tagNovels and NovellasThe Cottage by the Sea Ch. 01

The Cottage by the Sea Ch. 01


Editor's note: this story contains gay male content.


Living in a secure high rise tower block allows one to have certain privileges, mine during these hot summer months is to walk about naked, after all my only possible snoopers are the pigeons and gulls that roost nearby; it also makes it easier for me to masturbate or wear erotic plugs and jewellery if I so wished; but despite all this, today I was BORED.

I needed to feel the sand and sea between my toes; I have had enough of city life, its hustle and bustle and the daily filth that went with it. Determined not to have second thoughts I quickly packed a few things in a case, switched the phone to divert then grabbed the case and my laptop and made my way down to reception, here I informed the concierge that I was going away for a few days then it was only a matter of walking down a few steps and into the underground garage.

Having gone through a messy divorce recently, I had but three things that were precious to me; my city flat, my car a full spec Golf TDI 150 and my little hideaway cottage in Cornwall.

Yes I did say a Golf TDI 150; living in the city I had no use for a larger car, also it avoided me being hit on as 'a rich bastard' whilst carrying my favourite activity, 'dogging'. This and the fact my wife found out I was bisexual is what lead to the messy divorce. Her demands were all that expected from any woman; the house in the country and all the cash she could lay her grubby hands on, so to make things easy for her I gave into her demands, but still that didn't stop her from digging up the shit about me.


Now Cornish roads are notorious for their lack of facilities and soon I was in desperate need of a pee, luckily it wasn't too long before I noticed a sign offering toilets and refreshments. It was a bit off the beaten track and when I entered the car park it was almost deserted except for a couple of cars, the occupants of these I assumed were in the nearby tea room.

The gents was dismally empty when I entered, having emptied my bladder I took this opportunity to relieve my semi-hard cock of some of the tension that had built up whilst driving. Stooping over the urinal with cock in hand I wasn't aware of anyone entering the gents. The next thing I knew was a man about my age standing along side me admiring my "handiwork". With so many covert police actions these days you have to be so careful; quickly I came out with some gibberish and pretended to struggled at covering up my embarrassment. The next thing I knew his hand had reached out and encircled my cock asking if he could be of assistance. It felt wonderful, but I didn't let on, to him I was going to act like a new punter looking for relief.

I stood there rooted to the spot as he gently began to wank me. Expecting us to be discovered any minute, he led me into one of the vacant cubicles locking the door behind us. As he sat himself down on the toilet he told me to drop my trousers and any underwear I happened to be wearing.

Still pretending I was new to the game I did as he asked and was soon standing half naked and erect in front of this total stranger. Slowly he resumed wanking me, drawing more and more precum from my swollen glans. Bending forward he took me into his mouth and clamped his lips tight around my cock. He began teasing me with his tongue as he slowly fuck with his mouth, deeper and deeper he took me until I could go no further; his nose was pressed up hard against my pubes and I could feel the opening of his throat. One of his hands slowly stroked my arse whilst he other caressed and fondled my balls making them swell with pleasure. I felt my climax build from within and announced I was about to come. My companion said nothing he just continued with taking my as deep as he possibly could. My legs almost buckled as I shot my load into his mouth, after pumping me a couple times more to tease the last drops from me. He looked up and showed me his open mouth containing my sperm before swallowing it in one.

As I recovered my clothes and dressed he asked if I had done anything like this before, continuing the lie I said no. Pressing me further he asked if I had ever wanked another man, again I lied and said only in my youth. By now I felt obliged to offer a return of favour and wank him off. We changed positions so that I was sat on the toilet whilst he dropped his trousers etc: I was not expecting what I saw next, he stood before me in black fishnet stockings, scarlet suspenders and panties which barely covered or contained his erect cock.

I said nothing as he dropped his cum-soaked panties. I nervously took hold of his cock closed my eyes and began to wank him imagining it was mine and duplicating the movements and pleasure I would have been giving myself, he said I was doing fine. My hand felt sticky as he oozed precum which I used as a lubricant as I massaged his uncut glans. He asked me if I wanted to taste him, tentatively I moved towards his glistening cock and licked a large pearl of precum from its head. It didn't taste too bad, a bit rancid compared to mine; feeling adventurous I placed my lips around his cock and mirrored his earlier actions.

