tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Capture: Her Story

The Capture: Her Story


I live in a small upstate New York town; it's a very quiet place, maybe 20,000 people, full of old Victorian houses. I work in the small downtown district, in an office with about a dozen people, all of whom are very nice and friendly. But I don't have a man to come home to. In fact, I never have; I'm a virgin, and thinking about doing something about that.

There's plenty of young, handsome guys in our rural little community: they all look strong and well built; I would have a good choice, I think, when I decide to give it up at last, and probably it wouldn't be too difficult to find someone willing to take on the job of deflowering me.

Be careful what you wish for.

My work is close enough to my home for me to be able to walk there and back. I live in the whole upstairs of a beautiful old Victorian house, set at the end of a tree-lined street, surrounded by shrubbery and removed from its neighbors. I'm the only one living there just now; the two floors below mine are empty. It doesn't bother me. I like the quiet, and the thick stone walls of the ancient house keep out all sounds from the outside.

I'm walking home from work one summer night, much later than usual. I'm never nervous: our little town is one of the safest. So when he suddenly lunges out of hiding from the giant lilac bush I love by the front steps, I am more surprised than afraid. That changes fast, as the stranger pins me helplessly against him—he seems huge, and he's very strong, much taller than I am—and holds a wet rag to my face and lifts me off my feet...

I come to what seems like a long time later. I seem to be lying on my own bed—I can smell the fresh clean sheets I put on that morning, and the lilacs in a vase on the nightstand—but when I try to move, I freeze, terrified. My arms and legs are incapable of movement: they seem to be restrained in laced-up leather sleeves of some sort, my thighs held a few inches apart, my arms pinned behind my back. But the truly frightening thing is that my whole head seems to be encased in a leather mask. I can't see or hear or speak, I can barely breathe. And I am totally naked.

I lie there, struggling against the restraints, whimpering in terror and protest, but it's no good. Whoever has captured me knows exactly what he's doing: I'm completely helpless. But where is he? And what is he going to do to me? Actually, I know very well what he's going to do to me, at least to start with. I hadn't in my wildest imaginings thought that this would be how I'd be taken for the first time...

I'm not unattractive to guys. I have a small but slim and very curvy body, with breasts much bigger than normal for my size and height, all natural. Very long blond hair, of which I'm quite proud, green eyes. I was never in a hurry to have sex, just figured it would happen when it happened. But never in a million years did I ever think it would happen for the first time like this. Someone has stripped me naked, trussed me up helplessly, and is even now sitting watching me, to see what I do.

After what seems like forever, suddenly I feel a light yet firm touch on my bare breasts: a riding crop, it feels like the leather tag at the tip of the stick, the part you snap against the horse to get its attention. I freeze at the touch, and whimper uncontrollably behind the gag as the tip travels down my body, over my flat belly, and then it's rammed tight between my legs, against my blonde pussy. No one has ever really even touched me there before, and I twist and turn to try to escape it.

I can't, of course; my captor has fastened me to the bed with ropes, and I can't move except to tense up as his hands begin moving all over my naked body. He caresses my throat, kneads my breasts, trails his fingers over my belly and strokes my thighs; it's like he's stroking an animal, and I realize that's exactly how he is seeing me, an animal to serve his pleasure.

Still I haven't heard a sound from him; the plugs are still in my ears, sealing me off completely, I hear only my own whimpers of refusal and the sound of my terrified breathing. All I know of him so far is the touch of his hands. And his great size and strength: the strength I felt when I was fighting my capture, before whatever was on that rag knocked me out. The size I had only a confused impression of, but he seemed to tower over me by at least a foot. He's going to do exactly what he wants to me, for as long as he wants, and he's going to take his time and enjoy every sweet, sweet minute.

It suddenly occurs to me, horribly, that this could go on for days. No one knows I'm here: it's a long holiday weekend and most of my neighbors have gone away. They won't even miss me at work until Tuesday, and it will probably be Wednesday before someone thinks to come here to the house and look for me. But he must know this too: therefore he's probably planning to take me away somewhere and...what? Keep me? Hurt me? My mind veers away from the terrible ultimate, but the fear is there.

