The Championship


The crowd roared with delight as Trish Stratus deftly removed Lita's pink top and threw it to the mat. The tall redhead's bright blue bra shimmered in the glaring arena lights, proving to us all that Lita was quite well-endowed herself. Perhaps she wasn't as freakishly huge as someone like Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, but her breast size fit her slim figure nicely.

I could see why the fans liked these 'bra and panties' matches so much, causing me to feel strangely embarassed that this was my first time viewing such a spectacle. Despite the fact that I worked for the company, I rarely got the chance to see any WWF programming. After a hard day's work, I was usually too exhausted to stay at the arenas and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Tonight's RAW was a different story however, and due to recent events involving certain WWF divas and myself (which you may or may not have read about), I was taking a stronger interest in the finished WWF product. My liasons with Stratus herself, Stacy Kiebler and Torrie Wilson had piqued my curiosity in both the television programming and the 'house shows' (non-televised events for the unaware).

The Women's Title was hanging in a precarious balance in this match, but that fact took a backseat to the two lovely ladies attempting to strip each other to their undergarments within the ring. Trish was the current champion and thus far it looked as if she was going to retain it. Lita was missing her top and Trish was still fully-clothed, swaying the odds in the buxom blonde's favour.

Lita kicked Stratus in the gut, then threw her to the mat by the hair. As Trish squirmed in pain, her opponent tore her green sequined shirt from her back, revealing a lacy white bra underneath. Lita held it aloft as if it were the Ten Commandments and God himself were judging her based on her performance tonight. The fans cheered her on.

As the contest continued, I became more and more enamoured with the talented redhead. Lita was obviously skilled in mat technique, but it was her exotic apparel and her connection to the audience which appealed to me most. Oh, and her killer body.

Within the span of a few minutes, Trish was stripped of her black leather pants and Lita was crowned the new champion. As Trish exited the ring to the catchy guitar riffs of her rival's theme music, a devious thought entered my mind. Since my luck had held up so well with the other three girls, I decided to approach Lita in the back and offer her my 'congratulations'.

* * *

Following Lita backstage wasn't as easy as I had hoped, since the area was crowded with other employees preparing for their varied roles in the show tonight. I passed the decidedly British William Regal, the decidedly Texas Steve Austin and the decidedly God-knows-what Kane. Normally, a fan would be ecstatic to meet such personalities but I was used to seeing these muscle-bound behemoths around the WWF locker rooms. They paid me no heed, and I paid them none in return. My mind was on the new Women's Champion.

I traced her path to the showers, bringing back fond memories of my first conquest in the last few days. As she was heading inside, I tapped her on the shoulder where she had decided to place a large green tattoo of what looked to be a dragon or reptile of some sort.

"Can I help you?" she asked, looking a little annoyed.

"I just wanted to congratulate you on your win." I replied.

"Thanks. I appreciate that." she turned to go inside.

"Wait! I... um... I..." the words didn't form as quickly in my head as my mouth tried to express them.


"I wanted to know if you'd like some company." I sounded incredibly stupid, even I could tell.

She chuckled, "No thanks, Casnanova." She opened the door and vanished inside, leaving me dejected and frowning.

"Hey! Why the long face, handsome?" It was Trish, with a robe on to cover her near-naked body. She was headed to the showers too, it seemed.

"Lita didn't seem to appreciate my offer." I pouted.

"What offer?"

"You know."

"Oh, I get it. I wasn't enough for you, huh?" she smiled teasingly.

"It's not that, I just-"

"Don't worry about it. As long as you're not abandoning little ol' me, I don't mind you having a little fun. I know I would in your shoes." she was an understanding woman, and my heart twitched a little at the thought of us together again. Heart, dick, whatever.

"If it'll make you feel any better, I'll talk to her in there and tell her about you, k?" she offered helpfully.

"Do you know how surreal this is? You helping me screw other girls after I tried to rape you?" I couldn't help but point out the obvious.

"Yeah, it's kinda weird. In all honesty, it makes me kinda horny thinking about it." she winked, then pushed past me to enter the showers.

* * *

I was just about to drive home when someone called to me from the back entrance of the arena. I turned from the door of my car to see Lita, dressed in a long grey trenchcoat and holding an umbrella to protect her from the light drizzle which filled the night air. She waved at me to join her.

I jogged over and hid my head beneath her umbrella, since I had no such luxury and was already drenched. She giggled at my misfortune.

"You look a little waterlogged." she pointed out.

"A little."

"Almost everyone else has gone to their hotels. It's only me and a few of the stagehands left inside. Did you want to come in and talk?" she asked.

"Well, sure, I guess. Thanks."

We headed back into the arena, through the various drab hallways and eventually into what I guessed to be Lita's locker room. Normally there would be various items of her clothing hanging about, but since we were all heading to a new city tomorrow, the room was bare. She removed her trenchcoat, revealing a simple murky-coloured outfit which was a far cry from her usual eye-catching ring attire.

"I'd offer you something to drink, but they took the fridge from here an hour ago." she motioned at an empty spot in the corner.

"That's okay. Thanks anyway."

"Anyway, I'm sorry about before. Trish explained who you were and I felt sorta bad about being so curt with you. I thought you were another crazed fan."

"I'm sure there's armies of them after you." I said.

"Not really. I spend a lot of time alone."

"What about the Hardys?" In the WWF storyline, she was accompanied by two brothers. In many instances, I found that groups such as these spent time together away from the company as well.

"They're nice guys and all, I just prefer to be alone most of the time."

"Don't you find that kind of isolation lonely?"

"Sometimes." she shrugged.

"Is there anything I can do?" I hoped there was, if you follow me. Call me a horny bastard, but she was intoxicating in both her looks and scent. I couldn't help myself.

