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The Club


The door closed quietly behind him. His wife's hand gripped his tightly. They were both nervous. A door across the room opened and a woman emerged, dark-haired, tall and dressed in a tight black body thong. In her hand was a short flail dangling fifteen or twenty tails.

"Hello, I'm Samantha.You must be the Lawrence's?" she asked pleasantly. They shook hands and she picked up a clipboard from the low table. She explained the form it held was the standard waiver the club used for its visitors. Dan read it over, seeing that it basically relieved the club of any litigation if a client was injured or otherwise unhappy with their services. They both signed and handed the clipboard back to Samantha. They might have been entering any run of the mill club that had rules. But this one was different, as attested to by the hostess' dress. The suit was shiny leather and short-sleeved. Samantha's arms and shoulders were bare, her taut biceps obviously used to a weight regimen. She was tanned and fit, her buttocks, when she turned away from them toward the door, showed no tan lines. Either a tanning salon or nude beaches, thought Carlie.

She led them through the door by which she'd entered. They found themselves in a short hallway. There were several doors on each side, all closed. Muffled, noises -- muffled, but obviously moans and groans -- sounded from the rooms as they moved toward the door at the end of the hall. Samantha explained that the rooms they passed were private, and available to members by reservation. As she opened the end door, the noise of the party room was loud. Carlie was surprised -- then immediately realized she should not have been -- that the soundproofing was so effective. Moans and groans, punctuated by an occasional scream filled their ears. These were accompanied by the smack and crack of the spankings and whippings that caused them. All this was against a background of some kind of instrumental music.

As they moved into the dimness of the party room, they saw that there was a fairly large crowd already here. Around twenty or thirty people were scattered about in pairs or groups. Participants wore costumes of all description, from leather to total nudity. One woman in only stockings and garter belt was lying across a large padded cushion, another woman, totally naked, astride her back. Standing near her feet was a naked man with a large erection who was slowly whipping the woman in stockings. Dan noticed another naked couple who he thought at first were engaged in standard oral sex. But as he watched, he realized it was some kind of smothering torture. The woman was grinding her crotch against the man's head as she pulled cruelly at his oozing prick. He felt his own erection swelling in his pants. He glanced at his wife and saw that her face had become flushed, her eyes gleaming in the dim light. She was excited just as he was.

Samantha led them to a booth at the far side of the large room. She explained that this was the locker room where they could deposit their clothing when they were ready. Then she wished them well and left them. The short, older woman behind the counter placed a locking basket on the counter. Dan and Carlie looked at each other and began to undress. The woman introduced herself as Madge, another member, not an employee, she explained. Members volunteered for locker duty when they felt like it. Madge's breasts were pendulous and stretch marked. Yet, she had no self-consciousness about her nudity. She told Carlie to watch out for her husband, "the old goat". "He'll probably want to bugger you if he gets the chance," she said with a laugh. Now naked and beginning to relax, Dan wondered if Madge's children and grandchildren knew about her lifestyle.

Carlie had trouble controlling her hands. She could hardly get the buttons of her blouse undone. She thought back to the trip they'd taken to Florida and the nudist resort. She had quickly gotten used to that. But this was a very different type of exposure that they were embarking upon, even though she tried to equate the two. That was simply nudity. Here, they were putting not just their bodies on display, but their erotic desires -- which had previously been kept only between the two of them. She felt almost as if she was about to wet her pants. She laughed to herself. There was probably some people in the room who'd enjoy that! To prevent the accident, she quickly slipped them down and off, her panties along with them.

She glanced around the room --trying not to stare -- as she pulled off her blouse. One man lying on his back on the floor, wore a bustier, the garters attached to mesh stockings, his hands and feet tied. While he was immobilized and sissified, a black woman -- his wife(?) Dan wondered -- and another white man were fucking. They were in the doggy position, straddling his head. She was telling the man below her how good it felt to have a 'real cock' inside her, instead of his "little worm".

Another assorted group was playing with candles near a low table. Their bodies were spotted and dotted with congealed wax. Carlie looked back at Dan to see that he was also scanning the activities around them. Madge locked it and handed the key (on a long chain) to Dan. He slipped it over his neck and picked up the small shoulder bag that contained their toys. She handed them each a thick red terry cloth towel (supplied by the Club to each member upon arrival) and reminded them to watch out for "Sherman" as they moved into the crowd.

