The Book of David Ch. 14


And it was just the start of my honeymoon with all three gorgeous babes.

I had such a fucking great life.

Amber was laying nearby, her chest heaving for oxygen, which did wonders for her twin peaks wobbling up and down like there was an earthquake. I reached out and held her hand. "Wow... I don't know if we can top that," I gasped.

Amber started laughing, and then turned her head to look at me. "Well, I promised E-Beth she could join us tonight."

I changed my mind. I had a fucking INCREDIBLE life.


I had to slap my own cheek to verify that I was awake and this was real. It couldn't be. I had to be dreaming.

Amber, Danielle, Cherys, and E-Beth were all lined up, standing on the floor with their chests flat on the king-sized bed. Four naked asses, glistening in the light. Amber promised me each asshole was already lubed.

"No pressure, David," Amber warned. "But we're not bringing any dildos to help you out. It's all on you to pleasure us."

Eight holes for me to play with, lined up in a double row.

Assuming I survived this, I had a fucking UNBELIEVABLE life.


WINTER (January 2007)

"Hi honey! I'm home!"

"Up here!" Amber hollered from up the stairs. I paused for a second to orient myself, trying to remember the layout. I still couldn't believe Amber's parents had bought us a house as a wedding gift. But I suppose marrying into a fabulously wealthy family has its perks. And more importantly, the house was just a block away from Danielle, Cherys, and little Ellie. "I'm in the bedroom!"

"Just where I like you, honey!" I called as I started up the stairs, loosening my collar in preparation for a good shagging.

The only thing was, Amber was fully dressed and sitting upright on the bed. I'd sort of been expecting her in lingerie, leaning back with her own fingers rubbing her pussy when I arrived. Still, even if she hadn't been planning on immediate sex, there was no mistaking the big smile on her face.

She held her hand out to me, an off-white stick of plastic in her hands. She rotated it over until I saw the two parallel pink lines. My eyes went wide as a new smile began tugging at my cheeks.

"That's right. I'm pregnant."


SPRING (March 2007)

"Cum inside me, David! Cum! Fill me with my little brother's spunk! Fill me with your incestuous sperm!"

My hands squeezed at Danielle's tits from behind, pulling her almost upright as I held my hips tight against her ass, my cock spewing load after load into her sopping wet pussy.

When I was done shooting, I slowly lowered her back until her she could support herself on the couch cushions, rubbing her breasts happily in my pleasant post- orgasmic mellowness. Eventually, I let go of her and backed away, my cock exiting her with a wet plop.

Danielle louvered herself up and onto the couch, massaging her knees against the rug burn.

"Who wants it?" I asked.

"Mmm, I do..." Amber giggled and got out of her chair at the dining table. At three months pregnant, she automatically covered her baby bump for protection as she walked around to the other side of the couch. Cherys faked getting angry while my wife settled between Danielle's knees and bent her head to begin slurping our mingled fluids out of my sister's twat. But just then Ellie started giggling and Cherys leaned down to fuss over her baby.

Danielle moaned, "It's SOOO not fair. David got both of you pregnant and I'm left to live a childless life."

Cherys snorted. "You're just like a guy. You get all the fun of playing with a baby and none of the damn backache."

Danielle shrugged, and then gasped as Amber hit a particularly sensitive spot.

"Besides," Cherys continued. "I know you. You don't really want a baby. It just turns you on to think about David's sperm swimming inside you."

Danielle's focus drifted as she sighed happily. "Yeah..."


SPRING (May 2007)

"Mmph," Amber moaned, her voice muffled by my cock filling her mouth. She was flat on her back, her head almost off the side of our bed while I stood and fed her my meat. She gobbled me up further, using her hands to tug my ass closer and shove every last inch into her mouth, and once she had me completely deep-throated, her eyes popped open as she came.

E-Beth picked her head up from between Amber's legs, her own mouth responsible for Amber's latest climax. And once Amber stopped shaking, E-Beth crawled over and stared her best friend in the face. "Okay, you got your orgasm. Now PLEASE will you let him fuck me?"

Amber let me out of her throat, coughing slightly before nodding. E-Beth quickly got onto all fours right beside my wife, and Amber fed my rock hard erection into the waving wet pussy just a few inches from her face. Once I got the head in, E- Beth started moaning and I rammed the last few inches in one thrust. Amber slid her head over beneath our joining, letting her tongue to wrap around E-Beth's clit while I was pumping the pretty woman, and quickly E-Beth was moaning up a storm.

Amber kept licking but she tapped my leg to get my attention and then indicated with her eyes to my bedside table.

I grinned and mouthed an 'I love you' to her before reaching out with my left hand and sliding open the drawer.

