tagGroup SexThe Changing of the Prude

The Changing of the Prude


I met Tatem at a party I didn't want to go to. It was a good friend of mine's birthday. So there was know way of getting out of it. I also knew his wife would try and fix me up with some one there, she's always is trying to do that. Since Paul and I are best friends and we do things together she wants there to be another female there so she doesn't feel like a fifth wheel which I can understand I feel like that some times too.

There I was at this party and I'm talking to this girl .She was the type you'd love to screw, but you hope would leave right after (great body, no substance) Then all of a sudden I get this urge to look at the front door it was like I was being pulled in that direction. Just as Pam, Paul's wife, opens the door, I started moving towards the door as if some thing is pushing me. I reach the door as this woman walks in. I walk up to her and said my name is Mike and she tells me her name is Tatem, Pam is in complete shock. She tells us later that she never seen either one of us act that way before. I took Tatem's hand and lead her away from Pam with out saying a word or looking at Pam. Tatem and I went and got us each a drink, then found a seat on the sofa together and started talking. We talked about everything from our jobs to our childhood to our likes and dislikes.

We found we had the same likes in movies and games, sports and books. What seamed at the time a haft hour when by I felt a tap on my shoulder looking over it was Pam she said to me that she was wondering if I was going to stay the night since sometimes I do that I said no I had to work in the morning so I need to go home in a couple of hours. Then she shocked me by saying it was 2AM and I'd better think about going. I couldn't believe it even after checking my watch we had been talking for 4 hours. I looked a Tatem and she looked shocked to and said didn't I just get here we both laugh the looked around only saw Pam and Paul. Paul was passed out on a chair to the side of us .I looked at Pam and said were did every one go. She said the last ones left an hour ago then started laughing. Pam looked at me and said I guess I finally found one. I looked at her not knowing what she was talking about.

Then she said "Why don't you drive Tatem home as she came in a cab on my way home if I make it that far. "As we walk to my car Pam called "get the girl something to eat since you talked her ear off all night "

Tatem and I both laughed at that. Then she said she could use some food if I wanted to stop .We went to one of those all night diners every city has .We talked till Six in the morning. I took her home to her parent's house where she was staying since she just moved back from the west coast. When I took her up to her door where we kissed for the first time. It was like heaven, stars burst in my eyes after we released we both said wow. Then I new we were meant for each other. We made a date for later that night and I when home to change for work.

I'm not a romantic type, I can usually forget about girls that I'm seeing when I at work. But this one was different from the rest. I replayed every thing she said over in my head thank god I didn't have much to do except get the system that Paul and I were installing for the last month up and running which whet just perfectly. Noon I went home to get some sleep before our date. I picked her up at 7 and we when to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Then I asked her what did she want to do next and she said,

"lets go to your place and watch a movie". Which was just fine with me.

We arrived at my place around 10pm I showed her where the movies where and the went in to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. When I returned I found her looking though my porn movies.

I turned three shades of red and said the regular ones where in the top of the cabinet

She said these where just fine; with if it was ok with me (this was my kind of women) we sat on the couch to watch.

We started kissing about a third of the way into the movie. The movie was forgotten totally. We undressed each other kissing each part as it was uncovered I spent a long time on those luscious tits of hers there so firm like ripe fruit the nipples hard erasers that yearned to be sucked and I did just that I kept sucking and biting on them. Later she said she almost came from it.

She started doing the same to mine and it fell fantastic. When I pulled off her delicate satin panties I found a hairless pussy that was so wet it could put out a forest fire. I dove right in for a taste she had the sweetest nectar, I couldn't get enough. For a small girl only 5'4" she had a large clit that I sucked and licked and bit till she came all over my face. Her cum tasted tangy and sweet at the same time I could drink it all day. After the third time she came she made me stop saying she needed a break so I move up to lay next to her on the couch where she licked her cum off my face saying she loved the tasted of her own cum.