"You're not gonna let up, are you?" she smirked at me.

"Nope. I've been on a mission of sorts lately."

"Messing around with all the women here, huh?"

"Not yet. You'll be the fourth." I reached out to stroke her long, straight hair. She made no move to stop me, but also showed no signs of interest.

"Pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?" her eyes flashed.

"I've found that some confidence gets you where you're going."

"And where are you going now?"

"Here." I leaned in and kissed her as passionately as I could. She drew away at first, then pressed her lips back into mine. Her tongue snaked out and invaded my mouth.

Lita's hand slid up my leg, drawing ever nearer to my crotch. It seemed she was as desperate for intimacy as all of the other WWF girls I had met, just a little better at supressing it.

I broke the kiss to lean down and kiss one of her ample breasts through her shirt. Her hands mingled in my hair, then pushed me further down her body. I knew what she wanted and peeled her pants down to her ankles. She was wearing a tiger-striped thong, which was at least one aspect of her character that they shared.

I stripped the undergarment from her hips, putting myself face-to-cunt with her red bush. She spread her legs, revealing a dripping wet slit to my gaze. I spread the lips of her pussy and licked at the erect clit hidden within, eliciting a moan from above. The taste was indescribable, sweet yet tangy all at once. She ground her pussy into my face, pushing the back of my head forward with her hands.

Just as I thought I was going to suffocate in her snatch, Lita drew me away and led my lips back to her own. As we kissed, she unbottoned her shirt and flung it to the other side of the room. Her bra was much more simply designed than her thong, merely a thin white cotton material. She reached behind her back and hastily freed her lovely tits from their confinement. They were large and firm, topped with small dark areola and engorged eraser-sized nipples.

I fondled her breasts as we continued our deep embrace, squeezing the hardened nipples and rolling them around in my fingertips. I couldn't stand it any longer, and unzipped my pants to pull my erect cock from within. She took the hint well, reaching down to stroke my meat rhythmically with her hands.

I stood, leaving her face directly in line with my pulsing member. Lita stared at it for a few seconds, then hesitantly leaned in to kiss the head. My cock twitched as her lips came into contact with it, inviting her to continue. She obliged by drawing the shaft into her wet mouth and slipping her tongue around the crown playfully. I groaned, pushing my hips forward to force more of my dick into her willing throat.

She bobbed her head on my meat for a few minutes, drawing back in long strokes and shoving the length forcefully back into her mouth numerous times. It felt like heaven, but before I could object she had slipped the one-eyed beast from her lips and was lying down on the cement floor, legs spread wide.

"You want to fuck me, don't you?" she asked, eyes locked on my own.

"Hell yes!" I lay down on top of her, positioning the head of my cock at the dripping entrance to her cunt. In one stroke, I embedded myself to the base. My balls made a loud slapping noise against her ass as I began to pump into her pussy like a man possessed. I slid nearly all of it out, then plunged back in repeatedly. Lita was yelping like a puppy, eyes rolled back in her head.

"C'mon, fuck that pussy. Faster, c'mon!" she blurted out. I tried to obey, but my pace was about as fast as I could manage.

The walls of her tunnel gripped at me methodically. I wondered if this was purposeful on her part or simply a normal female reaction. No answer came to mind, nor did I expect one.

"I'm gonna come! Holy shit!" Lita began to conuvlse, twisting the top half of her body from side to side. Sweat had matted her red hair and was dribbling down her forehead. I watched her tits bounce and bob as she came, entranced by the sight of them jiggling about on her chest. She screamed quite loudly, but nobody was around to hear.

The intensity of her orgasm helped to speed the process of my own, so I hastily drew out of her tight pussy and explained to her that I was about to come as well.

"Come on my tits, baby!" she instructed, pushing the two enticing melons together to illustrate her point. I grabbed at my dick, pointing the head at her just as I began to erupt. Strands of thick white cum spurted out, landing on her breasts and coating the nipples throroughly. I fell to the side, thoroughly drained.

Lita massaged the white goo into her breasts, lapping at her fingers when she was satisfied they were totally covered. She turned on her side to look at me.

"Think you can get hard again? I want you to come in my mouth." she opened wide.

"I dunno. I can try." I wasn't too confident in my answer.

"I'll help." she slid down my body and took my limp cock in her mouth once more. She rolled it about, licking at the combined juices of our coupling and not seeming to mind one bit if they tasted sour. It took a few minutes, but soon she had coaxed me back to rigid readiness.

Lita resumed her blowjob, sucking back at the shaft and creating a great deal of wet noise with her lips. She slid the length back into her throat while her tongue swirled around it like an ice cream cone. I moaned and bucked my hips, pushing my dick as deep into her throat as possible. I looked down to see her nose buried in my pubic hair.

She deep-throated me, tongue still frantically circling around my meat at a pace I didn't know that muscle could achieve. It wasn't long before the cum was boiling in my balls again.

"Here it comes!" I called out. She merely continued her movements, apparently content to accept it into her throat.

I began to unload my second batch of mystery sauce for the evening, and Lita gagged only once as she swallowed it all down. With a pop, she freed my dick from her mouth.

"Yummy. I haven't tasted that in a long time."

"I'm glad you approve."

"Anytime you want to donate, I'll be willing to swallow. I love that sorta thing." I was more than a little shocked that Lita was such a cumslut, but said nothing.

We lay there for a while, but before long the clock was striking 1 AM and she made to leave.

"See ya around. Don't forget my offer." and then she was gone.

* * *

As I drove home to my cat Ziegfried and my hotel for the evening, I considered the opportunities which lay before me at the taping tomorrow night. I hadn't exhausted all of the WWF divas ranks yet, so who should I skirt-chase next? The city lights raced by as my mind swam in the sea of possibilities.

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