He seemed to take this as a signal of my acceptance and immediately pushed forward and thrust his cock deep into my mouth. I almost gagged as I felt it press against the back of my throat, but soon as I got used to its size and thickness, I licked and teased him with my tongue just as he had done. He placed his hands either side of my head holding me still while he moved his cock in and out of my mouth. Soon his cock began to swell, following a quick withdrawal he told me he was about to cum and did I want him to withdraw.

I shook my head and soon my mouth was awash with his warm slightly acrid tasting cum; he pumped load after load into my mouth most of which spilled out from the corners of my mouth. He continued to move in and out remaining erect in my mouth, so as not to offend him I swallowed the remained of his cum, only then did he withdraw. He said for a beginner I had done very well, and if I liked he was willing to teach me more. From a pocket in his jacket he produced his business card pleading with me to call if I was interested.

As he redressed I asked if he did this often, he went on to explain that this car park was a known dogging site, in the evenings people came from miles around to watch and participate in illicit sex acts. He had arrived early to book his spot in the car park and that for him I was an unexpected bonus getting his evening off to a grand start. He asked if I wanted to stay and watch or even partake in the rest of the evenings proceedings but I said I still had a long way to go.

As I went to my car evening was setting in, my adventure in the gents had lasted longer than I had imagined. The tea shack was now closed and as I drove back to the main road the car park was rapidly filling with punters.

Just before driving off I noted the location of this car park and perhaps just perhaps I'll stop off on my way back to London and linger for a while, who knows I might even bump into my new friend.

Another hours driving brought me into the village close to the cottage, seeing the pub was still open I parked up and made my way to the bar and asked if they were still doing evening meals for my little escapade early had left me famished and I didn't fancy cooking once in the cottage.

In a way I was in luck they still had a couple of portions of Steak Pie left or they could knock up a quick pizza, being not overly fond of pizza I settled for the Steak Pie plus a pint of Sharp's Atlantic IPA, that's another thing you've learnt about me, I'm a pie and a pint man, G n T's are ok for cocktail parties but in a pub, especially a village pub its got to be a pint.

As a well known film critic would say the pie was passable and the drink refreshing but little else could be said. I was hungry at the time and took the best that was on offer.

Soon I was settling in at the cottage, it was the first time it had used this year so the air was stuffy, quickly I wandered from room to room opening as many windows I could; the sea crashing against the nearby rocks began to bring an overpowering tranquillity to my life.

For a couple of days I soaked up the tranquillity of my little hideaway; since our little bit of beach could only be reached via the cottage I thrived at being able to both walk and swim as naked as god intended. The feeling of sea water and sun on my naked body was unbelievable.

It was late that Friday night when my whole world took a dramatic turn; I was lounging around totally naked as usual when I heard a car pull up outside; now being this late at night there was only one other person who knew about the existence of this cottage, my daughter.

By rights Robyn should be at university but I expect things were getting to her so she decided to visit the cottage this weekend for a bit of R & R. Now Robyn was use to my funny ways so I just remained as I was and carried on reading my book.

"Hi, Dad," shouted Robyn as she barged through the front door. "I hope you're decent because I've brought a friend with me."

"Oh fuck," I muttered to myself, the only clothing I had downstairs was either in the kitchen or that I wore to go outside, quickly I grabbed a fleece and put this on, OK it covered the top half beautifully but left my genitalia free for all to see.

"Dad this is Simon," announced my daughter as he stepped through the doorway and into the lounge, I was struck by how good looking he was. He was of medium build with short dark brown hair and his skin looked artificially tanned under the incandescent light.

"Nice to meet you," he said as he shook my hand, trying to avoid looking at what hung before him.

"Simon's doing the same degree as me and since we're roommates I asked him down for the weekend; I did leave a message on your voice mail to say we were coming" Robyn explained.

I stood with my hands covering my crotch as we walked into the kitchen, trying to hide my growing erection. There was something about the way Simon shook hands with we but I just couldn't figure it out. As they busied themselves in the kitchen, I quickly dashed upstairs and donned some clothing.

