tagInterracial LoveThe Chronicles of Erica Bradson Ch. 05

The Chronicles of Erica Bradson Ch. 05

byPervosuxx Marina©

Hard Passion: The Chronicles of Erica Bradson

Chapter 5

The False Smile

Morning came faster than before. My eyes soared at the sight of the sun peeking through the window in our room, and my body felt weak and used up. It did not help that my alarm clock kept ringing that god awful sound, like a nagging two year old wanting something.

I kept missing the off button with my hand, but after a couple of retries I finally hit it. Suddenly I felt this warm feeling of comfort inside of me, as I tugged myself closer to my sheets, like a burden was gone. It felt good, it felt even better when I pressed my soft pillow to my cheeks and just wandered back to my dream.

I woke only after I felt I had slept enough. The sun was invading my room, and birds were flying passed my window as I tried to open my eyes to that bright light. A small smile carved itself into my face as I kept starring at my window emitting that beautiful bright morning sunlight. There was something about it, like a new beginning was coming, and for a second there was no sadness in my heart.

I stretched my arm out while yawning, but as I stretched I realized that something was missing. Only when I looked toward where my husband was supposed to be did I realise he was missing. Where did he go? I asked myself.

Fear crawled up towards my spine, as I began wondering if the worst had happened, whether he had found out about my affair. Only when I looked at my alarm clock did I realise that I had overslept and that he probably just had to leave to work.

Yet somehow I did not feel relief. What would happen if he found out one day? What would happen with us? He would surely leave me I know that, no one would forgive me for what I had done to him. And what would happen to the kids? They'd be heartbroken, especially Peter he is too young to understand it all. And-and what would happen between me and Malik? I shook my head from these thoughts since I was starting to go into a territory I did not want to think about.

I went toward the bathroom to rinse myself from my sleep and these awful thoughts of mine.

The hot water of the shower hit my body as hard as small rocks falling from the sky, somehow I felt embarrassed, and the more I felt this way the harder the water became. I was thinking of yesterday, the things I did and the things I said made me tense up. Although I felt ashamed for what I had done again I felt more ashamed of the thing I had said while we were making love. Did I really say it? Did he really make me say it? I wanted to think that Malik had made me say those things and that I did not mean it, but deep down I knew that I really did mean it. Somehow I just did not want to accept any of it, I tensed up even more, and almost began to cry but stopped before I even started and stepped out of the shower wet and dripping.

I took a towel and dried myself up, but as I turned around to clean my back I noticed my underwear was on the floor. I realised then that the stress of not getting caught yesterday combined with the little time I had to shower and getting rid of my cum soaked clothes into the washing machine had made me forget that my underwear was still on the floor.

I almost shrieked when I realised the mistake I had done, anyone who had been in the bathroom could have noticed it. I instantly leaped at it like it was my biggest secret and realised it was reeking of a combined smell of Malik's semen and my own passion fluid. I could not open the washing machine and put it inside with my other clothes since it was still washing them, so I just stood there like a thief holding something stolen.

I looked around hoping I could hide it away, somewhere, until the washing machine had finished its wash, but the more I looked around the more I realised there was nowhere for me to hide it. So I started to tense up again, pressing the underwear tighter to my chest as if I was holding my own life in my hands. Then I noticed the bin full of dirty clothes.

I pulled all the clothes out of the washing bin until there was nothing there, placed my own underwear at the very bottom of the bin and then filled it up again with the dirty clothes. This way I was sure it would be hidden from eyes for now.

I slowly went back to dry myself while I was still eyeing the washing bin. I then began to wonder what would happen had my husband seen it, what would he think if he found my underwear with another man's semen on it? It just made me feel worse than before, those thoughts I did not want to think of just suddenly came back. It was like my underwear proved to me that it was all real that there was just no excuse anymore.

I again tried to suppress my thoughts away and began putting on some clothes, ready to be the wife and mom I was supposed to be. I caught one last glimpse toward the bin. It was then that I realised that everything that happens from here on out would define what kind of a woman I truly am, I closed the door wondering about my future.


