his hand was a blur around my cock now, the pre cum foaming around the head.

"Ugh uuuugghh!" I cried out as I felt myself cum. I looked down and thick ropes of cum were shooting on the white paper sheet, the sheer speed made some land on the floor as well. I had never cum like this before. I was breathing fast, my knees trembling. Sticking out my ass like a bitch in heat. As I let myself down to rest, my ass still in the air, I still felt the Doctor milking me.

"Very good. The amount of semen seems a bit much, but that could be the circumstances. I see you messed you're self up a bit. Hm..." I saw him bend down and slowly planting his lips around the tip of my dick he sucked out any spare cum I had in me.

"Hmm hmm" I heard him moan as he slowly took the tip of my dick between his lips. Slowly he stood up and walked towards me, holding out his cum covered hand. I kept looking him in the eyes, as I slowly stuck out my tongue and licked it clean. He smiled.

"I think its time for you're rectal exam. The biggest muscle of them all." He looked at me with those blue eyes, those gentle eyes. He started to unbuckle his belt, shrugging off his lab coat. He dropped all pretence now.

"You're such a buff young man. Let's see how you ride." Having just received the hand job of my life I was ready to let him do anything. "Would you like that?," he asked as he kept undressing "Would you like me to stick my dick inside you're muscled little ass?" He pulled off his shirt and I could see the hair covered torso, a small trace of grey hairs in his happy trail. He did keep in shape. In fact he looked a lot like myself but a little older. I looked down as the doctor zipped open his pants. Slowly he pushed them down, standing before me in only his boxers.

"Do you want to see?" The doctor spoke up breaking me from the trance I was in. "Ye... yes please show me."

The doctor pulled down his boxers, letting his dick snap free. A few drops of pre cum hitting me in the face. The doctor was about my size, 8 to 9 inches... but he was so thick. How would I be able to fit that in? Apparently the doctor could see the worry on my face. "Don't worry we are well prepared here." He smiled as he picked up some lotion from his desk and applied it to his cock. "Now put you're face down and ass up please." He smiled a warm smile as he stroked my cheek.

The doctor walked behind me and his hands travelled over my lower back. Bending down he pulled my cheeks apart and slowly let his tongue explorer the tight "muscle" as he called it. He leant forward easing the head of his cock into my smooth ass.

"Uuuh uuuuh" I cried out as I felt the doctors dick enter me ever so slowly.

"Relax." The doctor spoke as he started to slide in and out. He reached around and took a hold of my dick that was already starting to harden again. With every plunge he stroked me. Grunting and panting he worked himself in and out of my fuck hole holding on to me with one hand on my hips. "So tight... so tight." He was breathing as he fucked me.

Pure pleasure was shooting through me, feeling this beautiful man plunge into my ass. With every thrust I felt his balls slap against me. His soft hand stroking my dick. Taking my ass cherry. "Get ready, I'm gonna fill you up." I heard him say as I felt his fingers grip my hip tighter. I wanted to pleasure this man. As I felt the doctor shoot his semen into my ass I kept tightening and releasing my ass muscle, trying to milk this man dry. At the same time I once again felt the pressure built up in my own groin and at the exact time as I felt the warmth of the first man I had ever been with release into my ass, I was cum ing again myself. I felt his hot semen flow through me as he kept thrusting. The doctor kept grunting approval sounds as he held onto my hips.

"God that felt good." His hands kept holding and squeezing my cheeks.

It felt weird having something so big go soft inside you. As I felt his slick dick leave my ass I looked down and saw some streams of his cum leak from my ass and mix with the fresh load I had left on the sheet, and for a brief second I wondered what the night nurse would say. Spend I let myself slide down upon my knees.

Kissing my neck, I heard a whisper in my ear.

"Best if you "cum" back next week, for a small check up."

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