Together they moved around the room and over to the bar. There were no stools, so they stood and ordered drinks. A much tattooed and naked man moved up to stand beside Carlie. He smiled at her and introduced himself as Ralph. He said he'd noticed them and asked if they were with anyone else. Carlie said they were alone. He offered to join them in a threesome. Carlie looked quickly at Dan and said "Well, we just got here and we wanted to kind of get used to things. We've never been here before." Carlie tried not to stare as she looked at him. His nipples were pierced, the rings weighted with padlocks.

"Ah!" Ralph's grin broadened. "Virgins, eh? Marvelous! I understand. Well, I'll be around if you need any help." As he turned away, Carlie saw that his penis and scrotum were also pierced. She also noticed that his penis was rather large -- even though it was not erect. She jumped when she felt a pinch on her right buttock. She was relieved to see that it had been Dan, not some stranger.

"Honey," Dan whispered in her ear. "I have a surprise for you." She looked at him. He was grinning as he reached into their bag. She backed up a bit, wondering what new toy he'd bought now. Glancing down, she saw that he was not totally soft. Whatever it was, he, at least, was excited by it. He pulled out a leather strap. Then she saw it was a collar. "Can I put this on you?" he asked. She realized she felt a little let down for some reason. She didn't know what she had expected -- or hoped -- it would be, but it wasn't a dog collar. She told him she would wear it. He buckled it around her neck. Then, from the bag, he drew a leather leash that he clipped to the ring dangling from the collar. So, she thought, she would be his 'pet' tonight. Okay. But she had ideas of her own. She reached into the bag to retrieve the nipple clamps he loved to wear. She kissed him and attached them to his sensitive nubs. He winced in pleasure and pain as the weights dragged at his flesh. They embraced and stroked each other. They were quickly relaxing in the bizarre situation. After all, as Dan had pointed out, everybody else was parading their kinks here, just as they were. From the looks of things so far, they were nearly "vanilla" (in the terminology of the lifestyle), no piercings and only one tattoo (a lizard on Dan's shoulder) between them.

As Carlie hugged her husband, she saw behind him a man on his hands and knees. His face was buried between the cheeks of another man's ass, giving him his tongue. She felt her cunt gush at the surprising scene. She hadn't realized the sight of two men together would excite her. But it had a profound effect on her.

As they sipped their drinks, they wandered slowly around the room, and into the side rooms. One room, predictably, was outfitted with all kinds of torture furniture: St. Andrew's crosses, paddling benches, cuffs dangling from the ceiling and walls. Several leather-clad couples were occupied and oblivious to anything around them. It had been chiefly from this room that the whipping noises had emanated. They witnessed one example of a truly S/M relationship. A man was bent over a pommel horse, his limbs secured to the base. A woman punished him with a thick length of bamboo. His ass was striped and bruised already. She delivered another stroke as they passed, the cane whistling through the air then striking with a sharp CRACK! The man jerked and groaned. Blood had not been drawn, but nearly so. Carlie noted that the man's genitals were imprisoned by a weighted leather ring. But the proof of the pudding, so to speak, was that he had a deep red erection that dripped with precome. He was enjoying the punishment, which, after all, was the object wasn't it?

Entering another room they found themselves in the watersports area. The entire room was tiled, with tubs and square, tiled recesses around the walls. One woman stood over a man seated on the floor of one of the tiled areas, loosing a stream of urine into his face. His mouth was closed, but as the stream waned, he darted his tongue out to lick his lips. Then he pulled the woman's haunches to him and licked and sucked at her greedily. Another couple stood in a standard bathtub, pissing against each other's legs and crotches as they kissed passionately. Dan looked at Carlie, his eyebrows raising in invitation. She grimaced and shook her head negatively. That didn't turn her on at all. She had difficulty peeing if even Dan was in the room.

They took their drinks back to the main room finding an empty love seat with a coffee table in front of it. Dan placed the bag on the table and they watched the debauchery around them. The tableau changed constantly. The man in the bustier was now untied and had his face buried in the black woman's crotch, eating her out. The white man, whose come he was lapping up, sat and watched while he was being fellated by yet another woman.