My sons had already gone to school, and my husband's cell phone kept going to voice mail the way it always did whenever he was too busy. I myself just stayed at home with my thoughts wondering about my future. I was seated in the same room where everything had started, the living room, where Malik and I had made love for the first time.

A nice scent of flowers roamed the living room, ever since that day I had tried to hide my shame by cleaning the room still it did not hide everything. It could not hide my memories of that day nor could it hide the passion Malik and I had felt that day. It was almost bewildering, somehow it all just made me feel happy and ashamed at the same time.

My heart started to beat faster as I kept remembering, but it was stronger than just remembering, it was like I wanted to relive it. I started to bite my lip the more I remembered and my hands started to gently move down toward my waist, but I wanted to stop I did not want this now. I tried to stop myself by biting my nails, but then a strong scent that I remembered from somewhere fused into my nostrils.

Soon after, a strong manly taste pierced my tongue, and suddenly I realised that I had forgotten to wash my hands after I had hid my underwear, the scent and taste of Malik's sperm and my own fluid had left its mark on my hand. I detached my hand from my mouth, but the taste already started to invade me. It was piercing through my body like a snake looking for its prey, its prey being nothing less than my own shame.

I began to sink down into the sofa spreading my legs apart just waiting for someone to touch me, to touch me where Malik had been, the way he had and in the way he still kept doing me in my mind. I slid my hand into my pants, passed the buttons and between my legs. The warmth I was emitting from my vagina was thought provoking, giving me live images in my head of me and Malik together at his place doing all sorts of things, things we haven't even done.

It made me feel insane, almost as if I wanted to just be ravaged again and again. The more I started to think like this the more my hand caressed my warmth, while my other hand began pitching my hard tit knob. I squeezed it harder and harder, and the more I kept squeezing the more I became wet.

I was so intensely masturbating a button from my pants popped off. I wasn't even caressing anymore, I was just penetrating my fingers through my underwear and into my hole, moaning at the intense pleasure and saying Malik's name over and over again.

All of this was almost stopped by the sudden ringing of my cell phone, but it did not matter to me for I was in a lustful state. It kept ringing and vibrating in my pocket. It was then that I decided to pull it out and toss it away and leave me to my pleasure, but as I held it in my hand I did something I never thought I would have done.

I slipped it into my pants and on top of my wet underwear, and then began to carefully circle my phone around in my pants feeling the vibration from the call hitting my sensitive spots. It almost sent me to heaven, and I wished that the caller kept on ringing forever.

I did not care who it was, it could have been a seller for all I care. It did not change the fact that the vibration from my cell phone sent me into that realm of lust again, and soon I came like a blowing star.

The orgasm spread through my body like a virus, and engulfed me into a long ten second high pitched orgasm. I moaned and bit my teeth together bashing my head back against the softness of the sofa as I let myself get drowned in my own desires.

It felt like forever, yet it was merely ten seconds, I felt as exhausted as if I had been having sex with Malik. Slowly enough the river that was blowing inside of me dissipated away like it always did, and with a big gasp I was finished.

Just a couple of seconds later did I realise that the phone was still ringing. Between my legs it kept on vibrating tickling me. Until I finally dragged it out from my wet place. The phone was wet and reeked of me, I did not even care until I had pressed the accept call button and placed it to my ear, that was when I smelled my essence. I answered with a vibrating tired voice, "Hello?"

"Hey mom it's Peter."

"P-peter, is everything a-alright?" I asked suddenly all tensed up again.

"Yes mom I just wanted to call and ask if I could sleep over at my friend's house today?" his voice almost made me cry, as the realisation started to spread through me of what I had been doing.

"Of course, you can do whatever you like," my guilt spread through me like a hungry cancer, all was feeling so lost now, it was like I had been cheating on my own son. I felt so ashamed.

"Thanks mom, love you," he hung up before I was even able to say it back to him, so I just sat there with my one hand still between my legs crying inside of me wondering what I had done to myself.


Some time passed and I was ready to prepare dinner when another phone call rang.

"Hello?" I said.