As I listened to them talking, all I could think about was him having sex with my daughter. I snapped myself out of it. This was so inappropriate. My daughter's life was her own. If this young man was the object of her lust then so be it.

"Are you sleeping with my daughter?" I suddenly blurted out.

Robyn looked up at me and scowled, I sheepishly realised I had committed a mortal sin. Simon, however, smiled politely and answered me. "I'm Robyn's fuck buddy."

I nodded distractedly. Robyn exchanged looks with Simon that seemed to say "It's OK, he's finally lost it," Simon fixed me with a penetrating stare then went on to explain.

"Robyn and I only became roommates because I'm gay, but your daughter comes home so frustrated some nights that I allow her to use my body as a means of seeking relief, everybody thinks we're a couple but in fact we're not."

"Oh...I only asked because the sleeping arrangements here are a bit primitive, there are just the two small bedrooms and that rather lumpy couch, I'll leave it up to you."

Simon just smiled and nodded at my comment. I began to picture him undressing, slowly unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his fake-tanned chest. He was just about to remove his underwear when I was snapped out of my fantasy by Robyn announcing that she was tired and going to bed. Turning to Simon, she asked him if he wanted to come along too.

"No thanks. I need to get caught up on some work. That is, if you don't mind me sticking around and using my computer," he said, looking at her.

"Of course not," she said, waving her hand. Looking over at me slyly out of the corner of her eye, she said "Don't be too long, but I'm sure Daddy will be able to help you with whatever you need."


I slept later than usual, my unexpected guests had kept my up later than I expected, bleary eyed I wandered downstairs expecting to find Simon & Robyn in the kitchen but all I found was a pot of quickly cooling coffee; pouring myself a cup I then strolled into the garden and sat in one of the recliners. The stuffiness of the cottage made me feel dirty and sweaty so I finished my coffee then went in doors to take a shower.

As I stood under the warm stream of water, I began to stroke my cock, a natural thing for us men; but to think that I now had a possible partner was even more stimulating. No, I thought I'll save it for later for when I was down on the beach; perhaps just perhaps I could persuade Simon to join me. I got out, dried myself off and still naked walked out of the bathroom and towards my bedroom. What I didn't expect to see was Simon lying naked in the other bed slowly playing with his cock.

I stopped, not in shock but more in amazement then stupidly asked him what he was doing

He didn't answer for some time and then said slowly, "Waiting for you, Robyn's told me all about you're affairs and I've been looking forward to meeting you, if you get my meaning."

Dumbfounded I didn't say anything at first then my cock started to betray my true feelings. My eyes whilst attracted to his cock, quickly diverted to his chest, for Simon's nipples were pierced and linked together by some form of chain. As he lay there the chain pulled tight against his nipples, I could do nothing but observe every detail as he continued stroking his hands up and down that beautiful shaft. It was a beauty; long, thick and perfectly shaped, the whole scene just mesmerised me.

He smiled, took one look at my drooling cock then said,"You want to suck it don't you?"

That was not a question for he already knew the answer. I didn't want to suck it; I wanted to ravish it, to make love to it as I hope he would to me. Sucking is only a fore-runner to fucking and that's what I wanted; to fuck and to be fucked.

He turned to get out of bed; I dropped to my knees in front of him and his swollen cock. I stared at it then I took it in my hand and slowly stroked it up and down again, he then shoved his cock forward so it ran it across my lips. Holding my head with both hands he tilted it until I looked him in the face.

"Are you ready to submit to me?" was all he asked

"Yes" was all I could say.

He smiled. "OK...Now get on the bed."

I climbed onto the bed and lay with my head on the pillows. He straddled my chest then inch by inch he worked himself forward until his cock was barely touching my mouth.

Showing no signs of eagerness I licked off each pearl of precum as they appeared, he slowly began moving his hips back and forth, fucking my face. Then he started feeding me more and more of his cock with each forward stroke. By now I wanted every inch of him inside me; slowly my throat began to relax with every deep thrust until I finally managed to accept him.