He continues to caress me; I never know where the next touch is coming from, or how hard or gentle it will be. He bites my breasts, pinches my nipples, tugs my long blond hair.

Then he seems to decide to get down to the business of raping me. He thrusts his fingers against my soft pussy lips, starts to massage them around. I can feel his thumb and forefinger pinching my clit through the hood, then the hood is firmly pushed back and his fingers are directly on my clit, under the flesh of the hood, the tip of his finger circling the hard little pearl of my engorging clit.

I try to pull away, but oh God, it feels so good! How can my body do this? I suddenly flash back to when I was just hitting puberty and I loved horseback riding: sometimes when I was in the saddle, I would get the most delicious feeling of tightness and urgency shooting from between my legs as I pressed my crotch into the warm saddle leather. This feels even better...no! NO! It can't...this is rape, what the hell is wrong with me?

His fingers trail across my belly, and I shiver at the touch as he moves them down over my pussy to the entrance to my cunt. He moves a fingertip just inside me, and then I jump uncontrollably as he brings the riding crop down hard on my breasts. I cry out in pain behind the gag, but I can't escape what he's doing to me.

Suddenly I feel his finger in my asshole; between his finger on my clit and in my cunt and in my ass, he's holding me like a bowling ball, I'm immobilized. Then he takes his fingers away, and I feel the knob of his cock poised to push into me. There's nothing I can do to stop him, he's going to rape me, to take me by force; I wonder if he can tell I'm a virgin, and if he finds that arousing. I'm terrified, but this happens to just about all women sooner or later. Maybe not rape, but certainly being used by a man. Maybe it won't be so bad.

He drags his fingernails down my body, raking my flesh as I shrink from him, then his hands slip under my ass, raising me to him. His cock is poised at my cunt entrance, and suddenly he plunges into me in one motion. I scream behind the gag as his huge member stretches me out and tears through my cherry: I'm still dry, and my pussy lips catch themselves on his thickness as he pushes into my body. I feel that I'm bleeding a little, and realize it's a small trickle of virgin blood from my torn maidenhead.

He continues to work his way into me, an inch at a time, forcing my tight cunt walls apart. Finally, he's all the way in; my cunt is his now, he's filling me up, and he settles into me like a rider into the saddle and begins to slowly thrust in and pull back out.

So this is what it's all about, being fucked by a man. Being raped. In spite of the pain and terror I'm feeling, I'm also feeling...very natural. This is how women are supposed to be for men, lying naked under a naked man's weight, helpless, impaled on his cock. I feel him sliding in and out of me more easily now; I'm starting to moisten with my own juices, and he picks up the pace of his thrusts as I start lifting my hips to meet him. I feel his body shake as he laughs with pleasure, and he leans forward to sink his teeth in my neck.

I'm perfectly held and completely his for the using; my breaths are coming deeper and faster in time with his motion on me and his pushing into me. He can't get any deeper, he's in my body all the way up to his balls. He's slamming hard into me now, pounding me with all the power of his hips, and something is starting to happen, that same feeling I used to get on a horse, only about a million times stronger.

It begins to overpower me like a tide, and I moan helplessly as he increases the speed of his thrusts even more. My hips are bucking up to meet him and all at once everything comes to a peak. We both go rigid as waves of sensation overcome us both. I can feel my wet cunt walls tightening in spasms on his spasming dick, and then we both seem to collapse, gasping. I am weeping in shame, but also in sheer ecstasy: that was the most amazing thing ever, that must be what's meant by an orgasm. Wow.

My cunt walls are still closing and opening on his member, and that must be very exciting for a man, because I can feel his cock hardening and stiffening up right there inside me. He's not just thick but he's long too, and he's in me as deep as he can get. Now he starts to fuck me slowly, in long slow delicious strokes, in and out, all the way, out till only the knob of his organ is in me. I still can't speak because of the gag, but I moan as I feel him riding me, our hips locked to each other's, and I eagerly push back to the rhythm of his powerful thrusts.