"Mom don't wait up for me I'll be back tomorrow, bye."

'Brian wait!" before he was able to hear me he had hung up. Brian had recently started to stay out more and kept giving me less and less information on what he was doing. I felt a bit concerned for him, but he had always come home in one piece, neither drunk nor messed up, yet I still felt some concern since he kept things so secret.

I sighed and prepared one plate instead of two, since I knew that my husband was coming home late. Then my cell phone began to ring again.

"Hello?" said I while I cleaned a plate in the sink.

"Hey Mrs Bradson, did you sleep well?" I recognized the voice immediately, it was Malik.

"M-Malik, why are you calling?" I asked as a strange feeling crept up my spine.

"I wanted you to know that I need you tonight, just like we agreed," the feeling was now spreading through my body, I did not know whether it was fear or lust but it made my heart beat faster.

"T-tonight? But we just did it yesterday, why tonight?" my voice was trembling, he had this way of making me feel powerless and submissive.

"Cause I want to do something new today, so come over to my house let's say seven?" I did not know what to say, I knew that I'd see him again but not so early.

"My husband is coming home soon, I-I can't just leave now," I wanted him but I could not just leave, my husband would start to suspect.

"Fuck your husband!" the words surprised me a bit, "He means nothing to you anyway, you said it yourself!" I did not want to remember what I had said but somehow I could not forget it either, "Now get your ass over here!" Malik was being so persisted that I could not say no, yet I did not want my husband to suspect either, so I said the only thing I could.

"If-if I come over at seven then I won't have time to come back, b-but if you come here we may have time," my heart was beating harder and faster now, the simple fact that I was willingly inviting him over to have sex made everything feel so strange and so wrong at the same time.

"That's a good girl hehe, I'll be there in a sec, hope you're alone cause I don't give a fuck if one of your kids is there. I'll fuck you right in front of them if I have to!" I almost could not feel my legs when he said that.

"P-Please d-don't say such things," the only response I could give him was a whimpering one that sounded like a dog begging his master not to hurt him.

"Yeah whatever, I'll be there soon," he then hung up and somehow I wanted to faint afterwards.

My legs kept trembling and my heart kept pounding, Why did I let him say such a thing, I thought. A real mother would have yelled at him for saying such a despicable thing, but I somehow could not. It felt so surreal, the way I just kept accepting his taunts was just terrible. I knew I could never be a good wife anymore, but I wanted to think that I was still a good mother.


I was in the bathroom preparing another wash to get my mind off of things when the door bell rang. My heart pounded and for the first time ever I hoped it was not my husband. I walked out of the bathroom and down to the first floor. I began fearing that it may not be Malik.

I stood in front of the main door, trembling. I reached out to the doorknob slowly and opened the door, hoping it was Malik.

Unfortunately for me when I opened my eyes to the opened door my son Peter stood by the entrance.

"Peter!" I gasped, like a train had run over me, "W-what are you doing here?"

"Hey Mom, sorry I forgot my keys at home and I just wanted to get my toothbrush and pyjama, since I am sleeping over at Harry's," he went passed me and up the stairs, and suddenly my heart began to beat even faster, for what would he say if he saw Malik come over before he had left.

I followed him upstairs. I wanted to speed my son's departure so I helped him collect what he needed.

"I'll get you your toothbrush sweetie," I said to him.

"Thanks mom," he said, which made me feel guilty.

I jogged over to the bathroom and began to frantically look for his toothbrush Where the fuck is his toothbrush! I said to myself as I kept on looking, until I had to ask him.

"H-Honey which one is yours!" I shouted across the room loud enough for him to hear me.

"The dinosaur one mom!" he shouted back.

I scanned the cups containing the toothbrushes, until my eye caught what looked like a pink toothbrush with a tyrannosaur's head at the end of it. I took it and jogged over to my son's room, he was still packing his bag up, which made me a bit frustrated.

"Ready?" said I while I handed him over his toothbrush.

"Yeah, but I can't find my handheld console," it was then that I started to insist that he leave, for now the time was coming awfully close to Malik's arrival.