"That's it. Suck it. Oh yea, take the whole thing. Everything Robyn said about you is true. Yea, take it you fucking cocksucker. If you can suck cock like this I can't wait to fuck your ass."

I felt his heavy balls slap against my chin and my nose press into the matted hair of his crotch with each forward stroke. His hand pressed to the back of my head and pulled my hair with each forward stroke, burying his cock deep into my hungry mouth. He stopped and rolled off of me. "Get on your knees, bitch. It's time to fuck that ass of yours."

The sound that escaped me was half moan and half whimper. I quickly moved to my knees, my head and shoulders pressed to the pillows. "Reach back and spread your cheeks for me," he commanded.

"Ok...Ok, just take it easy" I panted as my hands pulled my ass cheeks apart, exposing my anus to him.

"Shut up," he barked. "Just use your fingers and loosen it up for me."

I quickly wetted my fingers then slowly forced it into my tight ass. I felt like a slut, finger fucking my ass in front of him, but I wanted him so badly even my finger felt good as I slowly worked it in and out, moaning the whole time.

"Come on you bitch, work another finger in there so my cock doesn't split you open."

"If you want me so bad then help me out, start by dribbling on my fingers as I work them in and out" I moaned, forcing a second finger into my ass.

I felt a surge of warmth as I slowly worked my fingers, this seemed to quicken my ass into relaxing; soon I felt his hand pull mine away, to be replaced by the slippery head of his cock. It was coated with cum and saliva, holding my hips he leaned forward as I pushed back and in one steady thrust his whole cock was buried in my ass. Next I felt his chest upon me; our combined weight forced my head and shoulders deep into the pillows. To avoid suffocation I turned my head slightly and groaned.

A deep satisfying groan, after so many months my ass felt impossibly full, my cock throbbed painfully and my precum was leaking out in torrents. Simon eased his cock back and then slowly forward again. I could feel every ripple of it as it touched every nerve end, his cock rubbing against my prostate sent waves of pure pleasure throughout my entire body. My hips rocked back, wanting him to fuck me harder and deeper.

"Yes...Yes...Fuck me," I panted.

"Oh, I'm going to fuck you alright. I'm going to fuck it until you've milked me dry."

His hands took hold of my hips and he began to thrust into me like a man possessed. His hips crashed against my ass and he couldn't fuck me hard enough or fast enough for either of us. We were both blind to anything but our own lust as he wildly fucked my ass. My hands now clutched tightly at the pillows, as for my head this was pressing hard against the headboard as I force myself back against his thrusts. I panted and struggled for breath, the force of our love making was forcing every bit of breath from me. I felt his cock stiffen, throb then pump squirt after squirt of spunk deep into my ass, as his flow began to diminish he reached around and slowly began stroking me, in no time my cum shot from me, the first jet splattered across my face, the remainder landed on the bed linen. I turned my head to say "Thank you" and froze; for my daughter Robyn now stood leaning against the bedroom wall, rubbing her clit furiously.

I quickly nodded to Simon that we had company; he just shrugged his shoulders and carried on fucking me. Me, I was shocked by what my daughter had seen, but a fuck is a fuck and I was enjoying every minute of it.


Later that afternoon as I watched my daughter strip off, I realised just how little I knew about her. For one she had pierced nipples and a piercing near her clit which I think she called a 'triangle'; she had a small collection of tattoos about her pubic area which was as bald as a babies bum and last but not least she could put any cocksucker to shame.

Also that afternoon I learnt the use of Simon's chains and that most of the students at uni were into taking Viagra or 'little blue bombers' as they were called.

That night and for every other night during their stay, we turned the lounge into a makeshift bedroom and enjoyed the comforts of communal sleeping. As for our daytime activities Simon thought it was a hoot walking around naked, as for Robyn my only wish is I got to know her sooner.

Have I shagged her yet; No; I came very close but at the last minute my conscience failed me. Robyn suggested that perhaps a 'blue' might solve my problem and also help with my stamina. She also suggested that we knocked the two bedrooms into one then perhaps just perhaps it would take a 'King'.

The cheeky vixen.

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