Samantha strolled over to them. She had lost the body suit somewhere and was naked now. The flogger dangled from a thin chain around her waist. She was 'just checking up' on them, she said. They assured her they were fine. As she walked away, Dan pointed out the tattoo she had across her lower back. It was an intricate Celtic design. Carlie looked at her husband. Dan's eyes were glued to the globes of Samantha's ass. She knew she would have to do something about getting a tattoo. Right now, however, she wanted to get his attention. She slapped lightly at his bobbing erection. He turned quickly to her. "So, Big Boy, what do you want your pet to do for you? Or are you just going to stare at Samantha's ass all night?" She didn't care, but she wanted to begin...something.

He pulled her leash and drew her across his lap, trapping the end of the leash under his foot. From the bag he drew the paddle. He gave her a few stinging swats. "I can look at anything I want, Dear." he said quietly to her. Then he began to spank her soundly. She writhed and complained the way she usually did. He knew she really didn't want him to stop. It was just part of her game. But her wiggling was stimulating his cock under her. He stopped spanking and ran his fingers down between her thighs. She raised her ass at the attention, wanting more, wanting to come.

He pushed her off onto the carpeted floor. She looked at him, puzzled. He waved his hardon at her and said merely, "Suck it." She responded eagerly. She loved the taste and smell of his body. She loved feeling his hard cock between her lips. He glanced around as she mouth-fucked him. They'd drawn the attention of another couple seated nearby. The man was about Carlie's age and the woman seemed a bit younger. They were nude except for the harness and dildo the woman had on. Dan nodded at her and she rose from the love seat and knelt next to Carlie. She whispered something in her ear. Carlie looked at her, at her companion, then at Dan. Dan smiled at her and she nodded to the woman. Carlie rose to her knees and returned to sucking cock. The woman, meanwhile, rolled a condom onto the dildo at her crotch and positioned herself behind Carlie. She began to fuck her, sliding the dildo gently in and out. Her hands wrapped around Carlie's chest and squeezed her tits. Carlie groaned and deep throated Dan's cock. That brought him to a roaring orgasm. He cried out as he shot his load down her throat. Carlie licked and sucked until Dan had calmed. Then she gave her attention to the fucking she was getting.

The woman's companion moved to sit next to Dan. Dan felt strange, sitting next to another naked man. But the man's attention was on Carlie. It was returned and Carlie moved over to take the man's dick in hand. He was circumcised and about the same size as Dan. "Suck him, Honey," Dan urged. In truth, she hadn't needed the suggestion. She was about to blow the man anyway. But Dan's encouragement spurred her to begin. She sucked and licked at the stranger's cock as she was well-fucked from behind by the woman. The woman was looking at Dan. He rose and moved behind the woman. rolling a condom on, he knelt behind the shapely ass and reached between her cheeks. Her asshole was lubricated already -- in fact, he learned later, she had already been fucked by her husband, the man Carlie was blowing. Dan placed his cock in position and began to fuck the woman's ass. He thrust into her, which drove the dildo deep into Carlie. Turning to assess the situation, Carlie groaned and began to come, and come hard! She screamed out her pleasure as the woman pinched her nipples and swatted at her ass. But she was still sucking the cock in front of her. The woman had picked up the leather paddle and was using it on Carlie. The whole thing brought Dan to another orgasm. He was followed by the woman (who had a smaller dildo attached to the harness and inside her cunt), then the man squirted into Carlie's throat.

They all collapsed and rested. Introductions were made (belatedly) and the two couples began to make friends. A few minutes later, they paired off, switching partners. Dan fucked the woman in the missionary position while Carlie straddled her new friend next to them. As Dan plunged into the woman's cunt, he reached over to fondle his wife's tit. She leaned down and kissed him soundly. They all fucked until orgasms were had all around.

After a while, Dan and Carlie excused themselves and returned to the bar for another drink. The other couple moved away. Carlie nuzzled her husband's nipple and nibbled it. "Mmmm, Honey. That feels so good," Dan said. "Do you want to go home?"