We then moved into the bed room to get more comfortable she started playing with my nipples again which she seemed to enjoy and I really like a lot but most girls don't like to do it. She would flick them with her tongue, then suck them into her mouth and bite them till I moaned Then she worked her way down to my cock, which has been so hard for so long I thought I would cum with the first touch of her tongue. She rolled her tongue around the head licking up the precum smacking her lips saying how good it tasted. She then gave me the best blow job I ever had. She worked her mouth up and down the sides licking my balls sucking them into her mouth one at a time then moved back to the tip and sucked up more of my pre-cum. Working the head with her lips and tongue she started an up and down motion working a little more of my cock into her mouth on each down stroke till she got comfortable with my size.

Then she sucked it right down to the root I could feel her throat massaging the head it was all I could take. I yelled I was about to cum in case she didn't want a mouth full but she never missed a beat she swallowed almost every drop and sucked hard for more.

She then crawled back up I took her face in my hands and kissed her hard, slipping my tongue in her mouth and tasting my own cum for the first time. When I released her she looked me in the eye, smiled an said

" some one else who likes the taste of his own cum?"

I told her it was my first but from her mouth it tasted wonderful. She smiled and laid her head on my chest and started talking again this time it was about sex.

She told me about how she loved sex. Loved having sex, watching sex, reading about sex. She told me about some of the men she had sex with and some of the women, one of which was Pam in college. I also found out Pam got her started on girls. How she loved the taste of cum, male and female. She told me about threesomes she done. And some of the kinky stuff she done. Compared to her I was a virgin. I told her about the sex I had. About some of the girls I was with but also about how I never felt fulfilled with any of them .I told her I liked sex I liked it a lot but no matter what I did or with whom there was always something missing, some bond, some feeling, something, I didn't know what.

What I said next came out so naturally. I'm not even sure I meant to say it I said, "Until I meant you". I felted so stupid saying this to this goddess of Desirer what happen next surprised me to this day.

She popped up off my chest like she was hit with a cattle prod looked me square in the eye and froze. I thought to my self, you fucked up now boy your going to scare her away. Then she said to me " you felted it too "

She then told me that the moment she first saw me it was like kismet she said, She felt the pull to me the same as I felt. She said that once we started talking she had to tell me every thing as if I needed to know exactly who she was and what she had done. I felt the same way I told her things I haven't told even Paul my best friend.

We stared to hug and kiss as if the world would end any second then she straddled my waist looked me in the eye and said

"I like to be on top."

Which is just fine with me. She took my hard cock in her hand guided it to her hot wet pussy and slowly sank down on it. Her pussy felt like warm jam. When she reached bottom she sighed almost like a purr then her whole body trembled. She stayed like that for only a few seconds then she started moving up and down on my cock my rod sliding in and out her wet heat. Surrounding me her pussy muscles gripping my cock like a wet vise trying to squeeze my cum from me. I reached up and placed my hands on her firm tits squeezed them I pinched her nipples she let out a small cry and came soaking my ball with her cum. I reached down between us and felt were we joined and felt for her cit and started rubbing it she turned her face towered the ceiling and cried

" God yes yes its so fucking good yes fuck me. "

I started pumping my meat into her from below meeting her thurst for thrust

Then she looked me in the eye and said "Mike cum with me now squirt your cum inside me. "

I did just that. Sparks flashed in front of my eyes as a loud grown sounded in the room. I was never quit sure if it was her or me or both as my balls jettisoned my cum into the depths of her pussy. Her body spasmed and shook as she came with me. Her pussy clamping tightly around my cock trying to milk every last drop of cum from me. Then she collapsed on top of me like rag doll trying to get her breathing under control.

She said "Now I feel complete." and I knew what she meant it was the first time I ever felt satisfied

Once we regained our composer she raised up looked me in the eye and said

"I want to taste us."