I come again, unbelievably, twice, as he brings me expertly to peaks I never knew were there, and when we're both done he jerks his hips forward on me in a gesture of ownership. I lie exhausted: I'm his now, he can do whatever he wants to me, I'm just a toy for him. I startle as I feel him remove the plugs from my ears; he wants me to hear him now, and I hear his voice for the first time. I go very still: his tongue flicks at my earhole, thrusting inside, his lips moving and nibbling, biting my earlobe, tongue tracing the curves of my ear, taking my whole ear into his hot-breathed mouth.

"I know you liked that, slut. How does it feel to be completely helpless for a man to use as he pleases? I know it was your first time, too: yeah, I took your cherry the hard way. And then you responded like a hot little whore, one taste of cock in you and you couldn't help yourself. This is just the beginning, though."

He gives his hips another sharp short jerk forward, impaling me even further on his dick, which is unbelievably hard again. Reaching down, he presses my swollen clit with his fingers, my pussy lips splayed out around his huge shaft, as he manipulates my clit against his cock where it stands jutting out of me.

"You're going to be my slave, little slut. I own you now. I'm going to train you to serve me and obey me. You'll be collared and branded. You'll be my property, a possession, obeying my every wish. Nobody will ever know what happened to you: you'll be taken from here and brought to my home, where you will be my slave for as long as I want you to be. You'll be caged and trained like an animal, and then you'll be offered to other men, and you'll serve them as you'll serve me. I can do anything I want to you: use you, whip you, chain you, pierce your body, even breed you like a prize bitch. I own every inch of you now. If you're less than pleasing, you'll be punished. If I get tired of you, I'll sell you. Do you understand?"

I hesitate only a few seconds, then I nod twice, shivering and drawing in my breath. His slave. He is going to make me his slave. This can't be happening to me! But he pulls out of my dripping cunt and flips me onto my belly. Oh no, please, not that! He unlaces and removes the leg sleeves, but before I can try to kick he's kneeling across the backs of my thighs and tying my ankles to the bedposts, and once again I'm helpless.

Helpless is the word: no sooner does he have me tied down than he lubes up my asshole with our juices, and then he brings the riding crop down across my back, over and over. I try to imagine what it looks like to him: my creamy skin and round firm white ass, crisscrossed with red stripes.

He seems to be laying the blows in a pattern, and staggering the time and force of the strokes: I jump with each one as they surprise me and sting in pain, screaming my throat raw behind the gag. He obviously enjoys whipping a woman he's using, but I get the sense that it's also to start me thinking of him as my master, and myself as his slave. I hope I'm a quick learner; this man doesn't seem like one to displease.

And also the whipping gets my juices flowing: the bed under me is soaked, but he doesn't seem to mind. I feel his hands on my hot, well-whipped butt now, firmly spreading my cheeks apart. Oh God, I can't believe men do this to women... I feel his fingers probing my asshole now, gently sinking into me. Then his finger is replaced by the head of the riding crop, pushing into my ass; just for a moment, and then his rock-hard cock tip replaces the crop head.

At least he seems to know it's a lot for a virgin ass to take all at once, and he goes slowly, a little at a time, working his cock into my ass and at the same time working his fingers into my cunt from the front. I moan as his fingers move expertly on my throbbing clit and go deeper and deeper into my hot tight wetness, two fingers inside me, four fingers, his thumb firmly on my clit. Then with one final thrust he's in my ass up to his balls, plowing my no longer virgin butthole as deep and hard as he plowed my cunt.

"You enjoy getting fucked like this, slut? You've got one talented little pussy, but how do you like taking my cock up your pretty ass? We're just getting started..."

He pulls my arms hard where they're pinned behind my back, getting purchase on the top of the leather sleeve, dragging me back onto his cock and thrusting forward between my ass cheeks. Later I would come to see this configuration for myself, but for now I can only imagine what it looks like. And it seems weird, but it turns me on unbelievably to imagine what I look like, bound and naked under a man I don't even know, getting fucked in the ass. His strokes are slower and steadier now, his fingers in my cunt hard and deep; it's like he's trying to reach his own cock through the thin walls of my flesh. I relax back onto his dick, and we rock back and forth, and I come screaming as my ass virginity is left in shreds.