"Not yet," she replied. "There's at least one more thing I want to do." Her eyes sparkled mischievously in the gloom. She led Dan back to the couch and told him to bend forward over the arm. He did, eagerly anticipating whatever she had in mind. She began to swat his ass with her hand. Once he was warmed up she switched to the paddle. She reddened his ass well. Then, telling him not to move, she dropped the paddle and put on her own harness. She first licked, then greased his ass well. Then she fucked him, thrusting hard once he had accepted the large dildo inside him. Dan felt the pressure of Carlie's 'cock' against his prostate. It made him harden as it always did. But tonight the excitement was multiplied by the atmosphere around them. Witnessing the raw sexuality, as well as letting themselves be observed by all the strangers, made the whole experience surreal.

Carlie began to pant as she plunged into Dan's asshole. She had learned with Dan that she liked being dominant. Not all the time, but a switch now and then was wonderful. The base of the dildo pressed nicely against her clit when she hit bottom. Her orgasm was bubbling up behind it. She broke off staring at the pink probe entering her husband's ass and let her gaze drift around. The crowd had grown since they had arrived. A woman who must have weighed 300 pounds straddled one man while another thrust against her huge rump. Carlie imagined having a cock in both her holes that way. She stored the idea away for the future. Suddenly her orgasm occupied all her attention. It washed over and through her. She whimpered and gasped as the surrounding activities faded away. Her concentration centered on her clit and scratching the itch there.

Her increased action drove the dildo deep and also drove Dan over the edge. His come (what there was left by now) dribbled out and onto the floor next to the love seat. This kind of orgasm was so fulfilling for him he often wondered about having a flesh and blood cock -- necessarily attached to another man -- thrusting into his bowel. The idea was not unattractive to him, even though men did not attract him. Carlie had suggested he might like it several times, but his reaction had always been to push the idea aside. Joining the Club, however, might make the fantasy reality for them both.

After stowing the harness and its dildo, the paddle, leash and nipple clamps, the pair sat and watched. An older, portly man with white chest and pubic hair approached. He also sported an amazing penis that, soft, hung nearly to mid-thigh. Leaning down, he introduced himself as Sherman. Carlie couldn't look away from the long cock. She almost wanted to stimulate him, if only to see what it was like when erect. She couldn't decide if Madge was a lucky woman or not. They shook hands but Carlie declined his invitation to "ride the dragon", as he termed it. "You have an impressive tool there, Sherman." she said sincerely. "Maybe next time, though. We're pretty well fucked out tonight." Dan added. As Sherman moved away looking for another partner, Carlie said she couldn't imagine something that big in her cunt, let alone up her ass, as Madge had suggested.

They had one more drink -- a liqueur -- then showered. They laughed about the fact that the showers, though large enough for at least three people, had curtains for privacy. Apparently getting sweaty and covered from head to toe with various bodily fluids was subject to public scrutiny, but washing all that stuff away should be private. They returned to the locker counter to retrieve their clothing. Madge greeted them warmly and asked if they'd enjoyed the evening. They both said they had. Then Carlie said, "Oh! We did run into Sherman. Can I ask you a question?"

"Yes, it does get bigger when it's hard -- or did you already know that?" Her eyes twinkled merrily.
"No, we were already too tired," Carlie replied. "But, just how much bigger can it get? I mean, it hangs almost to his knee!"
"Oh, it's been measured -- by many people -- at fourteen inches when fully erect. I've never been able to take it all in, myself. But there are several of the guests here who can. Both women and men." she added. "Sometimes he puts on a show when he finds one who can take it. It's a truly unique penis."

They bid Madge goodnight and went out to the anteroom. They wondered aloud what kind of activity required a private room as they walked down the hallway. In the reception area they settled their bill with the lovely naked Samantha. Dan noticed now that she had a nipple ring decorated with a red bead. He absently wondered if it was a ruby. The nipples themselves were very long and apparently erect. He was brought back to himself when Carlie, noticing his stare, stepped lightly on the edge of his foot.

Samantha rotated the charge slip for his signature, then handed Carlie a keycard for their use in the future. She had noticed the byplay and winked at Carlie with a grin. The happy, satisfied couple stepped through the outer door and into the night.

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