She pulled her pussy off my cock did a 180 and started licking off my cock and ball getting all of our combined cum with her tongue. When I looked up I saw her lovely pussy just above my face with our cum coming out of it. It looked like an oyster with a pearl coming out. I just had to taste it reaching up with my tongue I scooped up a little of that cream to take a taste. What I found was creamy slightly salty and her special tang it was manner from heaven. I pulled her pussy down on my mouth and started licking for all I was worth reaching my tongue in as deep as it would go trying to get every last drop. All the while my chin was rubbing her clit. Her pussy spasmed sending more of that wonderful cream into my waiting mouth soaking my face.

She came again pushing more of that creamy fluid from her pussy to my mouth. After she was done cleaning my cock and balls she turned again and started lick my face clean and depositing it in my mouth telling me not to swallow it. Once done cleaning me we tongued kissed moving that cum from mouth to mouth till we both had equal amounts then separating we swallowed the nectar of our lovemaking.

After resting for while we went to take a shower. In the shower Tatem took the wash cloth and started wash my face then my chest tweaking my nipples then using her tongue and mouth I, mean while, was playing with hers as well

I then said, "You seem to like playing with nipples"

And she said "Yea I do but only if there sensitive like yours."

Then proceed to wash my stomach and then my cock and balls area, my legs and feet. Then she turned me around washed the back of my legs and butt cheeks. Then stood up and washed my back and neck. Then she went back to my butt cheeks with the soap and washed them again this time going between them to wash my asshole she started rubbing it with her thumb. Not penetrating it, just massaging it. God that felt good no one ever did that to me before.

She asked if I like what she was doing I said yes it feels really nice she asked if any one did this before. I said no but I wished someone had. She then put pressure to the ring as if trying to push her thumb in put holding back just then saying "Can I." I was pretty sure wanted to stick her finger in me so I said yes. She pushed a little more and her finger went in sending a jolt though out my body which came out my mouth as a moan. Which got me hard as a rock she then grabbed my cock in her other hand feeling how hard I was.

Saying, "you like this, I see well have to explore this more later."

Releasing me she said it was her turn to get washed. I washed her lovely face and neck her perfect breasts. Pulling and pinching her nipples till they stood up hard and tight. Then down to her flat belly. Then down to her hairless pussy washing it out with my fingers and playing with her clit. Before moving on to her gorgeous legs down and to her toes. Turning her around I washed up her legs to her firm ass, and then to her back still from my knees then back to her ass I needed to devote more time to this part. I started washing it with my hands working the soap into the cheeks letting the soap run between her cheeks followed by my fingers to get her asshole as clean as possible. Holding her ass cheeks apart with one hand I probed her hole with a finger from my other hand just rubbing the hole till she cried out saying finger fuck me please.

Pushing my finger in as she shivered and moaned. Pumping my finger in and out I thought to myself it looks good enough to eat so I removed my finger let the soap wash off and press my face to her ass crack and stuck my tongue to her hole and forced it in to her.

Tatem moaned and then said, "Yes lick my hole lick it good "

As she pushed her ass in to my face I reached around and played with her pussy and clit till she came soaking my hand with her juice.

Then she grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back. Looking up at her she looked as if she was possessed and she said "fuck me fuck me hard now please fuck me "

Being gentleman I was only to happy to oblige her request placing my cock at the head of her pussy I started to push in when she said

"Not there in my ass please". Noting my hesitation she said " don't worry you won't hurt me"

She grabbed my cock and placed it at her ass hole and pushed back. My cock sank into her she said "now fuck me like you mean it "

I pushed my dick about halve way in pulled back till the head was barely in then shoved it home she shirked

"yes fuck me more "

I then started to pounded my meat to her and she loved every minute of it, fucking back to me on each stroke till she tensed up and came with a groin clamping her ass hole like a vise on my cock pulling my cum from me into her ass. She reached up with her hand to touch my face panting she said.

"Don't pull out to your soft"

Which was not a long wait, my balls where drained she got it all . After I pulled out,soft as she asked, she leaned back and whispered saying

" Would you like some fudge pie for desert."

How could I refuse. Back down on my knees I spread her cheeks and licked up my cum from her asshole. Sticking My Tongue into her hole to get as much as possible, After getting all I could I stood up and we tongue kissed again feeding her some of my cum.

