tagNonHumanThe Blood of Sarai Ch. 02

The Blood of Sarai Ch. 02


My body started to contort and I tried to let out a scream for the world to hear, but only the sound of a quiet screech escaped my lips. My mouth stayed open, locked in pain as I felt my canines become itchy and then grow. Every muscle in my body flexed and ripped, and only after what seemed to be an eternity, did my body begin to relax. Relaxing though was not easy. All my muscles felt as though they had cramped. I tried to look for Sarai, but my eyesight was a blur.

"Soon, before tomorrow night you will start to have more strength than you could have ever imagined. This pain will pass." Sarai then moved herself against me and put her hand over the side of my face. Caressing me as though nurturing a baby.

"Help me." I uttered, shaking in pain.

Suddenly I heard the crack of the front door opening. That sound echoed though the house and the room became dark, as though the echo itself had somehow blown out all the candles.

I sensed fear and panic in Sarai. She quickly got out of bed and took the top sheet that had been at our feet and pulled the edge of it out from under the mattress. She then threw it over my naked body and rapped me up in it. She whispered in my ear, "I'm going to take you out of here."

She picked me up off the bed with little effort and threw me over her small body's shoulder. Her sharp shoulder stabbed into my side as my limp body hung over her. She stepped up to the large bedroom window and quietly opened it, and then flung us out from two stories high.

I don't remember ever hitting the ground though. It seemed as if we merely floated to some kind of plain. She moved unbelievably smooth and quick through the night, as if we were flying.

When she stopped I heard the sound of a large heavy metal door being opened. The only other thing I remember is being set down on a bed and falling asleep.

I don't know what time it was when I first woke up, for the room was pitch black in darkness. I felt the soft sheets of the bed, and I moved my arms around and found what felt to be Sarai sleeping next to me. I moved to get closer to her, and the blanket opened to reveal the cold air of the room.

Sarai's body was warm, and I moved my hand across the front of her body, grabbing hold of her just under her breast. She didn't seem to be wearing anything and her body moved to fit my new position, and I again feel back asleep.


"Hey sleepy head," Sarai gently spoke. I was lying on my back and I felt the warmth of her lightweight and warmth on my lower stomach. My eyes began to see her, as my vision started to clear up. I felt the cold air of the room again rushing over my chest. She was lying above me, up on her elbows, looking down at me.

My hands traveled up her back and I tried to pull her down to me. She smiled and then closed the gap between us. She kissed me like she'd been waiting for this her entire life, and I didn't dare ask myself why I deserved this love.

She slowly pulled herself up and said, "Colin, how do you feel?"

"I actually feel quite good. What happened last night?" I then looked around the room and saw we were in some kind of bricked up room with no windows. There wasn't much at all to the decor either. "Where are we?" I asked.

She pulled herself off and moved beside me. "We're in my safe home, so to say. No one knows of this place. I found it when it was a mining cave during the gold rush. I had this room made, just about the way you see it now about a hundred years ago."

I gave out a laugh. There was no way this young attractive woman beside me was here a hundred years ago. I thought to myself, it must be that I'm just waking up and my mind not registering things right. But the look the look she was giving me made me reconsider, and I became frightened. "What happened to me last night?"

"To put it as simply as I can." Sarai took a breath and then lifted her eyebrows. "You became a vampire."

"What? No. That doesn't make sense." The fear inside me grew, and I don't know how to describe it, but I needed to get up and get out of there. Something about the way she said it gave me a chill that wouldn't go away. Maybe I needed to get my bearings and maybe some control over where I was and what was happening to me. I jumped out of the bed naked and looked for my cloths, with no avail. The room was barely lit, with a few large candles spread throughout a somewhat long room.

"Where are my cloths?" I said as I made my way to the large metal black door. Upon reaching the door, I noticed it had a strange latching device that locked it. After much nervous trial I got the door open and ran down what appeared to be a CAVE, just as she had mentioned! I could almost see a light coming from somewhere down at the other end and WHAM! she stopped me.

She appeared in front of me, now fully clothed, as she slammed me up against the wall of the cave by her hands pushing on my chest and lifted me off the ground, the cave wall scraping my back.

"You can not go out there!" Her face briefly turned to the dimly lit end of the cave. "You will die in the sunlight. You have to understand that you must stay here!" She then released me and I fell to the ground gasping for air.

"What has happened to me?" I don't know why, but I started to tear. I felt week and stripped of everything. A feeling I wasn't that accustomed to.

"Just take my hand and walk with me back to OUR room where it is safe." Through my tears I saw her hand and grasped it. She took her other hand and led me to kiss her. Her kiss had taken my worries away, at least for the moment.

Feeling some how more comfortable with my circumstance I pulled away from her kiss and said, "Lets get back in then." I held her clothed body and followed her back in like a sick patient.

She looked up at me with a confident stare and said, "I need you strong Colin. You don't know yet your significance in all that's happening, but not to worry. You soon will."

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