He stays inside me for a while, but then he pulls out of my stinging, throbbing ass and shoves himself into my cunt from behind, pulling me back against him by my hair. I never knew I could feel like this: I'm limp now, he can move me around like a helpless doll, but my whole body is alive and tingling.

He finishes quickly in my cunt, and now he shoves a pillow under my belly to raise me up, and without difficulty he slides into my ass again. I have no strength left, I'm his to do whatever he wants with; and the thought of it thrills me. Where do men get all their strength and hardness from? I've lost count of how many times he's fucked me...

This time I just lie there while he reams my ass with great rough pumping strokes. As he rides me hard, I get a flash of one time years ago when I saw a stallion mount a mare out in the pasture; it probably didn't look all too different from this. Well, I'm his mare, and he's the stallion. He unloads in my ass again, then flips me over and cleans me off.

He talks gently to me as he unlaces my arms and cuddles me in the bed, calling me a lovely slut, telling me what a great piece of fuckmeat I am, how he's going to enjoy watching me service other men, two and three at a time, how he's watched me for months. I don't even try to fight back: he's dominated me completely, I'm aware and accepting that I'm here to be used by him, however and for as long as he wants. If that makes me a slut, so be it.

He takes the gag part of the mask off, and gives me a drink of cool water, which I accept greedily. Then he shackles my ankles and straddles my face, pushing at my lips with his dick. I sigh, or moan, and open my mouth obediently, knowing what he wants me to do now. The last of my virginities, and the least; most girls my age have given head lots of times, but I haven't done even as much as that. He slips his dick into my mouth and rests it on my tongue.

"Come on, slut, suck me, get me hard. I'm not finished with you yet tonight."

I begin to gently suck his cock, running my tongue over his huge veined shaft, the tip of my tongue delicately probing the opening at the top, careful to keep my teeth well away. He responds to lips and tongue as I nibble gently at his shaft and balls, his dick filling up, extending deeper into my mouth. He's so big and long and thick, and his size makes me gag a little. But he tells me to breathe through my nose, and then my jaw relaxes, and his hard member slips all the way down my throat.

He reaches down to grab my full nipples and pinches them hard, holding on while he fucks my face with long slow forceful strokes. I feel his cock filling my throat and mouth, and I wrap my arms around his powerful thighs, holding on. Then he comes in huge spurts, letting go down my throat, his strong hands keeping my face pressed tight against his pubic hair, his balls jammed against my cheeks.

I've never swallowed cum before, obviously, but he keeps his cock in my mouth until I get it all down and I get him hard again. Then he pulls out of my mouth and shifts his weight on me, and I feel his tongue on my clit. I almost come right there as he licks and sucks at me, then quickly moves down to stuff my pussy again. I'm so tired, but I gear up for him and open my thighs to give him access to me.

He can't go on like this all night...or can he? I don't know how many times a man can get hard and come like this. But he slides easily into me, fingering my clit. I'm still tight, and I squeeze down hard as his cock pushes up my cunt as far as it can go, tightening my ass muscles and thigh muscles around his huge dick. My pussy lips are swollen and sore from where he's been pounding me, but somehow that feels good too. He must have more stamina than any ten men, for him to be able to fuck me like this. And as I hear myself think that, I wonder: when did it turn from "raping me" to "fucking me"?

But I'm just as eager as he is by now, and I work it under him, slamming my hips up to meet every stroke he puts into me, digging my fingers into his broad strong shoulders, arching my back, holding myself pressed tight against him as we move in rhythm, and when we come at last, screaming in pleasure now, not protest.

He pulls out of my bruised pussy—I scarcely feel him leaving my body—then he leans down to kiss me, for the first time, oh so very sweetly, on my crusted lips, and gently cleans me off with water. I'm barely conscious by now, but I whisper, "Please... Please, no more...master."

I feel him startle at the word. He hasn't commanded me to address him so, but I can sense his pleasure. Besides, it's what he is. And what I want to call him. He kisses me between my breasts.

"Sleep, my beautiful slave. I've enjoyed you tonight, but we have a lot of work to begin in the morning."

He holds me gently and close, softly caressing the body that once was mine and now belongs to him, and before I know it I'm asleep in his arms, not knowing what I will wake up to.

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