Rinsing off one last time we stepped out of the shower and dried off then went back to bed for some much needed sleep. As we got back in bed. She asked,

"Can I stay the night? " I said you can stay as long as you like. She said

"In that case she'd just stay forever" which was just fine with me

Sunday morning came later than normal for me. I awoke feeling refreshed and happy till I realized I was alone I got out of bed to use the bathroom wondering what happen to Tatem. Then I smelled coffee I pull on a pair of running shorts and went to the kitchen.

Looking in before entering I saw Tatem standing by the stove cooking something that smelled like bacon with nothing on put my "kiss the cook" apron I use some times while barbecuing and some times when I don't want to get my cloths messed up while cooking. While I was staring at her cute ass I was thinking to myself. If this is a dream don't wake me.

She turned around and said " I thought I felt you standing there I hope you don't mind I made some thing to eat I was starving"

I said "Me mind having a beautiful women in my kitchen cooking breakfast wearing nothing but a apron. No I don't mind"

She said, "Well sit down and eat but take those pants off first "

" Yes ma'me " I said as I stripped off my shorts.

As I sat down I realized this was the first meal I would ever eat naked. I had a feeling it wouldn't be the last.

"I hope you don't mind I like to be naked as much as possible " she said,

I told her "I normally don't walk around naked much but if your here I could get use to it "

She said " You said I could stay for as long as I like and I said I think I'll stay forever and it was alright with you have you changed your mind "

I said no but I didn't want to hold you to it if you didn't mean it".

She said, " When it comes to sex and love I always mean what I said ".

"So when are you moving in?" I said.

And she said "As soon as I can get my stuff here it's still in boxes and suit cases "

Then I said " We could get them today". Then she looked me in the eye and said

" Are you serous about this you don't want to wait awhile and see how this works out ".

I said "no I don't know how I know this but I know its was meant to be this way us together that is"

she nodded her head and said "Yes your right its the way it should be "

After we ate and I did the dishes since she cooked, and went to get dress. Her in the cloths she had on yesterday me in a pair jeans and a tee shirt. Just as we were about to leave the phone rang I saw on the caller ID it was Paul or Pam so I answered it.

Pam was on the other end. She asked " Mike do you know where Tatem is "

I said "Why do you ask " I didn't want to give her the satisfaction knowing I finally found someone I liked and she set it up.

She said, " I talked her mother and she told me Tatem went out with someone she meet at our party last night and didn't come home. And you're the only one she had a chance to talk to. So quit the bullshit and put her on " Pam can be pretty forceful when she wants to be.

I handed the phone to Tatem. All I could hear was her halve of the conversation things like yes and no's and then today was said and "no I don't think its to soon " then she said " Ok 7 then bye " and hung up

I asked her " What that was all about "

Tatem said " Pam wanted to know what we did last night if we had sex I told her we did then she kiddingly asked if I was going to in move with you I told I was which I think surprised her for a second then she asked if you had a nice cock I said yes and she said I always new he would "

I looked at Tatem in shock and said " I never new she looked at other guys . She always seam so proper " this got a giggle out of Tatem saying

"Pam proper not hardly, she can be quiet the slut when she wants to be "

I said "Not since she married Paul "

She said " well I have been gone along time but well see about that maybe they have a few secrets you don't know about "

Well I new Paul along time and he didn't sleep around and I was sure she didn't. Well I know nothing ever been said to me. Then I asked "What about 7 then "

She said, "Oh yea were having dinner with them tonight she insisted "

I knew it was going to happen soon or later I just hoped it would be later. Did I tell you Pam could be pushy sometimes?

Getting in to my van I use to move equipment from job site to site we dove to her parents house I asked her "What are your parents going to say about you moving in with me so soon "

"they won't be too surprised I told them all about you and told them I thought you where the one. And I think they will be relived not to have me living there any more. Their nudist but my Dad doesn't like to go around nude with me there he says its not right to be naked in front of your own daughter, doesn't bother me but I don't push it."

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