E-Beth had no warning before suddenly Amber was holding her asscheeks to the sides and I was squirting the lube into E-Beth's rectum. She had just stopped her own thrusting and was craning her head around to see what the hell was going on when I smoothly popped out of her pussy and slammed my cock up her ass. Instantly she whipped her head back forward and shrieked.

"Oh, I'm going to get you for that!" she screamed at both of us.

Amber was just laughing into E-Beth' crotch and I started pounding away. E-Beth didn't bother to try and get revenge, instead throwing her hips back against my invading cock before clenching up all her muscles and cumming, causing my own eruption into her asshole.

Later that evening, we both kissed E-Beth goodbye. "Cum again soon," Amber teased.



From: Claudine

Date: May 13, 2007 8:10 AM

Subject: RE: Two years...

Body: I KNOW. I can't believe so much has happened in the last two years. Your daughter, getting married, and now another baby on the way! I think I have a lot of growing up to do before I even think about those things. If what has happened to you is normal, my next ten years should be quite an adventure. You promise I can always ask you for advice about growing up, yes?

School is good right now, but it's more work than I thought. Are American Universities any easier? Maybe I should try to transfer close to you! Do you think Papa will let me move? Probably not, but I can hope! ;-)

Take care, write back soon, now get off the computer and go make love to your wife!

Thank you always my miracle,



I closed my laptop and turned back to the bed. With a little smile, I raised the covers and slid myself in beside the warm body of a beautiful woman.

Amber stirred awake as my lips ran softly across her cheek and lips.

"Mmm, morning, babe," she murmured with her eyes closed.

I stopped with the butterfly kisses and pressed more firmly against Amber's lips, stroking her cheek with my fingers and kissing her with urgency.

"Mmm!" she giggled and returned my fervor while my hands ran down over her breasts. "You're frisky this morning."

"Claudine ordered me to get off the computer and make love to you." My lips latched onto the side of her neck as my hands began to tug her pajama pants downwards.

Amber giggled again. "I always knew I liked that girl. Someday I hope I'll meet her."

"Someday," I mused. "But right now, all I can think about is you."


SUMMER (June 2007)

She was gorgeous. Her black hair was straight and smooth and hung like a silk curtain over her shoulders. Her face was a work of art, with high cheekbones and luminous eyes. Her light skin was soft and unblemished.

She was twenty-eight, with all the regal bearing of a confident young woman sure of her place in the world. Her tits were so big, even bigger after the baby. They still were so round and so indescribably magnetic. And as I thrust my hard cock into her clenching pussy, her irises flickered in the light, each hue more beautiful than the last.

As she floated on Cloud 9 in ecstasy, she intertwined her hands with mine and looked deeply into my eyes. "Will you give me another baby, David?"

I smiled and thrust again. "Let's get this one out of Amber, first."

"But you will?"

I nodded.


I smiled and nodded again. And just like that, Cherys' eyes fluttered as her body trembled in orgasm. I wasn't far behind.


SUMMER (July 2007)

"I love you, David."

"I love you, Amber. Forever and always." I reached up and squeezed her breasts, already big to begin with, but she'd had to switch to double-D's by this stage in her pregnancy.

Amber rose and fell slowly, her big belly hanging out as she carefully controlled her thrusting on top of me. "Do you mean that?"

"You're my soulmate Amber. You know I mean it."

"I just like to hear you say it."

"I love you, Amber. I love you. Forever and always. I love you," I said in a low, quiet, but sincere voice.

She rose and fell on me, closing her eyes to hear my chant.

"I love you." Another stroke. "I love you... I love you... I love you..."

A few minutes later our love was shown physically, my eruption exploding inside her body and meeting a crashing wave of our own. We would be together forever. And even if my life had not gone exactly the way I might have thought, I could not argue with the results.


SUMMER (August 2007)

"Can you believe it?" Danielle touched my arm, pulling my attention but not my gaze away from the hospital bed.

Amber was resting but awake, her bed angled up as she held her baby boy in her arms. One of my hands was on my son and the other on my wife's arm.

"Believe what?" I asked absently.

Cherys hoisted Ellie in her arms and leaned over. "You do know what today is, don't you?"

I looked over and my brow scrunched up as I was seized by déja vu. "You mean?"

Amber beat me to it. "Today is little Ellie's birthday, too."

Danielle smirked. "Your son was born EXACTLY a year after your daughter."

I reached my left arm around Cherys and held Amber's hand with my right. Danielle snuggled into Cherys' other side, playing with little Ellie's leg. "Well, I guess it's fitting. We'll all be celebrating birthdays together as a family for a long, long time."



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