"Well you won't be needing it since you're going to have fun with your friend right?" said I as I basically started to push my son out of his room and down to the first floor.

"Yeah I guess you're right," I followed him to the main door as if making sure that he was going straight out, when we came to the door he turned around and somehow I felt afraid that he may not leave.

"Will you call me to say good night, mom?" said he looking at me with his blue eyes. Some sadness engulfed me, but I just could not let myself to cry now.

"Of course I will, now don't let your friend wait," said I as I kissed my son on the cheek, he nodded, smiled and went through the door. As the door closed a feeling of great fear disappeared within me, like I had been relieved of a great burden.

I walked toward the kitchen sink, thanking god in my own head as I passed the cupboards for not having brought Malik to my house when my son was still at home. It was in that moment that the door bell rang again.

I opened the door without trembling, and just as I thought there stood Malik by the entrance in his typical clothes, holding a plastic bag in his right hand.

"Hey Mrs Bradson, I just saw your son walk out of here, did he know I was coming?" Fear crawled up my spine again, as I started to wonder whether my son had seen him.

"Ehm, please he does not know," said I, hoping he would not mention my son again.

"Doesn't matter," he entered my house holding his plastic bag in his hand and turned towards me, "So where is your bedroom?"

"W-What! But I thought we would..." I did not expect him to ask me such a thing, did he really want us to do it in the bedchamber.

"Hey you invited me, beside with what I have in mind today you will need a comfortable bed," I had no idea what he wanted to do, and I knew there was no point in arguing. So I nodded to him and escorted him to the bedroom.

It wasn't until we reached the hall on the second floor that I started to feel pressure. The closer I came to my room, our room, the room where I and my husband slept in, was when I began to wonder whether I really wanted to do this. I knew that if I did this I would only get closer to the eventual end of my marriage, yet I had known now for some time that there was no going back anymore. So why did I feel this pressure?

"Here," said I as I opened the door.

He walked into it, like he owned it. He looked around for a while, scanning the room as if he was looking for loot, "Nice digs, Mrs B," said he.

"Thank you," I walked into the room and closed the door behind me, as I did not want anyone to see us. I wanted to rush it and finish off quickly today, but I knew that there was no point in rushing him, he would use his own time as he always did.

"Malik, you said you wanted to do something n-new, what exactly is it?" I asked like a frightened child.

He turned around and looked at me with his big black eyes and smiled, "Today your ass is mine."

I was a bit confused as I did not understand what he meant by that, it was only when I saw him pull out two tubes of lube from his plastic bag that I understood.

"A-are you, are you going to put it i-in my," I couldn't even finish the sentence when Malik blurted it out for me and confirmed my suspicions.

"Ass! Yeah, I'm gonna fuck that nice backdoor of yours," I could still not believe it, I had never had anal sex before, my husband only mentioned it once and I strongly said no. It just sounded so disgusting the thought of it, and now I was going to do it anyway.

I wanted to protest against it, I thought it was unnatural, but somehow something inside of me began to warm up to the idea. It wasn't like a thought as it was a feeling, my hands trembled at the idea, and my head screamed no, but something inside of me wanted to try it. My behind began to sweat and my midsection started to get warmer, suddenly I realised that I was getting horny at the idea.

Then it hit me like a thunder, his size! I could barely take his size normally, how could he possibly think of doing that with my anus.

"I-I don't think it's going to work Malik, your size it's just a bit much," said I knowing it wouldn't change a thing.

"Don't worry," said he as he caressed my cheek, 'I'll be gentle."

I whimpered at the sound of his voice and felt a sudden feeling of fear passing through me as he kept on caressing me. He pulled me towards him with his strong hands, like I was fragile vase, and kissed me on the lips. In that moment my fear started to dissipate and was filled with the feeling of passion that he kept giving me whenever we made love.

Our tongues connected as I started caressing his big arms, while he held me tight and began to feel me up with his rough hands. Until he grabbed my behind with both hands and squeezed tightly.

He kept squeezing my butt cheeks as we continued kissing. I began to moan, he noticed it and started smiling.

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